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Big Tits

Hi readers now that the contest is over, congratulations to the winners. I had this idea it was going to be a contest story but I’d already entered three. There is another Tabitha story on the way as well. Everyone mentioned in the story below is above the age of eighteen. This fantasy is a bit dark to begin with. That’s where it needs to start, ultimate fantasies are rarely achieved. It’s because the taboo nature is a line we wont cross.

That’s what this is.

For my muse.

The Shivers

I shook inside with nervous fear. You know the kind that twists your stomach to the point of cramping. Or turns your nerves up until they make your skin crawl. The thoughts filling my head were all questions and guesses. I was so frightened.

Shackles of what felt like leather adorned my ankles and wrists. Now fastened to each other, the straps connected below and could tighten if the need called; holding me tightly laying flat. My attempt to free myself was as futile as I’d imagined. That nervous-scared feeling returned. I attempted to calm myself, to slow down my breathing and think of how this happened.

Listening for a pin to drop, ears ringing in silence. I struggled again, the vain attempts only succeeded to tire me out. Minutes crawling, allowed my thoughts to drift where it was dark. Goose flesh littered my body. A tremble rippled down to my toes. If my heart were to beat any faster it would pound out of my chest.

Then at last a sound, the rustling was coming from below. I could feel my blood expanding the veins, pumping furiously now, I failed to calm myself. My head was filled with scenarios spanning from devious to deranged. I struggled weakly in a ditch effort to free myself.

I froze hearing the knob of a door turn. Wishing that playing opossum would make whomever entered no longer interested. I was humiliated knowing whoever held me captive could do what they wished to me. The thought heated my body, feeling izmit escort bayan eyes examining me. I was aroused, my body betrayed me.

Noises positioned themselves then the quiet returned. I felt my arms freed just long enough to pull me into a sitting position. Then bound behind and chicken winged with the bar under each elbow. Arching my back while thrusting out my chest. A palm gripped my chin making it easy to position my head. My eyes were blinded by the removal of the mask. A sinister smile filled my vision next with piercing eyes that could see my soul.

“How are we doing?” Her voice dripped with sarcasm. I dared not answer. “Your heart is racing like a scared mouse. Don’t worry it will be ok.” Her tone sent another jolt through me causing me to involuntary shake.

“Someone’s excited, you can’t wait can you?” Her lips pressed hard against mine, preventing my answer. Her tongue danced across my lips and with a push the intruder entered my mouth. Quickly pulling her face back and laughing a bit as drool dripped on my puffed out chest.

Her face was the only thing I could see. Her left hand still held tight to my chin. Her right hand was coming into my peripheral view. The hand was guiding a monster towards her face. Her hand pulled down on my chin so I could watch her pay homage to a massive tool, until it glistened with her drool.

“You want this?” She referenced the monster before my eyes. “Yeah you do, I can tell. You should taste it. Yeah, here I can help.” She said, She slid her hand through my hair until it was at the back. My hair filled her fingers and she tightened her grip.

She slowly guided my face towards the frightening beast. Then the world changed with one word “Open!”

Weak from my struggles, arms bound behind when the tip of the fat crown stretched past my lips into my open mouth. Hardened rubber slid down my wiggling tongue leaving its taste on my buds. Closing the gap to my throat izmit eve gelen escort while my jaw stretched even more to accommodate the thickness. She spoke again. “Swallow!”

Her command sent shocks into my nerves, making my flesh sensitive to her touch. Her hands leaving goosebumps in their wake. I stretched my body to reach her hand as the phallus entered my throat.

Robbed of air as the onslaught continued and my skin begged for her touch. My nipples like diamonds so hard they hurt. She was going to make me cum…I struggled to accommodate the invasion. The taste of rubber filled my mouth till it overflowed out the corner as she pulled the toy back out. Dripping drool, my eyes watered and my sinuses threatened to run. She pulled it free to let me breathe, then simply fed it back until my lips were at its base. Controlling my head like she would a marionette. The flow down my chin gathered at my breasts, I felt it cool as it continued it’s way south.

She increased the speed and held my head feeding me the tool over and over again. Then a twitch, I felt wetness run down my thigh, my body betraying my mind as it gave into lust. It trickled it’s way down, forming a spot on the bed. She was imprinting me, teaching me she was in charge, telling me to thank her for the reward.

When my vision returned, her hand was full again, her mouth working on another toy. The fat shaft had a head on both ends. I watched amazed as she swallowed what looked like a double headed pink anaconda. Like she’d done it a million times before, eating it half way down while she pulls the one out of my mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as it continued until our lips met. Using her mouth to fuck mine made me cum again!

“It’s so fucking big it fills my throat.” She said after pulling it free. I then watched carefully as the fat head stretched its way slowly back down her throat. Pointing to me she again guided my izmit otele gelen escort head, making me throat fuck myself on her wicked toy.

I started weeping drool again as it see-sawed across my tongue, into my throat and back out. Pulling it free dripping of goo. She used it just like lube as she buried it all back in.

She was my ex girlfriend, a girl that only dated girls. She hated the male species, often telling them to their faces. Guess I’m lucky I’m a girl. I’m was going to cum again…She knows I like it rough, making her sex drip as she uses me like a doll.

She made her next target obvious by pulling the pink snake out of my used mouth and lowering it to my lap. She let go of it to position my body into a position she liked. Flat on my back with a pillow under my ass. Then a gag with a cock on both sides, the smaller on she fit into my mouth. Locking the belt at the back of my head, giving me a seven inch cock jutting from my mouth.

She straddled my head and gave me a clear view of her hairless pussy. She was so wet that she dripped a little onto my face. I watched fascinated as the cock parted her lips and continued to feed it inside until she sat on my face.

I’ve had this fantasy for I can’t tell you how long, god it makes me drip!

I could not see what she had in store for me, instead I watched as she fucked herself with the dildo on my face. It was incredibly arousing watching her take it inside repeatedly. I watched her sodden petals coat the toy in cum. I could see the convulsions ripple through her thighs and the tsunami of shakes that followed.

I came too! My thighs were saturated and my own orgasm flowed down and filled the entrance to my ass. I squirted, it was the very first time I had done that. I quickly wondered if I would ever cum that hard again, I feared I never would.

Then it hit me! It shook me from inside out! It started small but gained strength as it reverberated exponentially. Making my bones hum. A solid stream of liquid shot out and over the footboard.

The aftershocks were so intense they almost knocked me unconscious.

There were bells and whistles, fireworks, you name it. There were lots of firsts that night, I hope she will do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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