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She had been in a short relationship earlier in the year with someone who was leaving to go overseas to work, and the relationship had gotten more emotionally involved than either had thought it would. She had been hurt when her friend decided to leave without saying goodbye, and near heartbroken when she got his email saying he had gone and why. He emailed her from Houston, the message read:

“My sweet

I find myself still in Houston, finalizing the processing necessary for me to travel out of the country. I wish I was there now, but circumstances dictate that I have to fill out forms, get shots and wait…

I am sorry that I did not say goodbye…I know it must be tough on you, as it has been tough on me. However, I felt it to be the right decision. Sweet, we were moments from falling in love and I felt that under the circumstances, it would have been wrong to do so. You are such a beautiful woman…inside and out. I still hope that both you and your husband find some recourse and rediscover the love that both of you felt when you first met. That is my wish for you.

Still…I am a man and as a man…I want and need you as a man should want his woman. So, if you are not doing anything this next week, you could come down and spend a night with me. I promise to be on my best behavior.

Please continue emailing. I will not always be able to respond, but you are my special friend and I want to know how you are doing…only thing I ask is that I email from a company computer…so you have to be somewhat careful what you end. They can and sometimes do monitor email traffic (security reasons). I will send more later.

I miss you.



She wept openly as she read, tears streaming down her face, ruining her makeup. She was very glad to be in the office alone. Something deep inside her that she though had died had come alive in his arms, and she was devastated. Her heart was broken. So, she drifted.

She found herself continuing in some relationships she had ongoing that were purely physical, and enjoyed them, as she always had. Giving herself to be used for sexual pleasure had become something that gave her a means ataşehir escort bayan to cope with the frustrations in her life, and a way to relieve the stress of directing others at work. It freed her mind for moments of time and allowed her to surrender control to someone. Not to mention, to have great orgasms and get to taste some cum.

She was going to take a couple of days around the 4th of July, and had planned to spend all of her time off except one day doing things around the house. The last day, Tuesday, was her day. She was going shopping. She had it planned and then out of the blue, she got an instant message on messenger from someone who lived only about 50 miles from her. They swapped emails back and forth, getting acquainted, discussing likes and dislikes, wants, needs, desires. The relationship from the winter had left her somewhat empty, and had made her realize that she missed the closeness, the sense of belonging, that she had held so briefly. They made plans to meet for coffee on her shopping day, in route. She would stop and meet him at a convenience store, and then they would down to the lake to the day park area and talk.

She was early, as usual. She waited patiently, excited with the prospect of a day of shopping, alone, driving farther from home that she ever had alone. She was also excited, and nervous, about the upcoming meeting. Being a woman of little patience, she had decided to leave the convenience store and drive down the highway, hoping to meet him. Just as she reached the road, he pulled into the parking lot. She hurried to park her car again. He came over to her car window, she rolled it down, and they introduced themselves. Lord, but he was tall. He asked her to follow him to the park area.

When they got to the park, they both got out of their cars and walked up toward an area where there was a covered picnic table. They sat a few minutes there and talked about their contemplation of beginning “a relationship.” Both were married and neither were looking for a reason to leave home. She discovered that he had actually gone to high school in her home town for one year, which was a surprise. They escort kadıöy talked a while, then he suggested that they walk. He held her hand. She was touched with the gesture. It had been a while since anyone had walked with her and held her hand. He also kept finding reasons to brush up against her. He made a comment about it, and she let him know that she wasn’t trying to escape him. They both smiled. He suggested that they drive up to an overlook, a more secluded place. He warned her that if they did, he would want to kiss her, fondle her, grope her, and maybe poke her. She told him she wasn’t afraid of him and followed him. They got into her car and he directed her to a road that let into the middle of a bean field. He told her that it was hard for him to believe that she’d be willing to meet him, as she looked way too conservative. He was interested in finding out what the real person was like. He’d get a surprise. She couldn’t help it, she just liked men with impressive equipment, who knew how to use it.

She parked the car and they got out. They walked around to the front of the car, and she leaned her ass back against the hood. He kissed her, deeply, questioningly, waiting to see if she would resist. She kissed him back, her tongue meeting his in that ageless rhythm. His arms went around her and unhooked her bra. She showed no sigh of resistance, but let him have his way, as was her nature. His hands moved around front to unhook her bra, and he caressed her breasts. She let her head fall back, and he immediately moved his mouth to her neck, kissing it gently, trailing down to reach the peak of her breast. He took her nipple into her mouth and suckled it gentry. Her hand went to the back of his head to encourage him, and a soft moan escaped her lips. He pulled back and placed his finger under her chin, raising it. His mouth was nearly touching hers as he asked, “Are you going to be mine?”

She breathed it into his mouth “It appears so.”

His mouth took hers then, more confidently and with a more direct purpose. His tongue plundered as his hands were busy with the fly of his pants. He said “Will you get on your knees?”

She maltepe escort dropped to her knees just as he freed his cock from its confines. She opened her mouth and teased the head with the tip of her tongue. He drew in his breath sharply, and placed his hands on her head, tangling his long fingers in her hair. He pressed gently, and she took his cock deep into her mouth, completely engulfing its length and width until she felt him against the back of her throat. He used his hands to pull her completely onto him and then let her set her own pace.

“Oh, yes, deep throat it baby.” He hissed.

She continued to suck his cock until he stopped her suddenly and pulled her to her feet. He backed her up against the front of the car and took her shorts and thong off. Then he pulled her close to him, her mouth resting just at the hollow of his neck, as he found her clit with his fingers and began to slowly rub it. She was already drenched from the foreplay, and writhed against his finger in a wanton way.

“I bet I could make you cum.” He said.

“I’m sure you could,” she breathed into the hollow of his neck.

He straightened and asked her to get up on the hood of the car. She leaned back against the hood, moving her very warm and wet pussy down the edge of the hood. He spread her legs and stepped up, his shins resting against the bumper of her car. She leaned back on her elbows and just them, he impaled her with his cock. It was so sudden that she gasped in pleasant surprise as he buried himself completely inside her hot wet pussy. He was well endowed, and filled her completely, the head of his cock hitting that secret spot just at the right angle. He pounded her, hard, fast and deep. He ass was sliding up and down the hood of the car, and the juices from her cunt were running down, wetting him. Just as she started to climax, she heard a muffled groan, and felt him convulse, emptying his hot cum inside her. Right there, out in the middle of a bean field, in broad daylight, her eyes looking up at the blue sky.

After he was spent, he leaned down and looked into her eyes and said “Hello.”

She said “Hello to you too.”

She went around to the trunk and got a towel out of her tanning bed bag to clean them both with. There were cum drips even on her sandals, and she couldn’t resist dipping her finger into one for a taste.

He said, “Next time, I’m getting a hotel room.”

God, she really was a slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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