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Chapter Four: Wet Dreams

Linda’s narrative

The sun had disappeared and the clear, bright stars had been lighting up the un-polluted sky above us for an hour or more when I spotted a grove of trees just to the left of the vehicles headlamps. I had been driving for about 2 hours and my mind had cleared from the affects of the beer and shit I had been smoking earlier but now I needed to pee. I eased the Land Rover to a halt beside the trees and slid from the seat. Curtis and Adele had started to nod off but the cessation of movement brought them back to their senses and they followed me from the vehicle to relieve their own bladders beneath the overhanging branches of the desert palms.

A brief discussion followed and it was agreed that we would make this area our overnight stop as none of us had any idea where we were. I had not seen a signpost since we had left the oasis and had no idea how far away from the small village, our original planned stop over, we were.

Two hours later we were lying together beneath the stars and our eyes were closing in readiness for the welcoming sleep we all needed. A hasty meal had been prepared on the camping stove and a final joint had been smoked before we huddled into our sleeping bags to dream the night away.

About 10 minutes passed as I tried to get to sleep but, as I had just started to drift off I heard Adele as she climbed from her sleeping bag and headed for the Land Rover. In the silence of the desert night I heard the low tones of the buttons on her mobile as each one was pressed and I heard her soft voice as she spoke, quietly, into the microphone. A moment later she returned and lay back down. I whispered to her in the dark and asked her who she had phoned. She told me she was worried in case a desert storm blew up and caught us unawares. She had phoned her friend in Rabat for a weather update but all was fine and calm weather was forecast. A short while later I heard her steady breathing and knew she had drifted off to sleep.

As I lay there staring up at Orion and marvelling at the clearness of the constellations my thoughts drifted back to the sexy nights the three of us had spent together since we had first met up with Adele at Rabat Airport. Tiredness had prevented us from fucking each other on this night and we had satisfied ourselves with a quick kiss from each other before retiring into the warmth of our sleeping bags. I thought I would drift off to sleep immediately but instead my mind was going over the sexy fun we had had together and my finger moved down to my panties and slid silently inside to touch the moist slit of my pussy.

Thoughts of Curtis’s cock ramming my cunt and arse lingered around my mind followed by the image of my friend Adele as she lay between my legs sucking on my clit whilst sending her fingers probing into the depths of my womanhood. My finger began to slowly rub the wetness that now began to seep from my slit and dampen my panties. My thoughts began to concentrate on Adele more than Curtis; and suddenly my mind latched on to the night, about a year previous, when Adele had introduced Curtis and I to her friend Howard.

It had been at a reception in the Strand Palace Hotel and we had all booked rooms with plans of lunching together the following day before making our way home.

As I stared blankly up at the billions of stars above me my mind retraced the events of that wonderful night when I had first felt Howard’s cock plummet into the depths of my mouth, arse and cunt.

My hand, increasing the movement inside my now wet panties, moved further under me and my finger slid, briefly, into the tiny hole of my arse; fucked it for a few moments and then returned to the wetness of my waiting pussy.

Howard was about 6 foot tall with slightly greying hair that served to add that ‘man of the world’ look to him. The moment Adele had introduced us I knew that I would have him between my legs before the night was out. I then spent the next hour flirting and dancing with him; ensuring I pressed my breasts hard against his chest, and my hips even harder against his groin, as we danced slowly around the floor.

In the ladies I told Adele how much I wanted to have him. She smiled that sweet, sexy smile at me and told me to go ahead. She would take Curtis back to her room and leave me free to get Howard back to mine. Although Curtis, Adele and myself had fucked together on several previous occasions I knew Curtis would jump at the chance of fucking the lovely Adele again; even if I wasn’t there to join in. Swingers that we were I informed Curtis myself that I was going to get Howard into my knickers before the night was out and that Adele was looking forward to feeling his rampant cock shafting her tight arse and pussy again. He had just smiled at me, kissed me briefly, and told me to have fun.

It was during the next dance that I whispered my room number to Howard, smiled sexily at him, and left the dance floor and headed up to my room. I knew Howard was watching my every step as my long legs, covered in white stockings beneath a short, pale blue dress, wiggled seductively towards the door.

I heard the kartal escort bayan knock on the door and silently opened it.

Howard went to say something, but I put my finger to my lips to stop him. I took his arm and pulled him in to the room, closing and locking the door behind him. I pushed him against the wall and kissed him. His hands went to my body. I was dressed in a silk gown. He stopped not knowing if anybody else was in the room. I looked into his eyes and took his hand and lead him in to the bedroom.

Without closing the door I turned, and much against my character, I took the initiative and flung my arms around his body; pulling him hard and tight into me.

My tongue invaded his mouth, its stiffness mirroring his own hardness as it darted and probed, teasing, promising…..My tongue…My body… I let him know that they were his for that night

Adrenaline began coursing through him, blotting out any feelings of morality and humanity as I pressed against him, pushing against him as though I were the man and he the woman. My ferocity excited him, challenged him. The delicious foreplay from the dance floor had goaded him, taunted him even. Now he wanted me to pay – I needed to pay.

He pulled at my gown and slid it from my shoulders, desperate to unwrap me and take me, to complete the picture he’d built of me. My leg raised around him, long and sinuous. The bed was only a few feet away. Too far. He pushed me to the floor, bending his head between the offered, opening limbs. He forced my legs further apart, the smooth nylon of my white stockings cool against his hands, then lowered his mouth to my sex. My thin thong was pulled aside to expose my wetness to his mouth and his breath danced across my heated pussy, so close it was impossible to tell if he was touching me or not, making me moan. He held me immobile as I twisted beneath him, attempting to force him to do as I willed, my elegant nails dug hard into the smooth flesh of his shoulders. I arched upwards, demanding more. He ran his tongue upwards, stopping beneath the target I so needed him to reach.



He held his mouth back from my waiting slit and slowly inched my thong down around my slender legs and off of my naked feet. His head dropped back down between my open legs and he began again, his tongue rippling expertly over my naked, wet cunt. Fast at first and then more slowly, locking his hands against my writhings. Then again and again, never breaking contact, over and over, my flesh now liquid, shaking beneath his tongue. Time after time, for ever, until I began to cum from the sheer pleasure of denial. I would come. Nothing could stop me.

Suddenly he stopped. Panic and rage flooded me as the tongue left my pussy for one cruel, agonising instant.

“Oh please God, please…..” I screamed at him…..

Then he instantly, harshly touched my clitoris with his tongue again and I exploded with pleasure. He ran his tongue round and round, the tip pressing onto me rhythmically and softly as my orgasm took me. Then more; more licking, more invasion, until the waves of orgasm erupted inside me time after time, pinned beneath his firm hands, his flickering tongue…

I exploded in a rush of pleasure. I pushed my clitoris hard against his tongue. My juices were coating his face in abundance. He continued his torture, my orgasms were coming in shorter and shorter intervals until we merged into one. I gripped his shoulders so hard my nails punctured his skin, he cried out and became more and more determined.

Using my own lubrication on his fingers he reached around me and slid first one finger in to my arse and then another. He was testing me. Testing to see if my arse was available for him. I moaned softly to let him know that it was. Using his other hand he fucked me with his fingers in a cork screw action, his thumb pressing down on my clitoris, he watched as I threw my head from side to side. I was playing with my breasts, massaging them, twisting my nipples until they stood out to attention.

He leaned his head forward and took my nipple in to his mouth, sucking at first and then gripping it between his teeth and rolling it from side to side. I cried out in pain or was it pleasure and pain? He soothed it by sucking gently while I held his head as if he was my baby feeding from my breasts. As he sucked he could taste my milk, such was the power of my emotions.

He sucked on the other breast with similar results looking in to my eyes as I came down from my orgasm. I felt drunk, my eyes were in a haze and my pussy crying to be fed. And his cock knew what I wanted. His weapon was straining and leaking pre-cum like a pedigree dog on heat who’s found a bitch to mate with. I cried out to be that bitch.

He shifted forwards, picking me up in his arms, and carried me to the bed; dropping me down on it, he quickly throw off his clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Once again he climbed between my long legs; lifting them upwards and over his shoulders. Pushing forwards he pulled my legs back, exposing my pussy to his cock.

Slowly he teased the large glistening escort maltepe head around the entrance to my pussy. Oh this was worth waiting for. He pushed forward between my tight outer lips enveloping his cock as it slid in like a well oiled piston. But this one brought extreme pleasure not power..

I gasped as he pushed in, inch by inch. My eyes were closed and screwed up and I cried out as he hit my limit, he pushed harder and finally he was fully in. He could feel my muscles tightly gripping his cock around the head and he paused briefly to savour the feeling.

Howard was now in full control of me and he used his experience and control to prolong my pleasure as he slowly eased his cock in and out in long slow deliberate strokes. I could feel the veins on his cock rippling inside my cunt as he moved in and out, but never coming out completely. He moved his cock in a delightful circular motion, stirring my insides and pressing on my clitoris as he fully penetrated my womanhood.

The pressure on his sensitive cock head was intense and he was grasping and grunting; trying to overcome the desire to let go. But he was very determined to last as long as possible. My body was starting to push up wards to meet his strokes; our combined efforts were taking us both to new extremes of pleasure.

Suddenly he pulled his thick, throbbing cock out of me, grabbed my hips and turned me over. Laying flat on my stomach he slid his body over mine and lowered his cock into the entrance of my tiny arse hole. His cock, wet from the juices of my cunt, began to slide slowly into me and I almost screamed in pain and pleasure as my arse took the length of his shaft. In and out he rammed harder and faster; reaching around me and gripping my nipples with both hands. He massaged, he pinched and he pulled. He could sense that this was driving me to the magical heights of passion and he thrust his cock even deeper as I clenched my arse muscles around it. I managed to reach my hand under me and delighted in the feel of my own fingers on my clit and in my cunt.

I came. With Howard’s cock in my arse, my fingers in my cunt, I came. An almighty orgasm that ripped through my body and sent me quivering on his every thrust. Suddenly he pulled out of me, turned me over again and lifted my legs back around his neck. Again I felt the thick head of his cock as it probed the entrance to my pussy. Again I felt it slam into me; the thickness of it spreading my lips wide open as he began to pound forcefully into me yet again.

He could sense he was close and started to power into me using all his strength. With no mercy he brought me to another orgasm before he finally flooded my pussy with his spunk. I could feel his cock spasming, pulsing and pumping spunk deep inside my womb. He eventually let me drop my legs down until they encircled his waist.

I locked my ankles behind his back, the smooth feeling of my stockings against his skin felt so delicious and I squeezed tighter.

He continued to give me soft soothing kisses as we both came down from our sexual high; but the look in his eyes told me that he wasn’t quite finished with me yet……

For several minutes we both lay there, the exhaustion from our lovemaking overcoming us, as our bodies and minds began to relax into the situation.

Howard lay, almost motionless, on his back as I, still wearing just my white self supporting stockings, lay on my side beside him; my head nestled comfortably in the crook of his shoulder; his arm around me. His fingers began to slowly run up and down my back very lightly. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the delightful feel of Howard’s soft caresses. With my eyes closed I now noticed the soft scent of his deodorant on his body, mixed with the manly scent of his sweat, and the feelings began to return to my womanhood nestled between my long legs.

I slid my hand over onto his chest and slowly began to rub my open palm across his slightly hairy skin. The feel of my hand caused him to take a sharp breath as my hand began to slide downward towards his groin. Slowly I inched it downward, my eyes now open and gazing at his semi hard cock, and delighted in the sight of it beginning to grow again the closer my fingers came to it. I liked a man who could get hard almost immediately after cumming inside me.

Slowly my fingers crept down. Slowly Howard’s cock began to grow. My fingers touched the hairs surrounding it and the moment we did so his cock shuddered, as did his whole body. Finally my hands were there; at the base of his now erect prick.

Gently I touched the shaft awaiting my probing fingers. Slowly I slid my hand upwards to the head, then slowly back down again. With a short, quick movement I let his cock go and slid my hand over my wet pussy, coating it in my love juices, then returned it immediately to clutch the shaft of his cock again. His body arched upwards as my fist gripped his thickness. The silky wetness from my pussy causing my hand to slide easily up and down. Howard closed his eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feeling of my hand as I slowly began to wank his stiff cock.

My head moved and pendik escort I kissed his lips briefly before moving my lips to his chest. Another quick kiss and then southwards again. I moaned to myself as my lips touched his pubic hairs and I felt the base of his cock against my mouth. My hand suddenly released his now pulsating cock and was replaced by the wetness of my soft lips. Gripping tightly I slowly slid my wet lips expertly over Howard’s thick shaft. In one thrust I took him all into my mouth. A slight pause and then I let my teeth scrape the shaft as I pulled my head away but not letting the head of his thick cock leave my wet lips. Another thrust of my head and he was deep inside me again. The naked skin of his thick cock sending tingles through my own body. I wanted this cock inside my cunt again. But later. This was HIS time. I would hold my own desires back for later; right now I was content to blow Howard’s mind as well as his cock.

Without letting his shaft leave my mouth I adjusted my position so that I was knelt between his open legs. My hand slid under him and my finger slid easily into his arse. Deep. Deep but gentle. At the feel of my finger sliding into him his hips jerked forward and his cock rammed my throat hard. My mouth gripped tighter as I felt the tip of his cock penetrate the confines of my throat. My head went back slightly and I took it all. The whole length of his thick, probing, prick deep inside my throat. My head pulled out as my finger left his arse. Then just as suddenly my finger rammed back in and my head jerked downward to meet his thrusting cock.

Faster and faster I picked up the pace as I finger fucked his arse and mouth fucked his throbbing cock. Up and down, my teeth scraping his flesh, I began to suck on the thick shaft inside me. My finger continued to ram in and out of his rectum as I listened to his loud moans of pure pleasure. I could feel my wet juices as they seeped from my screaming pussy. He was close. He was very close.

And so was I. I didn’t need penetration to orgasm. I didn’t need a cock to bring me to the heights of pleasure. But I was on the verge of my own orgasm without even a touch to my womanhood.

My mouth tightened even harder around Howard’s jerking cock and I pulled my finger from his arse just as I suddenly changed position by swinging around and dropping my naked cunt onto his upturned face. His hands grasped my hips and pulled me down onto him as his tongue licked desperately out at the wet hole awaiting him. I almost screamed onto his thrusting cock as my orgasm struck. His tongue delved deep into my cunt as I spurted onto it with my hips thrusting against his stiff tongue.

Howard erupted. With a loud inaudible moan into my wet slit his cock jerked hard into my mouth and I delighted at the feel of his hot, thick cum spurting into me in globules that slid easily down my throat and into my waiting stomach. And I wanted more. As my own orgasm was still rippling through my body I began to suck at his still spurting cock. Wave after wave of hot cum slammed into the back of my throat as I sucked greedily on his thrusting cock. I delighted in the feel of the thick sperm as it shot into my over and over again. My pussy was still seeping juices over Howard’s probing mouth as he finally emptied the last of his spunk deep into my throat. Again I swallowed and felt it slide easily down into me before I rolled my perspiring body from his and lay head to toe, beside him.

I felt Adele’s breath on my hair as she whispered softly;

“Are you having fun sweetheart?”

My eyes suddenly flicked open and I saw my friend leaning over me in the light of the moon that had risen whilst I had been masturbating myself as my mind had travelled back to that hotel room in The Strand. My sleeping bag was wide open and my fingers were still ensconced inside my knickers; wet and sticky from the orgasms I had given myself during my thoughts. I looked up into Adele’s soft eyes and murmured quietly. MMMMmmmmm very much so baby.

Adele bent down further and kissed my lips as her hand slid under my soaking wet panties. She eased my hand from within the material and whispered;

“You’re about ready for my tongue I think sweetheart.”

“Oh God. Oh God yes!”

I closed my eyes again as Adele slid between my legs and pulled my panties to one side. I moaned softly as I felt her wet tongue slide into my waiting cunt and I gripped my tits with each hand and began to pinch at my nipples, now very erect and very hard.

I heard the low lapping of my girl’s lovely tongue in the stillness of the desert air as it moved up and down my swollen slit. I felt her hot breath on my pussy lips as she took me back up to heaven. I moaned louder, not bothering if I woke Curtis or not. Adele suddenly stiffened her tongue and drove it into my cunt so deep that it could have been a tiny cock. I raised my hips hard into her face to get more of her as she began a slow, rhythmic fucking of my soaking wet cunt. Faster and deeper, one hand holding my panties aside, the other holding my hip as she drove into me. I groaned beneath her administrations and arched my hips up and down as she slid in and out of me so expertly. I wanted to cum again. I was going to cum again. I moaned at her to make me cum. I pinched my nipples even harder as I felt her probing increase inside me. I was almost there. Almost. Oh God. Oh Yes. Oh Oh Oh almost…

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