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Frankie and Solomon had become our best friends over the last few years but I enjoyed rubbing our gold medals in their smug faces now that Dulu and I were on a streak.

In a way, we owed all of our success in the Sex Marathon circuit to this Nigerian Dutch couple that showed us all of their tricks. They had run up eight years of countless victories from Paris to Tokyo well beyond the usual retirement age for a couple in this sport.

So we were honored when they invited us out for dinner after our third runner up outing to them in Toronto. From that point forward we were bigger friends than competitors and they were rooting for us as much as any of our fans.

When Dulu and I had finally surpassed our mentors and held our first gold place trophy in São Paulo the loudest applause came from the second place team of Frankie and Solomon.

The Sextathalon was a grueling, somewhat secretive six day circuit that drained you of your soul with competitions that tested the stamina, grit and resiliency of every couple involved. While forty couples were on the board on Day 1, the novices were usually a no show by Day 4. The arrogant porn couples and the naive-but-adventurous freaky couples hadn’t prepped for the diet and exercise needed to get over the hump. They were just there for the raunchy sex and exhibitionism and that usually made for great entertainment.

The competition-ending use of a couple’s safe word on Day 4 usually left less than a dozen couples for the final two rounds.

Frankie and Solomon were amazed at how prepared we were through Day 4 but saw how we repeatedly struggled on Day 5. The combination of the swing, the pegging and the paddles made it impossible for us to orgasm through the complexity. I’m not great at multitasking and Dulu isn’t great with anything in his ass.

Once Frankie and Solomon taught us how the tantric exercises paired with brain teasers helped them manage their focus on Day 5 we were ready to challenge their dominance.

The ability of the Sextathalon Committee to keep secret the activities of Day 2 through Day 5 is the work of legends, especially considering the infamy of Days 1 & 6. The internet is so full of false claims and photos about 2 through 5 that no one knows what’s real. Of course most of that false information is published by the committee.

Days 1 & 6 both revolve around alternating orgasms between partners with predetermined intervals drawn at random. During our first competition Dulu and I drew the luckiest combination of 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 aka 7th Heaven. This meant the the first orgasm had to come at minute 7 and the next at minute 8. Then you follow the pattern through a maximum of kurtköy olgun escort 12 combined orgasms.

The numbers were never random but the full time stopped at 60 minutes or 6 orgasms each. Female orgasms were measured in a combination of brain waves and clitoral stimulation – both measured by small probes.

Male orgasms were measured in weight. On Day 1 the penis had to pull out and fill the official purple cup. On Day 6 the ejaculation would need to be orally withdrawn by the partner and placed into the purple cup.

These actions were given a higher multiplier the closer to the time combinations your team was given and even more priority the later in the 60 minutes you finished. Unnecessarily complicated, but the diet and the training became your sex life.

The rules and calculations in same sex categories were similar but adjusted for anatomy. Our category class – the P & V class had been dominated by Frankie and Solomon for nearly a decade before we began winning consistently.

Early on I didn’t think we’d ever pass Frankie and Solomon based on the most absurd reason: Solomon’s dick was beautiful.

Fucking gorgeous.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my Dulu’s dick but it was honestly a little too big – especially too long. Getting use to certain positions took years and I was never going to deep throat his monstrosity and he knew it.

Solomon, however…

I can’t explain how perfect his dick was. I just melted every time Solomon put his dick in any of Frankie’s holes. Dulu would catch me ‘studying film’ on Frankie’s handjobs while I masturbated. His false complaints would usually end with him joining me so we could finish together.

Eventually Dulu and I surpassed our mentors – with their assistance of course. They’d slowed down a little, made more technical mistakes than in years past, but they were just having fun towards the end. Their orgasms became less calculated and more lustful.

When they told us they’d be retiring after Montego Bay, Dulu and I weren’t shocked, but the reality still hurt. I’d really miss watching Frankie cutting Solomon’s breakfast pineapple while he rubbed her feet every morning.

Dulu and I decided that we were going to make sure they at least made it to the medal stand on their final outing. From Day 1 to Day 5 we found ourselves doing the work of two couples because Frankie and Solomon would have been content bowing out on Day 3. They were not focused. They were happy.

But Dulu and I pushed them. We wanted them there next to us. We’d have gold and they’d have silver.

Somehow, thanks to us and years of muscle memory, Frankie and Solomon tuzla escort were still in medal contention on Day 6 and everyone at the event rooting on them to win the entire thing. They had a newfound hope and wanted to win as well, but you could see that they hadn’t prepared for the carnal fest of Day 6.

Frankie and Solomon were definitely going to have a good fuck but the timing and quality of their orgasms would make it difficult to medal. I was busy rubbing my pussy with the special recipe Frankie taught me to make while she was signing autographs with fans.

As the lowest and highest seeds left in the competition our purple beds were next to each other. Our time draw was lucky – 7th Heaven. Frankie and Solomon weren’t so lucky – Triple Sixes. This meant that they had 10, 10, 20, 20, 30, 30. Simultaneously orgasming 6 times in a row.

When the clock started Dulu and I were on autopilot. He was filling my mouth exactly on time while I began to shudder 60 seconds later.

On our second go Dulu fucked me from behind from the side of the bed. We both watched Frankie and Solomon fuck so tenderly that we knew that they weren’t going to hit their first time but they didn’t care. But watching them fuck made me too horny. As Dulu pounded me from behind I felt my pussy begin to quiver too soon at the site of our mentors casually fucking their way off into the sunset.

But Dulu and I were robots. Every seventh minute my mouth was catching whatever juice he had left to give and his tongue would satisfy my clit a minute later.

As I let Solomon’s 6th mouthful of come drip from my lips into our purple cup I watched Solomon carefully lick Frankie’s pussy like it was going to be his last meal. As his dick hung below him I couldn’t help touching myself as Dulu watched me.

Our last offering was heavy. We’d passed our all time record once my final orgasm was recorded and calculated.

There was no way we’d lose with that kind of lead.

Frankie and Solomon, however, were simply basking in each other’s love.

Everyone in the room spent that last ten minutes watching a spent Frankie and Solomon lay quietly next to each other having not had not a single orgasm between them.

The vibe was magical because I don’t think they knew anyone else was there.

But at the 55th minute I stood up and walked over to Frankie and Solomon’s bed.

I looked back at my husband for approval.

Dulu smiled.

I looked at Frankie for approval and she raised to her knees and kissed me on my cheek.

Frankie sat Solomon upright and spun him in my direction as I dropped to my knees.

With my husband standing beside pendik escort me I pulled Solomon’s beautiful dick into my mouth and began stroking his balls like I’d wanted to since the first moment I saw Frankie sucking his dick in Vegas.

I didn’t have to look over to realize Frankie needed both of her hands to wrap around Dulu’s dick, but I must admit that I was shocked to see her deepthroating him with ease. There was clearly one trick she hadn’t shared.

At this point Frankie and I were sucking our respective dicks with little in common. I was deeply in lust and tenderly caressing whatever I could out of Solomon’s quiet Tiger of a phallus while Frankie was taming Dulu’s ferocious dragon with her mouth by attacking it with all she had.

I was measured.

Frankie was sloppy.

At the 59th minute both Solomon and Dulu were tensing up.

Frankie’s aggressive attack on my man’s dick was complete and her eyes watered as I watched Dulu’s balls contract and his shaft pulsate. Frankie held on tight while she swallowed every ounce that Dulu had left. I’d say she was happy I fed Dulu pineapples every morning too, but his dock was far beyond her taste buds.

That’s when I noticed Solomon had his hand on Frankie’s clit.

The room gasped as they watched the reading of Frankie’s orgasm double the world record even though she was frozen on Dulu’s dick. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the intensity of the moment.

And that’s when I looked up to Solomon and told him with my eyes that I needed him to come in my mouth at that very moment.

On instinct Solomon closed his eyes and began to empty his very, very, very full balls into my mouth. My eyes closed as his warmth hit my tongue.

My first thought was that he tasted amazing, better than I had imagined in my wildest fantasies.

Then I realized that I couldn’t swallow because of the competition and Il simply let the come began to leak out of my mouth.

I didn’t want to lose it but I really wasn’t ready.

I just let his come slide out slowly as I held my eyes closed. He kept coming and I kept letting it drip from my lips.

I instinctively began to wipe my mouth with my hand when I felt Frankie’s hands grab mine to stop me. When I looked up I saw Dulu wiping what was left on my lip into the their purple cup.

Dulu smiled at me as the attendant took the cup from his hands.

Frankie and Solomon were kissing and holding hands.

And then the entire conference hall shook with applause.

Solomon’s last load was another record and our mentor’s had passed us for first place on their final Day.

I wept.

“Hey,” Frankie said as she wiped my eyes. “You can take your hands off of my husband’s dick now!”

We all erupted in laughter.

As we walked off stage and put on our robes I noticed the dozens of couple looking up at us and I wondered who we’d be mentoring to replace us.

I also wanted to learn that one last trick from Frankie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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