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Ok, I’ve never written a story before, so please be kind. I’ve been a lurker for years but never posted anything. In this, and subsequent stories, I’ll go into some real hot-wife situations from my ex-wife’s past, and what happened while we were married. All of these stories are true. I know a little of what’s going on with her now, as we still talk every few months or so, and the stories are still coming… In fact, much of what happens in this story are what my ex either told me at the time, or has since helped me fill in the blanks with her own recollections recently. This will be my first of several stories – I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I’m sure I will like telling them…

Alright, first off let me give a little description of my ex, who’s named Shawnee. The name comes from her being part native-American, though you would never know it from looking at her. She is 5’6″ tall, naturally platinum blonde hair, great, tight athletic body (34-24-36) with an emphasis on a killer ass that turns heads wherever she goes, and the hottest smile combined with the most piercing blue eyes you’ve ever seen. It’s a deadly combination, believe me. She’s now 45, though when I first met her and we started dating, she was 26. We got married when she was 31.

Obviously, when we were going out, I noticed how many guys used to check her out and hit on her. And, I didn’t know why, but it used to turn me on. I didn’t realize at the time why and how it used to turn me on, but as many of you have found, it was a mix of jealousy along with lusty feelings that would get me hard as a rock. And, since I didn’t understand these feelings, I kind of kept them to myself. She would, in turn, get the fringe benefit of me completely pounding her to death and giving her multiple orgasms during the sex, that resulted from the-se feelings, right after me seeing her get hit on.

Lucky for me, as a result of me getting so turned on by this and being able to get it up more than two or three times a night afterwards, this kind of made me seem like a sex god to her, as she had never gone out with a guy who could do that. I found out from her older sister, years later, that this was one of the big reasons why she married me. Cool. I got to marry a playboy playmate type hot-tie, something I had always dreamed about, just because guys hitting on her turned me on so much that it made me have multiple orgasms, which in turn she loved! Everyone was happy.

So, as an intro into what ended up happening while we were married, where she became a hot wife, I’ll first start off with the story of what turned us onto thoughts of “playing”.

One night, as my then girlfriend, soon to be wife, and I were getting ready to hit the bars by the beaches in Southern California, her nephew (who is only five years younger than her, and at the time of this story, 24) came by her house and kind of invited himself and his buddy along. She was always too accommodating towards her dysfunctional family, so I was kind of pissed about it, but we were just going drinking, so I decided I didn’t mind a little extra company.

Anyways, we hit a few pubs and are feeling no pain. Shawnee and I are getting kind of tired and want to go spend some time alone, so we decide this next pub will be our last. For some reason, the semi-drunk jabbering with her nephew, named John, and his buddy, Mike (also 25), turns to funny sex stories about our friends. We were all laughing our asses off. Then, John starts to tell a recent story about he and Mike.

It seems that John and Mike were cruising the local meat-market bars a couple of months before, when they run into an ex-fuck buddy of John’s, a girl named Clarissa. Clarissa is there with her almost-mother in law, Lisa, a hot, in-shape, 46 year old blonde. Seems like Clarissa was engaged to Lisa’s son for three years, but broke it off just two months before the wedding (don’t know why she did it, I just accepted this fact while they were telling it). But, it seems her al-most-mother-in-law and her had bonded and now went out from time to time, even though there was almost an 18 year age difference between the two.

Anyways, I guess they all started hanging out and drinking and getting kinda friendly and drunk at the bar. When the bar closed, they were all sloshed, and Mike invites the girls back to his place to hang out with him and John. So they all got into John’s Jeep. John was telling the story at this point and he says “the next thing I see is Mike’s butt in the rear view mirror, going up and down, as he is fucking the hell outta this 46-year old broad!”

Shawnee and I are like, “whoa!” and John says, oh that’s not all.

John and Mike start laughing and John continues to say that he was pretty drunk, so one of the few memories he can remember is the 46 year old sitting on his face as he is eating her out while she is almost orgasming, while Clarissa is sucking his cock. He says he assumed Mike ended up doing something to Clarissa from behind amatör porno that she didn’t like, because all of a sudden she screams and bites John’s dick, which made him yelp and not be able to bring the hot older lady to orgasm. So, at this point, he cuffs Mike on the shoulder and says, “you, dickhead – I never asked you why the hell you did that — or what you did?”

To which Mike replies, “I stuck my cock up her ass, of coarse!” So everyone starts laughing, they say they ended up fucking both women all night and switching and taking turns with each of them. I got hard just imagining the scene.

About 30 minutes later, I ask Shawnee if we can leave and she agrees. We say goodbye to John and Mike and start walking the few blocks to our car. On the way to the car, we realize we’re both pretty drunk, so we decide to rest for a while at a park we found on the way.

In the park, there is one of those metal “fortress” things that kids climb on, so we hike up there and kick back. While we’re there, we start making out pretty heavily, and I can tell she is hot. I move my hand down her jeans, slip into her panties, and find that she is steaming. So while I start finger fucking her, while we are making out, I ask her if the last story her nephew told us turned her on. She just moans really long and grinds her pussy on my fingers and finally says softly “oh, yessssss”.

So I start fingering her faster and harder and say “it was so hot to hear about that older slut doing it with two guys half her age, wasn’t it?”

Again, she moans and grinds her pussy faster on my fingers and says ‘uh huhhhh. It made me so fucking h-h-hot.”

At this point, I am hard as a rock and turned on by something I start to wrap my mind around and want to ask her about. So I say “have you ever thought about having sex with more than one guy at a time?” To which she says no, actually.

I don’t understand why, but this kind of disappointed me, at the time, a little bit. So, I’m still fingering her really hard, and we are kissing and licking each other. I then start to undo my pants and she grabs my hands and pulls them off and un-does my pants herself and slips her hands in and starts stroking my cock.

At this point we lay down at the top of this little metal “fortress” and I take off her jeans and put them under her (so her butt doesn’t get cold on the metal surface below – see how kind I am, ladies? Lol). So we resume our two positions, me fingering her, and she stroking my cock.

I then say to her “what part of the story got you so hot?”

To which she said the part about seeing Mike’s butt going up and down in the rear view mirror was one part. She said she couldn’t believe how an older lady like that, who was almost the other girl’s mother-in-law, could do something so slutty.

So, since Shawnee was almost 30 at the time, I tell her “you’re older (she’s three years older than me). That could be you being slutty like that…” At this point I could tell that really turned her on. She started to moan more and really hump back on my fingers.

Then she says, “just the whole situation about having sex with multiple partners, and going at it all in the same room, really got me hot. The part about my nephew eating that older lady out, while he was getting his dick sucked sounds sooo hot; I have never thought of doing something like that before…”

To which I asked her “yeah, could you imagine sucking some guys dick, while his friend is doing you from behind?” This seemed to open the flood gates, as she got really hot, started gasping in short, quick breaths, started writhing all over my fingers in convulsive movements and started to cum, moaning really loud, almost screaming.

Then I removed her panties completely and pulled down my pants further, got on top of her and put my cock inside of her as she was coming down from her orgasm. She lets out a long sigh and starts to grab my ass really hard as I start pumping in and out of her. Her pussy was so hot, I couldn’t believe it and it was definitely hotter than when I had ever fucked her before.

So, we are going at it pretty good, when I get an evil thought in my head and whisper in her ear, “would you like to fuck your nephew?”

Immediately, and without breaking our sex stride, she opens her eyes wide, looks right at me with a slight smile that’s almost a sneer, and says, “he asked me to fuck him once” and licks her top lip, still smiling sexily.

I am both shocked at this statement and turned on at the same time! So I slow down my stroking in and out of her with my cock to really slow, sensual thrusts and kiss her and ask her what happened.

She smiles and giggles mischievously and then tells me that she came home once when he was living with her and her older sister (his mom), and she caught him having sex with his girlfriend on the living room couch, where he was sleep-ing while living there. She said she was pretty shocked and kind anal porno of pissed, and just kind of gasped really loud because she hadn’t expected to see that. Upon hearing her gasp, her nephew and his girlfriend both stopped fucking, the girl-friend got up and started to look for something to cover up with and he just ran over to her, still naked, and started to blurt something about being sorry. She said she was so freaked that she just walked past him and went into her room and shut the door.

About 10 minutes later, her nephew knocked on her door and said he was dressed and wanted to apologize. So she opens it and they start talking in the hallway.

She says he apologized and she asked him how he could do this when she could have walked in with her very young daughter, who she gets custody of every other week since the divorce to her first husband.

Again he apologizes. She tells him she accepts his apology but that she’d prefer it if he takes his sex life to his girlfriends’ homes.

He says ok, but that after a moment of silence he looked up at her with a mischievous grin and asks her if she liked what she saw? She said she told him he was disgusting and to grow up.

He then tells her, “Oh, I’ve grown up, Auntie — and I think you know EXACTLY how BIG I’ve gotten…”

She said her eyes opened wide when he said this and she felt herself get flushed, remembering the scene of his cock going in and out of his girlfriend’s pussy.

He then grabbed her around her waist, pulled her body against his body, got face to face with her, and asked, “How about it, auntie? Would you like to FUCK your little nephew? He definitely isn’t little where it counts, is he?”

She then added that she noticed that he obviously had not finished with his girl-friend, because as he brought her against his body, she could feel his rock hard cock pressing against the top of her stomach, and he purposefully rubbed it back and forth against her a few times, so that she would be sure to feel it. Her own nephew was actually rubbing his hard cock all over her stomach as he held her close, while looking lustfully into her eyes…! She said she was startled by how forward he was being with her and, at the same time, how unbelievably hard and long he felt through several layers of both of their clothing.

He then started rubbing his cock on her stomach again, and this time the tip of his cock popped out of the top of his pants!! She felt something hot pressing against the top of the skin of her stomach (she was wearing a midriff top), to-wards the bottom of her breasts, so she looked down and there was the head of his cock peeping out, pressing against her.

She said she got totally weak in the knees when she saw it again. She then said that without knowing she was doing it, her left hand had come up and started rubbing the purple-red colored head of his dick. She said his dick was steaming hot to the touch, and it made her pussy hot, as well. He then tried to gently walk her backwards into her bedroom…

At this point, while I am fucking her and listening to this story, I am the hardest I have ever been in my life and the story is turning me on beyond belief! It’s kind of freaking me out, but I am loving how hard I am and how good she feels and how naughty this talk is, and I feel like I could fuck her forever!! I haltingly ask her, “So, was it true what he said? Was he big?”

She then looked me right in the eyes with her hot baby blues, while thrusting up at my dick with long, hard, full strokes, gave me an evil smile and said “Oh, yeeeeeah, baby. He was BIG!!”

“If you really want to know,” she continued, “I was watching them for a little bit before I surprised them, as I had heard them right when I had come in the back door, and knew exactly what was going on before I actually saw it…! I came around the kitchen corner and started watching them as he was fucking the shit out of her on the couch. She was straddling him and bouncing up and down on him.”

“The thing is, she was bouncing so high when she came up on her upstroke that I thought she had to be coming off of his cock when she was doing this, but my view was partially blocked by her legs and the couch… I slowly got closer and closer to them, and when I finally did get close enough to see his cock, as she was going up and down the entire length of it, that’s when I gasped out loud. It was by accident, though, since I was so surprised to see, for a split second, how unbelievably long and thick his cock seemingly was. She was NOT coming off of his cock on her upstroke — it seemed, in that split second, that he was just really that long!”

“So, after surprising them, and making them subsequently stop fucking, I was even more curious and couldn’t help but try to get a good look at his full length when he pulled his dripping cock out of her pussy and stood up. And, my gosh, when he did, I couldn’t believe what I saw… When he started pulling anal breakers porno his cock out of her, it just DIDN’T SEEM TO END!! His cock seemed to go on forever…! And when it finally came out with an audible “sucking/popping” sound, honey, let me tell you, he was fucking HUMONGOUS!! And, ohmygod, when he ran over to me to stupidly try to apologize, I couldn’t believe how big it really was, up close and in person.”

“Sorry, honey, but it was sooooooo damn huge and long and, believe it or not, still hard as ever, even after being surprised and pulling out of his girlfriend’s pussy – it was a MONSTER!! — it was really the biggest cock I have ever seen!! I would have thought he would have gone instantly limp at being surprised and interrupted by his own aunt, and by feeling guilty of having sex in my living room, but NOPE! It was still so fucking rock hard, I couldn’t believe it!! (I found out later that it was probably because he was also horny for me).”

“But, since his cock was now just swinging around and sticking straight out at me, just inches away, almost touching me — I couldn’t look at anything else!! It instantly made my pussy dripping wet just looking at how obscenely long and thick and super hard he was — and how very close I was to it, now (I could have literally just reached out and grabbed it) — I couldn’t help but get wet! His girlfriend’s pussy juice, in fact, had made it all shiny and slick, and dripping wet, too, so that made it look even yummier. It made me almost want to reach out and go ahead and grab it, and lick it, that’s how hot it got me!! I had to definitely fight that urge, that’s for sure…”

“But, oh, God, honey, it was so amazing to see…!! My eyes were probably bugging out of my head, and I know they were just absolutely glued to his beautiful and perfect cock. I know they totally followed it up and down and side to side as it just bounced and bobbed back and forth wonderfully in front of me as he walked towards me and started talking to me when he pulled out of her, like a gigantic magic wand I couldn’t resist looking at! And he knew it, too, the little weasel — which is why he probably said and did what he did in the hallway, afterwards…”

“He probably totally caught me drooling over his magnificent cock with my eyes. Then, I’m sure the thought probably came to him that, maybe with a little coax-ing, I might actually let him put that monster all the way inside of my little blonde pussy right then and there, if he could only just get rid of his girlfriend (which he did after I went into my room – he got her to immediately go home at the time, telling her he had to speak to me one on one to make this thing blow over and smooth things out). Like I said, it’s probably then the reason why he came and knocked on my door. With the excuse of “apologizing”, I’m sure he had planned to try and talk his way into my bedroom, then get me to spread my legs for that big, huge cock of his. Humph! The little horny, super-hung bastard…”

“But, on the other hand — and don’t think bad of me for saying this, honey — it really turns me on to think that he wanted to fuck me so bad that night — ME, HIS OWN FRIGGIN’ AUNT! I could feel how rock hard and super long his cock was and I could tell how bad he had wanted to fuck me by the way he was rub-bing it all over my stomach, forcing me to feel how long and thick it was, and by the way he was looking into my eyes, grabbing me around my waist and pulling my body even closer to him to feel his naked cockhead…

“And, do you want to know what else he said? He said he had always dreamed of seeing me again like the time he had walked in on me taking a shower at his mom’s house. Can you believe that?

I told him I didn’t think he remembered or had really even seen anything and he said “oh yea, auntie, I saw something. I saw that you really are a complete natural blonde… Aren’t you?” He then grabbed the inside of the front of my jeans and pretended to start to tug them down! I gasped, and must have turned beat red because my face felt really hot all of a sudden. He said that to this very day, he still gets hard remembering how sexy and hot I looked naked that day, and that he used to stroke his cock off to that memory all the time. I was getting wetter and more embarrassed just hearing him say this, but he kept staring deep into my eyes while he said all this, which made it very exciting.”

“Oh, God — he wanted it soooo BAD, baby – real bad! I mean, geez, how sick and twisted, and hot and nasty is the thought of John — my own fucking nephew — having sex with me, pounding that big, luscious, monster cock into his own auntie’s wet little pussy, like he had been doing to his little girlfriend so wonderfully just a little while before? Just the taboo part of it – a nephew fucking his aunt – is so wrong, but gets me so hot – it drives me crazy when I think that my own, good-looking nephew really wanted to fuck me! And with probably the longest and thickest cock I’ll ever see in my lifetime…! Mmmmm, yummmm…! Wow, let me tell ya, THAT gets me fucking horny as shit remembering it…!!” At this point I am doing everything I can to NOT cum in her, as this is the most erotic thing I had ever experienced or heard…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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