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Hello, my Dear Readers. This is a series of text messages between Keshav and his mother, Sonam. Happy Reading!

Keshav: Hey Mom.

Sonam: Hi Keshav, have you reached?

Keshav: Yes, Mom. I just got inside my room. The train was late by an hour.

Sonam: I thought so not seeing your message.

Keshav: You did not sleep all this while? It is almost 2:00 AM.

Sonam: No, Keshav. I was waiting to hear from you.

Keshav: You should have slept, Mom. This is not the first time I took this train. And I told you I can get a taxi to the hostel easily.

Sonam: Yes, you did. I just wanted to make sure you reach there safely. I do not know why. Maybe it is because we spent the entire week together, I miss you here.

Keshav: I miss you too, Mom. I don’t think we have ever spent so much time together. I am glad I agreed to come with you to the wedding.

Sonam: Me too, Keshav. Thank you so much. I would have felt completely lost had you not come with me.

Keshav: Come on, Mom. It was your best friend’s daughter’s wedding. You had to attend it. I am happy you asked me to come along.

Sonam: I would not have gone alone, Keshav. There was no way I could travel on my own to Delhi. It was so relaxing for me because you came along.

Keshav: I am glad I could be of help, Mom. It was a good break for me, too.

Sonam: Ramya is so happy we were there. She was sending me pictures sometime back. There is a very good photo of us with the couple. We all look great in it.

Keshav: I think I already told you this. You looked beautiful, Mom.

Sonam: Yes. Yes, you did. I just wanted you to say that one more time. Hahaha!

Keshav: Well, you looked amazing for all the 3 functions. Everybody was looking at you.

Sonam: What do you mean by everybody?

Keshav: Everybody. You know!

Sonam: I don’t know.

Keshav: Well, the guys. All the men in attendance were looking at you.

Sonam: And why didn’t you tell me that?

Keshav: What should I have told you?

Sonam: That men were checking me out.

Keshav: They were not checking you out, Mom. I just said men were looking at you.

Sonam: And when did you decide it is okay for random men to be looking at your mother?

Keshav: I did not say I was okay with random men looking at you. Just tell me what were you going to do if I had told you?

Sonam: I would have moved closer to you, and maybe, even held your hands. I would not have been sitting at the other end of the sofa if I knew what was happening.

Keshav: And what difference will you sit close to me make?

Sonam: They will know I have my man with me. They cannot just ogle at me like that.

Keshav: Your ‘Man’? I am your son. And everybody there must have noticed that immediately. I mean, you don’t look old enough to be my mother. But nobody was going to think I am your husband.

Sonam: How can you be so sure?

Keshav: What are you even trying to say, Mom?

Sonam: The staff in the hotel, they felt you were my husband. But leave that, I am just trying to say nobody would have looked at me like that if they realized I have somebody with me.

Keshav: Wait. Who in the hotel? What did they ask you?

Sonam: The room boy! He asked me if everything was okay with the stay, and if I enjoyed with my husband.

Keshav: What? When? I mean, why did he even feel that?

Sonam: Well, apparently only couples ask for a king bed. All others prefer twin beds in the room.

Keshav: And who told you that?

Sonam: The room boy. He told me that when I said I was not there with my husband, and you were my son.

Keshav: I did ask you if you wanted twin beds. You said you were okay with a big king-sized bed.

Sonam: Now, when did I say I was not okay with that. I just said the people in the hotel thought we were a couple because we had shared a bed.

Keshav: And you did not get angry at him?

Sonam: Angry? Why? He only asked me a very normal question. Room boys are trained to get feedback from the guests. I was not going to get angry at him for that.

Keshav: When did he ask you this?

Sonam: On the second day morning. He even asked me if I wanted to change rooms, to ones with twin beds.

Keshav: You could have told me if you wanted to, Mom. We stayed there for two more nights after that.

Sonam: I did not want to, Keshav. Why can’t you just understand? I was totally fine sleeping on the same bed, with you.

Keshav: You did not feel you had to, even after he asked you if we were a couple, as we slept on the same bed?

Sonam: Noo. How was that going to affect me in any way?

Keshav: You did not feel anything when he thought of me as your husband?

Sonam: I did not mind that at all. In fact I was excited to know people feel I am young enough to be your wife.

Keshav: Maybe it’s because I have never tried talking much to you. I thought something like that would upset you. But you are so cool, Mom.

Sonam: Yes, I am, Keshav. So, just relax. Okay? And you can share anything with me, Keshav. I will always be yalova escort there for you. I know we were never very close, but most sons and moms are like that. They do not share everything. But let’s be good friends from today.

Keshav: Okay, Mom. I really appreciate you saying that. And whatever it is, you can tell me.

Sonam: I know, Keshav. I know I can count on you.

Keshav: Mom. Now, tell me one thing. Were you really comfortable being in the same room with me? We have never shared rooms our whole life before this.

Sonam: I did have that at the back of my mind before we started the trip. But you made things very easy for me. I did not feel odd at all. I am happy I have raised you into a well-mannered boy.

Keshav: Great, then. I just wanted to know you felt everything was appropriate.

Sonam: But, were you comfortable, Keshav? I don’t know if you always wear a t-shirt and tracks when you sleep. And you were sweating all night. It was really hot in there, even with the Air Conditioner on.

Keshav: It was a good stay for me, Mom. I was totally comfortable. But it was hot, yes. I normally have just my boxers on, when I sleep. The clothes would not have been a problem if it wasn’t this hot.

Sonam: You could have just slept in your boxers, Keshav. I was not going to have an issue with that. Seriously.

Keshav: I know, Mom. But I just wanted to make sure both of us were comfortable, especially when it was our first-time sharing rooms. And, by the way, do you always were a kurti and pant to bed? The cotton ones you wore did not look like your regular nightwear.

Sonam: You did notice, didn’t you? I normally wear a nighty or a gown to bed. It would have been still hot, even if I had decided to wear one of my sleeveless gowns. The room was practically burning, to be honest. Delhi’s summer was at its peak.

Keshav: You could have told me, Mom. You could have changed in the bathroom, and asked me not to look when you come out. I would have closed my eyes.

Sonam: Now, why would I ask you to close your eyes, Keshav? I was not going to wear anything a son was not supposed to see his mother in.

Keshav: I know that Mom. That is not what I meant. It’s just that it would have been embarrassing for you to come back into the room, with just your sleeveless gown on you.

Sonam: What do you mean by just the gown?

Keshav: I mean. You would have removed your inner-wear before putting on the gown. That is what I meant.

Sonam: Hahaha. Oh my, Keshav. What makes you think I would remove my bra and panties to put on the gown?

Keshav: Err. Mom. Well, I don’t know. Isn’t that what women normally do?

Sonam: How do you know so much about women, my dear son?

Keshav: Oh, come on, Mom. Everybody knows all this.

Sonam: Hahaha. I was just pulling your leg, dear. And yes, you are right. I was not going to have my inner-wear inside. But I don’t think I would have minded coming out in front of you, wearing a gown. All my gowns cover half my thighs, which is hiding enough of me.

Keshav: Just half of your thighs? And, you feel that is covering enough?

Sonam: Of course yes, Keshav. That is enough covering when I am going to sleep. You don’t expect me to sleep with a gown that covers my feet, do you? What is the whole point of wearing a gown then? And, also, most gowns these days are of short lengths, Keshav. And very transparent around the bust.

Keshav: And you were not going to have a problem sleeping next to me, wearing something like that.

Sonam: No! Not at all! Why do you think I will have a reason to worry? I am sleeping with my own son, after all.

Keshav: I just felt you will find it odd, Mom. It’s just that.

Sonam: No Keshav. That was not going to bother me. Maybe next time we have to share a bed, I can show you how it works. It is no big deal. We are only sleeping on the bed, and we were not even facing each other, this time.

Keshav: But it would be different if I was in just my boxers. You will not be ready to sleep in a gown next to me then.

Sonam: Why not? What difference was that going to make? If you wanted to do something to me, you would have already done that!

Keshav: What? Mom? What are you saying?

Sonam: Why do you have to react like this, Keshav. I just said, if you had any plans of making a move on me, you would have done that during our Delhi trip. My clothes were not going to matter.

Keshav: I did not do anything of that sort, Mom.

Sonam: I did not say you did. I just said you would have if you wanted to.

Keshav: Yeah? And how would you have reacted if I did something to you?

Sonam: I don’t know. It depends on what you do to me.

Keshav: Mom, I think we should just sleep. It’s so late already. I mean, it is early morning.

Sonam: Oh yes. It’s 3:00 AM. I did not realize we had been talking for so long. But, before we stop this conversation, Keshav, I want you to know whatever we talked about is very much normal. A mother and son are supposed to be open and talk like this.

Keshav: I know, Mom. I have yalova escort bayan taken it in the right spirit. And I respect everything you said. Your views do make sense and thank you for being brutally honest.

Sonam: That is great to hear my Son. So, feel free with me. You can tell me anything.

Keshav: Yes, Mom. I know. I will.

Sonam: Good night, Keshav. Sleep well.

Keshav: Good night Mom. Take care.

Sonam: Keshav, wait!

Keshav: Yes, Mom.

Sonam: Have you changed, yet?

Keshav: Yes. I have. Long back itself, when we just about started texting.

Sonam: And. Are you in your boxers?

Keshav: Yes, Mom. Why? I have my tank top, as well, on me.

Sonam: No. I was just thinking. Maybe you should send me a picture of you in your boxers, and get rid of your fear of boxers.

Keshav: I do not fear boxers, Mom.

Sonam: I get that. What I meant is. Wearing a boxer in front of your mother.

Keshav: Mom! That is so unnecessary, I think.

Sonam: Come on, Keshav. It will help you feel better, too. You really don’t need to act so strangely with your mother. And also, it is not like you are in just your boxers. You have your tank top, as well. So, it’s fine.

Keshav: I don’t know Mom. I don’t think I want to.

Sonam: Just listen to me, will you. Stop being so stubborn.

Keshav: Okay Mom. I think you won’t stop until you get the picture.

Keshav stands in front of the mirror and takes a photo. He is in topless and Purple boxers. And sends the picture to his mother.

Sonam has received the picture her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Sonam: Oh…

Keshav: What happened, Mom?

Sonam: No… No… It’s just that…

Keshav: What is it, Mom?

Sonam: Your boxers are a bit too small for you, I guess, Keshav.

Keshav: Not really, Mom. This is the biggest size they make. And, I don’t think any company sells bigger ones in the market.

Sonam: But…

Keshav: What is the problem, Mom?

Sonam: It is not a problem, Keshav. It is just that your boxers look so tight.

Keshav: See, Mom. That’s why I told you, you won’t be comfortable sleeping with me if I wore one of them. You are already feeling uneasy.

Sonam: No. It’s not that, Keshav. I was just wondering…

Keshav: Wondering what, Mom?

Sonam: Wondering why it is so tight…

Keshav: Mom?

Sonam: What, Keshav?

Keshav: Hahaha. It’s nothing mom.

Sonam: What do you mean by nothing?

Keshav: Hahaha. Just leave it, okay. You already know what it is. Don’t try to make me say it.

Sonam: I do not understand. Make you say what, Keshav?

Keshav: Sonama Ji! No… No… No…

Sonam: Hahaha. It’s been a long time since you called me ‘Sonam Ji’. You used to do that when you were a kid.

Keshav: I know, Mom. I remember.

Sonam: But, leave that for now. Will you please tell me why your boxers are so tight?

Keshav: You are irritating me, Mom. Stop asking why. You already know!

Sonam: I am the one who is getting pissed off. Why can’t you just tell me what it is, instead of trying to evade my question?

Keshav: Stop messing with me mom. Please!

Sonam: I don’t get it, Keshav. Why do you have to act so weird all the time? I can guess it is something very silly. But, why can’t you just tell me?

Keshav: It is indeed something very silly, Mom. Just leave it, please. Don’t even bother to guess.

Sonam: Is there anything wrong with the boxers, Keshav? Something like they are not branded and the stitch is poor. And you are worried I will ask you how you are spending the money we give you to buy your clothes.

Keshav: Mom. Enough! Hahaha. Enough, okay.

Sonam: Why are you laughing? Just tell me what it is then. Don’t make me look so stupid.

Keshav: It’s something personal, Mom. I hope that will do.

Sonam: Oh!

Keshav: Yes, Mom.

Sonam: Hmmm. Okay, Keshav. Now, listen. I know you are a big boy, but I am your mother. I have crossed your age myself. I know how things can be during this period of your life. So, whatever it is, you can tell me. I can help you.

Keshav: Mom…

Sonam: Yes Keshav. I am right here. Tell me. I am listening.

Keshav: It is not something I need help with, Mom.

Sonam: It is alright, Keshav. I am your friend. You don’t have to feel shy. You can tell me.

Keshav: Oh, Mom. You are so dumb! Don’t you understand? It is the size of my penis!

Sonam: Oh my… What? What did you just say?

Keshav: Exactly what you just read. I gave you an answer to your question. I told you the truth, Mom. Are you happy now?

Sonam: When did I ask you anything about your size? I cannot believe you just said that. Is this how you talk to your mother?

Keshav: My dear naive Mom. I am not trying to be rude, here. I am just telling you the facts. My boxers look tight, I mean tighter than when others usually wear because my penis is big. My penis is bigger than what most people have.

Sonam: And how big?

Keshav: Oh, come on. Stop this escort yalova conversation, Mom. This is embarrassing.

Sonam: No. Tell me! If you think you have grown so big, to talk such shit, and say this kind of gross stuff to your own mother. Be man enough to tell me your size too.

Keshav: What is this, Mom? I had to tell you that because you asked me for the reason. You kept asking me. I am sorry, Mom. I did not mean to disrespect you. Please don’t get angry, now.

Sonam: Just stop it. Okay! Stop faking your ‘good loving son’ act. Do you get me? You just showered me with the kind of expletive a shameless creep will tell a paid whore. I hope you will someday realize the magnitude of your mistake. I am not cursing you, only because I gave birth to you.

Keshav: Enough of this, Mom. I told you so many times I do not want to tell you why my boxers looked tight. You forced me.

Sonam: I agree. It was my mistake. I should have never talked to you. I thought I knew my son. I was wrong. Now, just, tell me what the size of your penis is, and walk out of my mind, graciously. That is the least you can do.

Keshav: I am just too tired of this, Mom. This is not what I was hoping for, after we bonded so well, last week. Fine. Have it your way. So, listen. My penis is 9 inches.

Sonam: What?

Keshav: 9 inches. That is how long I am.

Sonam: What the…Hahahha!

Keshav: What, now?

Sonam: Hahaha.

Keshav: Why are you laughing, Mom?

Sonam: Okay. I admit I was only half-angry at you. And I was actually trying to get you very annoyed. And maybe also tell you that you cannot talk like that to anybody. But this is too much, Keshav. Who will have a penis so big? And that too when your Dad is not even 4 inches long. Hahaha. You are so funny!

Keshav: Mom.

Sonam: Keshav Baby… I was just kidding okay. I am not angry at you. But don’t lie like this.

Keshav: I am not lying, Mom.

Sonam: Hahaha. Don’t make me laugh anymore. Just stop lying, will you?

Keshav: I am not lying, Mom. Why would I need to?

Sonam: Keshav. Hahaha. You can say whatever you want. You know I won’t ask you for proof, and you can get away. But your mom is smart enough to know that what you said is not possible.

Keshav: Why would I want to make up something like that so early in the morning?

Sonam: You saying a big lie has nothing to do with the current time. And, just because it is 4:00 AM, does not mean you are saying the truth. Maybe, you have always been bragging about your penis and managed to get away because nobody cared to ask you to show them the ‘truth’. But, there is no way I will believe you. Hahaha. Liar!

Keshav: Mom, don’t call me a liar. I don’t like it. Because I never lie.

Sonam: Hahaha. Keshav is a liar!

Keshav: Oh yeah? Ask me for proof then. Ask me, if you have the guts, Mom.

Sonam: What? Hahaha. Such audacity! Okay, then. Just show me your tiny penis. Haha! Or should I ask you like how they do in the films? Can you please show me your monster, my dear son? This boy. Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing, Keshav. I never knew there was a joker in you. Haha!

Keshav: Fine. If that is what you want, I have had enough of this, Mom.

Keshav pulls down his tight boxers and sends his mother a picture of his naked cock. For some reason, he is semi-erect, and his manhood has already stretched to its full size.

Sonam has received the picture her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Sonam: Oh my… Oh my… How is this possible?

Keshav: What is it now, Mom?

Sonam: It’s that…

Keshav: Mom, before you say anything, let me just tell this to you. I know we have been texting non-stop for more than two hours now. I feel I have just crossed the line. I should not have. And I am so sorry about it, Mom.

Sonam: Keshav, listen…

Keshav: Let me just complete, Mom. I know I should not have sent you that picture. It just happened. And I know you are equally bothered about it. And I know you are trying to talk about it. I know that you were sure I will never send a picture like this. I am sorry.

Sonam: No Keshav… You got me all wrong. That is not at all what I was thinking.

Keshav: Then? What is it then?

Sonam: No… I mean… Err… It’s actually nothing…

Keshav: Tell me, Mom… Please… Don’t make me feel worse about this.

Sonam: Keshav. No. It’s not something you have to feel bad about. It’s that… I mean… It’s the size of your penis. It is very long.

Keshav: See, Mom! I told you. I told you already, didn’t I? You should have just believed me. Look at where you have got us, now. Everything feels so strange.

Sonam: And so thick.

Keshav: What? Mom?

Sonam: You are so big!

Keshav: Mom! What is… Are you even reading any of my texts?

Sonam: Oh Keshav. You are big. Just like you told me. You are so big, my dear son.

Keshav: I know I am big, Mom. I told you I am big. But, this is still so weird. All the earlier texts felt funny to an extent, but this no more is.

Sonam: Yes, Keshav. I know how you might be feeling. I feel unusual, too. I did not think you would ever send me a picture like that. But, I did not think a penis as long as 9 inches was also possible. That is why I did not believe you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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