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I awoke just after dawn and sauntered into our living room. Clouds stretched across the sky but the sun managed to shine through in radiant beams, glistening on the bay in front of our house. The tide was out, exposing the glassy green patches of algae on the beach and I drank in the view from our front window.

My naked body quivered from the crisp 50 degree air as I began my daily Pilates. I felt like one with nature, exercising my unclothed figure in beautiful sunlight. For the first time in months I felt completely at peace. The high stretches and bending poses woke my sleepy body to greet God’s glorious morning. After half an hour of continuous movement, my muscles felt exhausted but blissfully awake. My now moist skin cooled me down and, in combination with the frigid air, hardened my soft pink nipples.

I lay back in my bay window, smooth legs stretched out in front of me, sipping on a cold bottle of water. I spent several minutes basking in the beauty of the day and watching a small bank of fog roll in. I thought about my husband and wished casino şirketleri he would wake up to breathe in the exquisiteness with me.

Sitting there, with my bare breasts in full view of any neighbor that may walk by, I began reminiscing about our early marriage. I lightly traced my neck, where he used to gently kiss me in the mornings, knowing it drove me wild. I let my finger follow the curvature of my collar bone and then down my sternum. He knew the lightest touch could make every hair on my body stand on end.

I let my hand linger there, running my digit up and down, while I admired my snow white breasts in the early morning sun. I lay my head back, allowing the summer sun to drench my heat starved face. I chuckled at the sight of my perfectly round, rose colored nipples, sticking up straight, like miniature erections on my chest. Both were surrounded by tiny bumps, my body’s response to the cold.

My finger circled my belly button, venturing lower with every round. I felt the tingling growing between my legs as my finger inched closer casino firmaları to my swollen nub. Finally I arrived at the smooth triangle of flesh that had been beckoning. I began gently stroking the outside of my freshly shaven vagina, intentionally teasing myself. I pulled my left leg to my chest, catching a whiff of my intoxicating natural smell, made even stronger from my exertion. Gently I scratched across the top and then plump inside of my thigh. I could feel my body making itself moist, preparing to be touched, and it tickled my pussy as it dripped out of me.

I slid my hand right, placing it directly on top of my slit. It was the only thing in the room giving off heat and my icy fingers appreciated the warmth when I slipped them inside. I was immediately rewarded with feelings of pleasure as I gently caressed my clit. I was still tender from my previous night’s frantic play, so I forced myself to ignore my body’s screams to go fast. I took my time, slowly rubbing and stroking, occasionally stopping to taste the sweetness on my fingers.

Gingerly güvenilir casino I circled around my bulge, exploring farther down every few seconds. I pinched and rolled my inner lips, now sticky with my nectar, between my first two fingers. My body responded with a shudder, appreciating the pressure. Gently I let them skate across my vulva, the skin growing more flush and slippery with each pass. Finally, they were inside me, only an inch before I pulled them away. I allowed them to prod deeper and deeper, each time extracting them as soon as they reached untouched territory, my tiny hole swallowing them with a satisfying slurp. Eventually both digits were completely enveloped by my hungry opening while my thumb affectionately massaged my throbbing clitoris.

After several minutes of loving touching, I felt my body preparing to let go. I held my breath and bit my lower lip to stifle my screams, not wanting to wake my husband slumbering in the next room. I danced on the edge of ecstasy, waiting for the inevitable fall into bliss. My body lurched forward in spasms of pleasure, once, twice, three times before falling back on my pillow, struggling to catch my breath. I licked the stickiness from my fingers, lounging in the sun’s warm light until my body recovered, glowing from euphoria.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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