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“Jill, what are you doing here?”

Gwen’s youngest sister was at the door, suitcase in hand. She was crying.

“I didn’t know where else to go. I need a place to stay. Just for a couple of days, please.”

“Come on in. What’s this all about?”

“Our parents threw me out. I guess they finally had enough.”

“Somehow I’m not surprised. What happened?”

“You know I was doing drugs hard for a while but I’ve been clean for two years. But mom and dad kept on my case all the time. It seemed I couldn’t do anything right and we argued constantly. It was hell. I know, I know, it was mostly my fault. But, god, Gwen, sometimes they were so impossible. Well, they went to visit Uncle Paul and Aunt Nancy. After they left I decided to throw a party. We didn’t wreck the place or anything like that. But they came back a few hours earlier than I thought.”

“Yeah. And …?”

“Well, they walked in on me and a dozen of my friends having sex. I guess things just got out of hand. I was eating a girl’s pussy while some guy was fucking me from behind. Dad yelled and screamed for everyone to get out. Mom was shocked all to hell. Poor mom.

“Everyone scrambled to collect their clothes. Dad pushed me out the door, naked, and told me never to come back. A friend of mine went back the next day and mom put some of my stuff in this suitcase for me. That’s all I have. No money, no car, nothing. I hitchhiked to get here. If I can stay for just a day or two … Please.”

“God, Jill, you are such a mess. No. I don’t want you here. You will just cause trouble.”

“Please, Gwen. Can I at least stay in your garage for tonight. Maybe let me take a shower. And tomorrow I’ll move on somewhere.”

Bob returned from his classes to find Gwen and her sister in the living room.

“Jill, what are you doing here?”

“I got thrown out of my house. It’s a long story. Anyway, Gwen let me take a shower. I needed it bad.”

Gwen spoke up. “Jill needs a place to stay for tonight. I offered our garage.”

Bob looked with surprise at his wife. “Garage? We have a spare bedroom.”

“No, honey, move that air mattress into the garage. That will be good enough for one night.”

Bob figured there was more going on than he understood. Later, with her sister bedded down on the air mattress, they talked.

“She’s trouble, honey, always has been. She doesn’t have a job, doesn’t know how to do anything, doesn’t know anyone. You saw her, she looks like hell. You should have seen her when she showed up.”

“Yeah, but she is your sister.”

“We haven’t seen or spoken for three years. For good reason.”

“Well, looks to me like she needs to get a job, quick. Then maybe she can find an apartment with several girls that need one more. Do you know anyone who is hiring, like waitressing, clerical, that kind of thing?”

“I won’t recommend her to anyone I know.”

“Fred down at the garage said the gal that answers the phone just had surgery and will be off for at least a week. He’s already bitching after one day. How about if I talk with him?”

“Sure, what do I care, just leave me out of it. Can you call him now?”


“You look pretty good, Jill. A lot better than yesterday. Those are Gwen’s clothes?”

“Yeah, she said my stuff was awful. She even trimmed my hair and gave me some of her old makeup. I know she wants to get rid of me. I really appreciate you getting me this interview.” She touched him softly on the arm and smiled shyly.

Damn, she knows how to get a guy going. With a little bit of fixing up she would be an eighteen-year-old nymph version of Beth. Very sexy. Assuming she knows how to answer a telephone, Fred would be a fool not to hire her.

And he did.

“OK, Jill. You can use our spare bedroom for a few days provided you get your ass out there and find an apartment you can share.”

“I will, I promise. Thank you so much. I won’t cause any trouble. Promise.”

“There’s one other thing. Bob and I are married and we do what married people do. We make love. We fuck. I know you have had plenty of experience doing that so you shouldn’t be shocked. Maybe we aren’t in your league but we do ok. In fact, I think we do better than OK. Anyway, we aren’t going to change during your temporary stay. You understand?

“You will likely see me or Bob or both of us naked or nearly so. And we like to mess around in the kitchen, living room, wherever the moment strikes us. So you very well will have an opportunity to catch us. I want you to know beforehand so we don’t have some kind of incident.”

“Sure, I understand. If you don’t mind, I won’t mind. I’ll try be inconspicuous but might want to watch,” she said with a smirk.

The first incident was the very next day. Bob was eating Gwen’s pussy in their bedroom. She heard Jill come home from her new temp job. Looking over, she saw her sister standing in the open bedroom door, watching. Jill smiled at her, gave her a thumbs-up, and continued to watch for several minutes before going to her room.

“That looked like outdoor sex porno fun, sis. I hope you didn’t mind me watching,” Jill asked later as they came into the kitchen.

“Oh, when was that?” Bob was not aware since his face had been buried in pussy.

“Just a little bit ago, honey,” Gwen responded, “when you were eating me. Yeah, I saw you. Bob is the best pussy eater I’ve ever had, Jill. Maybe you noticed?”

“Sure looked that way. Your door was open and I thought maybe you wanted me to see. Anyway, thanks for not making a scene. Bob’s quite the stud, very nice ass. Do you think I could borrow him sometime?” she asked for shock value. “It’s been a while.”

Bob looked at his wife to see her reaction. Her younger sister was a real fox and he would readily agree but not if it caused marital problems.

“Sorry, he’s not available,” she curtly responded.

Later Gwen and Bob talked.

“She is a sexy little thing, isn’t she,” Gwen remarked.

“She and Beth could almost be twins. You’re right, she just oozes sex. No wonder she’s had lots of cock. I’ll bet she’s a real tiger in bed and might teach me a thing or two.”

“Want to find out? I wouldn’t mind.”

“You’re kidding! Yesterday you wanted her ass out of here. So I get to fuck her, right? You know that’s what would happen. Why this sudden generosity? Oh … I get it, you also want to play with her? Pussy?”

“Sure. That’s my interest. I still want her out of here but until then I might as well have some fun. Back home when Beth and I would get together, she would spy on us. We eventually let her watch but she was too young to join in. She is now eighteen and just oozes sex, as you noticed.

“Beth hasn’t seen her for a couple of years. I wonder how she would feel about joining in or letting Johnny fuck her. No doubt he would go for it. How about I make sure she’s cool and then have them over?”


“Jill, I invited Beth and her boyfriend over next Saturday. The two of you haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

“Yeah, at least two years. Before she moved out we argued all the time. Again, mostly my fault. I guess it’s time to mend more fences. What’s her boyfriend like?”

“Nice guy, treats her well. They are engaged.”

“What about you and Beth? When you were still living at home I watched the two of you go at it a number of times. Really turned me on and if I had been older I would have tried to participate.”

“We still get together.”

“You go down on each other? Cool. I’ve had my share of pussy and I’d love to join in. What about your husband? He wouldn’t mind?”

“Bob thinks you are super-hot and would jump at the chance to bed you. Would you be interested in fucking him?”

“I thought he was off-limits. Sure, great! It’s been two months since I had a dick in me and that’s a record for me. And from what I saw he has a very good body. But why are you being so generous with your husband?”

“You and I could have a really good time together and it wouldn’t be fair to tell Bob he can’t join in, provided you agree. He will be home soon, I’ll fix some drinks and you and he can sit on the sofa. Show interest in him and see how it goes. I think you know how to play that part.”

Even though Bob was plugged into the plan Gwen wanted it to unfold with Jill being the aggressor. It wasn’t ten minutes and she was rubbing his bulge as they sat side by side on the sofa.

“Looks like you have my husband’s attention. Go on, take him into the bedroom and I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

Suddenly bashful, Jill took Bob’s hand. He looked back at Gwen with a smile as the bedroom door closed. She didn’t know what Jill would do or expect but figured her husband would have a good time. About thirty minutes later she opened the door.

“Can I come in?”

Jill was sprawled out, legs spread, with Bob lapping away at her bare pussy.

“Gwen! Come on in!” she exclaimed. “Your husband really knows how to eat pussy. Would you believe, this is the second time. I’ve already come twice and another one is close. Do you see what he’s doing? Oh, honey, get it all. God, this is so dirty. Oh, god, so good.” She continued to babble.

Bob was an expert at cunnilingus and eating creampie, there wasn’t anyone better. Jill humped against his mouth while caressing the hair on his head. “Oh, baby, Oh … .” She let out a squeal, lifted her butt to his mouth and came. Bob smiled at Gwen as Jill slumped on the bed in a daze.

“Must have been good, huh?” she asked him, looking at his flaccid cock.

“You have no idea. Her pussy looks like yours and Beth’s but totally bare. You need to try it. I started out slowly, nudging my tongue between her lips. Her young pussy tasted good, fresh and clean. As I licked between her lips she pulled them apart so I could go deeper. I pushed my tongue into her hole, maybe an inch or so, flicking it in and out. She seemed to enjoy what I was doing so much that I kept going. Within minutes she was a wildcat humping against my mouth.

“When public agent porno she came she just about suffocated me, mashing me against her pussy, squirting on my face. Then we fucked. I’ll tell you, she is good. God, how she uses those pussy muscles! Like Beth, maybe better. Milked me like I was a dairy cow. And then I went down on her again and you saw how excited she got as I ate her creampie. All the fucking she’s done, I figured she would be loose as a goose. No way, tight as an eighteen-year-old virgin.

“Eighteen but I don’t think she’s a virgin! Do you think she can take Johnny’s? He’s really big.”

“Only one way to find out and he would be in for a treat. When are you going to talk to your sister?”

“I already have. I told them about last night and they are ready to join us. Beth suggested I seduce Jill in front of everyone, like I did with her. We get together Saturday afternoon. Do you have anything left? I’d like to fuck.”

“Give me a few minutes and play with it and I’ll be ready.”

On the way to the bathroom a few minutes later Jill heard the sounds of their humping. She stood at the open bedroom door, fingers in her still dripping pussy, and watched.


Jill was up and had coffee going when Gwen came into the kitchen. Jill searched her face, hoping that everything was ok, that last night did not create big problems.

“My husband is good, isn’t he?” Gwen asked to clear the tension.

“My god, yes. No wonder you married him. He was wonderful. No one has ever eaten me any better.”

“That’s my favorite too. He likes your bare pussy and thinks I should do it too so maybe you can help me sometime. He told me you really know how to fuck and I watched as he ate you that second time. You really exploded.”

“Yeah. I came three times, the first when he ate my pussy and then when we fucked. I do something with my pussy muscles that guys really love, squeezing and caressing his cock.”

“Yes, Bob told me.”

“That always sets the guys off. He came and I followed moments later. Then he surprised me by scooted down between my legs. He licked my pussy and then used his mouth to suck out his cum. My god, it was wonderful! I think he really liked doing it. So dirty! It didn’t take long for me to come again, my third time! Some guys can’t get me going even once. And afterwards I watched the two of you fuck. He recovers fast.”

“I know and then he ate my creampie. Honey, you might want to put on some more clothes. I don’t know if Bob can handle the view this early in the morning.”

Jill laughed. “Sorry, I just didn’t think. I got out of the habit of wearing much when I was dating. The guys liked it that way.”

Just as she got up Bob walked into the kitchen. He quickly focused on her breasts and panty-clad pussy. Momentarily distracted, he stood back to gather in the full view.

“Jill, you have the most amazing young body and such a sweet-tasting pussy. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Jill and Gwen both giggled. “Honey, I think you are doing your own showing off.” Bob’s underwear was tenting.

“Don’t blame me, honey. Just a natural reaction to a beautiful, sexy girl and the fun we had. God, the way your pussy muscles milked my cock was something else,” he gushed. “Just like Beth.”

Oops. Gwen shot daggers at her husband. Jill looked from one to the other, then broke into a big smile.

“Bob, so you are getting it on with my sister! Cool! Does her boyfriend join in? I thought you said they were engaged. Oh, I get it, you guys swap! God, sis, I pictured you as Miss goody-goody wallflower. How wrong I was. You let me share your husband and you swap with another couple. Cool! Does that mean, I guess, that her fiancé fucks you and Bob fucks her?”

“No guy-guy stuff but just about everything else. I’m only telling you this since you’ve basically figured it out.”

“What about me? I’m eighteen, can I join in this little family group?”

“I think they would be interested. Are you sure?”

“Absolutely! Wow, this is great. I love sex but most of the guys I hooked up with turned out to be disasters. How soon would this happen?”


“Great! And how soon can you and I get together?”

Gwen led her sister into the guest bedroom. A few minutes later Bob finished his coffee and peeked in the guest bedroom. Jill was laying between his wife’s spread legs, eating pussy. Gwen turned her head and smiled. He quietly closed the door.

The next day Jill shaved her sister’s pubic hair.


“Hi, guys, come on in,” Bob welcomed Beth and me. He handed us margaritas and we joined her sisters in the kitchen.

Making small talk, Gwen recounted how she had first met me, then Bob.

I chimed in, “Yeah, Bob was my best friend all through school. And then he stole Gwen away from me. But I robbed the cradle, hooking up with her gorgeous sister. So we both are happy campers. Funny, I do not recall seeing you around the Franklin house.”

“I wasn’t spending much time at home about then. reality kings porno Mostly with my friends,” she giggled.

Gwen spoke up. “I would like to kick off tonight by suggesting that we strip down to panties and underwear as we have a second round of drinks.”

Well, this is it. The addition of Jill added an element of erotic tension. I looked at Beth and nodded. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head, her unfettered breasts on display. Gwen did likewise, her larger ones proudly jutting from her chest. Without any hesitation Jill followed, displaying breasts identical to Beth’s. I stared.

“Put your tongue back in your mouth, honey,” Beth laughed.

“Come on guys, get with it.”

Bob dropped his jeans, his hardening cock popping up. No underwear.

“That’s cheating, Bob!” Beth scolded with a laugh. “Your turn, honey, show Jill what you’ve got.”

My cock was straining the seams of my underwear. Gwen reached over and pulled them down, the waist band catching on my cock head. “Oops,” she apologized. My eight inches stood proudly at attention.

“Nice, huh Jill? Think you can take that monster?” Gwen teased her sister. “Bob told me you have a really tight pussy. This might stretch it a bit.”

Jill bit her lips. “I once had a black guy that had one about your size, Johnny. It took some work to get it in me but it was worth it. I’m going to make it happen, you can bet on that.”

“How about if you and I put on a performance?” Gwen asked. “And then after your pussy is all warmed up with my tongue you can try Johnny. That ok with you, Beth?”

“Sure. And I want your husband to keep me company. Come over here, Bob.”

“We need some music.”

Jill and Gwen peeled off their panties and I stared at Jill’s newly bared pussy. She and Beth had small landing strips and I now decided bare was better. Standing before us they hugged and ground their crotches together. Gwen moved a hand between her sister’s legs, running a finger along her pussy lips. Jill did likewise.

The girls French kissed as they swayed to the music, fingers penetrating each other’s pussy. Jill whispered something to her sister who nodded and led her to the sofa. Jill laid down, one leg propped on the back of the sofa, the other on the floor, her bare pussy splayed wide for us.

Gwen diddled her with her index finger, then moved to her clit, gently massaging the little nub. Now her finger was penetrating her tight pussy, then two fingers while her thumb rubbed her clit.

Withdrawing her fingers, she scooted between her widespread legs, nudging her pussy lips apart. Jill reached down and spread her lips to give her more room. Her pussy was already engorged with excitement, her pink love hole pulsing. Gwen reinserted two fingers into her gaping pussy while licking her clit. Faster and faster she finger-fucked her sister, her tongue rapidly flicking her nub.

We drew close as her climax approached.

“Oh honey, oh baby. Do me. Oh … Feels so good … Oh … Oh.” She thrust forward, forcing her sister’s fingers deep into her pussy. Gwen quickly withdrew and motioned for me.

“Fuck her, Johnny. Now!”

My cock was rock hard as I rubbed between her lips to get it lubricated. Her eyes were closed, still in the afterglow of her orgasm. My cock head found her hole and I shoved half way on the first thrust. Her eyes flew open.

“Oh … Oh. So big! I didn’t know,” she babbled as I continued to go deeper. Once fully embedded in her snug pussy, I withdrew, leaving her pink hole already gaping. Again her eyes locked onto mine, questioning. I rubbed my cock between her lips, adding more lubrication, then pushed, bottoming out in one thrust. Back out again, between her lips, then deep. Several times I teased her before establishing a steady motion.

Her pussy was gushing fluid as I pounded away, my cock and her lips coating with foam.

“I want you on top. Fuck me,” I said as we changed positions. She felt behind her, positioning my cock at her hole, and smoothly took me. She rocked back and forth, using the full length of my cock. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, much like how Beth would do it. She rested her ass hard against my crotch, wiggling until my cock was as deep as possible.

“Oh,” she exclaimed. She wiggled some more and I felt the head of my cock pressing deep inside her. “Oh, Johnny, I think you are against my cervix. Oh, what a strange feeling.”

“Oh, God, Oh, damn. I feel all tingly, going from my head to my toes.” She was now kneeling upright, her pussy mashed down against me. “Oh, baby… .”

Moments later she came with a shudder and collapsed on top of me. I stayed inside, gently moving my still erect cock as she lay on top of me, still in a daze. I was prepared to continue fucking but she rolled to my side, exhausted. Gwen quickly moved between her legs and gently licked her gapping pussy. I stood up, my glistening cock sticking straight out. Beth kissed me with her tongue.

“You taste like pussy, honey. Wow, you really got her going but I’m glad you didn’t come. I want you,” she hissed as she led me by my cock to the guest bedroom. I sunk into her sloppy pussy already full of Bob’s cum. Some minutes later we rejoined the others to find Bob and Gwen fucking on the sofa and Jill masturbating as she watched. We dressed and quietly left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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