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It was THAT day, and D was as nervous as hell. The guys who played in the team with her 18 year old son, Mark, had gotten her in to a position where she had no alternative really. I suppose you could call it blackmail, because D saw no way out. She had always encouraged Mark in his sporting activities, and she had gone to as many games as possible, not only to support him and the team, but to enjoy the excitement and the atmosphere of the whole occasion.

D had often noticed some of the young guys admiring her at some of the games, and this had only added to the excitement for her. Of course, there was every reason for the team mates to admire and lust over this sexy wife and mother. She was 35, but had a magnificent body, one that a 21 one year old would be proud to have. She was blonde, only 5′, but with marvellous, hard, shapely breasts, a slim, taut waist and hips that were made for holding on to while she was doggie fucked. She had shapely calves and thighs, and a bottom that was tight and swayed so wonderfully as she walked around the baseball diamond. On one occasion, Mark had told her that some of the guys had remarked ‘how hot your Mom looked today.’ D laughed this off, but inside she felt exhilarated and proud, butterflies in her tummy at the thought that these young men could still find a mature woman like herself as being ‘hot.’

D’s husband looked after her and was a rock in helping around the house and with the children, but D needed more physical attention, she wanted dominating and her body needed taking on rides of ecstatic and rough sexual gratification as often as possible, and this just wasn’t happening. Nevertheless, she was happy and contented with her home life, had never even thought of ‘wandering,’ but just wished for that little bit of excitement that her sex life was lacking. Going to the games was a way of expending her energy, and now her son had said she was being admired by other boys, well, this gave D an enormous fillip to her life. She began to dress a little more daring at the games, wearing heels and tighter clothes, and she could now see that the guys were watching her more intently. And then it happened!!

While waiting for Mark after one of the baseball games, Tommy and Ted (two of Mark’s team mates) came out of the changing rooms and approached the attractive blonde mother.

‘Hi, Mrs Johnson. Mark won’t be long, he’s just in the shower. You look really great today, Mrs Johnson, doesn’t she Ted,’ and D smiled at the handsome blonde Tommy, a rugged young man, about 6’2 and full of muscles.

‘Why thank you, Tommy. It’s nice of you to say so.’ D worked hard at the gym whenever she could go, but with a young family, she wished she could go more often.

‘It’s true, Mrs Johnson. We all look out for you at the games. Ted and I and some of the other guys have got used to seeing you around the diamond, and with Mark, and we’d really like to see much more of you,’ and he smirked a chilling smile, and he and Ted exchanged lurid glances. D suddenly looked a little worried for once.

‘What do you mean, ‘more of me’? she asked.

‘Exactly what I say, Mrs Johnson. We’d all like to see a lot more of you. You see, the problem is, last week in the exams, we all saw Mark in class cheating on the Math exam. All of us except the teacher of course.’ D drew a frightened breath. ‘Now, Ted and I and the other guys are quite happy not to say anything at all, because we wouldn’t want to ruin Mark’s grades or even see him banned from going to college. We wouldn’t want that would we, Ted?’ Ted, a Latin looking boy, also well built and handsome, agreed with his buddy and smiled that knowing look at D.

They argued and put their case to D for a few minutes longer, D trying to say that Mark would never cheat in school, but how could she be so sure? Could she afford to take that chance? She knew how important it was for her eldest son to get good grades, and move on in his education, and this had really come out of the blue and was a shock to her.

‘So what does it take to stop you telling the school,’ asked D, and then she remembered Tommy’s words… ‘like to see much more of you.’ D shivered and waited for Tommy’s words. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t, but then D could see that leer all across his face. Oh my God.

As long as you do as we say, Mrs Johnson, no one need ever know that your little boy was cheating, need they?’ Although he was the same age as her son, Tommy was a mature young man, the captain of the team and probably a born leader. His blonde straggly hair hung round his ears and his T shirt and tight jean shorts showed off his muscular figure. D would not be able to argue with him, and just had to believe what he said. She was aware how he and his friends leered at her at the games, but now this was a whole new ball game.

She watched both boys looking at her body, admiring the 36c tits and her shapely legs. Was this the excitement she was craving, knowing that young studs found her attractive and hot? It had been tempered by the revelations anime porno and D knew that right now, even though she felt a pang of shame, she had to listen to what Tommy had to say.

‘Mark will be here in a minute, so what else do you have to say?’ she almost pleaded. She hoped that her son would come right now, to put her out of this misery, but Tommy then gave her the first instruction.

‘You know there is another game on Thursday, Mrs Johnson. We want you to come to the game with Mark, but we want you to look really hot, Mrs Johnson. All the guys in the team think you are hot, and we want you to show us how sexy you really are. We want to see that great figure at the side of the diamond, so we all can see you. Not very much to ask, Mrs Johnson, is it, and it’s better than your little boy getting into trouble for cheating. So be a nice lady, dress nicely for us, and we’ll see you on Thursday, Mrs Johnson.’

D took another sharp intake of breath, and was flustered about what to reply. Her heart was beating and she came out in a cold sweat. Just then, Mark came out of the changing rooms and probably stopped his mother bursting into tears, she was so taken aback.

‘See you on Thursday, Mrs Johnson. See you Mark,’ and Tommy and Ted smiled and turned and made their way over to their car. D had to act normally as quickly as possible, and greeted her son before walking as fast as she could to her own car and speeding back homewards.

Her mind played havoc that night in bed, she couldn’t sleep, she was sweating and confused. She couldn’t tell her husband of her predicament, and she daren’t mention any of this to Mark, but she wanted to protect her son so much, and she just saw no way out. Could she go through with what the guys had demanded, did she have the nerve, and what if…oh my God, thought D, and turned in her bed again!!

Thursday morning came, and Mark was so excited about the evening game. It would be a hot evening in Texas, as it always was at this time of year, and he took it as granted that his Mom would take him to the game after school. He gave her a kiss as he went off to school, and D was left to contemplate the rest of the day…and the evening. God, what was she going to do? Her husband would be working late, a sitter would look after her other children, and there was no way out. Perhaps if she looked good for Tommy and the other boys, that would be it, that would satisfy their young lustful imaginations and she would be left alone. Yes, that would put an end to this joke, and nothing more would be said…she hoped!!

Later in the day, D had a shower and got changed, ready for Mark to come home. They would have to leave for the game almost as soon as he arrived. She heard Mark arrive and he shouted up the stairs for his mom, and then she came down into the kitchen. Mark’s face almost dropped in total surprise and he almost dropped the glass of orange juice he was drinking. He thought he almost saw his mother blush a little, and even though it was his Mom, he couldn’t help but admire the wonderful figure and the outfit that his Mom was wearing. D had put on a button down red shirt and a little white denim skirt, which was tight around her ass, and she had found her high heeled black sandals which made her tanned legs look even more stunning. She had left a couple of the buttons on the shirt undone, and her demi-bra had lifted and held her tits so sexily that they were trying to spill out of her clothes.

‘Gee Mom, you look really beautiful tonight. The guys at the game are really going to love your outfit.’ He was being really complimentary to his mother, but he didn’t have a clue about the real reason why his mom looked so sexy and hot. D just smiled at her son and thanked him for the compliments. As Mark got out of the car at the field, he kissed his mom on the cheek, and she was sure she caught him taking a peek down her shirt to see her breasts that were thrusting out of the little bra. My God, thought D, even my son is looking at my body now, and this gave her a mixture of shame and pride to know that her body could still do such things to young men.

D sat in the car plucking up the courage to get out and go over to the field, but she knew she had to do it. She always looked attractive and smart, but now she had dressed to look hot and sexy, and was obeying Tommy and Ted just as they had instructed. She took a deep breath, the butterflies racing round her tummy, and got out of the car, walking slowly towards the diamond. She looked fantastic. The little, white skirt showed her legs half way up her thighs, the heels made her ass sway very provocatively, and D knew that her hard breasts were fighting to get out of the little bra, and the shirt which was unbuttoned to halfway down her bra.

As she walked round the side of the and on the diamond, the guys were coming out to warm up, and D felt as if every pair of eyes in the stands field were drilling into her body. But they weren’t looks of derision, (except from the other asyalı porno wives and mothers, perhaps) they were looks of lust, of drooling at the stunning blonde who looked really hot. Suddenly D found the experience exciting, and she caught at least one young man licking his lips as he watched her bottom sway to and fro as she walked. She felt she had a new power, her son’s friends and team mates were leering at her in a sexual, lustful way. Mark smiled at his mom as he came onto the field, and the handsome Tommy even waved to her as all the guys seemed to be giving D a thorough inspection as she went by.

D was turned on so much that she felt her thong begin to get damp between her legs. God, what was happening to her? Young men, by just admiring her figure in sexy clothes, were turning her on with their lustful looks, and D had to go and sit in the stand for fear of wetting herself there and then. She watched the game, but still knew that most of the men were trying to get a sneaky look at her tits and ass every so often, and by the time the game finished, D’s thong was almost soaking. She drove Mark home with a mixture of relief and sexual excitement. Her body had definitely excited the young studs on the field, as well as the fathers and other spectators watching the game, and there was no doubt that it had got D herself really horny and wet, with a new feeling of the sort of power she could wield just by looking sexy and demur at the same time.

Again, on the ride home, Mark remarked that the guys were talking about how hot his mom was looking again, and this brought another warm feeling between D’s legs.

‘What sort of things did they say then, Mark?’ D was like a teenage girl again.

‘I can’t say really, Mom, but they said things that meant they loved the way you looked in the short skirt, and how attractive you were.’

‘That’s nice, Mark. I like taking you to the games, so I like to look smart for my son,’ and D smiled, hoping that display would keep Tommy and Ted and the rest quiet.

‘Yes Mom, but they also said that you were definitely a MILF.’ And Mark blushed a little at this statement.

‘A what? What does that mean?’

‘I can’t say Mom, I’d be too embarrassed, but it means they think you are really sexy.’

D felt the dampness in her thong getting worse, and couldn’t wait to get home to relive the experience in her mind, and to plunge her favourite vibrator in and out of her cunt as she thought of all those young men lusting over her at the game. When her husband arrived home the next morning, D hardly gave him an opportunity to get indoors before she was ushering him to the bedroom so that at last she could get a real cock up inside her to take away her frustration.

D was on a high for the rest of the day, thinking about her appearance the previous evening, and then suddenly, while her husband was asleep upstairs, D answered the phone and her heart sank…but did it sink or was it elated? It was Ted’s voice.

Hi, Mrs Johnson. It’s Ted. I’ve got a message from Tommy. He said you looked stunning and very hot at the game last night. Would you drive out to the lake about seven this evening? He’d love to see you again.’ D was once more flustered with a cold sweat. ‘Love to see me again…what does that mean?’ she said to herself.

‘I can’t talk now Ted,’ she tried to find any excuse. ‘My husband’s in bed and I’m busy.’

‘Don’t worry, Mrs Johnson. Tommy just says be there at seven and, oh, he also said to make sure you look even hotter than last night. And our secret is still safe, Mrs Johnson,’ and the phone went dead. D held the phone in her hand for a few seconds, not daring to think what was happening. She couldn’t ring back, she couldn’t tell her husband or Mark, but she knew this was another threat and her options were limited…in fact they were nil!!

For the rest of the day, D was in a trance-like state. She knew her husband was on another night shift, and the only option she had was to ask Mark to baby sit that evening. She would have to tell him a lie for the first time in her life.

‘I’m going over to see a friend for a few hours this evening, Mark. She’s having a jewellery party, and I promised to go. Will you stay in and look after the kids while I’m gone. I promise I’ll try not to be very long!’ Mark reluctantly agreed, and D kissed her husband off to work about 6 and then became a nervous wreck. She knew she had to put on another sexy outfit, and she knew she had to make that journey. The lake was only about a 20 minute drive away, but she was shaking like hell.

Again, when she came down the stairs, Mark’s eyes nearly popped out at what his mom was wearing. She had never dared to wear the little red skirt before, although her husband had bought it for her and was always asking D to put it on, but she’d never had the nerve. It hardly covered her bottom, but she had taken the plunge and her legs in the white heels looked fantastic. Her tight black vest melded around the half cut bra and babes porno D’s tits really were standing to attention.

‘Gee, Mom…’ and Mark was lost for words as he surveyed his gorgeous mother. ‘I wish the guys in the team could see you now, they’d be drooling and…’ and he turned away almost in embarrassment.

‘Give me a kiss, Mark, and I promise not to be too long.’ Mark towered over his mother as he bent to kiss her cheek and D swore he peeked at her chest again.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through D’s mind as she drove to the lake and all too soon, she turned the car onto the gravel driveway that went round the edge of the lake. It was very secluded with trees all around the driveway, but D thought she could see Tommy’s car parked right over the far side, under a clump of trees, looking out over the lake. It was the only car she could see. As she got nearer, she could see three young men in the car, and sure enough, Tommy was in the driving seat. D pulled her car alongside the other one and looked over.

‘Hi Mrs Johnson,’ smiled Tommy from the open window. ‘Glad you could come. Why don’t you come and join us?’ The butterflies were zooming round D’s tummy as she stepped from her car and walked over. The back door of Tommy’s car opened and she could see Ted in the back, with Lenny sat next to Tommy in the front. Lenny was a mixture of Afro Caribbean and US, with short, black curly hair but, like the other two boys, he was handsome and muscular from his sporting activities.

‘Do I have to get in the car, or is there something you want to say, Tommy. I can’t stay for very long you know.’ bluffed D. The weather was still warm, with the evening sun just starting to go down on the horizon.

‘Oh, please do get in and join us. You look fabulous again, doesn’t she guys?’ D slipped into the back seat next to Ted, the little red skirt sliding up her thighs as she sank into the leather. Her little black thong was almost on view as she sat back. ‘We’re really pleased you came, Mrs Johnson. I knew you wouldn’t want us to snitch on Mark, now would you?’ and Tommy grinned as he turned round to look at the sexy mother. Suddenly, he opened his door and slipped into the back seat, trapping D between himself and Ted.

D was as nervous as hell. Here she was, in a secluded parking lot by a beautiful lake, dressed like a sexy young teenager, and she was with three of her son’s school mates who were all horny young men, blackmailing her into spending time with her. She could smell their after shave and talc, she could feel Tommy and Ted’s thighs against her own, and D knew there was nothing she could do to get out of the situation. Her breasts were heaving against the tight T shirt and her legs were like jelly, completely on view, almost right up to her waist.

Lenny was turning round in his front seat, ogling the wonderful view between his buddies, and then Tommy spoke, moving his arm along the back seat behind D’s shoulders.

‘You looked so sexy at the game, Mrs Johnson, and we all thought that we’d like to see you again. In fact, we think you’re so hot with such a fabulous figure, that we wanted to see more, don’t we guys,’ and Tommy began to rub D’s shoulders and neck. D shivered at the touch of the young man. She should be reviled and sick with worry, she thought, but the touch was erotic and nice, and then suddenly Ted’s hand ran down to caress D’s bare knee, and then just up her naked thigh.

‘Look guys, thank you for all the compliments, but I really shouldn’t be here with you. I’m a married woman with children, one of whom is your team mate and buddy. I’ve dressed up in sexy clothes for you. Now let me out, and we’ll forget this ever happened.’ D tried to sound stern and mature, but Tommy kept on rubbing her neck, and Ted’s hand still ran up and down her thigh.

‘We just want to see your sexy body, Mrs Johnson. Even Mark thinks you have a hot body, and says you look really sexy around the home now. We don’t want to tell him that his Mom’s a sexy slut, do we, and you’d hate the school to think he was a cheat wouldn’t you. Lift up your T shirt, Mrs Johnson.’ He had finally come to the point, and his other hand began at D’s waist and gently moved up her tummy until it reached the mounds of wonderful flesh in the black T shirt.

‘Christ, Tommy, what are you doing?’ but again D felt that itch between her legs, and her nipples immediately became rock hard. Lenny was still leering in the front seat, and Ted’s hand was now going up D’s thigh a little higher all the time. D’s hands were like lead, she couldn’t move them, and she felt frozen to the seat as Tommy toyed with the front of the black T shirt while his other hand played with her neck.

‘Come on Mrs Johnson,’ went on Tommy. ‘Lift that T shirt and let’s see those wonderful tits. We all want to see them.’ His language made D even more defenceless. She had secretly wanted to be dominated and controlled for years, and now these young studs were talking to her just how she wanted and she was powerless to disobey them. Her hands went to the hem of the shirt and began to lift the material up her tummy, and she felt Tommy grab the bottom of the shirt behind her. Ted’s hand had now reached her little thong, and he was trying to ease D’s knees apart.

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