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I wish to thank KinkyBelle for editing this for me.


This is where my submission enters the picture. I had found Literotica and one particular author’s work made me feel I should tell my story. I also figured Mom would never know I wrote about it.

I am now completely blown away by what has happened.

Two days after my submission was posted, we were once again to have a family BBQ. It turned out that my sister’s family couldn’t make it, so it was Mom, Dad and me.

I was amazed at how good Mom looked.

After we moved inside, the conversation turned to some of the stunts my sister and I pulled in high school. Dad soon excused himself and went to the den. Mom and I continued talking, with me trying to change the subject.

Dad returned and said he needed to go help a friend with something and might be gone for quite a while. Mom and I walked him to the door and he hugged and kissed Mom before he strongly hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

‘Whoa,’ I thought, ‘that’s not normal.’

Then he turned towards Mom and said, “You two enjoy yourselves.”

That wasn’t like him either.

After he left, Mom and I headed back to the living room. On the way, Mom asked me to get us a glass of wine.

As I handed Mom her glass, she patted the couch and said, “Please. Sit here next to me, so we can talk.”

I turned to sit, and Mom pulled my leg, causing me to land against her. Her hand was on my thigh, freezing me in place. It was an awkward moment as we each sipped from our glass.

“I have a confession,” Mom said as she slid her hand up my thigh causing a tingling sensation in my groin.

“I can’t imagine anything you’d need to confess, Mom.”

“Ah, well, yes I do. I’ve never forgotten, what I did…um, what we did, all those years ago.”

“Uh, Mom we don’t need to talk about that.”

“Yes we, uh, I do. I’ve never forgotten it. Have you?”

“No, I, uh, couldn’t forget it.” I was looking down, thinking I was going to get the talking to, I didn’t get then.

“I want to do it again.”

My jaw dropped, ‘What the–? Did I hear her right?’

“If you want to do it again, I want to make love.” She was moving her hand back and forth to the inside of my thigh.

“Ah, shit, oh, uh, but what about Dad?”

She was really squeezing and rubbing my thigh now.

“Didn’t you notice how your father said ‘Goodbye’ when he left? Your father knows. I told him everything a few days ago.”

“Oh, Shit!”

She took her other hand and gently turned my face towards hers. “Oh, honey, your father understands and doesn’t mind. Really. We have had several long talks about it. That’s why he left. So I could find out if our son still wanted a sexual relationship with me.” She leaned forward and kissed me sensuously, her hand now pressing against my hard-on. “And, you do, don’t you? You still want Mommy.”

“Oh Jesus God, Yes! I’ve never stopped wanting you. I have continual fantasies about you.”

“That’s what I’ve done, too.”

“Then why did you stop? Why?”

“Because I didn’t want you to not have a normal life. And, you did have a normal life, with Bev.”

“But, Mom, I didn’t have you.”

She was kissing me sensuously again and took my hand and placed it under her blouse. When my fingers touched her skin, a shiver ran through me. With a tongue searching kiss she slowly moved my hand upward to her breast. I moaned as I felt the warm softness of her breast.

‘She’s braless! Shit, when did she take her bra off? Ahhh, when I got the wine.’

She moaned when I started manipulating what felt so good in my hand.

“I have been bad a few times over the years, when you came to visit.”

“My dreams?”

“Yes, your dreams.”

“But, how with Bev in the bed?”

“I put sleeping pills in whatever she was drinking, and just waited for everybody to go to sleep.”

I moved my hand down her side, over her hip, and down her leg as she kissed me again. I paused only long enough to change direction up the inside of her thigh to her pussy. Her legs parted as she moaned deeply and pulled my head forcibly into our kiss.

Her pussy was bare, hot and wet. ‘Son-of-a-bitch, she took her panties off too!’

Holding my neck, kissing me hungrily, rubbing my hard covered shaft, she moved her pussy to the movements of my fingers. She was acting hot and starved for sex.

“Tell me what you did, Mom.”

Breathing heavily, she muttered, “What?”

“Tell me what you did when you were bad.”

My fingers parted her lips and slipped inside.

“Mmmm, oh…oh…oh…that…feels…good,” she barely muttered through her heavy breathing.

“Oooo,” she moaned as her pussy spasmed on my fingers.

“Tell me, Mom, what did you do?” I was rubbing her clit as I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Oh my God. I…don’t…know if…I……with you…do…ing…that.”

I slowed down and decreased the pressure. “Is that better?”

Breathing heavily, she said, “Yes. Oh my, what was it?”

“What czech couples porno did you do?”

“Oh that, oh, oh, oh sweetie can’t you finish and then let me tell you?”

“No, Mom! You were bad and now I’m being bad and want you to tell me.”

“Oh sweetie! I can’t if you don’t ease off. I can’t think, that feels soooo good.”

“C’mon, tell me.”

Mom quickly pulled her blouse off, took my face in her hands and with a lovely pleading look, said, “Ple-ease, Stevie, make love to me and I’ll tell you later.”

I couldn’t continue the power play and melted. Mom saw it in my face and smiled real big.

Guiding my mouth to her nipple as I continued using my hand, she moaned, “Yes, oh yes baby. Give Mommy what she needs.”

In seconds, she was panting and moaning again while moving her pussy to my plunging fingers. Suddenly, she gasped, arched her back, pulled me firmly against her breast and started shaking as her pussy repeatedly gripped and released my plunging fingers. Her orgasm barely subsided when she began another.

I released her nipple and headed for the other one.

“Keep sucking, keep sucking,” she moaned as she tried to keep me at her nipple, before realizing I was moving to the other side. She quickly shifted and a fresh nipple was in my mouth, just as another orgasm began shaking her body. Barely had one round of shaking and moaning slowed than another stronger round began, repeatedly, until she let out a loud throaty moan and went limp.

‘Oh Shit!’ I thought and raised up to look at her. Her breathing had slowed to normal, her face had a peaceful look and she was completely limp.

‘Damn, she’s passed out.’ I eased my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean, and loved the taste. ‘God, she’s delicious. I have got to eat her pussy. But, not now, not now. Now, I’ll have to wait.’

I sat back and shifted mom around so her head was in my lap. As I waited, I stroked her hair and midsection. I couldn’t help but stare at her slowly rising and falling breast. For her age, her tits still had a firm shape and didn’t flatten and fall to her sides.

After a couple of minutes she stirred and slowly opened her eyes.

I smiled and said, “I see you’re back.”

Mom smiled and reached for my face as she pursed her lips. Naturally, I bent forward and kissed her. “That was amazing. I haven’t had such intense orgasms and passed out since my honeymoon. I love you and wish I had never ended our affair.”

“I love you. Too, Mom,” I said as I cupped her breast in my hand.

She kissed me again and then pushed me back to roll off my lap and start taking my pants off.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said as she tugged my clothes down my legs. As soon as she dropped my pants she knelt and began playing with my hard-on and sack. Her warm hands felt good and she had a hungry look on her face.

Finally, she looked up at me. “I’ve always wanted to look you in the eyes while I suck you off.”

“And I’ve always wanted to openly watch.”

“Gooood, now don’t break eye contact.”

She pulled my shaft toward her and squeezed up with her hand. A large amount of pre-cum oozed out and she stuck out her tongue, cleaning it up.

I shivered.

She took my glans in her mouth and began a slow lip massaging trip to the base of my shaft.

I was moaning to the sensations, especially when she had me completely in her mouth. This was a new experience as my wife never took all of me in her mouth. The sight and sensations were incredible.

Slowly she worked her way back up to my glans, which had me shivering again.

She removed her mouth with a huge grin. “Oooo, my little boy likes that.”

Then she went back to work with her mouth.

‘Dear Jesus, what I’ve missed, all these years.’

Repeatedly, Mom brought me to the brink of ejaculation, only to stop it in some way. She had me shaking and moaning, griping the couch then her head, trying to get my release. It was obvious she knew what she was doing, and was doing it on purpose.

Mom pulled back again. “If you want to cum, you have to beg for it.” She was slowly stroking my shaft.

“Jesus, Mom, I need to cum.”


“Please, Mom, let me cum.”

She put me in her mouth and brought me to the brink again, then pulled away.

“Beg Mommy.”

“Oh Jesus, PLEASE MOMMY! Let me cum!”

“Good boy, now you can cum in Mommy’s mouth.”

She began slowly sucking me again as she tickled my sack with one hand and repeatedly squeezed my upper inner thigh with the other.

I thought I could ejaculate immediately, but I couldn’t. The build up was slow in coming and my penis was so hard it hurt. It seemed to take forever but when it did arrive, my body stiffened, driving my penis further into Mom’s mouth as I grunted loudly through clenched teeth. I honestly almost passed out from the intensity of my release. It wasn’t until I relaxed that I noticed Mom’s lips were tight around the base of my glans with her tongue swirling around and her hand seeming to milk czech estrogenolit porno me into her mouth.

“Oh My God, Mom. That was incredible!”

“MMMM, yes it was. And, it tasted good, too. But, you know…you broke eye contact.”

“I couldn’t help that. I thought I died and went to heaven.”

Mom scurried up to kiss me passionately. Traces of cum were still in her mouth, and I didn’t mind at all. She put a knee on each side of me and lay down, nuzzling my neck on one side while playing with my ear on the other.

“Mmmm, I love your cum in my mouth. And there’s something else I need.”

“Oh! What else do you need, Mom?”

“I need my son’s cock in my pussy. I need to feel my son cum in my pussy from a good hard fucking.”

“Are you trying to be nasty, Mom?”

“Yes…did it work?”

“Not really. That just isn’t you.”

“Well then, how’s this? Take me to bed, sweetie. Take me to bed and make passionate love to me.”

“Much better. And, my pleasure.”

We looked like a comic scene from an old movie. Arms and legs entwined, getting in each others way, unable to get up. Until we finally separated and stood up laughing. When we stopped laughing, we embraced and kissed. Then Mom took my hand and led me toward the bedroom. We had to be a sight, Mom naked from the waist up and me naked from the waist down.

I expected to go to my old room. But, Mom stopped at her bedroom doorway, turned, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“This is like our honeymoon,” she said soft and seductively. “Carry me across the threshold.”

I quickly picked her up and she squeezed me tightly.

“Mmmm, my baby’s taking me to make love.”

Those words caused my legs to weaken, but I made it through the doorway.

Mom kissed me. “This is good sweetie. You’ve made my fantasy of you carrying me into my bedroom come true.”

I eased Mom to her feet, she kissed me and began removing my shirt. My shirt fell to the floor as Mom wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly to her. I felt her warm breasts with hard nipples causing my skin to tingle. Thousands of fantasies raced through my mind.

Mom raised her head, looking at me smiling. “This is wonderful, mother and son, you and I, at last.”

“Oh God, yes. It’s my dreams come true.”

“Mmmm, both of us wanting this, makes me feel like a giddy little girl again. Now lie on the bed and be patient.”

I lay down wondering what she was up to. Mom walked to the doorway and stood there with her back to me. She didn’t move for some time and I was wondering if maybe she had second thoughts. Just as I was about to say something, she dropped her skirt to the floor.

Mom looked over her shoulder and slowly turned around, one arm covering her breasts and a hand covering her pussy. Slowly she moved her hands to her sides as her eyes moved to my throbbing hard-on. She smiled, slowly walking to the side of the bed gazing at my erection.

Mom sat down, reaching out to lightly touch my penis with her fingertips.

Looking up and smiling, “Remember this?”

“Oh yeah, and I don’t have to pretend to be asleep.”

“No…you…I…we don’t have to pretend anymore.”

Suddenly, Mom shot forward onto my chest, fists at her shoulders, arms covering her breast, between us. I wrapped my arms around her.

“And this?”

“Yes. A thousand times, I’ve remembered.”

“Oh Sweetie, me too. And, you know what? I knew, the moment you grabbed me, we were going to fuck.”

“But, you resisted and tried to get away.”

“I had to, that was the mother in me. When you didn’t let me go, it was a done deal, I was going to fuck my son.”

Mom was wiggling up onto me again.

“Now you remember, don’t you? It was at that moment, I got on top of you.”

“That’s right, that’s right, you did.”

Again, I felt Mom moving her hips around to get her pussy into position. And, once again, I flexed, popping my penis up to be caught by her labia.

“Oooo.” We both went in unison.

I knew then, that mom was replaying what happened and it had my mind reeling within years of fantasies.

Mom was devouring my mouth as she massaged my glans with her labia but not allow penetration, yet.

My hands slipped to her hips and she knew I was going to thrust into her. “Uh uh-a,” she said as she pulled back. “Remember.”

I moved my hands to her cheeks and she went, “Yes, that’s it.”

She was duplicating every single movement from the first time. Her memory of it was clearer and better than mine. But, it was all coming back.

Kissing again, Mom moved back a little, enveloping my glans as before. The memory of it flooded my mind, amazing me at how it still felt so fantastic. And as before, Mom surprised me by shoving back, encasing me in the heat of her womb.

“Ungh!” I groaned as I immediately ejaculated.

“Mmmm, oh my. You did it again. You came! Do you always do that?”

Still shaking a little, “Ah, no, Mom. You do that to me. I couldn’t stop czech first video porno it.”

“Mmmm, I love it. My son’s cock shooting hot cum in my pussy.”

Mom lay down on me and began kissing and nibbling my neck. The first entry is what she wanted to duplicate, the rest was now for us.

Now my penis was getting the treatment my fingers received earlier from her amazing pussy. Never have I thought any pussy was that orgasmic. The warmth would build to an almost distractingly hot peak as the insides seemed to vibrate until her vaginal muscles began strongly griping and releasing my shaft with a warm bath of fluid flowing over and around my sack.

I know some of you are thinking, ‘She’s a squirter.’ Well,no. I checked it out. Her pussy flowed, like Bev’s, but in far greater amounts.

I had to change positions many times in order to make this fuck last as long as possible. Playing with and sucking her breasts as she rode me like a cowgirl was particularly enjoyable. Another was holding onto her hips as she fondled my sack, while I plowed into her from behind.

It had been so long, with only fantasies in between, that I was determined to make this last.

Until my penis began to feel the strain, like Bev and I’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ rounds.

I began kissing Mom and slowing my thrusts. When I came to a stop, I started to ease out.

“Oh God, don’t stop! Fill me with cum! I want your hot seed!” She sounded like some kind of pleading nymphomaniac. She was panting, trying to pull me back with her hands and holding me with her legs.

“Whoa, Mom. I just want to finish, my favorite way.”

“My God, baby, don’t leave me this way. I have to have it. Please, fuck me!”

“Shhhh, relax. You’ll like it, believe me,” I said and began sucking her nipples. My favorite way to finish is to take a pussy eating break, to regain my strength. And then fuck, standing up, which gives a hard pounding.

Mom did settle into it as I worked my way down to her pussy. A pussy I have wanted to eat so many times, and was now going to get to.

I stared in awe, finally being there to use my mouth. It was red, swollen and her fluid was actually flowing from the vaginal opening. With great pleasure, I leaned forward and kissed the place that gave me life.

I felt my sack tighten. ‘God, just kissing Mom’s pussy is going to make me cum.’ I had to increase my concentration, steeling myself for the pleasure ahead and the stand up finish, I wanted.

I touched the tip of my tongue to her perineum and slowly licked up hearing her moan as her legs shook. Mom’s hands were in my hair as I began licking, sucking, nibbling and tonguing her hot flowing pussy, always ending a movement on her clit. Now my lips and tongue also felt the vaginal contractions my fingers and penis had.

Mom may have wanted to be fucked, but she was definitely enjoying my mouth on her pussy. Moaning, moving her hips around, pulling my head against her pussy as if she were trying to stuff me inside her, clamping my head between her thighs as she shook and moaned loudly, while filling my mouth several times with fluid. Fluid, I loved the sweet taste of and willingly, greedily, swallowed.

My strength finally returned, so after one of Mom’s thigh clamping orgasms, I raised up. Mom’s hands were on my head and with a strength that surprised me, she pulled me forward and began kissing and licking my soaked face.

“My, my, my…God gave me the most wonderful son.”

Mom was hungrily kissing me as I pushed my penis into her again. As soon as my glans entered she gripped my shaft tightly.

I slowly built a rhythm until Mom came up for air. “Ready for me to finish?”

“God, yes! Fill Mommy’s pussy with cum.”

I rolled us over, so I was on my back. Mom naturally drew her legs up into a squatting position. She was kissing, sucking and nibbling my neck and ear as I scooted to the edge of the bed and sat up. I slipped my arms under her legs and held her butt in my hands.

“Ah, Mom, you need to put your arms around my neck.”

“But, I like what I’m doing.”

“Kiss me instead.”

Mom changed position and I slowly stood up. This caused her weight to shift down, pushing her clit against the base of my penis.

“Ooooh, I like this already.” She moaned through her kiss.

As I stood still, I slowly started moving Mom out and back into me. Knowing that her clit was dragging along my penis and hitting hard against my pelvic bone, each time. Her arms tightened around my neck and her kisses became more fervent as I built up my rhythm.

As I hit my stride, Mom’s head flew back. “Oh…God! Oh…God! Oh…God!”

“Oh,” on the way out, and “God,” as we came together.

Slowly, Mom went speechless and emitted only whimpering grunts. Unlike before, I didn’t allow her orgasms to cycle. I was pounding that pussy and it felt like a hot vibrator with a clamping ring soaking my raging hard-on.

Running out of air and strength, I felt my sack tighten. My hard-on throbbed painfully as my cum blasted into Mom’s hot pussy.

At that instant, Mom screamed, went limp, and started to fall away from me. I threw myself backwards so that we fell on the bed with a light thud and bounce.

Mom was out, unconscious, and I was close to it. I hadn’t experienced this much orgasmic pleasure in a long time and was barely able to lift my arms to hold her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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