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Annabella felt comfortable with Kane when he caught me masturbating in the shower, making him rock hard for me. I enjoyed the way Kane treated me, then taken my virginity, and I wanted more, much more.

After Kane took Annabella to dinner, telling me to wear see-through clothing and no underwear, he gave me a penetrating look as if to say, ‘don’t disobey me.’ Then my dad turns up at the restaurant. How he held me; the way he caressed my back, and ass, giving me a look as if to say, ‘I know you’re wet and have no panties on.’ Then giving my ass another squeeze, doing this certainly made Kane think something happened between them, but what, he had to know!

My daddy wanted to know who the young man was. When I told dad what had happened and how Kane had helped me, he thanked him for taking care of his little girl; and to make sure he treated me right, or he would have to answer to him.

Kane took me back to his private residence. We both enjoyed fucking very much, then asked me what happened between us.

He wanted me to tell him everything.

Did anything happen between Annabella and her daddy?

If anything did happen, would she tell Kane?

And, if anything had taken place between them, would Kane accept it or not?


I laid naked on the bench, my legs splayed wide, letting the afterglow of my orgasm fade. I could feel my skin glowing and tingling. My pussy lips were still pulsating as Kane untied me, making sure I wasn’t hurt. Gently rubbing my wrists and ankles, he caressing my clit and pussy, licking our mixed juices off his fingers.

‘Stay there, don’t move,’ he said, disappearing into the bathroom, turning on the shower. When he returned, he could see my nipples still extended, my chest still heaving slightly. He lifted me in his arms, carrying me to the shower.

Sitting me on the edge of the bath, he helped me under the spray of the hot water. Washing my hair, then soaping me down. Telling me to let my legs splay open for him. Making sure he paid attention to my clit, pussy, and ass. When he came to rinsing the soap off, he told me to spread my thighs wide for him again.

Turning the showerhead on to a sharp spray, he pulled back the hood of my clit, making my pussy lips part as he sprayed my clit. The sharp-tingling feeling made me shudder and gasp, arching my back to get more. My fingers went straight to my nipples, pulling and tugging on them.

‘No, you don’t, take your hands off your fucking tits, and don’t, make me tell you again.’

He could see my nipples were still hard, like two pebbles on the beach. He could see my cunt opening and closing as the sharp spray hit my wanton, needy cunt.

‘Fucking hell,’ he thought to himself. ‘Never had he been with a woman who had cum so easily for him.’ He could feel his cock hardening again, but he wanted to see how long it would take him to bring her to orgasm again, and by the looks of her contracting cunt, it wouldn’t be too long. ‘I could fuck her all day long or watch others fuck her, and she would still want more.’

I let out a scream, telling him I was cumming again. My whole body jerking. My legs trembled, giving way, forcing me to slide to the floor of the bath.

I laid there, legs wide open for him. He gave me a minute to come round, then ordered me to get on my hands and knees and brace myself. He was going to spray my ass, making me tremble and inwardly moan, edging me all the time.

When he had finished, he put the showerhead back in its place, warning me not to touch myself. I looked up at him as he began to soap himself. My legs were still trembling as I knelt up with his help, as he smiled at me.

Taking the soap from him, I did the same. Making a point of lingering around his cock, balls, and ass. When I had rinsed him, I held his thighs, taking his cock fully into my mouth, smiling, as I looked up at him. I loved giving a blowjob, something my dad had taught me well. Caressing his balls, my fingers circling his star, pushing two fingers in his ass, and fucked him with them as my tongue dipped in his slit.

Kane held my head, looking deep into my eyes, ‘you will do as you are told, and obey me always, do you understand me?’ Setting a rhythm as he fucked my mouth. I could feel him swelling again; as he deep throated me; A myriad of feelings going through his mind.

‘Oh, fuck, Annabella, what are you doing to me.’ Lifting me, ‘put your hands on the rail and hold tight.’ He grabbed the soap, pushing it in and out of my ass so he could slip his cock into my tight little virgin star.

His cock slipped in slowly, passing my sphincter, right to the hilt, his balls slapped against my clit, his open hand pressing the small of my back down, opening me up more to him. His hand snaking around to my clit, he rubbed hard on my protruding swollen little nub. Hearing me moan, he felt me begin to tremble and shake again.

‘This is going to be hard and fast, you will cum when I tell you to Annabella and not before, otherwise, I will punish you, you know this.’ Thrusting hard and deep, bonus veren siteler ‘get ready, you fucking naughty, dirty girl,’ fucking me hard and deep for a good ten minutes. He could feel me trembling. I wanted; no needed to cum for him again. I tried to obey Kane, but I couldn’t stop it with him fucking my no longer virgin ass. Wanking my clit, I came hard and fast.

‘Oh fuck, master, mmmm. Don’t stop fucking me. I want your cock always in my cunt and ass.’

‘Yes, Annabella, you do things to me, but I am still going to punish you for disobeying me. I will give you a choice, with how you want me to correct your manners and obey me, but now we need to talk. Come, let’s get done, my slut.’

Turning the shower off, he wrapped me in a warm fluffy towel, then himself. Lifting me, he carried me to the master bedroom. Towelling me dry, then sat me at the vanity. Again, telling me to keep my legs open at all times, as when he looked at me, he wanted to see my open cunt.

Kane dried himself, throwing both towels in the wash basket, then disappeared into his closet. When he came out, he was casually dressed. I was still naked, sitting at the vanity, legs spread with my fingers pinching my nipples hard. Gently patting the bed, his eyes never left mine.

‘Come, sit by me, my slut sub.’ His eyes boring into mine; he saw me hesitate then, slowly went to sit beside him, trying to cover myself.

‘I’m still naked,’ I whispered, embarrassed, my whole body flushing as I sat by him, letting him caress my naked flesh. ‘Oh fuck,’ his touch was unbelievable. The mere touch of his fingers sent me into overdrive. I couldn’t get enough.

‘Annabella; don’t cover your body, you are beautiful. I want to see and touch your naked body all the time.’ Saying this made me blush even more. ‘We really must talk. There is a lot you don’t know about me, and I am not too sure you would want to know me if you knew what I am truly like.’

‘Plus, I want you to tell me about your father. I saw what he did and how he touched and caressed you; he knew you were not wearing any panties. So, tell me, what has happened between the two of you, I need to know.’


As I looked at him, not knowing if I should say anything. I was enjoying what Kane was giving me, and hopefully, what I was giving to him.

After several minutes had passed, he calmly said, ‘well Annabella, I’m waiting, if we want this to work, we both have to be honest with each other. I am willing to tell you and show you, but you must be honest with me also. No, if’s, no buts, just the truth,’ gently pinching and pulling on my nipples, then parting my legs so he could see my cunt, a moan escaped from me.

Patting my inner thighs, he made me widen my legs, even more, so he could see my freshly fucked cunt. ‘Fuck, I want your cunt again, look this is what you are doing to me,’ unzipping his pants, letting his hardening cock spring free, ‘Lean back for me.’ As I did, he lifted one leg over the back of the sofa, so he had a good view of my ass too.

‘Urmmm, well, I don’t know where to start, if I am being honest.’ He was making me pinch and pull hard on my nipples as memories came flooding back.

‘When I came home from school one day. I wanted to know what an orgasm was, and how it felt, so when daddy came home, I asked him while we sat eating dinner. I thought he was going to choke with what I asked him, as he had some food in his mouth;’ giggling when I saw the image in my mind.

He asked me why I wanted to know. I told him some girls had been talking at school. How their boyfriends had made them cum, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself by asking them.

He told me, ‘nearly everyone orgasms when they have sex, that is if its done right. Plus you don’t have to have sex to climax.’

He saw the confusion on my face. Then asked me, ‘had I ever tried to masturbate?’ I told him I had, but nothing happened when he saw me clenching my fists.

He asked me what I had tried. So, I told him, ‘I rubbed between my legs for ages but didn’t feel anything.

Please help me, daddy, show me how.’

‘Ok, ok,’ daddy said, looking at me a little embarrassed. I could see his cheeks tinting a little. Looking at me, he asked, ‘do you really want me to show you how, princess.’

‘Oh yes daddy, yes, please. I want to know how those girls at school felt when those boys made them cum.’

He could see I was getting restless.

‘Ok, ok, show me what you did, maybe I can help you.’

I stripped off, showing daddy my naked body. I could see he was taking deep breaths as I sat on the couch, legs slightly apart, showing him how I tried to make myself climax.

Kane interrupted me, asking me to show him what I did.

Looking at him, I flushed beetroot red, my nipples starting to harden again, ‘but, but why,’ I stammered.

‘Why, because I’ve asked you to, that’s why, plus, I want to see what you did.’ As he held his cock, slowly wanking, causing precum to glisten around the head of his cock.

Picturing how I tried bedava bahis to make myself cum, I placed my fingers above my clit and started rubbing. It still didn’t feel the same. Glancing at Kane, I could see him watching intently at what I was doing. He knew what I was doing was making me feel so horny again he could see my cunt dripping. Making me moan.

‘No no princess,’ daddy said smiling, ‘not like that, here let me show you.’ Placing his hands at the top of my thighs, nudging my knees wider apart as I sat on the sofa, telling me to lean back for him.

‘Spit on my fingers for me, princess.’

‘Yuk, daddy, you want me to spit on your fingers!’

Nodding his head, ‘yes, I do, now spit.’ I did, telling me to keep my thighs wide open. He placed his spit covered fingers on my clit, slipping his fingers into my pussy a little, but didn’t go too far, as he knew I was still a virgin.

When he touched my clit, he made me jump. The feelings I was getting made my legs widen more for him. My cunt began to throb, and my nipples hardened more, then I began to tremble. ‘Yes, he made me cum.’

After I calmed down, I noticed his pants were tenting, watching him, as he licked his wet fingers.

I asked him if I had caused that pointing to his cock, he said, ‘yes princess, you have, and you taste fucking good too.’

I asked him if I could look at it, he told me no, going to walk out of the room. ‘Please daddy.’

Stopping in the doorway, he slowly turned back towards me. ‘This is not necessary, sweetheart.’ I noticed he held his cock to his stomach, trying to hide it from me. I wanted to see him and show him I could now make myself cum; the way he showed me.

‘And,’ was all Kane said, watching my every move.

I slid down the sofa, so my ass was hanging off the edge, splaying my legs wide for him.

‘If I do anything, wrong daddy, you will tell me, won’t you?’

He nodded his head but said nothing, just sat watching me. I opened my pussy lips, making my clit protrude. ‘Oh, daddy, my clit is poking out.’ I gently caressed my pussy, realizing I was still damp, my fingers wet and slippery. The feelings I was getting were incredible. I couldn’t stop humping my hand as I brought myself nearer and nearer to cumming again.

Closing my eyes, I felt as though I was on a high. I didn’t see my daddy wanking as he watched my throbbing pussy.

‘Ohh, daddy, I cumming, look, daddy, I’m cumming.’ When I opened my eyes, I saw him wanking. His cock looked huge. I could see precum dripping off his helmet. ‘Just like you are now.’

When I saw what he was doing, I came again, daddy’s face trying to control his feelings. I slid off the sofa and knelt before him. ‘Please, daddy, let me taste you, please.’

I stuck my tongue out and licked his helmet. His cock jumped and sprung out at me, startling me. I looked up at him as I put my fingers around his cock, gently stroking up and down. He asked me if I wanted to help him. I nodded my head eagerly.

‘Ok, princess, open your mouth for daddy, lick and suck me like you would a lollipop.’

I did and, he came in my mouth. I swallowed everything he gave me. When he had finished, he asked if I was ok, and I told him.’

‘Yes, daddy, you taste nice, can we do that again?’

He said, ‘no,’ and that it shouldn’t have happened this time. ‘You are my daughter; for crying out loud, and father and daughter shouldn’t do such things.’

‘But, how do you expect me to learn if you don’t teach me.’

He looked at me, ‘I know princess, I know.’ He stood up, walking out of the room, shaking his head as he went. That’s about it, not much more to say.

My nipples hardened, my fingers pressing hard on my clit, as I re-laid what had happened between dad and myself.

Kane looked at me, noticing how my body was reacting. ‘I see, so how did you learn to suck cock the way you do? I know he hasn’t fucked you, as I took your cherry in both holes the other day. So, he only showed you how to please yourself, and give blow jobs, no more?’

‘Well, yes, sort of. He made me cum by sucking hard on my clit and pussy; and he taught me how to give a good blow job, as you have found out. But that’s all, honestly. Since I moved into my own place, over three years ago, nothing at all has happened.’

Kane sat watching; my fingers intertwined in my lap. My hard nipples pointing towards him, begging to be sucked, as I waited for him to say something.

Standing up, he held his hand out. ‘Why are your fingers so wet Angel,’ slipping his hand between my thighs. ‘Fuck, you are dripping wet.’ Lifting his fingers to his lips, he sucked my juices off them. When he looked at me again, he could see the hunger in my smiling eyes.

Smiling, he said, ‘now I am going to show you some of my world. My lifestyle.’

Taking me to the open lounge, he stood by the floor to ceiling windows. Standing behind him, I didn’t want anyone to see my nakedness, even though we were high up. I still thought people would be able to see me.

‘Stand by me, deneme bonus Angel, I want to see your reflection in the glass. You have a beautiful body, don’t hide it.’ He slipped his arm around my waist, pulling me forward, so I was standing in front of him. His hard cock between my ass cheeks gently thrusting.

‘Now, put your hands here and here,’ pointing to the two handholds. As I held handholds, Kane gently pushed me towards the window, nudging my feet further apart, spreading my legs, telling me to bend forward. ‘I want your pussy on display at all times, so don’t let go of the handholds or close your legs. If you do, I shall bind you so you can’t move, and put a blindfold on you, do you understand me,’ his eyes penetrating mine.

‘But, but, people might see me naked.’

‘Yes I know, nevertheless, you will obey everything I tell you. If I say, I want to see you fuck yourself, with a dildo you will, if I tell you to suck my cock you will, if I tell you to stand naked with your legs spread wide in front of my friends holding your cunt open, while I fuck you, you will, if I say we are having guests and you are to be naked on your hand and knees with a collar and leash on and crawl to me, you will, do you understand me, my pet.’

Audibly gulping, I whispered, ‘Yes Kane.’

A sharp slap resounded on my pussy lips, making me jump and moan. I felt my juices trickle down my inner thighs. ‘Fuck,’ the way he was treating me was making me want much more. Although, we had only known each other for a few days. I knew he was the kind of man I wanted. No, he was the kind of man I needed. Someone who would take control. Someone who would use me and make me cum for his pleasure and under his guidance.

Interrupting my thoughts, he came standing in front of me, his open hands caressing my body, his fingers snaking round to my cunt and clit. While his hard cock pressed against my pubs, leaving strings of cum juice. He could see my inner thighs glistening.

‘Fuck, Annabella, you are wet through with cum juices.’ My nipples were hard and swollen. My body language was saying I wanted or maybe I needed to be dominated. I wanted to be a good, obedient sub.

‘Bend over, show me your ass.’ I bent over obediently and felt him spread my ass cheeks. He squirted some cold liquid in my ass. His fingers followed, pumping in and out, so I was well lubed and ready for him.

‘Fucking beautiful, when you feel me push this plug in your ass, push out for me a little. And if you are a good girl, I will take a photo for you to look at. You ready my pet?’

‘Yes, Kane.’

Another slap landed on my tits. I couldn’t help but moan, making me feel things I had never felt before. I loved it.

‘You keep forgetting, I am your master now.’

‘Yes K…, master.’

Smiling, he squirted some lube on the plug and gently pushed. He felt me push out, as he had asked, and so far, was very pleased with my obedience, then slowly began twisting the plug. He saw it slipping into my ass. When he was satisfied it was fully inserted, he leant over caressing my cunt and clit with his tongue and mouth.

He loved how I tasted, ‘you are heaven on earth, and your all mine, totally mine. No one will ever touch you but me; or those that I allow. Your plug looks exquisite, a glittering jewel that will beckon people to want to use you.

We heard a knock at the door. Standing, telling me I wasn’t allowed to move. I was to stay on show to whoever entered, no matter what happened.

Going to answer the door, he bade the waiters entrance. I could see their reflection through the window. The way they were looking at me made me squirm a little. I felt my body flushing, getting warmer the more they looked. The bejewelled buttplug in my ass, opening my cunt, making me drip juices on the floor.

I could hear Kane speaking, telling the waiters to lay the table. When they had finished doing what had to be done, thinking to myself, ‘it had taken them a lot longer than necessary.’ They couldn’t take their eyes off my body.

Kane, now standing in front of me, his fingers under my chin, lifting my face to look at him. As he bent, he whispered in my ear. ‘Your tail looks absolutely exquisite.’

‘You have made my cock want you again, suck me,’ a smile playing on his lips, unzipping his pants, as he spoke. His cock sprung out, bouncing on my lips, my mouth opening automatically, taking him fully into my mouth. Grasping my hair, he set a rhythm, nodding towards the waiters. I flattened my tongue, so he could deep throat me, my eyes closing with the pleasure I was getting, my pussy leaking, feeling it stream down my thighs.

I could hear the waiters taking some photos Kane wanted them to take. Walking behind me, they pushed their fingers in and out of my cunt, making my eyes open. I looked up at Kane, and he was smiling down at me, his cock twitching in my mouth.

‘They are both going to fuck you now, my slut.’ Smiling at the waiters, nodding his head.

They didn’t need telling twice. One was inside my cunt, pumping hard, the other one pulling hard on my tits. I felt the butt plug; start to vibrate, making the man cum hard. He no sooner pulled out of me before the other waiter took his place, ‘fucking hell Kane, you’ve got a keeper here. Will she give me her golden rain, do you think?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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