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Hayley was visiting her sister Jenny in Florida. Hayley lives in Virginia and it’s a bit chilly so a trip to Florida was a welcome surprise. Jenny was just moving into her new home in Miami and Hayley’s company was opening a new store in Miami. Hayley was over grand openings as part of her responsibilities as Director of Marketing. At 29 she was the youngest director in the company. Working at Wicked Weasel was not her dream as she felt the company made slutty swimsuits. She had never even tried one on. She and Jenny had the house to themselves for the week as Morgan, Jenny’s 18-year-old daughter was living on Campus at Florida Atlantic University (about 90 minutes away). On Friday while Hayley was at work the new store getting the displays set up for the big grand opening a package came for Hayley. Jenny decided to open it. It was filled with dozens of barely-there swimwear. Most were translucent when held up to the light. Jenny decided to try some on. At 38 she still had a Rockin hot body. With 38dd breasts and a rock-hard ass. Her dark skin (from tanning at the pool) she chose a white suit with triangles that barely covered her nipples and a tiny g-string bottom. She walked into the living room and heard the front door opening. She was about to panic and then she saw it was only Hayley. Whew, I didn’t know if Morgan had come home to do laundry or who was coming in. That god it’s only you.

Hayley looked at her always prettier sister and lost it. “What the fuck are you doing wearing that suit”?

It’s my house, my rules. You never were good at following rules. Ha, I still remember when Jack left and Morgan and you had to move back home. I had to share my room with you so the baby could have a proper nursery. Oh, I remember, you used to remind me several times a week by wrestling me right before bed. I love you Jenny but you took too much pleasure in humiliating me. I just wanted to beat your bratty ass one time. Bitch there is no way you could ever beat me. I’m younger and stronger. Why would I even waste my time on an old cow like you?

I’ll tell you what, let’s make it as you say. Worth your time. If I lose you can have my new Mercedes convertible. However, if you lose, you transfer here and do anything I say for a year. I will control everything including what you eat, drink, wear and do. Ok, Jenny but if I agree to beat your ass how do I know that you will give me your car. We can do a contract and get it notarized. I’ll have my attorney dray it up. You know that I love you little sister but you have never given me the respect that I deserve. I’m only here for one more week, when can your attorney have the contract? He is pretty fast. When hiltonbet yeni giriş you go to work tomorrow I’ll go to his office. Ok done deal but after I whip your ass I’m going to humiliate you as I used to. I want Morgan here to see you beg for mercy. Ok, she will be home Saturday we can ask her to be the referee.

The next few days went by quickly and soon it was Saturday. Hayley still had not seen the contract. She was starting to have second thoughts but would never admit that to her sister. On Saturday morning Morgan came home, she was not alone. There was a handsome young black man with her. Hi Aunt Hayley, this is James, my boyfriend. He’s in Law School.

Jenny came into the kitchen and sat everyone down and explained what was about to happen. She went over the contract and James admitted although strange it was legally airtight. The main points were:

If Jenny lost Hayley would get the title to her Mercedes.

If Hayley lost she would legally become Jenny’s Slave (she didn’t remember using that word).

Both participants had to wear only a Wicked Weasel bikini from the box that arrived earlier in the week.

The match was no holds barred and the referee made final decisions on everything.

At the end of the fight, the winner immediately claims the prize.

The match is over when one

Hayley was not happy about several things. For one she didn’t want to wear fighter loses both her top and bottom of the bikini.

Hayley was livid. She didn’t want to wear the slutty bikini especially in front of James who by the way planned to video the fight. She had no idea that it was to be a strip fight. She was complaining and Jenny said I knew you were all just talk. Let’s just move on you pussy Bitch who’s afraid of her big sister.

Fuck you. I’m in. James videotaped the signing including both women saying that they agreed to all of the terms willingly.

James and Morgan cleared out the living room moving out all of the furniture. Jenny and Hayley were showering and shaving all their pussy hair because there is no hiding anything in a Wicked Weasel suit. At 18 Morgan was already completely shaved. She decided to surprise her mom and aunt by also wearing a WW suit. Being conservative, Hayley trimmed real close but left a landing strip. Her cunt hair was dark unlike the bleached blond hair on her head. Jenny was feeling a little slutty so she took off all of her hair, leaving her cunt as smooth as a baby’s ass. Just before Hayley was ready, Jenny handed Morgan $1000 in cash and whispered in her ear. Morgan broke out laughing and said. She will never see it coming. It will take that bitch down a hiltonbet giriş notch. Jenny had chosen the white suit she wore earlier in the week. Morgan wore a Brazilian cut bottom and a top that somehow covered her tits including her rock-hard nipples. When the conservative Hayley came in wearing a towel she complained that it was unfair for her to have to wear one of the slutty suits that her sister and niece wore. Jenny said ok I’ll make a deal with you, you can wear a WW suit or panties and no bra. I would already be down to one piece. No way am I giving you a 50% advantage. Ok then put on a WW so we can get started. To everyone’s surprise, Hayley dropped the towel and was rocking a lime green thong and a tiny top that barely covered her nipples. James was already filming and made both ladies state their names and repeat what they would lose if they surrendered or were stripped nude.

As the match started it was clear that Hayley was much stronger and in better shape than her older sister. Hayley was toying with Jenny and was already telling her how good she was going to look in her new Mercedes. She had Jenny in a full Nelson making her tits stick out obscenely Jenny was laughing as she felt Hayley trying to rip off her top. Hayley stopped and asked what’s so funny you are about to be topless in front of your bratty-ass daughter and her arrogant boyfriend. Am I or are you about to lose your top Bitch? Me? How I have you locked up, as she said this. Hayley felt something tug at her top as Morgan used a pair of scissors to cut away her lime green top. It was tiny but at least it covered her tits. Hayley panicked as her tits were bared not only to her sister and her niece but to the handsome young black man as well. She didn’t even think about the video and who might see that. With Hayley busy yelling at Morgan to give back, her top Jenny sprang up and kicked Hayley hard in the cunt. Jenny went to her knees crying. Jenny was on top of her and straddled her sister’s face with her pungent cunt. She was extremely aroused from being displayed in front of James. Hayley could barely breathe ad Jenny continued to grind her cunt in Hayley’s face. Jenny had Hayley pinned as Morgan kicked Hayley again in her unprotected already sore cunt.

Hayley passed out and when she woke up she was not only naked but tied to 4 stakes in the backyard. Jenny had a pool inside a screened lanai but she was more on the side of the backyard

As her eyes cleared she realized that there were more people in the yard than just Jenny, Hayley, and James. She tried to talk but knew that screaming at Jenny wouldn’t help but only turn the crowd on more. Jenny finally walked hiltonbet güvenilirmi up and said welcome to your new life LOSER.

Hayley said you cheated. Morgan helped you. Yes, I know, I knew that I could not beat you in a fair fight so I used my brain to kick your ass. Too bad you didn’t win, so I don’t have to pay the bet Bitch. Jenny started laughing. What’s so funny. Again I used my brain. The contract said the loser is the first girl stripped naked. That’s why I made sure it said nothing about winning, only losing. You lost. No fair 2 on 1. Morgan was the Referee. It also said her decisions were final. You need to be taken down a notch. Since Morgan’s dad left me when he figured out that I prefer pussy to penis you have always looked down on me. For the next year, you will learn to eat pussy. I already had James set up a website with an edited version of the catfight. It only shows me and Morgan from flattering angles (no nudity) you however are seen in all of your glory. I’m not sure if you still have a job so don’t worry about transferring. I sent the web address (your full name to make it easy) to everyone at Wicked Weasel.

I invited some of my friends over today so you can start your training. They have all agreed to be filmed for the website. We have a live stream and I sent that link to WW as well. Sadie is a submissive and Vicky her Domme suggested that she go first so we could get you excited by having your cunt eaten. Vicky said in a dominant voice slut 69 now. Sadie lowered her cunt on Hayley’s reluctant face and her mouth on Hayley’s dripping wet cunt. In about 3 minutes Hayley was licking and moaning. She came harder than she had ever cum. Vicky wasn’t so nice, she squatted over Hayley and pissed in her open mouth. Hayley was gagging and trying to close her mouth but still got a lot of piss inside. What the fuck screamed Hayley.

You belong to me now Bitch. I will use you any way I see fit. I just spoke to your assistant who is now doing your old job (yes you lost your job). She needs live models for the grand opening. I volunteered you! It will be so nice to see you show everyone who knows you that ass and those tits. Even the cunt that shows everyone that you are not a real blonde. I will do as you say but I’ll be wearing a suit, a tiny one but a suit. Yes but remember models change in the open. 3 of the men who worked for you have volunteered to cover the dressing room for you. I told them that after the show they could have you for the weekend. They had to promise not to use condoms and to drop you off a block away from my house naked. I just know that you will have a great new life. By the way, after you clean up Morgan’s Sorority is having a party tonight. She promised a nude server for the night. Before the party all of the girls want you to eat them so they will be nice and horny for the boys. Morgan wants to be first. I do love you sis and I know after a while you will be happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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