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Because it was mistakenly left out of Part 1, a more detailed description of the heroine: Selena- Caucasian, English-Irish. Five foot three and in the neighborhood of 125 pounds. Jet black hair (straight, worn well past shoulders) and pale blue eyes. Lightly pronounced cheekbones, thin nose, somewhat weak chin, flawless white teeth and sleek, thin lips. Just under her eyes are some light freckles that are only noticeable up close and/or without makeup.

Even at forty years of age, her breasts stand up well on their own although they are softer and more pliable than they appear. Roughly the size of large oranges, they are capped by pinkish-brown nipples that swell to the size of a pencil eraser, framed by modest sized areolas.

She does have a visible but not glaring paunch which is an after effect of having all three of her children by C-section. Her pussy is almost virginal in appearance highlighted by flawless and symmetrical labia just slightly darker than a pink rose and a smallish but highly sensitive clitoris. Her legs are supple, slightly toned from recent jogging in an effort to tighten herself up.

We will explore Selena’s most celebrated feature, her fantastic ass, down the road but first there are residents of Myrtle Beach lining up to explore it first…

After a long and much needed piping hot shower, Selena slept like a rock until late in the afternoon following her amazing morning with the three lifeguards. She had been eaten out once, given two blowjobs- swallowing both times, her pussy had been screwed four times and she’d been fucked up the ass another three.

It was her first time with multiple partners and along the way she was the center of her first DP: hosting cocks in her slippery cunt and suffocating asshole at the same time. She had orgasmed so many times that she had lost count, been left drained, like she had run a marathon.

When she woke up, the thing that she noticed was that for the first time after one of her extramarital affairs there was no guilt! She had been gangbanged, three complete strangers roughly half her age had stuffed their dicks into every orifice on her body and she had zero regrets.

It was a milestone for the lovely, middle-aged mother of three who still had seven and a half days in Myrtle Beach to do as she pleased. She was still much too reserved to indulge in, say, her beach fantasy- lie naked while men lined up to fuck her- but obviously she could accept any proposals that appealed to her without feeling bad later on.

Selena was sitting in the recliner, still just wearing the robe from her shower and looking through delivery menus when Hannah returned. Hearing the door unlock had made the brunette look at the time out of curiosity; it was 4:15 pm.

“Where have you been, young lady?” asked Selena, feigning outrage.

“I’ve been doing what we agreed to do…getting laid. I know you left the club way before I did, please tell me that you haven’t been here the whole time, prude,” was Hannah’s response.

“No, I met some guys. I came back early last night but I met some guys today.”

“Did you have sex with any of these…guys?”

“Maybe,” Selena responded coyly. As close as they were, she wasn’t the type to freely discuss her sex life; in fact Hannah only knew about two of the five men (before this morning) she’d been with in the last year. Besides her friends exploits were usually much more exciting, if deranged, and she loved to share.

“Yeah, sure. Maybe. Well, I’m up to four and that is not including the ones who just kept me hydrated,” Hannah bragged. The hydration comment was just one of the many colorful ways the self-admitted whore used as code for giving head. She gave blowjobs as casually as having a drink in a bar and often said: ‘It’s barely sex. Suck, spit, walk away.’ She continued “Well, I told you about the bouncers (an oral-vaginal double team in the bar managers office). Then I had a guy in the parking lot (which Selena had accidentally stumbled on) and I spent the night with this dude from Canada- hung like a horse, I kid you not.

Last but not least, I just got back from a condo down the block. Me and him…I think his name is Paul, well, we got to talking when I got home and I was over there for a couple hours. He wanted to get in my ass. I shoulda told him to come see you, ” she laughed, “maybe tomorrow. He won’t be any good to you today, I took every drop he had.”

Selena listened to her friends latest brazen escapades with resigned interest and never once considered trumping her with the gangbang she had been a part of that morning.

“You really need to take advantage of this, Selena,” Hannah went on, “No one will ever know what you do down here and you’ll never see any one you’re with. What’s the harm of giving some to a man who you’re attracted to? You’ll feel good for a few minutes, hopefully more and then life will move on.”

“I am taking advantage.”

“How, by sitting here in your robe?”

“Oh my gosh! Look, bahis siteleri I’m not going into detail, but I had sex today, okay?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’ll…I’ll tell you about it later,” said Selena and wanting the subject changed, “Are you hungry? There’s a million places that deliver.”

They looked through the menus together and decided on Italian. About to place the order, Selena was stopped by Hannah, wearing a mischievous grin.

“If the guy who brings it is…let’s say, decent at least, fuck him.”

“Wh-what? Are you serious? You’re twisted, sleep with him yourself.”

“See? That’s what I mean, you have no sense of adventure and you still think sex has to mean something. It doesn’t. It just has to feel good and you move on to the next one.”

“I get that, Hannah but I don’t think that means acting out the opening scene from a bad porno movie is a good idea. I can’t believe you think that I should…or that you would.”

There was a fifteen minute ‘debate’ that followed and Selena’s resolve was slowly broken. She still had no real intentions of going through with it but it was viable as a fantasy. It would probably be some pimply-faced kid anyway, she reasoned.

And if it wasn’t, she was bending towards Hannah’s philosophy. Why not? No one was going to get hurt and the premise itself was actually turning her on. Meeting a stranger and sleeping with him –or them- had always turned out very well, why wouldn’t a pre-arranged rendezvous?

Half an hour later, there was a knock at the door and Hannah gestured towards the door with a wide smile. The brunette rolled her eyes and was surprised to find that her knees were trembling as she went to answer it: ‘get a grip’ she thought to herself. Standing in the hallway was, at first glance, a non-descript man in his mid-twenties with shoulder length brown hair and a moderate build. Then he flashed his crooked smile: perfect teeth, a sparkle in his hazel eyes and his appearance improved dramatically.

Selena immediately pictured him between her legs, the two tightly entwined and grinding furiously, their bodies drenched in sweat. In the real world he was talking to her and snapped back to reality, her mouth suddenly parched leaving her momentarily mute, she smiled weakly and waved him inside. Walking behind him, she glanced at Hannah and widening her eyes, she mouthed: ‘WOW’ and her friend covered her mouth to hold back sudden laughter as he placed the stapled paper sack on the coffee table.

While the brunette stood impishly pressing the toes of one foot against the other, her arms folded behind her back, Hannah engaged the delivery man in conversation. His name was Trent, he was 26 and he was going to school in South Carolina but was from Baltimore. While they bantered, she got up from her chair and made her way over to Selena who was listening but paying her actions little mind. Then she was next to her and everything abruptly went into super slow motion for the married brunette.

“Selena is playing shy but wouldn’t you like to fuck this?” said Hannah.

She saw the auburn-haired tramp reach for the sash on her robe and it seemed like she had an hour to stop her. In her mind, she was stopping her, standing still, stopping her; it was an endless loop. She loosened it and again: stop, don’t, stop, don’t- while making no move at all. She could feel the warmth in her cheeks as she began to blush, more as she watched Trent lick his lips and then cool air as her lone garment was thrown open and almost in the same motion tossed from her shoulders. There was a last, weak ‘cover yourself’ in her conscience and then she unfolded her arms and let the robe fall to the floor.

“Holy shit,” whispered Trent, his eyes dancing up and down Selena’s alluring figure as he leered at her hungrily.

She didn’t remember taking that first step or even the next one but suddenly she had closed the distance and was standing inches from him. He reached for her tits and rolled each already-erect nipple between index and middle fingers before cupping the silky flesh. Sighing, her eyes heavy-lidded she almost unconsciously extended her fingers and started working at the button on his khaki’s just as he leaned down and kissed her. Uncharacteristically forceful, she bit at his tongue and tore at his zipper.

Ten seconds later, she was boldly shoving him towards the couch and he gladly took a seat as she knelt before him, tossing his shoes and then whisking his pants and underwear off. She immediately reached for his cock, grasping the hilt firmly as she pressed her widely parted lips to the side of his glans, extended her tongue and flattened it before sliding downwards to her hand. She then moved upwards at an angle and then down again until his dick was shiny with saliva.

The brunette then swirled her tongue around the head several times slowly before taking him into her mouth little by little, pursing her lips tightly. She sucked so very hard that her cheeks visibly collapsed canlı bahis siteleri and as soon as her mouth tapped against her knuckles, she eased her head back until just the crown remained between her lips and then bobbed forward again.

After just three minutes he lifted his hips involuntarily, groaned and tensed up. His cock pulsing against her tongue, Selena pulled back again, only the top half of his glans remaining in her mouth as he began spurting thick wads of jism. He came so hard and so fast that it was pooling at the edge of her throat before she could even swallow, which she did multiple times.

Sitting back and wiping her mouth, she grinned playfully and then turned to look at Hannah, her eyes going wide instantly. She was slumped in the recliner with eyes closed and one hand down the front of her unzipped jeans moving up and down in a blur. The brunette watched her masturbate with fascination for a few moments, just long enough to see the woman arch her back and bite her bottom lip as she obviously climaxed.

The scene was even more surreal ten minutes later. After virtually goading Trent into eating out the naked home maker, she was lying spread eagled on the couch while the delivery man noisily slurped away at her honey-sweet pussy. Then as Selena purred with contentment, Hannah lightly grazed one of her nipples with her fingers seconds before sucking it into her mouth. Repulsed somewhere in the back of her mind, she was approaching orgasm and the additional stimuli was more than welcome at that very moment. She reached her apex a few minutes later and by the time it wound down, the pseudo-redhead was standing.

And even more obnoxious than usual.

“Nice work, champ. You CAN get it up again, right? Young guy like you?” she probed while he nodded vigorously, “Good. You wouldn’t know this from talking to her but Selena loves anal sex, you into that?” He flashed that devilish smile and said “Sure!” while Selena shook her head in disbelief and stared at the ceiling.Looking angrily towards where Hannah last was, she was gone, returning seconds later with a large tube of k-y jelly.

“Bought this for you back home and forgot about it. Enjoy!”

For a multitude of reasons, Trent (mainly so he wouldn’t blow this amazing opportunity) and Selena (because she was submissive by nature) were essentially acting out roles in a play for the dominant personality, Hannah. She was dictating the actions of the two new lovers and that bizarre dynamic went a step further as the brunette was making the necessary preparations to have the giddy twenty-something penetrate her stifling behind. She was now smearing the lubricant copiously over his fresh erection while they had moved to the plush carpet from the couch as directed.

Her eyelids fluttering with primal lust, Selena nodded as Trent asked if she was ready and she turned to get on her elbows and knees when the ‘master’ interrupted.

“Hey, can you do it on your side…so I can see, too.”

Willing to stand on her head at this point so long as she was getting her backside plunged, the brunette laid on her ribs facing her deviant companion while Trent shuffled behind her. Centering the glans against her small brown asshole, he eased his hips forward and watched as the puckered circle slowly spread open, the wrinkles disappearing as the rubbery orifice stretched.

Hannah was watching also, crawling over and getting so close that Selena could feel her breath, unseeing, her eyes closed as she once again indulged in her guilty perversion.

With surprising restraint given the serendipitous opportunity, he continued to drive his member inside her glorious behind with painstaking deliberation. She sighed audibly as the head popped past her sphincter and barely perceptible, the pace of his intrusion increased as the shaft slid into her slick, suffocating bowels. She worked her hips gently in reverse to get the impaling that she yearned for so desperately just a bit quicker and then sighed again, louder as his dick finally bottomed out in her constricting asshole.

“How does it feel, Leena?” whispered Hannah.

“It’s good…fuck! It’s so good,” she responded huskily.

Hannah stared mesmerized at the older woman’s private parts: her rectum stretched wide with stiff cock protruding obscenely and her outer labia puffy and engorged with passion. She began to salivate and licked her lips as Trent retracted from her behind, Selena easing forward pushing her cunt a few inches closer to her face. The fragrant aroma of her friends pussy was intoxicating and the self-proclaimed whore knew that she was going to have to taste her soon. The brief suckling at her milky tits had been the test run but this was the grand prize, all of her not-so-subtle orchestration had been designed with this in mind.

She watched a few more thrusts forward and reverse withdrawals, escalating in force and speed and then she simply couldn’t take it anymore. Laying down quickly, she pried at her upper canlı bahis lying thigh to get better access and without pause stabbed her tongue deep into Selena’s sopping wet snatch.

The brunette gasped in obvious delight even as she made a weak effort to push Hannah away. Within seconds she pulling her face closer to her crotch, now just rolling her shapely behind as Trent began to fuck her up the ass ever faster. The younger female then flattened her tongue and dragged the back of it to the bottom of her glistening slit before lapping deeply and upwards and flicking it rapidly at her clitoris.

The women had met twenty-two years ago when eighteen-year-old Selena was hired to babysit ten-year-old Hannah. Even then the younger girl was bolder than her elder and the relationship morphed completely from guardian-child to peers and friends by the time Hannah herself was eighteen.

Now fourteen years after that change in roles the babysitter was getting eaten out ravenously while a man she didn’t know existed half an hour before was fucking her in the ass. As a result, for the second time that day, the brunette was treated to the awesome pleasure of having her sweet wet pussy and tight hot ass attended to simultaneously.

She orgasmed with Hannah’s lips tugging on her throbbing clit roughly five minutes after her tongue had first shocked her tender labia and then she did actually push her away. In his mind, Trent was forced to go through the list of songs on his iPod in an effort to keep from coming as Selena’s sphincter clamped and pulsed on his cock. As her climax wound down he began to hammer into her again with her gradually responding until he ejaculated, shooting long strands of thick, warm semen into her stifling rectum.

Half an hour later the young man was gone, his balls temporarily emptied and suddenly remembering that he was supposed to be working.

The brunette had wordlessly gone to take a shower, her thoughts in warp drive as she tried to come to terms with what had just taken place. Not the type to confront or stir up controversy, she knew that this was something that had to be discussed; it could not be swept under the rug. Hannah had put her tongue inside her and gone down on her! She finally decided on a direct approach and after toweling dry and replacing the robe, she returned to the living room.

“What was that all about?” She asked softly.

“Me eating you out? Tell me you didn’t like it,” Hannah responded defiantly.


“But nothing. You’re my best friend and it made you feel good. It made me feel good and… you taste simply incredible by the way… Anyway, this goes back to what we were talking about before: it’s just sex. You’re not a lesbian, I’m not a lesbian… deal with it, it happened, we both enjoyed it and now we move on. What you want to do tonight? “

Selena had dozens of questions left, of course but Hannah was so matter of fact that it seemed obvious to let it drop. After a long pause she responded to her friends last query.

“I’ve had a pretty busy day, I think I’ll just hang out here, maybe rent some movies.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, this might be the only chance you ever have to get a week to yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to rest when you get back home.”

“You can say whatever you want,” the brunette laughed, “I’m not going out tonight.”

Two hours later…

“Hi, my name’s Gary and I have a question for you ladies,” he said, leaning on their table. Both women’s gaze were immediately drawn to his thick, muscular arms.

Selena shrugged while Hannah smirked and offered: “Go ahead, ask away.”

“Well I was wondering if you have mirrors in your pants because I can see myself in ’em.”

The brunette chuckled, blushing while her friend continued to smile and rolled her eyes. Gesturing with her hand, she said “Meet Selena, she wants to dance. Take her.”

“Sounds good, shall we?” he said, reaching for the gorgeous housewife who slid from her chair after an obvious pause. She was in that haze between buzzed and hammered and after having sex with four men already that day, she wasn’t at all interested in more. She wrestled with declining her friends offer to essentially pimp her out -again- but then decided she could just have one dance. Besides, Gary was not only well built, but good looking and maybe she could line something up for tomorrow. She took his hand and they headed to the dance floor.

“Gary,” called Hannah, beckoning with her finger. Well out of Selena’s audio range, she stood and whispered in his ear, “She loves it in the ass. Just so you know.”

Feeling the brawny body pressed tightly against hers as they slow danced aroused Selena immediately and she was surprised, especially given what she had experienced that day, that her apparently insatiable pussy was getting damp. Without her offering the slightest resistance, he in rapid succession nibbled on her ear, wriggled his tongue in between her parted lips and groped her firm tits. Less than ten minutes after meeting him, he was testing Hannah’s advice and one of his hands was snaking down the back of her loose-fit jeans, underneath her panties and cupping one of her silky smooth ass cheeks.

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