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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

“Unff… Fuck…”

The Warlander stallion, a cross between a Friesian and an Andalusian, rolled his head back, clinging to the wooden frame of the stable entryway, though there were no four-legged equines in there at that time. No, that time was just for him and the stud of a chestnut stallion, Ametrine, Madoc’s knees quaking to merely be before him, naked from head to hoof and a bridle gently caressing the delicate shape of his refined facial features.

Ametrine smirked, his red-brown mane cascading down his neck as if it had fallen there perfectly, exactly as he’d wanted it to. But everything with him was effortless, even in how he took up the reins of the grey stallion, smirking more deeply and whickering out his lust, Madoc tonguing the bit in his mouth. It may have been suited to the size and shape of his mouth but, oh, it was dominating to merely have it there, wanting to buckle his legs right then and there even as Ametrine towered over him.

“I think you know what to do.”

Ametrine’s easy confidence rolled forth and, without thinking, Madoc really did know what to do. The hard ground rose to meet him as he knelt, the bit reminding him of his place, nickering and snorting softly bahis şirketleri as he nuzzled into Ametrine’s crotch, taking in his musk, lipping at his sheath. He could not suck with a bit in his mouth, his one regret, but he wasn’t sure what he would trade out in such a situation, lusting for it all so terribly that to give up any one thing would have been a travesty.

But it was never for a sub like him to call the shots. Leaning back against the doorframe, Ametrine snorted and lifted an arm to grasp the overhead beam that framed the stable door, lips quivering. Madoc nuzzled the full length of his meaty spire as it rose to thick and full attention, a smooth grey in shade, but that the colt was as turned on as he was did not pass by the dominant stud’s attention.

“You’re enjoying it…cock-slut.”

A quiet jibe and a dig at him but one that only had Madoc nickering even more needily, lapping and pushing his tongue over every inch of that fuck-stick as he could, pushing the stallion’s sheath back just a little bit more with the tip of his tongue. More, oh yes: more. If only he could have just a little bit more, he’d have everything he craved, everything that he’d never known he’d needed. His balls ached and throbbed, barely able to remember the last time he’d gotten off, though since starting work at the barn he’d gotten Ametrine off daily.

A relationship? Well, nothing more than what came between handler and pony, of course…

Ametrine did not need to announce to Madoc what he was doing, not even as Madoc made a failed attempt at sucking him off, only managing to close his lips around bahis firmaları the head of the stallion’s dick before he was pulled off. No, it wouldn’t work, not at all, and he whimpered as Ametrine handled his lightly muscled form as if he weighed nothing at all, the chestnut stud rippling with such muscle and raw power that he put all in contrast quite sharply to Madoc. There was no way that Madoc could stand up to him, not even as he was hefted over a stray bale of stray – yet a bale of straw all the same that seemed to have been put there for that very purpose that day.

The naked stud bore over him, snorting, nipping at his mane, catching a bit of the proud crest of his neck between his teeth. Yet Madoc was already submissive to him, whinnying shortly, his tail flagged and waiting for the hot length of horse-meat to plough between his rear cheeks. Laughing, Ametrine pulled back, yanking on the reins as the bit bore down sharply across the colt’s tongue, plunging inside in the same moment, his thrust driving deep.

To say that there was not a flickering flare of pain would have been a lie, but Madoc arched back all the same, snorting and huffing, bearing through it. For the massive stretch of taking such a huge spire was more than worth it, arms quivering where he tried to hold his torso up but failed completely.

No words were needed, the slut giving in to the master who dominated his life, his every waking hour and every sleeping minute belonging to the stallion. Ametrine dragged his head back with a heady snort, nostrils fluttering, but there was nought that Madoc could do against the driving might of kaçak bahis siteleri that cock, ploughing into his backside again and again with roughly single-minded intent. It was not for him to worry about, none of his concern, gasping and panting, straining to even catch a full breath. Yet he loved every second of it, scrabbling to brace with his hind legs, as much as his hooves skittered and slid over the bare concrete, trying to grind back even more desperately on that driving cock.

Ametrine slammed into him harder and harder as his backside loosened around him, though it was all Madoc could do to relax, to take him like that. His body instinctively wanted to tighten but it was hardly something that they had not done before, snorting weakly as he submitted, his body relaxing more and more as he gave in.

“That’s it… Unnff… You don’t need to do a fucking thing.”

No… No, he knew that. That was why he only had to stay there, weakly clutching the bale, his cock leaking copious amounts of pre-cum between his belly and the straw bale, staining his own coat. His orgasm was not important even as Ametrine savagely plundered his tail hole, grabbing the dock of his tail only to yank it up even higher, finally releasing his lust in a triumphantly dominating whinny.

Lying there, panting and heaving, his tail-star sore but not yet broken, Madoc knew that that was not the only creamy filling he was going to get that day, chest shuddering with every spurt of horse-spunk that flooded his backside. He licked his lips, chewing at the bit, though a soft sense of satisfaction still washed over him, as much as his loins churned and burned, aching for his passion.

But it was not important. Nickering throatily, he ground back onto Ametrine’s cock, the stud-stallion huffing his approval.

He wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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