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We lay there, his arms around me, his hand gently cupping my breast. He had just given me the pleasure of a great orgasm and we were relaxing and enjoying being close.

“That was very exciting,” he said. “I can’t tell you when a woman has excited me more than you do.” You are an amazing lover.”

“Thank you,” I said, “You’re an exciting lover as well.” “I can’t help wanting to know how you manage to be so in tune with your partner’s desires and knowing how to pleasure a woman as completely as you do.”

“I’ve had a lot of lovers and I like to please beautiful women like you,” he said.

We chatted for the longest time, he asked me about what I like sexually, “For future reference,” he said.

I asked about him and found out that he loves photography and watching people enjoy themselves sexually. “I guess that is why I turned to erotic photography,” he said. “I love the erotic ballet of sex. The touching, the caressing, the response of the body to sexual stimulation. I love to watch women’s nipples harden with arousal; I love to watch as your vaginas change as you get more and more excited. I love to watch men’s cock respond to a woman’s touch, the feel of her mouth, or her hand.” “I love the sounds of sexual arousal, the increased rapidity of your breathing, the sounds you and other women make as a lover stimulates your body with pleasure.” “I am amazed at the sight of a fully erect penis disappearing into a woman’s vagina, the way the muscles of the vagina caress the shaft, the way the vagina produces a natural lubrication to facilitate penetration, the way that lubrication covers the penis and changes it from dry to slick.”

“Wow,” I said. “Hearing you say that I can relate to the erotic nature of the images you show me.” “Knowing what excites you I can see why you like to make those kinds of photographs.”

“So,” he said, “Can I convince you to pose for me now?”

“I got very excited looking at your images; my mind was racing while we were making love thinking about how it would be to have sex with someone while being photographed. I am not sure I am ready for that as yet, but I do like the way men react to my body and I think it would be a big turn on to try it, at least once,” I said.

“Great,” he said. “I’ll check my schedule and we can set aside a few hours for some test shots.”

Our relationship continued to grow as we dated for several more weeks. He did photograph me nude twice during that time. ataşehir escort The first were strictly nudes, of me in a variety of poses, standing by the windows of his studio, on his bed, the typical things you’d expect. I was thrilled by the results and enjoyed the experience of seeing what a talented photographer could do with light and shadow and form.

The second session was more explicit. Images of my body, with a concentration on my vagina, me stroking myself, me opening my labia, me inserting my fingers into myself, and me making myself come. It was exciting to be watched while I was sexually pleasuring myself, knowing that I could trust the fellow with the camera. I had a very intense orgasm, my mind flooded with various sexual memories I had.

He got some very erotic, to my thinking anyway, images during our shoots. Like the gentleman I knew him to be, he showed me everything he shot and asked for my permission to keep the image for further editing, cropping, etc. He explained everything he was planning on doing with the images and true to his word deleted anything I didn’t feel comfortable with. Even after we reviewed the images, and he had put hours into editing them, if I didn’t like the results he deleted the image, no questions asked.

We had several erotic photography sessions always followed by an extremely erotic sex session. I was turned on, he was extremely aroused at the way I was presenting myself for his camera, and the sex was extremely vigorous and seemed to last longer than usual. He was able to make me come multiple times before he emptied his balls deep in my cunt.

I was growing as a woman and as a woman who enjoyed her body and the erotic possibilities these situations offered. I felt more confident in myself and my sexual talents. I knew I was sexy when I wanted to be and I knew I was a woman who had, when possible to express myself, the ability to arouse, pleasure, and fulfill any man’s fantasies without hesitation.

A month or so later, he and I were at our favorite restaurant enjoying a meal when a stranger approached out table. He seemed to know my future husband quite well. He asked the fellow to join us and have a drink while we waited to be served. His name was Sean and I was told that he was one of the models my husband had worked with in the past.

They chatted and my future husband suddenly looked over at me and said, “How would you like to pose with Sean? He is a very kadıköy escort bayan good model. Just the kind of guy to pose with for your first couples shoot.”

I was dumbfounded and really didn’t know what to say. “I’m new to this, so whatever you feel would work well I can go along with,” I said.

Sean smiled and reached over to shake his hand, “Give me a call and we can work out the schedule,” he said.

Sean then turned to me, reached out his hand to shake mine, “Nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you soon.”

With that he left. “So, what did I just get myself into,” I said?

“Sean is one of the best models I have ever worked with. All the women love posing with him,” he said. “I’ll show you some of the things I have done with Sean when we get back to the studio. I know you won’t be disappointed,” he said vaguely.

After dinner we went back to his studio and started making out. He had already unbuttoned my blouse and was starting to slip it off my shoulders when I said, “I thought you were going to show me some pictures of Sean when we got back here.”

“Not now, can’t it wait until morning,” he said? “I really want you now.”

“And I want you too, but I am curious, please,” I said?

“I’d really rather not,” he said mysteriously.

“Why,” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “to be quite honest, I would really not show them to you until after we’ve had sex.”

“Why not,” I said.

“Let’s just say that I would rather you be thinking about me while we are making love,” he said.

“Why wouldn’t I be thinking about you,” I asked.

“Well, once you see the pictures of Sean, you won’t be thinking about me,” he said.

“What does that mean,” I said?

“Ok, ok, let’s go take a look,” he said with a bit of frustration in his tone. We got up from the sofa and went to his office area. He pulled down a binder and placed it on the work table.

The images were a variety of photographs of Sean. As I flipped through the binder I could see why he didn’t want me to see the pictures. Sean was totally buff and had a huge schlong. It was still flaccid, but broad and hung over half way down to his knee. “Oh my God,” I said when I first saw it. “How…”

“A little over nine inches,” he said answering my question. “Go ahead, turn the page, he isn’t even hard in that picture.”

On the next page Sean was standing, his long, thick cock fully erect and a very good escort maltepe looking blonde was kneeling before him, her hand wrapped around his dick. “He is almost 11 inches when fully erect,” he said, “one of the girls measured him once. And about 7 inches around.”

“My god, I’ve never seen a cock that big before,” I gasped. “How does he walk around with a cock like this?”

“Ok, now you know why I didn’t want you to see these until after we had the chance to pleasure each other tonight,” he said. “The rest of the night you are going to see this huge dick in your mind and think about what it would be like to experience something like that.”

I continued flipping through the album; several of the images were of the blonde trying to give Sean a blow job. She had difficulty opening her mouth wide enough to get more than the head of his cock in. A few pages later, he was penetrating her, the lips of her vagina spread wide, so wide that it looked uncomfortable to me. Most of the shots showed her with her legs spread wide and his cock in her cunt, but only about half of his dick was inside her.

A few pages later, Sean was fucking a redhead whose cunt seemed to be deeper and more elastic than the blonde. He was able to insert about three-quarters of the length of his massive cock into her smoothly shaved cunt. From the look on her face in the image, she was enjoying being fucked by Sean a great deal.

As I continued to look at the images, I was, as he has said, racing ahead to what it would be like to be possessed and used by a man with a cock like Sean’s. I was getting more and more excited by what would happen, how I would react and what I wanted to bring to an experience like this.

“Has he ever fucked anyone who took the entire length of that cock,” I asked?

“Not that I have photographed,” he said.

I finished looking through the album; there were shots of Sean’s cock beep in both their cunts, with his jism oozing out around the shaft. “Does he come a lot,” I asked?

“More than anyone I’ve ever photographed,” he said. “Most can’t take his entire load, and he comes with a lot of force, so some of the girls have complained.”

My entire body was tingling at the thoughts I was thinking and the things I was seeing. My nipples were hard, and my cunt was tingling.

“And you want me to pose with him” I said to him?

As I closed the album, I got up, slipped off my already unbuttoned blouse and threw it to him. “Now let’s go fuck,” I said reaching out for his hand.

We went to the bedroom and proceeded to have great sex for over an hour, but he was right. In the back of my mind I wondered what having sex with a cock like Sean’s would be like.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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