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Welcome back to the continuing adventures at Shady Waters Hotel. In this chapter Alison watches her big brother getting seduced by a kooky curvaceous old woman. If you enjoy mature themes this chapter is for you. All the characters in these stories are consenting adults over the age of 18.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A week or so went by.

George began to put his plan for Alison into operation – starting with getting her on the Pill. As it took a week to take effect, birth control was a priority.

He stole the big box of birth control his wife kept in their medicine cabinet. There was enough there to keep Alison protected for ages.

There’s no chance Petunia is ever gonna need them, he thought cruelly. Nobody’s ever gonna get that drink slut pregnant.

Every day after school he gave Alison a little white pill with orange juice. He might be shooting blanks but, if he wanted to watch the little slut with other men, he was going to want to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The men he was going to get to fuck her wouldn’t care.

He considered himself a standup gentleman for taking this into consideration. That he was using the lovely young teen never entered his egotistical head.

Over the years of his sad little life, George’s ability to feel affection for anyone but himself had all but disappeared. These days all he thought about was his own pleasure and where it was coming from next. He saw Alison as his to use as he saw fit. He had no concept of her feelings at all and the trusting young girl’s devotion to him meant nothing.

It’s my responsibility to keep her safe he thought generously. I’m gonna take good care of her.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


While George was making his plans, young Orville Coleman was in George’s apartment screwing his unconscious wife… on his sofa… in his bed… on the carpet… even George’s dining table got a workout now and again.

Every afternoon when he got home from school, Orville would hunt around to find the drunk MILF who was usually passed out somewhere in the hotel foyer. If anyone noticed him, it looked like Orville was being a Good Samaritan, helping the unconscious Petunia Carter find her way home. In reality, when he got her into the privacy of the Carter’s apartment, he’d fuck her senseless!

Bizarrely, even though the young man was violating her horribly, he had grown to think of Petunia as the love of his life… which in a way I suppose she was. She wasn’t aware of what he was doing but, as depraved sickos go, he was quite considerate. He gave the busty MILF many lovely orgasms at the end of his big thick knob, his talented dexterous fingers, and his clever probing tongue.

When he’d had done his dirty deed – fucking Mrs Carter and filling her womb with cum, he’d clean her up as best he could, make sure she was comfortable, and leave the apartment, closing the door behind.

And that would have been that for another day except, every afternoon, as regular as clockwork, there she’d be… waiting across the hallway… old Barbra Etherege… lurking in the doorway of her apartment.

The first few times he saw her standing there he was filled with dread. He was sure she was going to bust him… tell his mom and Mr Carter… maybe even the cops! But nothing ever happened and, as she was there every day, he got used to it and stopped panicking.

In fact, he started to look forward to seeing her. The plump old lady was always in a state of semi-undress that the horny teenager could appreciate… like a tasty dessert after a big meal.

They even began to exchange a wave and a pleasant greeting…

“Good afternoon Mrs Etherege, love the outfit…”

“Thank you young Orville,” she’d say, brazen as a five-dollar whore. “I’m glad you like it.”

Sometimes she’d be wearing a lounge robe or a kimono that she’d tie up in the fleshy crush between her plump belly and her pendulous bowling ball breasts. This would show off her incredible cleavage like a long deep white valley down her front…

Sometimes she might show up in a housecoat or a dressing gown… even a bright yellow raincoat, loose and open, inviting the young man to try and visualize her big naked body in the dark folds. He could usually search out the white slope of her boobs and the bulging luxury of her stomach. Then he’d peer inside, his eyes sweeping up her legs, over her upper thighs… trying to see her old shadowy cunt under her overhanging belly…

He’d also seen her in different combinations of lingerie… scanty bits of nothing of which she seemed to have an inexhaustible supply… every color of the rainbow… frills, lace, garters, and full French knickers that he thought made her plump old body more naked than being actually naked.

Barbra Etherege had lived alone ever for twenty years, ever since her Dear Frank had passed away. Now she was older and fatter and sex-starved to the point of nuttiness.

Her potent libido sent her on long frustrating searches looking for a man to fuck her… any man… as long as he tuzla escort had a hard dick. Unfortunately, the only males who seemed interested in her these days had one foot in the grave themselves, decrepit old men who were looking for a ‘companion’.

That was not at all what Barbra wanted. Her taste was for a virile youngster who wanted lots of sex, thank you very much.

Always inclined to be a little plump Barbra had become quite thick-set in her later years. It wasn’t loose wattly fat… there weren’t lags of skin hanging down or folds where sweat and food would catch… but she was definitely a solid woman, full-figured and curvaceous. Her old lady hips and ass were ample and the spare tire she carried around her middle was big enough for her breasts to sit on… big ponderous bowling ball boobs that sat comfortably on her belly.

In the middle of each tremendous tit were large, perfectly circular, saucer-sized areola, and in the center of each of these big plum-colored plates were unusually large coral-colored nipples! When she was naked they looked at you like a pair of large pink eyes… and her belly button was just like the little pursed mouth…

Like a lot of big women, she was fanatical about keeping her nails and toenails perfectly manicured. Her fingers were covered in rings of all different shapes and stones… rubies, emeralds, diamonds… and her pink nail polish matched her toenails. She also died her hair. What would naturally have been quite gray was a much too modern auburn color that she kept long and wavy over her shoulders. Like so many plump women she took good care of the physical attributes she had control over in the misplaced belief that people would overlook their bulk and concentrate on her perfect nails and immaculate hair.

For all that negative stuff, the rotund old woman was much more attractive than she thought she was.

If you like old ladies who are big and round and buxom, Barbra Etherege was the poster model. There’s something about older ladies like her… she seemed to ooze decadence and her desperation for cock seemed to radiate off her. And who doesn’t like that?

She’d have been absolutely flabbergasted if she’d realized how many men gave her second looks or how many silent hidden hours George Carter spent jerking off over her voluptuous old body… especially when she was soaping up her big boobs in the shower… or when she masturbated.

Barbra had more dildos and vibrating toys than a sex shop! Ever since her husband passed away she diddled herself morning noon and night with one (often two or three) of her collection of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. DILDOS-R-US, the adult megastore in the city, considered her a VIP customer.

When she was taking her quality personal time… her glorious naked body writhing in pleasure on her big lonely bed, a big toy buried in her big meaty cunt, made George cum every time.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


From the moment she saw young Orville Coleman step out of the lift, carrying the unconscious Petunia Carter so effortlessly, the buxom 68 year old developed a powerful crush on the big handsome lad. She knew immediately what he was up to and the thought of what he was doing to that woman behind closed doors made her deliciously wet.

Orville became her go-to fantasy all through her prolonged and frequent sessions of self-love. Humping some monstrous latex cock, maybe maneuverer a little vibrator over her sensitive clitoris at the same time, she’d dream about him…

He’s fucking her, she’d think lustily. That gorgeous boy is fucking the landlord’s drunk wife!

On one particular afternoon, when she intercepted Orville in the hallway, Barbra was wearing a pale pink camisole – a translucent wrap, that hung off her gigantic boobs like a wispy transparent tent. Orville could plainly see the globular shape of her huge udders through the sheer pink material… the long sagging cleavage and the owl’s eye nipples on the end that seemed to look at him…

“Hello Orville,” she croaked, waving from the doorway. “Have you got a moment dear boy?”

Barbra had no illusions about her chances of tempting the young man. She figured she couldn’t compete with Mrs Carter… even wearing her sexiest shortest negligee. The only way to get young Orville into her apartment was to trick him, something the old woman did well. There was nothing Barbra enjoyed more than intrigue and blackmail.

Orville approached the busty old woman warily. As always Mrs Etherege was smoking, puffing away on the lingering butt of a cigarette. Holding the dwindling little white tube between her thumb and forefinger, her old lips and eyes crinkled into fine creases as she drew the smoke back into her lungs.

“I’ve been meaning to catch up with you for ages dear,” she said in her deep raspy smoker’s voice. “I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re a very gallant young man.”

She turned away briefly to squash the butt out in an ashtray in an alcove by her door flashing Orville her huge round butt…

“Taking it upon yourself pendik escort to look after poor drunk Petunia like you do,” she continued. “It’s really very noble you know… quite… quite… What’s the word I’m looking for dear?…Heroic!”

Orville felt himself flushing. “Thank… thank you, Mrs Etherege… it’s no big deal…”

The old lady was wearing some alluring scent that he found enticing despite himself, and he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from her magnificent tits. Her big nipples and areola were like headlights… and he was the young dear caught in her high beams.

“Oh, now you’re being modest aren’t you sweetheart?”

With surprising reflexes for such an old fat lady, her hand shot out like a striking snake and grabbed his hand. She held it in both of hers like old women do, squeezing slightly… drawing him closer to her. Her warm creased palms felt nice and warm… her ringed fingers intertwined with his… Orville felt his cock hardening…

“I’ve seen you dear,” she said huskily. “I’ve watched you carry her home every afternoon… and then you stay. You stay a long time don’t you dear? What are you doing in there all that time?”

The old granny was looking Orville right in the eye, her scrunched-up old face was very serious. Her hand was like a vice now…

“I… I… what… what do you mean? I was just… making sure she’s comfortable… you know…”

He wanted to take his hand back and run but she held on tight… drawing him closer till she was pressing his hand against her breast. His cock was trying to get out of his pants…

“Oh yes yes… I know… I know… you’re ever so kind aren’t you?”

He may not have been very experienced but the young man knew sarcasm when he heard it. She held his hand against her bosom, in the cleft between her titanic saggy boobs. Wonderful as it was he felt like he was caught in a trap. He couldn’t deny what he’d been doing – Mrs Etherege saw him coming out of the Carter’s apartment every day…

“What are you going to do ma’am?” he croaked, looking fearfully at the manipulative old lady. “Please don’t tell…”

The busty old woman felt her cunt moisten. The naive child was taking the bait…

“Now now, there’s nothing to be worried about dear. I understand that a handsome young man like you will have… urges, and I for one, totally understand. Come… come in and we’ll talk about it.”

She smiled widely and drew him in close. Orville let himself be led, following her swaying jumbo butt into Barbra Etherege’s apartment.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Coincidentally, George and Alison were on their way to Barbra’s apartment as well, unaware of the surprise in store for them.

The stocky caretaker (in white Y-front underpants, stretched beyond recognition by his gigantic phallus) and the beautiful young redhead (her perfect slim body naked except for white panties), held hands as they negotiated the twists and turns of the hidden passageways… right, left, left again, and down to the viewport outside the old ladies lounge room.

Taking their time they carefully positioned themselves as they always did. Alison squeezed in front, wiggling her perfect peach arse against George’s hardening cock, and he put his hands possessively around her midriff. When they were appropriately linked he slid the peephole open… just in time to see Barbra lead Orville Coleman into her lounge room.

“Orville!” blurted Alison.

George clapped his hand over her mouth. Thankfully the old lady and the boy were talking and didn’t hear her thoughtless outburst.

“SHHHH,” he gasped in an angry undertone.”What the fuck?”

“But… but it’s Orvy!” she whispered back. “That… that’s my big brother…”

“God Ali. Keeping quiet is the first fucking rule,” he grumbled.

“I know… I’m sorry…”

They peered excitedly into the room, fascinated by this new development and George ran his hands up over her firm young breasts, pinching her pert nipples hard for being so noisy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Orville stood uncomfortably in the middle of the room while Barbra bustled about. It was as though entertaining a young schoolboy while wearing nothing but a transparent pink negligee, was something she did every day.

“Now what can I get you?” she asked. “I’ve got Coke if you like… or maybe you’d like something harder? Maybe I could mix you a little scotch?”

“I’m… I’m not old enough to drink Mrs Etherege,” he muttered. He couldn’t help but stare at her colossal boobs. The old woman’s nipples seemed to look right back at him.

“Of course, of course,” she muttered apologetically. “A coke then… sit down dear… I’ll be right back…”

She really is as good as naked, he thought to himself as he plopped down on an overstuffed footrest. Maybe she doesn’t realize?

His eyes followed her mammoth swaying butt, back and forth, back and forth, all the way into the kitchen. Her nightie barely covered her arse crack to halfway and the fabric was so sheer he aydınlı escort could see the whole wonderful thing anyway… He rearranged himself, trying to find a comfortable position for his rock-hard prick…

Despite being intimidated and frightened the young man was fascinated by the big busty broad. Her body moved like a lava lamp…

Shortly she returned with two tall icy drinks. She handed one to him and sat her old body carefully down on the sofa opposite him. Her camisole rode right up around her midriff, bunching under her belly… exposing her pussy…

As she sipped her drink, Orville ogled her sizable hairy beaver… her dark brown pubic hair… the dark red lips parted slightly… a shadowy inviting cave between… her clitoris looked like a tiny little cock…

“Ahhh yes… that’s nice isn’t it? Refreshing?”

“Yes… um yes ma’am… nice and cool,” he stuttered and then remembered he hadn’t drunk any yet. He took a deep icy gulp before exclaiming, “Yep… refreshing…”

“You must be wondering what I’m after dear,” she said.

The old lady reached over to a side table and, placing her coke on a coaster, picked up her cigarettes instead. She took her time taking one out and lighting it, seemingly unconcerned he was staring down at her cunt. In fact, as she fiddled with her lighter, she spread her legs wider still. Her thighs were huge… white flesh with fine blue veins traced all over like her tits and dappled with cellulite… He could see right up inside her… blushing warm wetness…

She took a deep drag and blew smoke out in a luxurious hedonistic fog.

“I don’t ask for much in this life Orville, but I have such needs…” she said philosophically. “Such needs… sweetheart, you have no idea.”

She took another deep drag and sprawled back on the sofa, exhaled before she continued…

“When I realized what you were doing over there.. with Mrs Carter… well you know Orville, I need some as well!”

Orville, who’d been sipping the cold coke, choked on his drink. He coughed and gasped for breath…

“Now, now Orville dear, don’t dismiss it out of hand,” said Barbra in her gravelly smoker’s voice. “It will be a very simple transaction dear… quid pro quo, you do me this little service and I keep quiet about your special friendship with Mrs Carter.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hidden behind the timber panels both George and Alison gasped at the same time.

“What… what did he say Ali?” stammered George. “Did I hear her say…”

“SHSSS!” hushed the girl. “Quietly Mr Carter… Remember the First Rule…”

George was rarely lost for words. The degenerate fellow had seen and heard just about everything and was pretty sure nothing could shake his jaded pallet – but this…

He kept fondling the girls wet cunt and sawing his massive erection between her legs but inside he was trying to make sense of it. Had this young punk really been fucking his wife?

Alison reached down between her legs and, grasping the head of his cock through his underwear, gave him a hard squeeze! That was his punishment for being noisy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Orville considered running… just getting up and going. Or maybe get angry… indignant… deny he’d been fucking the passed out drunk women next door. How the hell can she prove it anyway? he thought desperately. There’s no way I’m going to screw this old lady…

But before he could say or do anything, the big old woman clambered

herself up out of the soft deep sofa and, turning around, lowered her magnificent big bum carefully down onto the ottoman beside him. Her big naked butt was pressing against his thigh…

“Give me that drink before you drop it,” she said. “I’ve just had the carpet cleaned.”

She took his drink from his shaking hands and sat it on the floor. Turning back, she leaned right in close. A voluminous balloon tit pressed soft and warm against his arm. Her scent was strong… like a flower shop in a brewery…

“It’s really quite simple dear, she whispered huskily. “I need you to visit me… at least once a week.. for no more than an hour. That’s all. I have such needs you see Orville dear. Surely that’s not so bad is it?”

“I… I don’t know Mrs Etherege,” he gasped, his resolution wavering. She was so close… so inviting…

“Maybe Sundays would work best?” she continued. “After church? You won’t be waiting long dear… because I always come straight home after the service,” she said eagerly.

Orville found he was unable to tear his eyes away from her. It was like her curvaceous body had hypnotized him.

“…and then… and then, when I get home…’ she continued urgently, “oh dear darling boy… when I get home, you must take me… anyway you please!”

Her enormous bulky body was overweight but she wasn’t obese by any stretch. It may have been his hard cock talking but in some ways the extra weight suited her. She looked voluptuous and ripe. He could see her gigantic tits quite clearly through the sheer pink nighty… enormous boobs with nipples and areola, resting on her large pronounced belly… a tight round tummy that looked like you could play it like a bongo drum. Thick white thighs tapered down nicely to her slim ankles and surprisingly petite feet…

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