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Summary: 18-year-old girl is seduced by nylon-clad MILF.

Note 1: This is a 2021 Holiday Season Contest so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Silky Christmas Cheer

Chelsea was a cute girl who was raising money for the Salvation Army as part of the senior year volunteerism work she needed to graduate and to pad her resumé.

And being Chelsea, she’d gone way above and beyond the volunteerism minimum her high school required. They required ten hours, she’d put in over forty. She’d also recruited and organized the staff to run a two-week fundraiser that had raised enough money to present gifts for over ninety needy families in the city. Her goal was a hundred families, or five hundred more dollars so she and her team could purchase the final ten batches of gifts.

So, dressed in a cute, feminine Santa suit with white pantyhose and a Santa hat, she was going door to door for any last-minute collections she could raise.

Overall, it had been an okay but long late afternoon and evening. She’d collected about three hundred dollars, and needed two hundred more to reach her ambitious goal, which hadn’t seemed remotely feasible two weeks ago. Determined but cold… she trudged along the snowy sidewalks… getting very, very cold.

Plus, she’d entered a slump where during the last thirty minutes she’d encountered nothing but rejection after rejection. Which had brought down her Christmas spirit a bit… but Chelsea was nothing if not determined.

She reached the last house on her current block, shivering from the recent drop in temperature and a chilly breeze. She knocked, praying this house would end her rejection streak.

A pretty woman opened the door, dressed in a red dress and looking like she was getting ready to head out to a Christmas party, “Hello, young lady,” she said with a warm smile. “You look like one of Santa’s elves. Merry Christmas!”

“H-h-hi,” Chelsea shivered, trying to appear like she wasn’t freezing.

Before the girl could finish her sentence, the woman pulled her into her house while saying, “You poor girl, you must be freezing! Please come inside.”

“Thank you, m-m-ma’am,” Chelsea said, thankful for the kindness of this stranger. There was no guarantee she’d receive a donation from this woman, but the odds had just increased dramatically by her immediate considerate, compassionate gesture. As she entered the warm home, she felt a great relief. It made her wonder how homeless people could possibly survive these crazy Canadian winters. Likely many of them didn’t.

To the teen’s surprise, the woman pulled her in for a hug and said, “A human body is the quickest and best way to warm another person up.”

“Oh,” Chelsea said, completely surprised by this literally warm embrace, yet as she melted into the woman’s self-made cocoon, she did feel her entire body warming up. “I guess you’re right, umm… ma’am.”

“Just call me Vanessa, and hold onto me tight,” the woman said as Chelsea looked up towards the sky, although the ceiling blocked her view of it, and thought that maybe her Santa present was coming early… but she also realized she was going to be late for her staff’s Christmas party. She’d given them all the evening off, wishing to prove something to herself by raising the final amount by herself.

“Okay Vanessa,” Chelsea said, “and I’m Chelsea,” her body warming up quickly while she did as she was told and wrapped her arms around the pretty woman’s waist.

For about a minute Vanessa held the young lady tight before she finally let go, took her hand and said, “Come into the living room, and I’ll get you some hot chocolate.”

“I really need to keep going,” Chelsea said, “my target…” knowing she had to make a lot more stops.

“You haven’t even told me what you’re canvassing for,” Vanessa said, pulling the teen gently into her living room. “I want to hear all about it, but not until I fetch you some hot chocolate. I’ll be back in a moment; just make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you,” Chelsea said, thankful for this woman’s kindness and for being able to feel her fingers again. She definitely shouldn’t have worn only a short skirt, pantyhose and lightweight boots below her waist… since her legs and feet were still very cold. She took off her boots, shaking her head at the idea of walking into the woman’s pristine living room and tracking snow onto her carpet.

She placed her boots next to the front door, walked across the soft, warm carpet to the couch and sat down. She was massaging some warmth into her freezing toes, when the woman returned carrying a mug of hot chocolate and a glass of red wine.

“Here, you must be thirsty,” Vanessa said, handing the girl the warm mug.

Chelsea wrapped her hands around the mug, welcoming the heat it was exuding.

Vanessa took a lengthy sip of her wine while she slyly examined the cute girl. She seemed completely ripe for the fucking… izmir escort bayan and licking… and whatever else might pop into her head as matters progressed.

“Thank you,” Chelsea said, as she brought the warm, therapeutic mug to her lips.

“You’re most welcome,” Vanessa said graciously as she sat down on the couch to the right of her guest, set down her glass on the coffee table and instructed, “Now give me your feet.”

“Pardon?” Chelsea asked, not certain she’d heard the woman right.

Vanessa, an aggressive lesbian seductress who loved to turn fresh straight girls, took the mug away, put it down for a moment, reached down and grabbed the girl’s ankles, and spun her about ninety degrees until the girl’s feet were resting in her lap. She then returned the warm mug to the teen’s cold hands.

“W-w-what are you doing, ma’am?” Chelsea stammered.

“Your feet are freezing,” Vanessa said, which was true. “They need to be warmed up.”

“Oh, I’m okay,” Chelsea said, as she went to move her feet away, but the woman held onto them firmly.

“I insist,” Vanessa said. “Good circulation is critical to warming you up.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Chelsea demurred, although the woman’s warm hands felt amazing on her cold feet and toes.

“Oh, but I think I do,” Vanessa insisted. “Now just relax and let me get you feeling nice and warm.”

“Okay, thanks,” Chelsea agreed, the warm mug, Vanessa’s warm hands, her soft generous tone, all helping her to relax.

Vanessa loved nylons; she wore them all the time. She also required all her pets to wear them. That said, it was rare to find a young new prey already wearing them… also rare that if a girl was wearing them they weren’t scratchy tights or cheap hosiery instead of sheer silk. These ones were sheer silk.

“You don’t see many young people wearing pantyhose anymore,” Vanessa mentioned, as she massaged each toe individually, starting with the girl’s left pinkie.

“I know,” Chelsea said along with a soft moan, since it felt so nice. She’d indulged in a couple of full body massages in the past, each of them focussing on her feet for a few minutes, but not spending any time at all on her toes. She wasn’t sure if this felt so relaxing because she was cold and the woman’s hands and fingers so warm, or if it was that plus her gentle, soothing touch.

“You’ve noticed it too?” Vanessa asked, knowing the power her hands could assert over a girl… via her feet, legs, back, pussy or ass.

“Yes, sometimes I get made fun of for wearing them,” Chelsea answered. “Kids call them granny socks.”

“That’s ridiculous. Do I look like a granny?” Vanessa asked, as she stretched a leg out straight to showcase her sexy leg wrapped in an expensive Wolford’s stocking.

“No, ma’am,” Chelsea said, feeling so relaxed, almost warm.

“Please don’t call me ma’am” Vanessa objected gently. “It makes me feel old. I asked you to call me Vanessa.”

“Okay, Vanessa it is. And I’m still Chelsea.”

“That’s such a pretty name,” Vanessa complimented, knowing the power of flattery to weaken any inherent resistance in a woman she was seducing.

“Thank you,” Chelsea said.

“Well Chelsea, I wear nylons every day,” Vanessa said, bringing her hand to the girl’s other foot and her other five delectable toes, “They accessorize my outfits, they accentuate my legs, and they make me feel sexy.”

Chelsea could feel her face blushing. “I wear them because my mom always wears them, I like the feel of them, and I too think they accessorize my outfits.”

“Yes, jeans wouldn’t accessorize your cute, festive Christmas attire,” Vanessa pointed out.

“Exactly,” Chelsea nodded, nice to hear someone agreeing with the way she thought about pantyhose.

“You don’t think they accentuate your legs though?” Vanessa asked.

“I’ve never really thought about it,” Chelsea said, having already almost finished her hot chocolate.

“You don’t think they make you feel sexy?” Vanessa continued her sly interrogation and mental manipulation.

“I’ve never really thought about that either,” Chelsea said, having never considered herself sexy. Truth be told, she always tended towards the periphery of the in groups… not popular, yet not an outcast… she wasn’t a nerd per se, as top grades came to her naturally, but she also played volleyball, and was a member of the student council and debate club… she saw herself as well-rounded. For instance she’d found it easy to recruit a small group of fellow students to assist in her Christmas campaign since most of them had volunteered alongside her on various other projects, but none of them were her besties or anything. Overall, she was highly motivated to make other people happy, but strangely she wasn’t normally drawn towards developing particularly close relationships with other people.

“Well,” Vanessa said, finishing the right pinkie and advancing her hands to the soles of Chelsea’s feet, “the nylons you’re wearing right now both accentuate your legs, and I escort izmir think they’re sexy.”

“They do? And you think that?” Chelsea asked, not accustomed to receiving compliments that weren’t about her achievements at school: academic, athletic or her volunteerism.

“Oh yes,” Vanessa nodded. “And these are high quality nylons.”

“Thanks for noticing; I do hate cheap nylons,” Chelsea said, thrilled that someone could notice the difference between department store nylons and a quality pair.

“So do I,” Vanessa said, and she repositioned herself by lifting the sweet girl’s ankles out of the way and swinging her legs onto the couch next to Chelsea’s before setting the feet back in her lap. “Feel mine.”

Chelsea finished her hot chocolate, reached over and put it on the coffee table, and then reached out to touch the woman’s nylon-clad feet. She might have thought this was weird… yet she was so captivated by their conversation about nylons, and she was intrigued to feel these nylons… so no alarm bells went off.

“Wow, these are soft,” Chelsea said, even silkier than hers, plus they had a nice shine.

“Yes, I order them online,” Vanessa said, as she brought her hands to the girl’s left ankle and calf.

“Cool,” Chelsea said, quite surprised by how soft Vanessa’s nylons were.

“I know,” Vanessa said. “Yours are nice, but mine are an entirely different level of nylon.”

“I agree,” Chelsea said, in awe of what she was feeling.

“So, to business. Why are you going door to door dressed up all sexy… on this cold winter’s night?” Vanessa asked, singing the last five words to the tune of ‘The First Noel’, her hands gliding up and down the leg ever so slowly.

“I’m raising money to buy presents for people in need this Christmas season,” Chelsea said, “and I’m just a couple hundred dollars short of reaching my goal,” having almost forgotten why she was here in the first place. The woman’s warm hands and the feel of her soft nylons had totally distracted her.

“That’s so sweet,” Vanessa crooned, “going around town bringing good cheer to other people.”

“It’s the least I can do,” she said, still slowly rubbing the silky sheer softness of the nylon against Vanessa’s legs.

“But…” Vanessa asked, her hands travelling a bit further up the girl’s legs, “…who’s bringing good cheer to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have needs too,” Vanessa pointed out, while she suddenly reached her foot between the teen’s legs, placed put her stocking-clad foot directly onto the girl’s pussy and began rubbing.

“What are you dooooooing?” Chelsea asked, as totally unexpectedly, she suddenly had a foot rubbing her pussy.

“Bringing good cheer to you,” Vanessa sang to the tune of the ‘Birthday Song’, having always loved the initial moment a sweet conversation becomes a turn.

The prey’s confusion. Her denial. Her slow burn. Her submission.

“This isn’t right,” Chelsea said, shocked by this sudden shift of events… even though the pleasure inside her was growing quickly.

“I’m just making sure your entire body gets warm,” Vanessa said.

“But I’m not a lesbian,” Chelsea protested, completely overwhelmed by what was happening, yet feeling unable to stop it.

“I didn’t say you were,” Vanessa said, “nor am I one,” as she rubbed her foot in circular motions. “A lesbian only has sex with girls.”

“Whatever. Please stop,” Chelsea pleaded with a moan.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Vanessa second guessed her while applying a little more pleasure to the teen’s pussy.

“Yes… no… oh God!” Chelsea responded, confused by her two polar opposite inclinations. ‘This is morally wrong!’ versus ‘This feels really good!’

“We all have needs, Chelsea,” Vanessa explained in a soft, sultry tone. “I have a feeling you’re always so focused on making other people happy, you don’t ever think about making yourself happy.”

“I am haaaaaappy,” Chelsea said, as an orgasm was riding inside her.

“But are you sexually happy?” Vanessa asked, shifting to up and down movements, which spread the lips open while also putting pressure on her clit.

“Oh, ma’am,” Chelsea moaned, the pleasure rising inside her churning her into a mental mess. “Please, oh God, oh God, oh my God!”

“Just come, Chelsea; come all over my foot,” Vanessa purred, as she noticed when the girl inadvertently spread her legs wider that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “No panties? How interesting.”

“I often don’t wear them,” Chelsea said, not sure why, or why she continued to allow this woman to keep rubbing her pussy with her foot.

“And why is that?” Vanessa asked, a little curious about this revelation.

Chelsea explained, even as her orgasm rose, “It’s my own secret sexy rebellion.”

“I like that, you sexy thing,” Vanessa said, putting even more pressure on the teen’s very wet, very stimulated pussy. “Perception and reality are often very different beasts.”

“Oooooooh,” Chelsea moaned, the pressure on her pussy feeling really good, and making her a mental mess.

Vanessa, now confident this teen was hers, brought her other foot up to the teen’s face. “Lick,” she ordered.

Chelsea, so overwhelmed by what was happening and from her swirling emotions, and also being naturally submissive (although she didn’t know that), grabbed hold of the foot and mindlessly licked the sole, while the other foot continued driving her mad.

“Good girl,” Vanessa encouraged her, savouring the teen’s tongue on the sole of her foot while she methodically rubbed the pussy, knowing the teen was close.

Chelsea couldn’t explain what she was feeling. Her innards felt like they were on fire… the foot rubbing her pussy sending pulsations throughout her entire body.

“Come for me, Chelsea, come all over my foot, and do it now,” Vanessa ordered softly.

Chelsea had no choice but to obey, her body in control of her mind as she babbled, “Oh yes, it feels so… I’m going to… I’m going to… ooooooooohhhhh!” and she then released a primal scream that all by itself brought her further pleasure she didn’t know her body could contain…her wetness gushing out of her, through the pantyhose and onto the woman’s foot.

“Good girl,” Vanessa purred, continuing to rub throughout the teen’s orgasm while watching her legs stiffen and her entire body quake.

“So powerful,” Chelsea said, not knowing such pleasure could occur inside her body.

“Just relax and enjoy,” Vanessa encouraged, as she slowed down her foot.

“Kkkkkk,” Chelsea said from a euphoric daze that she didn’t want to end.

After a moment, the orgasm still doing its thing through her pretty prey, Vanessa removed her foot, stood up on the couch to face Chelsea, and straddled her outstretched legs. “You must be hungry after all that,” Vanessa said, lowering her pussy onto the dazed girl’s face

“What are you doing now?” Chelsea asked, as the woman’s pussy suddenly appeared against her face and lips.

“I’m feeding you,” Vanessa explained. “Or perhaps more accurately, rehydrating you. Now lick.”

Chelsea was confused. Getting her pussy rubbed was one thing, but eating this woman out was definitely activity reserved for lesbians. Yet she was trapped between this woman and the arm of the sofa, and Vanessa’s moist pussy lips were literally pressing against her own lips and thus moistening them too, and the scent was surprisingly intoxicating. So not knowing what else to do… she licked.

“Good girl,” Vanessa moaned as she felt the teen’s tentative tongue begin licking her. Sometimes she had to wait much longer before a newbie’s first lick came, but as she’d anticipated, this sweet teen was an obedient girl… a natural submissive… born to please.

Chelsea was tentative at first; not unwilling, but simply unsure of what to do… yet when her tongue parted the wet pussy lips and she tasted the nectar of another woman for the first time, she realised she kind of did know what to do. Vanessa had told her to lick, and during the summer she loved to lick ice cream cones; it was hardly rocket science. So she simply began licking. And while she licked she became more confident, and also even more eager. She loved the taste. She loved hearing Vanessa’s soft moans. And she loved this task!

“That’s it,” Vanessa moaned, the girl making up for any lack in skill with her lustful eager hunger. “Eat my pussy.”

“Tastes so good,” Chelsea said from her close quarters, just doing what came naturally to her.

“Isn’t pussy delicious?” Vanessa purred.

“Yes, definitely,” Chelsea agreed, as she hungrily licked the pussy.

“You’re a natural pussy licker, you know,” Vanessa moaned, knowing the power of a compliment.

“Thank you,” Chelsea responded between licks.

Then for a few minutes Vanessa just enjoyed the sweet licking as her orgasm slowly blossomed. Yet she could never come this way. So she backed away a few inches to lay herself down on the couch, spread her legs and order, using just one word, “Come.” Her beckoning finger making it clear she was requiring Chelsea to come hither.

Chelsea was finally no longer confined by the woman’s proximity, she was now able to flee, yet she had no intent of leaving. She hunkered down between the woman’s legs, rested her hands sensuously upon the silky sheer nylons, brought her face to the glistening pussy, and dove in with insatiable lust.

“Good girl,” Vanessa moaned, and she placed a hand on the back of the teen’s head simply to hold her in place.

Chelsea was consumed with her need not only to keep licking, but to get this woman off… and thus to taste the cum when it flooded out of her. Vanessa had said something about hydration? Great idea!

Vanessa’s orgasm rose rapidly as the teen licked and licked. “Now suck on my clit, you sweet girl,” she moaned, her orgasm imminent.

Chelsea obeyed, advancing upon the clit, licking it and tugging it between her lips.

“Oh yes,” Vanessa moaned.

Chelsea, noticing the woman’s body twitching from her efforts, continued attacking the clit for another minute, until Vanessa pulled her face deep into her pussy, and immediately soaked her with her pussy cum.

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