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“Hi, I’m Kelly – the AP/NP from NewMan’s clinic. I’m here for your in-home exam.”

“Sure, come on in.” He didn’t expect her to be ridiculously hot. Petite, blonde hair, sky blue eyes, insane tits wrestling against captivity in her scrub top.

“Where would you like me to set up? I suggest someplace warm and with privacy.”

“Sure, how about in here” he said, motioning to the family room.

She went to work setting up a portable examination table and laid out a fresh gown. “Go ahead and take everything off and change into this very fashion forward gown” she quipped “so that it opens in the front.”

Her sense of humor provided a modicum of relaxation and put him at ease. For more than a year he’d been having trouble achieving strong erections and having an orgasm. So he found a service that provided in-home exams to lessen the anxiety of a clinical environment. It wasn’t cheap, but so far it was very worth it.

“I’m going to wash up – can you point me to the restroom?”

“Sure, it’s just around the corner to the left”

“Great, just holler when you’re good to go.”

He disrobed and gowned up and had a seat on the table. The gown was doing little to preserve his modesty but he wrapped it tightly around him. “All set” he let her know. And she came back to the family room where he was nervously waiting.

“So” she started “I understand you’ve been experiencing some challenges.”


“Can you tell me a little bit more about that?”

“Well, basically, I have a hard time getting really hard and an even harder time getting off.”

“That’s got to be frustrating. The good news is, there are a lot of treatment options once we uncover the underlying causes. So I’m going to do a very comprehensive exam to figure out what’s going on – whether it’s physical, psychological, or a combination of both. The exam is obviously medical in nature, but it is completely normal for you to become sexually aroused and you may even orgasm, depending on what we learn.”

“Sounds great to me” he joked, nervously.

“So, I know you’ve already been to the office for blood and urine samples. I am going to take a sexual history and then do some basic health screenings, blood pressure, pulse ox, vitals, that kind of thing then we’ll move on to the exam, which I’ll describe in detail before we get started, okay?”

“Yeah, just let me know what you need me to do.”

She pulled out a clipboard and started asking a series of standard health questions.

“Do you have any underlying health conditions – hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancers, mental health concerns? The more honest you are the easier we can identify the root causes.”

“Ahh, well, my blood pressure is usually just a little high, I had an acute cardio event with no lingering complications, and I do have major depression.”

“Okay, that’s good to know. What kind of sexual relationship are you in?”

“I’m married – to a woman – monogamous relationship for 5 years.” he answered.

“Great. How long have you been experiencing these challenges?”

“I’d say for about 18 months or so.”

“Alright. Were there any traumatic life events or major life changes around the time you started noticing erectile challenges?”

“No, not really, nothing I can think of.”

“Okay.” she said, scribbling on her clipboard “And what kind of sexual activities to do you engage in?”

“I mean, pretty traditional, I guess. Standard penile/vaginal intercourse, reciprocal oral sex, some anal play.”

“Good, okay, and are there any times where it is more or less difficult for you to achieve an erection?”

“Not really – a lot of foreplay can help.”

“Great, good to know. Alright, I’m going to start with some vitals. Go ahead and hop on the scale for me.”

He compiled, clocking in at just about 200lbs.

“Okay, and what is your height?”


“Good. Okay. Have a seat, I’m going to get a blood pressure reading and oxygen saturation measurement.”

She slid the cuff on his arm and sensor kaçak iddaa on his fingertip while she dug her stethoscope out of her bag and put it against his chest followed by his back.

“Okay, 132 over 89. Not bad, a touch high, but decent. Pulse ox at 99, that’s great. Are you on any medications?”

“No medications, just a mess of supplements.” his nerves were relaxing and he couldn’t stop himself from stealing glimpses of her lips and tits. And arguing with himself over which were better.

“Sure, what are we talking?”

“Ahh, St. John’s Wort, ginseng, biotin, saw palmetto, L-Arginine, umm, a B complex, milk thistle, fish oil.”

“Wow, okay, that is quite a few. What are your objectives with those?”

“Depends,” he replied, “some of them are for mental health, others are to try to address this very issue.”

“Got it, okay.” she scribbled some notes down. “Okay, I’ve got the basics out of the way, time to move on to the exam. I’ll give you the rundown before we get started so you know what to expect. Nothing should be painful, some things can be a little bit uncomfortable, but just let me know how you’re doing and we can stop anytime and take a break. I’ll give you the full gamut of what we might do, but if we see encouraging results, we may not have to complete all the steps. Sound good?”

“For sure.”

“Okay, so like I said, we’re going to first try to ascertain if the root causes are physical, psychological, or a combination. I’m going to start by conducting a routine exam of the genitals and we’ll test some nerve responses. Then, I will utilize a vacuum pump to attempt to draw blood into the penis to induce erection. Then I’ll perform some manual stimulation of the genitalia combined with visual stimuli to determine if the erection is sustainable. After that, I’ll conduct a digital rectal exam to assess prostate response and health followed by a prostate massage. We’ll see how things are going, and then determine if additional diagnostics are indicated.”

“Okay, what would that entail?”

“Fair question” she smiled, her mouth tantalizing. He could almost feel a slight swelling in his groin. “First, I would apply some electrodes and utilize electrical nervous stimulation of the penis, perineum, and testes. As a last resort, I may need to inject the penis with a solution to trigger a physical response to assess for arterial blockage. But, don’t worry, it rarely comes to that” she said with a reassuring smile.

“Wow, okay. Go-go-gadget penis! Let’s not get shanked, today.” he joked to relieve his own nerves.

“Alright, I’ll have you go ahead and lie back for me. I’m going to open up your gown and begin with a visual and manual examination of your penis, scrotum, testes, and perianal area.” she said, pulling on her nitrile gloves. “I see you were able to shave, that’s great. Helps assess things more clearly and also facilitates electrode adhesion should we come to that. You’re going to feel me touch you.”

She began manipulating his half-flaccid penis, examining his sack, squeezing his testicles, then she spread his cheeks apart a little bit and took a look at his anus. She placed the stethoscope on his pubis, listening for pulse and blood flow, then on the side of his penis, and finally on his perineum.

“Nothing abnormal at first glance. Next I’m going to test some nerve responsiveness.” She took out a Qtip and traced it slowly along his groin, where his legs met his pubic area. It tickled and he squirmed a little bit. He began feeling somewhat aroused and a bit of blood flow trickled into the region, though his penis stubbornly refused to get hard. She traced the Qtip along the top side of his penis, lightly around the head – tickling again – then down the underside of the shaft. He shuddered when she touched the frenulum where it was most sensitive. She continued down, cupping his scrotum in one hand, running the Qtip along each side and finally down his perineum. There was a bit of swelling in his staff but it wasn’t serviceable yet.

“Alright, I’m going to utilize a kaçak bahis vacuum pump to draw some blood into the corpora cavernosa”

“Great dirty talk” he winked, immediately feeling foolish for following her lead.

“Oh, I know, I’ve got all the dirty medical terms down” she retorted in kind.

She slid a clear tube over his limp penis and began manually pumping it which immediately drew blood and simulated an erection. When he was maxed out she took note of the measurement on the side. “Just about 15cm – which is just under 6 inches. Do you have a baseline of measurement prior to the development of these challenges? It’s okay if you don’t, but most guys know.”

“Ha, yeah, just under 7″ at my fighting prime.”

“Okay, well, I see what you mean about not realizing maximum potential, but this helps us rule out major structural issues, then.”

She slid the pump off and he fell back immediately into a half-mast state.

“Okay, next I’m going to provide some manual stimulation. How long has it been since you last ejaculated?”

“Umm, 2 weeks I think.” he said.

“Alright, and how was that accomplished?”

“Masturbation.” he blushed.

“Okay. Well, if at any point you feel as though you might climax, try to let me know so we can contain the ejaculate. I’d rather not get hit in the face today” she said, winking at him slyly.

She applied some lubricant and began giving him what was one of the most glorious – if clinical – hand jobs he’d ever had. He felt his enthusiasm swelling along with his shaft. “Okay, good, we are seeing some positive blood flow – that’s encouraging.” He was very aroused, now, even if it wasn’t physically evident. And he kept trying to sneak a peek down her scrub top, unsuccessfully. It was hard to believe this was legal, it was basically a high class escort service. Covered by insurance.

She continued to stroke his half-hard cock, twisting her gloved hand up and down, switching hands occasionally, incorporating a gentle testical squeeze. Her movements were professional but pleasurable and he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation.

“Do you use visual stimuli when you masturbate?” she asked, point blank. There was something deeply intimate yet entirely professional about her approach and it was guiltily hot.

“Sometimes, more often than not, I think about having sex with my wife.” he said.

“Aww, that’s sweet. And good for you. But, don’t bullshit me. If you have a particular kink or sexual interest, we can incorporate some visual stimulation to facilitate this process.”

“Ha” he chuckled at her candor “well, I like massages that become erotic.”

“Alright, we’ll try that. Why don’t you pull up something on here” she said, offering him her tablet. He found a promising video and began playing it. She kept slowly stroking his penis which had more than half filled with blood by this point.

He reacted favorably to the video and she combined expert touch with the occasional clinical evaluation, moving his semi-erect penis from side to side, and forcing it down toward the exam table, to assess rigidity.

“Okay, this is good, we’re seeing some progress here. That’s positive. I’m going to conduct a prostate examination and massage. Have you ever had your prostate examined before?” she asked bluntly.

“Ahh, no, not clinically. Though I do enjoy prostate stimulation.” he replied, coyly.

“Okay, good, then this won’t be entirely unfamiliar” she said, as she pulled out an anal lubricant and slathered her gloved index finger. “Can you bend your legs and angle your butt up for me as much as you can?” and he complied. “Alright, you’re going to feel me touch you, it might be a little cold. I’m going to insert one finger, appraise your prostate location, size, and rotate my finger around your anus. It might feel slightly uncomfortable, but if you’ve had your prostate massaged before, it shouldn’t be unfamiliar. Then, I am going to insert a second finger and massage your prostate in unison with manual stimulation. Again, if you feel as though you may illegal bahis orgasm, a heads up is appreciated. At this stage, ejaculation is quite common so don’t be embarrassed.”

She pressed her lubricated finger against his anus and felt him relax, then proceeded to penetrate him digitally, feeling his engorged prostate, eagerly meeting her finger. He moaned, involuntarily, at the pleasure.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Yes, very” he sighed.

“Good, that’s good to hear, and we’re seeing erectile enhancement. Your prostate is slightly enlarged – though that could be due to arousal.” She rotated her finger around inside of him, feeling the wall, assessing tone and tightness, and shape and texture of his prostate. “I’m going to move onto the massage, now.” She pulled out her finger, reapplied lubricant to her first two fingers, and slid them gently into him. His ass eagerly swallowed her fingers and she thoroughly massaged his prostate with a gentle vigor.

His penis was almost fully erect now, which was the first time in 3 or 4 months he was approaching peak tumescence. She continued to stroke his engorged shaft while dexterously massaging his prostate in perfect unison. He couldn’t believe this was a medical procedure, it seemed like a service in a back alley Asian massage parlor.

“So, if you had to estimate, how often does a sexual encounter end in orgasm for you?” she asked.

“Maybe 1 out of 3 – if I can get it up enough for penetration.” he muttered through his pleasure.

“Okay. How are you doing?” she asked, pumping and fingering away.

“Really good” he sighed.

“I’m glad. Everything feels good? No discomfort, no tingling?”

“No, this is great.”

“Wonderful. Do you feel like you might orgasm soon?”

“Honestly, maybe” he moaned.

“That’s fine, just let me know.” and with that she increased her stroking pace, twisting her hand up and down along his now-hard shaft. Her fingers continued to elicit pleasure inside of him as well. His eyes closed, his mouth clenched. She went faster.

“Ohhh, I think I’m going to cum” he managed to say.

She pointed his shaft down toward his stomach and felt his prostate push hard against her fingers, his ass clenched tight, his body tensed, his eyes closed tightt. And then it happened. An eruption of semen shot from his penis, so hard, so far it hit him in the chin. He shot off 6 streams, a river snaking down his chest and stomach. Before she slid her fingers out, she rotated them teasingly and he moaned gutturally. A feeling of euphoria interspersed with a little guilt flooded over him. He was so relaxed, so satisfied, yet a little ashamed that this attractive nurse was able to do for him what had become nearly impossible for his wife.

“Well” she said “the good news is you are able to achieve sufficient erectile functionality and orgasm which suggests there is not a physical or mechanical problem like a blockage. The flip side to that is it can be trickier to diagnose and decode the associated psychological causes. But, as we learned, with proper preparation and stimulation, you are fully physically capable of completing the sexual act.”

“That is something” he said.

“Here’s a wipe to clean up with. I’m going to excuse myself to wash up and I’ll let you get changed.”

She went off to the bathroom to deglove and clean up while he laid there for just a moment in his guilty pleasure. Then he wiped the volume of semen off of himself, cleaned the lubricant from his anus, degowned, and got dressed.

She came back in and set about taking down the table. “We’ll get back to you with the results of your blood and urinalysis within just a couple of days and the doctor will follow up with the next steps. But, I would say, this is an encouraging sign.”

“Anything else from me?” he asked, shyly.

“No, you did great today” she said reassuringly.

“I feel like I should tip you or something..”

“Ha,I get that a lot – but no, then we’d really be blurring the line between diagnostics and sex work.” she said sweetly but sternly.

“Okay, well, thanks for everything. You’ve been great – I appreciate your demeanor, you made this stressful situation much more tolerable.

“All in a day’s work” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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