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I’m an average 25 year old, living in Indore (India). I’m about to share some erotic moments that I went through in my life so far. I came to understand the meaning of SEX and sexual pleasures when I was 14, but experienced these pleasures only a year ago. I just thought of having sex with girls and women (YES… women of about 35-38 years also give me quite a hard-on), but never came across a situation to have a sexual love-making session, till last year… when I happened to fuck not one but three women (rather two women and a girl). I will write my first encounter this time and will continue other experiences in near future.

I have a knack of watching late night films, and sometimes soft-porn (because I don’t appreciate too much openness and filth shown in hardcore porn) movies, and I carry-on enjoying the moments till next night. My first experience in fucking was very interesting and enthralling. My first sex was with a married girl named Sushila (19 years, 5’1″ tall, about 45 kgs, 33-26-34). She was our house-maid and used to come in morning and evening to do the chores as well as cook. By the way, I live with my elder brother and his wife (my bhabhi, sister-in-law). They have a son who is doing Engineering in Mumbai. I’m mostly at home because my work is related to software development and I am working-partner of a software firm floated by me and my friend Raju.

Now, this Sushila’s work is to do the cleaning of house at around 10am in morning and then to prepare the lunch and then wash the clothes. Although I had no evil intentions towards her, I used to stare at her boobs and her ass when I got the chance. She had quite a large boobs for her age, and equally broad ass. Whenever she came into my room to clean the floor, I used to go out of the room (showing decency). One day my bhabhi had gone to her friend in neighbourhood early morning, so I was alone in the house, doing my work before my computer, as usual.

I have screen-saver of HOT… NUDE… girls’ pictures installed. Sushila came in my room and I went out in drawing room and started TV while waiting for her to do the chores. Usually, whenever Sushila came in my room, I used to switch the monitor off, and the go out of the room…. but that day, I forgot to switch off the monitor. And that was the mistakes I did aftermath of which excites me even today. Sushila started to mend my bed, change the sheets and pillow covers and other household chores when all of a sudden the screen-saver got activated with a lot of moaning of female nudes (yes… the screen-saver has sounds too).

Sushila heard the sound and turned her head towards the monitor and was excited at once, seeing those photos. Her breath became heavy and she started to feel herself hot. Meanwhile, when I observed that it was taking Sushila long time to come out of my room, I went at the door (I was still outside the room), and got a pleasant shock to see her moaning herself… rubbing her boobs with one hand and her pussy with another. I didn’t say a word and kept watching her doing all this moaning and getting hot, her eyes closed in ecstasy. I felt the heat in me too as my cock started to grow in my pajamas. I held my cock and started to jerk it inside pajamas. When it felt like she had too hot to be intercepted, I came in quietly and stood behind her for a minute or two.

Well, the room was becoming hot, having two sexually thrilled bodies watching nude pictures and listening to the moaning. I slowly came near Sushila from behind (I was just inches away from her), and whispered in her ears, “Like these pictures?”

Startled and too dumbfound to say anything, she tried to retreat out of the room, but I held her by her waist and pulled her besides my now-swelled cock.

Sushila softly pleaded, “Please let me go. Koi aa jayega (someone might come).”

“No one is in house, bhabhi has gone to her friend and will come only in the noon”, I said and continued to get a feel of her body from behind. Slowly I moved my hands from her waist way up her boob, which were fully erect now. I caressed…. fondled…. kneaded her boobs from outside her kameez (a long shirt down to knees, for women) still covering them. I surprised that she wore no bra, so there casino şirketleri was only a piece of cloth (her kameez) between my hands and her boobs… my hard cock pressing against her ass, my chest adhered to her back (I held her from behind… remember?). She started to moan and shake her body with pleasure and the little resistance that she showed initially was gone.

I wanted my first sexual pleasure to be elongated… so I slowly turned her towards me and kissed her deep on her lips (for about five minutes) that seemed eternity to me. She too responded me equally and more furiously. I took her hand and put it in my pajamas giving her my hard rock cock. She started to jerk my piece of meat mildly and kept on kissing me (she too didn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry now). While kissing her, I started squeezing her boob with one hand and reached her shalwar (a pajama like dress for women) with another hand and pulled the strings of the shalwar. It came down to the floor and she stepped out of it. Then I lifted her kameez out of her head and there she stood in front of me…. only panties on her body.

I stopped kissing her and squeezing her boobs and took a step back to see her in full view. Sushila blushed and tried to cover her boobs with her hands. I said, “Keep your hands off your boobs, Sush darling. I want to take a full view of a naked, sexy woman like you. I have not seen a nude woman in flesh. You are the first woman that I am looking at… naked, voluptuous swinging ass, fully erect solid boobs…!!! There is one more thing to do though. You still have panties on…”

Saying that, I went to her and pulled down her panties from her body, stepped back and WOW!!! I was looking at a 19 year old stark naked, sexy woman (in flesh) in front of me… blushing…. getting red (as well as HOT)…!!! Her silken thighs…. her hairy pussy, waiting to get wet and fucked… her slim line waist with tempting navel…. her milk-loaded boobs, ready to be sucked and squeezed… her honey-soaked lips, ready get kissed deeply… and her lowered eyes, blushing…. The time stopped for me. Although she was experienced (remember, she is married?), she pretended to be a girl who is going to lose her virginity today. That made me more enthusiastic and eager to fuck her hard.

I reached her and embraced her tightly and french-kissed her deeply. She responded her by putting her arms around my neck and pressing her boobs, stomach and thighs to me… as if she wanted me to merge my body in hers…. We continued this kissing and embracing for about ten minutes, when suddenly she broke away from me and in (fake) angry tone, said, “It’s very unfair. You have taken off all my clothes and you are still covered.” On hearing this, I started to take my t-shirt off, but she interrupted, “You took off MY clothes, now I will take YOUR clothes off.” With this, she took hold of my t-shirt and took it out through my head. Then she caressed my chest and move her hands quickly down to my pajamas and pulled them down. As usual, I was not wearing any underwear, so my hard rock cock came out throbbing.

She looked at my member in amazement, moving her tongue around her lips… hungrily… (although my member is a LITTLE larger than average cocks, her husband’s cock must be smaller than mine. That’s why she had sparkles in her eyes). She took my throbbing uncut cock in her hand and squeezed it. Then she moved the foreskin of my cock to reveal it’s pink head. She knelt and put little part of my cock in her mouth and sucked it mildly. I got so excited by this that I pushed my cock in her mouth, a portion more than she could hand. She muffled and chokingly pulled her head away and said, “Be patient. I can’t take it all in my mouth at once. I will suck it slowly.” Then she started to suck my cock and I continued to pull it in and out of her mouth.

After a few minutes, I got her up in my arms and put her in bed and got on top of her… her legs parted… my hard cock pushing her pussy… one hand squeezing and pinching her boob… my mouth sucking her other boob, tickling her… Meanwhile, the moaning sound kept coming from my computer, rhythming nicely with our moans and ooooohhhs and aaaaahhhhs. I slowly placed casino firmaları my other hand on her hairy pussy and felt it getting wet. I pushed a finger in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly. She held my cock in her hand and jerking it with accelerated force. After a while she squirted some juice out of her pussy and I knew she had had her first orgasm with me. I spread the liquid around her pussy hole and on my cock and whispered in her ears, “I am going to enter in your pussy, Sushila darling.”

She nodded and indicated me the she is more than ready to have my cock in her pussy. She parted her legs more wide and lifted her head and said that she wanted to see my cock enter her hungry pussy…!!! I placed my cock’s head on the opening of her pussy and my cock touched a pussy hole for the first time. A strange vibration ran through my body, as I was about to fuck for the first time in my life. I pushed my cock in her pussy hole and…. it slipped away.!!! I again placed my cock on her pussy hole and pushed… to my frustration, it again slipped away from her hole… as if her hole didn’t want my cock to enter easily. I looked at her and she smiled. “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

Saying this, she took my cock in her hand and place it on her hole, and told me to push it in, still holding it. I pushed it a little forcefully and VIOLA.!!! I had entered a pussy hole for the first time. In my excitement, I had pushed it rather forcefully, so she cried in pain. “Ohhhhh don’t push it harder the at start. It gives me pain.!!” There was another reason for her pain too. Although she was fucked daily by her husband, her pussy hole was tight (she had not conceived any child yet), and her husband’s cock was thinner and smaller than mine (as she told me now). I told her that I will be slow in my pushing and started to put my hard cock in and out of her pussy hole, albeit slower than initial burst.

Now I, as well as Sushila, enjoyed and moaned the cock going in and out of her pussy hole… the acceleration increasing… I pushing more harder and faster…. she matching my moves, with her buttocks going up and down… The speed continued to increase… my cock slamming her hungry pussy hole harder…. the bed rocking…. she moaning oooohhhs aaaaaahhhhs….. ooohhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh….. take me……. fuck me…. ooohhhhh myyyy gooooooddddd… ooooouuuchhhhhh….. hhhhhmmmmmmm……

After about ten minutes, I reached the peak of speed and was taking whole cock out of her hole and pushing whole of the cock in her hole at one go….. my balls started to slam her hairy pussy. The I felt it coming…. I said to her, “I’m coming…. I’m coming.” She said she was coming too, and said me to come in her pussy itself (since she didn’t fear pregnancy). Then I gave one last violent jerk and I came in her pussy…. loads of my semen spurting in her womb… She cried, “ohhhhhh yessss.” I left my cock in her pussy hole and dropped on top of her, exhausted. She was breathing hard; crying…. in pleasure.!!! “You have given me the best fuck till today!!!”, she exclaimed. I felt flattered, said ‘thank you’ to her.

I was thinking, “What a great day!!! I have now tasted the forbidden fruit of sexual delight.” I was thinking how it started; how I had forgotten to switch off the monitor; how the screen-saver started when Sushila was still in my room; and how Sushila had hidden desire to be fucked (that’s why she consented to this intercourse!). These thoughts coming aroused me again and my cock started to get hard again (by the way, I had taken it out of her pussy hole but kept it over her hairy pussy). Sushila too felt the hardness in my cock and said, “Nooooo, please.. I’m tired now. And I have to do my work. All the cleaning, cooking and washing is still left.”

I hush-hushed her by planting a deep kiss on her lovely lips and started fondling and clasping her boobs, which in turn became fully erect again. I pinched the tip of one of her boobs and she moaned loudly, and in revenge she held my cock in her hand squeezed it forcefully. This gave me immense pleasure, but to satisfy her so that she could think that she had taken revenge, I too moaned loudly. I was then ready again, to quench my long lasting güvenilir casino thirst for the beautiful sensation called SEX. I said to her, “Now I am ready again. This time, we will do it doggy style and I will fuck your ass.”

On hearing this, she out rightly declined my proposal and said that she will not let me do it in her ass. When I asked why, she said that she had never done it in her ass and she had heard from her friends that it pains when the cock goes inside ass. I said then, “Ok, let’s make a deal. If it pains when I insert my cock in your ass, I will take it out and we will do it in your pussy. OK?” She agreed to it and I, reassuring her that it will not give her much pain – but pleasure, started to get ready to do it. GOD..!!! First, I had fucked a pussy of a woman and now I was going to fuck an ass.!!!

She bent over to the bed on all fours and I scooted behind her, to thrash her ass with my, fully hardened again, cock. My cock was still soaked in her juice and my semen, but her ass-hole was very dry (I came to know about this when I tried to spread her ass cheeks to insert my prick), so I spit in her ass-hole and placed the tip of my stiff cock on her ass-hole. I applied some pressure on her ass-hole, but my cock wouldn’t go inside, so I put more pressure on her hole…. she cried, “Ohhhh. Take it out please… take it out.” I think her ass-hole was still dry (I could feel the wall of her ass-hole crashing on the little part [which was inside] of my cock), so I said, “No, no… just wait. I will do something about it.” I went over to my table and took out a tube of Vaseline from the drawers and put a large amount of Vaseline on her ass-hole (around and inside too) and applied some of it on my cock also.

Then I put my cock-head onto her ass-hole and jerked it in her ass, and FLOOOPPPP…. half of my cock went inside her. She felt like a hot rod inserted into her ass. She cried in pain, “Nooooo… please… noooo…. take it out.” This time, I didn’t pay heed to her cries and in the heat of excitement, hissed, “Shut up you bitch… I’m going to smash and tear off your ass and you have to bear it.” She continued crying in pain and I kept on smucking her ass with my stiff cock again and again. The pushing in and pulling out of my cock to and from her ass created the sound of floop-floop and matched with my pleasure moans and her ‘ssssss aaaaaaah ssssss ooooooh’. After a while, when she didn’t stop crying in pain, I slowed down and cupped her boobs and started caressing and fondling her boobs, as well as kissing all over her neck and back, and soothing her from her pains…. saying words of comfort…. ‘it will be all right’ ‘don’t worry’ ‘you will like it’ etc.!!!

Slowly and slowly, she too started to moan in pleasure and I kept on fucking her ass (though slowly and my whole cock not going inside her ass). When I felt that her pain has subsided, I increased the tempo and put more and more of my cock inside her ass. She started to enjoy the fuck in her ass and match each of my cock-thrust towards her ass with her own ass-thrust backwards. After a few more minutes of my balls slamming against her ass-cheeks and my cock fully going in and out of her ass, the speed was at its peak, when I felt I was coming again. I said to Sushila, “I’m going to come…. be ready to prepare for the final thrust.” She was ready, and after few more strokes, I jerked off violently and came in her ass, shooting loads and loads of my cum in her ass. She too gave the final backward thrust at the same time and cried out a loud moan. “Ohhhhhhh goooooodddddddd, ohhhh goooooooooodddddd.” She panted like she had run miles. I was also panting. She dropped her body on the bed, and I dropped beside her.

We both were more that satisfied by the play. My hand ran through all her body, caressing and patting and cuddling… She put her head on my chest…. her arms around my neck…. her thigh on my thighs… and we rested for sometime. Then she got up, kissed me on my lips and said, “Thank you for giving me the best fuck in my life.” I said, “Anytime, Sushila darling. I’m also thankful to you for giving me the first fuck and sexual pleasure of my life.”

She went to do her daily chores and I went straight to bathroom to have a quick shower and get back to my work (which was developing programs… NOT fucking all the time). From then on, we fucked whenever we got chance and I made sure that each pussy-fucking was followed by at least on ass-fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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