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Where to begin. I have known my wife and her sister since I was around 2 years old (family friends). I was around them a lot for the better part of my childhood until I moved to another town and lost contact. After first getting Facebook I reconnected first with my now sister in law. I was amazed with how beautiful she was. Her pretty smile and sexy eyes. We caught up a little bit but it never went past that.

Fast forward, my now wife and I ended up reconnecting on Facebook as well but it went a little farther with this sister. Once we started hanging out we fucked all the time. Sex was great and she is a great person so I popped the question and we got married. I love my wife very much, but her sister is always in the back of my mind. We have a lot in common and enjoy the same things, and once again she is beautiful in the most sexy way. She is married with 2 kids (which did nothing but good things for her body) her hips are wider, her tits and ass are bigger and I love looking at her. So one day, my wife and I are at chelseys house and her husband and her are arguing. In the midst of it she says something like, god I should have ended up with Mark (that’s me) I always had a crush on him anyways. I whipped my head around to look at my wife who apparently found it funny as she was laughing about it. Not knowing what to do, I simply joined in on the laughter.

I never knew chelsey had a crush on me, and this really played with my mind. It made think dirty things. If I had known I most definitely would have went after her from the beginning. Fast forward a few years of me having to think about this every time I saw chelsey and me always wondering if she still felt that way. I would push my limits with her sometimes like, when we hugged goodbye I would hold her a little longer than I should, she never pulled away. When I would “accidentally” rub my hand against her sweet ass when I walked by, she never flinched and sometimes just smiled a sexy smile when i said sorry.

One time we all went to the lake and she had a sexy bikini on, she kept bending over right in front of me all day long. I couldn’t help but think she wanted me as bad as I did her.

One Day i came home from work and fake angels porno my wife and chelsey were on the couch and chelsey was crying. My wife took me in the bedroom and said chelsey and her husband had had a huge fight and she needed a place to stay for a while. I of coarse said it was fine.

That weekend her husband came to pick up the kids and my wife had to work on Saturday so it was just chelsey and I. I woke up late and she was already up and doing her hair and makeup, sitting in the bathroom floor in nothing more than a towel. As I walked by I asked what she had planned. She said she was just going to grab something to eat and asked if I wanted to join.

We went and ate lunch, I had never been alone with her before but it seemed so natural, we talked and laughed. It felt like a first date. As we were leaving she made a joke about just wanting to go home, get comfortable and lay in bed all day and really enjoy herself. I laughed but wanted nothing more than to crawl in that bed with her and help her enjoy herself. It was all I could think about on the way home and my dick got hard just thinking about it.

I noticed more than once that she had notice my hard dick through my shorts and had the cutest grin on her face. When we got to the house I unlocked the door and held it open for her, as she walked through the door by me my urges overcame and I gave her a little slap on the ass. She stopped turned her head back to me and gave the sexiest come and get me smile I have ever seen. I couldn’t get inside fast enough.

She walked away from me towards her bedroom as she took her shirt off. I followed like a puppy dog. When I got to her room she was standing there in nothing but her bra and panties. I immediately walked to her and started kissing her neck, she moaned loudly. My dick was so hard, I wanted her so bad. She took my shirt off and I unstrapped her bra. Her tits were amazing probably a 34C, with perfect nipples. She started kissing my neck down to my chest and she went down to her knees. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. She pulled out my throbbing cock and slowly put her sweet lips around it.

She spent the next few minutes sucking fake cop porno and gagging on my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to taste her pussy. I help her off the ground and onto the bed. I went to start licking her and she said she wanted to 69. With my cock in her mount and my tounge on her clit she started moaning. I put a finger in her pussy and rubbed her asshole with another, she moaned louder. Her moaning with my cock still in her mouth felt amazing. So good in fact I started to feel like I was going to cum. I didn’t want to come yet. I wanted to feel her wet pussy sliding up and down on my dick. I told her I was close to cumming.

As soon as I said that her body tensed up and she started to orgasm. She screamed with pleasure as I continued to lick her click and finger her pussy. When she was done she turned to me and said, cum in my mouth now and I will keep sucking until you are ready to fuck me. Within seconds of her saying that, I blew my load into her mouth as she drank every last drop of it. She turned her body back around so that she was looking at me again.

The sexual hunger in her eyes kept my dick hard, I could fuck this girl all day I thought to myself. She stopped sucking and started stroking my dick. She said tell me when you’re ready to fuck this tight pussy Mark, I want your hard dick inside of me, don’t you want to fuck me baby?

That was all I needed. I was ready. I laid her on her back, put her legs on my shoulder and my hand lightly around her neck. Her pussy was so tight for having two kids. It was hard for me to get in at first, but once I did it seemed to form perfectly around my dick. I started slow, but hard. I pressed my hips in to hers and got my dick as deep as I could, she whispered to me, fuck me hard baby. So I did. I went hard and deep. She asked me to choke her harder. So I did.

I stopped for a brief second, and she told me to fuck her from behind. So I flipped her over, never letting my cock leave her pussy. Her ass was amazing, firm yet plenty bouncy. It was wide and her hips made great handles for me to hold on to. She said she wanted it hard. As I started fucking her as hard as I could from behind, I fake hospital porno felt her finger nails hitting my ball sack as she was rubbing her clit. She started tensing up again and moaning loud. Saying fuck me baby over and over. Soon I felt her pussy get even tighter and I could feel her gushing from orgasm. In the middle of it I pulled her hair and she screamed oh my god baby yes!! Once her orgasm was over I slowed down and rolled her back over. She put her legs on my hips and pulled her self closer. She reached down and started stroking my cock while rubbing the head on her clit.

I leaned down and kiss her sexy lips as she slid my dick back inside of her. I picked her up to where she was sitting in my lap with my dick inside of her. She started bouncing up on down as I watched her tits. She told me to lay on my back. Once on my back. She put my dick back inside of her as she straddled me. She started moving her hips slowly and gradually got faster. I have never had anyone ride my dick that good. She just kept going, moaning and screaming the whole time.

She reached behind her and grabbed my nuts and played with them while she rode. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hair. I spanked her ass and she screamed again. She slowed down for just a moment, she leaned down and whispered in my ear. I want you to come inside me baby, I need to feel you come inside my pussy. My balls instantly tightened. She started riding fast and hard again. I felt it coming and there was no holding it back. Watching her tits bounce, feeling her ass shake, hearing the moans come from her sexy lips as those fuck me eyes stared into mine.

I started to cum. She rode harder and faster. I came more. I felt her pussy tighten up and realized she was having and orgasm too. That made me cum more. She rode me until I stopped cumming and then slid down and started sucking on my dick and got anything out that was left and cleaned up any mess that was on me. I have never had that good if sex with anyone else. I assume it was because of the years of sexual tension that finally came undone all at once.

We still fuck often. It’s nothin more than that, but it is always fireworks. Chelsey and her husband are still together and doing better than ever. My wife and I also have a better relationship than ever before. I have to think that chelsey and I hooking up has somhing to do with it. As I said we still hook up often and I’ve got hundreds of stories that I can tell. Let me know if you guys enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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