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Vickie’s eyes popped open well before her alarm clock was to sound. She quickly got up, showered and stood before her open closet trying to decide what to wear. Last night she was ready to go to school in her shortest skirt and in her sheerest blouse but the light of a new morning caused her to be apprehensive. Vickie peered into the closet and wondered what she could have possibly been thinking and reached for her modest, knee length skirt. She found a blouse that complemented the skirt and decided to wear a jacket. As she modeled the outfit, she thought she looked like a prim and proper lawyer.

Noting the time, she realized that she was very early and decided to check her e-mail. While waiting for her computer to power up, she sat at her desk and thought about SIX and his prying camera. Vickie spread her legs and tried to determine what it would feel like knowing that someone was watching her through a camera under her school desk.

Finally, she opened her mail and was disappointed that there was no messages from SIX. She was about to delete what looked like the normal amount spam when one of the messages caught her eye. It was addressed to Miss Roach with a intro line that stated ‘Open before school’. Vickie opened the message and smiled when she read the simple message. DRESS SEXY. ME. The ME confused Vickie at first and then she realized that it from Mary Ellen. She closed the e-mail and sat there smiling. Never before had any of her students e-mailed her and now there were two, SIX and Mary Ellen and both seemed able to control her.

Vickie revisited the closet and took the hanger that held the other skirt that she purchased from Pam’s store. She stripped off the modest skirt and looked at herself in the floor length mirror. This skirt stopped a good two inches above her knee. Vickie changed her blouse to one that wasn’t as opaque as the first. She could see the outline of her black bra so she slipped on the sports jacket so she could at least hide her undergarments from the leering glances of her senior class. Next, she slipped into a pair of mid sized heels that gave her legs a lean, taut, sexy look, especially since the skirt allowed more of her legs to be visible.

When Vickie left her house, she felt sexy and confident. Even the drive to school felt exciting. At a stop light, a truck slowly stopped beside her. The man in the passenger seat was staring down at her. Vickie wasn’t sure what caused him to stare until she realized that her skirt had ridden up and her legs were exposed all the way up to her crotch. The feeling was overwhelming as she did nothing to cover herself and was disappointed when the light turned green.

All day at school, Vickie got complimented for her looks. This was a new experience for the former dowdy teacher who considered a baggy sweatshirt to be high fashion. She noticed the students turn and watch her as she walked by in the corridor. She was cognizant of the boys who let her walk past them on the stairs, knowing that they were peeking up her skirt as she ascended the stairs. She even noticed more than a few female students who eyed her and then gave her a knowing smile.

The day was a whirlwind. Many students in her classes sat opened mouthed as they soaked in her new look. As much as Vickie enjoyed every second of her day, she was so excited when the fifth period ended and the students filed out. Within a few minutes, her sixth and last period class would be entering her room. Vickie buttoned her jacket and waited outside the door. She felt as if every student, teacher, administrator, aide, and custodian who walked by looked at her legs and she wanted so much to open her jacket and let the stare at her chest, her black, sexy bra. Vickie almost regretted wearing the bra. She stood outside her classroom door and wondered what would it be like if everyone who passed could see her naked chest.

The first of her students arrived. Elona, a rather tall, very slender, quiet girl, whose typical wardrobe consisted of a tight pair of jeans and an even tighter knit top, entered the class. Elona exuded athleticism with her fluid motions and for the first time she greeted her teacher. Vickie watched the young, eighteen year old girl walk to her seat and marveled at the way her perky chest was accentuated by the tightness of her top. A few more students entered the room and they all greeted their math teacher with cheery hellos and even one whistle. Veronica caught Vickie’s eye and true to form this cute girl wore a short skirt bahis firmaları and was chatting with her classroom admirer, James. Joey and José entered and bumped into a desk because they kept walking even though their heads were turned around to gawk at Miss Roach. Mary Ellen walked by, dressed very conservatively in jeans and a sweater, even though the sweater moved with her obviously untethered breasts. The students continued to enter and Vickie was about to close the door when she noticed Sarah. Sarah was the quietest student she had ever observed. Vickie wondered why the girl kept to herself and shunned the attention of others. Vickie had to chuckle to herself when she thought about how she should try to get Sarah to come out of her shell. It was just a few short months ago when people made the same statement about the her. With all of her students present, Vickie closed the classroom door and smiled, wondering what this day would bring.

Miss Roach, sat at her desk and took attendance. She looked down and was amazed at how high her skirt rose by the simple act of sitting. She kept her knees pressed together knowing that SIX was monitoring her on camera. He’d have enough leg to view without her purposely giving him a better view.

Vickie’s lesson went well, with few questions. At one point, she decided to walk up and down the aisles as she used her new laser pointer to identify the concepts that she had written on the board. She stopped in the row with Mary Ellen on one side and Joey on the other and continued to instruct. Her lesson finished, she gave the assignment and continued to stand at that spot and observed the students as they busied themselves with the problem of the day.

Vickie felt so different, standing there. She felt sexy, she felt a surge flow through her body as she realized that most students were staring at her legs instead of the target of the laser pointer and she felt Mary Ellen’s hand on the back of her thigh.

Vickie turned towards the girl and Mary Ellen asked for help. Vickie bent over at her waist and peered at her student’s computer screen.

Mary Ellen typed a message on her screen.

“Are you wearing panties?”

“Of course” replied Vickie, knowing her students would never imagine what question she was answering.

“Too bad.”

“Why?” asked Vickie.

“Joey’s going to break his neck trying to look up your skirt. “I’m sure that he can see your pretty panties.”

Vickie continued to lean over and look at Mary Ellen’s screen and she liked the idea of giving Joey a good look.

The next message startled her.

“Take off you panties.”

Mary Ellen looked up to catch her beautiful teacher’s reaction and was disappointed when Miss Roach shook her head, no.

Mary Ellen type another message.

“Do it. You know you want to.”

Vickie stared at her screen.

Mary Ellen added, “Go into your back room and take off your panties, Vickie. Now! Then come back to me and give them to me.”

Vickie straightened and headed back to her desk, where she defied her student’s demand and sat down.

The teacher opened her e-mail and there was a message from SIX. Vickie was relieved to diverted from Mary Ellen’s demands and opened the message.

Dear Vickie,

You look incredibly sexy. I bet every boy in school wants you. I want you to take off your jacket and place it over the back of your chair.


Vickie smiled and stood behind her chair. It seemed as if every student was looking at her as she slowly slid one arm out of her jacket. Vickie felt like she was performing a slow strip tease in front of her class as she made sure that she thrust out her chest as she slithered her other arm out of the jacket. The young teacher couldn’t believe how sexy she felt and wondered what it would be like to just keep going. She continued to stand behind her chair, even after she placed her jacket on the chair back. The whole class seemed mesmerized at her actions and it appeared that they could read her mind. She sat before she lost control.

Looking back to her e-mail, she noticed another message.

Dear Vickie,

I know what you were thinking, my naughty teacher. You thought about taking off all of your clothes. Next, I want you to go into your back room and take off your panties. You know you want to.


Vickie was shocked and wondered if SIX and Mary Ellen knew each other. They both demanded the same thing. It was too big of a coincidence. She was determined to find kaçak iddaa out but first she knew that she would obey and got up from her chair and went to her back room.

Once inside the confines of her back room, Vickie quickly hoisted up her skirt and slithered her panties down her curvy legs. As upset as she was that two students were controlling her, she smoothed down her skirt and realized that she did enjoy the feeling of reentering her classroom not only without panties but also in the shortest skirt she had ever worn. Vickie balled the panties into her fist and felt excited as she left the room.

Mary Ellen’s hand was quickly in the air. “I need help, Miss Roach.”

Vickie made her way back to Mary Ellen’s desk. She was suddenly aware that bending over might provide Joey and everyone behind her with a view that she was not willing to give them, so she sort of stooped to talk to Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen held out her hand under her desk and Miss Roach placed her panties in Mary Ellen’s hand.

“Thank You, Miss Roach.” said a smiling Mary Ellen.

“You’re welcome” replied Vickie as she made her way back to her desk.

There was another e-mail from SIX.

Dear Vickie,

I love your black bra. I love your breasts. Did you take off your panties?”


Vickie had just moved the stapler into position that signaled SIX that she had complied with his request when the bell rang, ending class.

Mary Ellen lingered and made her way to her teacher’s desk. When the last student left the class, Mary Ellen moved behind her teacher’s desk and swiveled Vickie’s chair so that she was facing her. Mary Ellen looked down and gawked at her teacher’s naked legs peeking out from under the short skirt.

“How did it feel not having these?” asked Mary Ellen as she pressed her teacher’s panties to her face.

Vickie said nothing.

“I’m surprised the whole room couldn’t smell you.” she said as Mary Ellen again pressed the panties to her nose.

“May I have my panties back?” asked Vickie.

“Of course.” answered Mary Ellen but she did not extend her hand to her teacher to return the undergarments.

“Well?”, smiled Vickie.

“Stand up, my precious math teacher and allow me.”

Vickie stood and Mary Ellen stooped down and held out the panties, indicating to her teacher that she should raise one foot.

Vickie complied and Mary Ellen slipped the panties over the extended foot and then the next. With both of Vickie’s feet firmly planted on the floor, Mary Ellen, slowly raised the panties higher and higher as her teacher wiggled into them. When Mary Ellen reached the bottom of the skirt, she looked up at her teacher and said “I need a little help, here.”

Vickie smiled and grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it slightly.

“Like, higher, duh.”

Vickie obeyed and she could feel Mary Ellen looking at her nakedness as she pulled up the panties.

“Mmmm.. Some day you should invite me over and I’d love to dress you, my sexy teacher.”

Vickie readjusted her skirt and looked sternly at Mary Ellen.

“I have to ask you something and I want the truth.”

Mary Ellen could sense the sudden change in Vickie and asked what was the matter.

“Just tell me the truth, that’s all.” demanded Vickie.

“I’d never lie to you, Miss Roach, never.”

Miss Roach stared directly into her student’s eyes and asked “Do you know SIX?”


“Do you know SIX?”

“The number Six?”

“No. the person named SIX. Do you know him?”

“Him? SIX? Never heard of him. why?”

“Never mind.”

“Forget never mind. Tell me. Who is Six and why should I know him?” demanded Mary Ellen.

Vickie stayed quiet.

Mary Ellen got very forceful and repeated in a very stern voice,” Tell me.”

Vickie swiveled her chair back to face her desk and put her elbows on the surface and her face in her hands as she stared blankly ahead.

Mary Ellen got a chair and pulled it so that she sat beside her teacher. She was suddenly very concerned.

Mary Ellen stroked the teacher’s hair and in a soothing voice pleaded with her teacher to tell her. At one point she turned Vickie back so they faced each other again. Mary Ellen leaned forward and softly pressed her lips to her teacher’s lips and uttered softly, “Please. Please tell me.”

The words came as if in a torrent. Vickie told her student everything. She told her about the e-mails, the watching from the window, the blindfold, the new teaching kaçak bahis method, the camera under the desk.

“What camera?”

Vickie opened the web site that displayed the camera image and turned so that her legs went into the well of the desk. Soon, both the teacher and the student were looking at the sexy legs poking from under the short skirt.

Vickie felt ashamed and said to Mary Ellen, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry? Why be sorry? This is awesome. This is so, so sexy, but, but..” and Mary Ellen seemed as if she wanted to ask so many questions at once that all she could say was, “but.. but.”

Finally,”Why did you suspect that I knew about SIX?”

She told her about the e-mail telling her to take off her panties.

“Great minds think alike.” smiled Mary Ellen.

“Do you suspect anyone?”


“Do you want to know?”

“I’m not sure.” replied a confused teacher.

“Look. Tomorrow’s my day.” said an excited student. “this is so fucking awesome.”

“Mary Ellen!” retorted Vickie, “Watch your language.”

“Sorry, teach.” she quickly said and moved towards Vickie and kissed her deeply.

See ya tomorrow.” said Mary Ellen and she bounded out the door.

Vickie stood in her empty classroom and she could still feel the sexual tension in the room. She walked up and down the aisles, trying to determine who is SIX and wondering how her students perceived her. She made her way back to her desk and sat down. After accessing the camera web site. She watched her own legs as she sat. She crossed and uncrossed her legs to see what was revealed by the camera. At one point she spread her legs wide and she could detect her dainty panties in the images provided by the camera. Vickie managed to wiggle her skirt so the hem was at her waist and she just stared at the scene on her computer.

Unable to control her excitement, she slid a hand down and caressed her own thigh, imagining that it was SIX who was doing it to her. She watched her fingers slide over the front of her panties and wondered if she were ready to let SIX do this to her. She actually got a finger under the band of her panties when she noticed that she had e-mail. This caused her to sit straight up as she looked in her in box. There were two messages. She opened the one from SIX first.

Dear Vickie,

You have morphed into much more than I expected. You are incredible. You are so sexy and beautiful. Today, I actually thought about what it would be like if I had you strip naked in class. I know that’s not possible but watching you caress yourself under your desk is close. I can’t wait for Friday night.


Vickie suddenly realized that SIX was watching her every move. He had seen her touch herself and she instinctively closed her legs.

She opened the second e-mail.

Yo Teach,

I knew I shouldn’t have put those panties back on you. Nice view. Make sure I get to sit at your desk tomorrow.


Both of her students were watching and suddenly she got worried that it might be even more. The worry was not strong enough to pry the young teacher out her chair as she opened her grade book to scan the students names, looking for some clue as to the identity of SIX.

She let her legs part slightly as she studied some of the names. She didn’t think it was Joey or José. She knew it wasn’t Veronica or Sarah. She didn’t think it was James who spent most of class looking up Veronica’s skirt. Joann spent the whole day touching her own breasts. She dismissed Billy and Dave quickly. She knew it was a male student but some of the females were acting a little strange, lately. Elona, who until yesterday had never spoken a word to her seemed to be evolving on her own. Then there was Jenn. She could picture her sitting at her desk. Her long black hair outlining her pretty face and complimenting her gray eyes. Jenn didn’t appear to be affected by the classroom antics of the past few months and actually appeared to be the most sophisticated and the most mature for her age. But Vickie remembered being in a teacher’s room conversation with another math teacher, Mr. B. Vickie remembered Mr. B’s disappointment when he looked at the student rosters for his classes and found that Jenn was not one of his students. The way he carried on, Jenn this and Jenn that. Vickie wondered if he had secret feelings for the student, especially since she remembered that it was about a week ago that he saw Jenn sitting on the edge of Mr. B’s desk after school.

Vickie sat at her desk and thought about many of her students and lost track of time. It was an e-mail that got her attention.

Yo Teach,

Take off the panties.


Vickie smiled, logged off and went home.

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