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“You heard me Car.. I’ve always wondered what that banging body looked like naked.. especially when its sweaty. All of my friends used to joke about fucking you, I felt like I was missing out..”

“What is it with you and sweat, Chris? You keep mentioning me being sweaty, is that some kind of gross turn-on for you? And I never fucked any of your friends.. well, maybe a few.”

“I knew it! I knew you were a slut! Everyone told me you were. I don’t even blame any guy for wanting to get with you though, you’re so damn sexy, sis. I’ve thought about you a lot.”

He stepped closer to her and rubbed his hand on one of her shoulders.

“Oh and about the sweat thing.. yeah, I’ve always kinda had a thing for sweaty sex. Why don’t we go to your room and I’ll clean the sweat off your body, babe.”

She was actually pondering the suggestion in her head, but she wouldn’t let on. She wasn’t going to be that easy to get.

“Uhm, excuse me, did you just call me babe? Uh, no, I’ll have to pass on that one you little perv.”

“Come on sis! Pleaseeee? I really wanna see those big, sweaty tan tits, and your sweaty ass and pussy.. heck, if you want I’ll compromise and just sniff and lick your sweaty ass. How about that? You know it’ll be fun!”

“Chris I’m really getting tired of this, please just let me go shower, we’ll talk later. I have other errands to run.”

“Come on sis. Just something? Can I get anything? Maybe I can just lay on the floor while you sit on your bed and I can sniff and kiss your sweaty socked-feet? Wouldn’t you like that big sis? My mouth around your sweaty socks while you rub your feet all over your baby brother’s face and tell him czech streets porno how much of pathetic bitch he is?”

The thought was enticing, she couldn’t lie to herself. She had been with a guy who had a thing for feet in the past, and while she was reluctant to try it at first, she ended up loving all of their foot-play. It had been a while since she had any foot play, and she realized now that that was the missing part of his sex life. She had recently been feeling like something was mising from her sex life, and this was it. Still, she didn’t want to completely give in to her brother yet and make it seem like she had wanted him this whole time too.

“Wow uhm. I don’t know what to say. You’re really persistent, Christopher. I don’t really want to talk about this anymore, but if I give you one of the socks that I have on right now, will you let me go shower? Do anything you want with it, just give it back to me by tonight so I can do my laundry.”

She knew by giving him the sock he would probably cum in it, but she wasn’t complaining. A big part of her wanted him to do that. Still, she had no idea this was something he regularly did on his own.

“Oh my god, yes! I’d love that, sis! Please let me have one of your sweaty pink socks babe! I’d let you shower right away!” He grinned uncontrollably, his cock stirring in his shorts.

She reached down with her thumb and index finger and pulled the damp sock off and held it up with two fingers for him to take.

“Ew. Here, you little freak. Enjoy.”

She put a sarcastic tone on the “enjoy” part as she flipped it up in the air towards him and she walked on by him to the shower. czech taxi porno Chris had no words, he was almost speechless and he couldn’t help but flash a huge grin as he had gotten her to compromise, and he knew part of her must’ve been giving in to his sexual wishes. Chris darted back to his room at the speed of light and threw himself on his bed. He pulled his shorts down and began furiously beating his dick. He was stroking so hard it must’ve looked like his hand was slamming into his ballsac everytime he completed a stroke. Chris took her sock and pressed it right up to his nose and mouth. Inhaling the scent deeper than he had ever inhaled before. The smell was so strong, and to most people must have been an awful smell, but he loved it. It made his big cock twitch in his hand. He kissed the sock and sucked on the bottom part of it where her sole was. The soft pink cotton was still damp from her sock, and warm. He was in heaven. His big sister had just done an intense cardio session in these, and here he was with her sweaty pink sock in his mouth. It was the closest thing to his ultimate fantasy of actually kissing her socked-feet.

Carlee closed the bathroom door and turned the shower water on. She couldn’t stop thinking about the hot foot-play she had in the past, thanks to her brother bringing it into her mind again. Carlee was a bit turned on by the whole ordeal, and she wanted to see what the fuss was about. She still had one of her socks on, so she took it off and held it up to her nose and she sniffed it. She made a cute scrunched-up face as she smelled it. It was definitely strong, but she didn’t hate it. For some reason she couldn’t stop smelling digitalplayground porno it. Strangely enough, at the same time she was doing this, Chris was doing the exact same thing in his room.

Just a minute or so into his jack-off session he was close to cumming. He remembered that she said he could do anything he wants with it.. BINGO! He had free reign to wrap it around his huge brother cock and shoot a load into it. That’s just what he did. As he was just about to cum, Chris slid it over his throbbing member and shot probably the biggest load he had ever shot in his life. Multiple ropes of thick, sticky white cum coated the inside of Carlee’s sweaty sock, right in the end of it where her toes were. Chris let out a loud grunt as he exploded, and he rested his head back on the pillow in pure ecstasy.

Chris now hatched a plan in his head. He would obey Carlee’s wishes and get the sock back to her tonight, but when he was in her room he would beg her to put it on. Their parents would both be asleep for work the next day, and Chris would make his move then. He’d try anything to get closer to fufilling his fantasy of being her baby brother foot slave, or worshipping any part of her body. You see, Chris had no limits when it came to his sister. He would literally do anything she asked. If she wanted him to worship her feet – he would. If she wanted him to sniff and eat her big tan butt – he would. If she wanted him to be her personal toilet – he would. Chris never got along with Carlee because of her stuck-up personality, but he adored her body. And because she had such an amazing body and Chris would do anything to see it and worship it, the stuck-up attitude almost turned him on and made him want it even more. It was a strange dynamic that maybe only made sense to him, but he knew he would not stop before reaching his goal. Chris wanted her so badly, and he thinks he just might be beginning to make her want him, too.

To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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