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Artificial Vagina

Hello My Dear Readers…

This is the story of a raunchy Indian mom, narrated by her 24 year old son, Abhijith.

I plan to publish this as a series. The intend is to write stories with the sensibility and logic of porn movies, but also giving importance to emotions and relationships.


Happy Reading!!

My mom, Roopa, had always been a slag. She was addicted to sex, and would shamelessly spread her legs for anyone who had a cock.

She did not care about the age, size or looks of her sex partner. She just wanted to have her holes filled with new meat.

While it always left me humiliated, mom’s very sad past with my abusive dad played a key role in forcing her to find happiness & pleasure from other men.

At 45, my mom was still a very hot woman. She was fair and had smooth black wavy hair. Her body size was 34-26-37, and she thoroughly deserved all the attention she got.

Though she never dressed overly provocative, she always managed to let men around know she was willing to have a good time. One look at her, and a man on the hunt could tell she was a slutty MILF waiting for a good pounding.

She was very careful to not let the world know she had been sleeping around. And everybody in our family believed mom still lived a miserable unhappy life.

Mom also made sure she chose the right partners, and all her flings remained a one night stand.

Everybody she got laid with was from the lower class of the society. All of them were men who would consider it their biggest luck, to fuck a married woman from an upper class family.

While they thrived on the fact that they were degrading a rich woman, my mom found pleasure with her whorry act.

They all knew they were not going to get another chance with her, and my mom knew it was going to remain a secret, just like what she wanted.

My mom, however, always had the hots for my younger cousin brother, Adheesh. He was only 19, and he lived with us.

He walked around the house in just his tiny tight boxers, and I have seen my mom ogling at his body, many times.

He was slim and looked weak, but still had a good strong body. He was fair, and had an attitude that would make any girl fall for him.

I had also noticed his penis was well hung & mostly erect, and my mom too had noticed that. She never could resist checking out his hard cock. Her lusty face often made me feel she could see through his boxers.

Above all this, Adheesh had once seen my mom completely naked. He walked into her changing her clothes, embarrassing himself and my mom. Though it was purely accidental, and never talked about later, he had seen her in her bare self, and my mom knew it too.

Deep inside my mind, even as my mom had no shortage of men to satisfy her, I always knew Adheesh would one day screw her. I was only surprised, it had taken so much time.

My mom was sleeping on her bed, that night, when she woke up hearing the door bell ring. It was well past 12, and she got herself out of the bed with a lot of effort.

She was wearing only her pink baby-doll camisole. She did try to put on her matching pink satin robe, but skipped it hearing the bell ring repeatedly.

The camisole hardly managed to cover her pussy lips, and her fat round ass cheeks were almost fully left exposed. But honestly, her milky cleavage was enough to make anybody cum.

“Oh Adheesh!! Where were you all this while?? I missed having you here.” she said opening the door for my cousin brother, and hugging student sex parties porno him tight.

“I am so sorry Roopa Aunty, for coming home this late. I know I disturbed your sleep. I did not expect the movie to be so long.” he said, continuing to hug her.

“Come on sweetie.. It’s totally alright. Let me get you something to eat. You must be hungry.” mom said holding his hand, and walking him to the kitchen.

“I just need some water Aunty.” Adheesh said looking at my mom’s back. The camisole seemed totally non-existent.

Adheesh couldn’t believe his luck, as he got to see my mom’s thick curvy ass sway, with every step she took. Her butt begged to be spanked.

And when my mom opened the fridge, and bent over to get him a glass of cold water, her slutty pink camisole rides up high to show him the whole of her naked ass and exposed pussy.

Adheesh just couldn’t control himself, and ended up grabbing my mom’s left ass cheek, parting it to the side, to touch her pussy lips.

“AAHH” my mom left out a moan, turning around, and looking at him with a horny smile.

“You are so naughty Adheesh!! Do you have any idea about what you have just done?! Don’t you think it is highly inappropriate to be touching your aunt like that??” my mom asked him, coming really close to him, and holding him by his collar, teasing him.

“I am sorry, but I always wanted you Roopa Aunty. You are so damn hot for a woman of your age. You should be in college, and getting laid 24×7.” Adheesh had a sly seductive smile on his face, when he said that.

“Why don’t you show me how then??” mom shot back at him, pulling her camisole further up, revealing her pinkish brown, clean shaven pussy, and rubbing her clit with her fingers.

Adheesh immediately lifted my mom, and made her sit on the kitchen table. Raising her legs on to the table, and spreading them wide, he started licking my mom’s already wet pussy.

“OOOOOO” mom whined as Adheesh licked her clit, and rubbed his teeth on her labia.

Nobody had ever cared to go down on her, and neither did she ever expect anyone to. There was hardly any foreplay, during any of her previous sexual encounters. My mom, too, was more eager on having a cock inside her.

Just two minutes into having her pussy eaten by Adheesh, my mom desperately wanted to taste my cousin brother’s young throbbing cock. Though she thoroughly enjoyed his tongue inside her pussy, she just could not wait to start loving his meat!!

By the time Adheesh unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out, my mom was already on her knees.

She opened her mouth in shock & awe, and her eyes grew big seeing the size of her young nephew’s thick long cock.

“Oh My!!” mom blurted out, astonished. Adheesh was definitely 11 inched, and my mom had never expected his cock to be so big.

She had at-least a 100 dicks inside her, but nobody was this huge. She never cared about size before, but Adheesh sure had a monster hiding inside.

Mom blew his cock, like how a little kid would feed on a lollipop, as he grabbed & pulled her hair hard, calling her a dirty slut.

“Suck it, bitch!!” Adheesh said with a tone of arrogance.

The first time my mom ever had a cock in her mouth, was the day my dad came home very drunk, years ago. They argued for hours before dad pushed my mom out of the house, in the middle of the night.

Mom stood crying outside the gate of our house, in just her brown sleeveless cotton nighty. She did submissive cuckolds porno not know what to do, until a taxi stopped by.

The driver approached her, asking if he can take her somewhere. Seeing mom cry, he understood something was wrong.

“You can sleep in here for the night. It is not safe to be out at this hour of the night.” He offered mom the backseat of his car.

Mom really did not have a lot of options. Her nighty barely covered her thighs, and worse she had no bra or panties underneath. Standing alone, hoping dad would change his mind, was suicidal.

Mom entered the car, but after driving around for five minutes, the driver stopped the car in an open ground.

“Don’t worry. It is safe here. I will take you back in the morning.” he reassured mom, looking at her through the rear-view mirror.

“I really don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I was still standing there.” mom expressed her gratitude.

Mom was slowly falling asleep, when she heard the door of the car open, and saw the driver sit next to her in the back seat.

“Listen Ma’am… You already know this. Any sane man can guess you have nothing under your dress. If I had left you there, random guys would have been feasting on your body now. I am not asking for much, but can you please give me a blow job??” he asked as he took his cock out.

Mom just had to do it. Saying no was not an option, and he knew it too. Mom licked & sucked his stinky hard cock, and he couldn’t help grinning when she told it was the first time she gave head.

The taxi driver, however, was not the first man, after my dad, to have his way with mom. But his 9 inched cock was the biggest mom had seen in all these years. Until, Adheesh served my mom his thick long meat.

Once Adheesh had enough of my mom blowing him, and mom was back on her feet, he raised her left leg, and placed it on the table kitchen. Without any hesitation he pushed his throbbing cock deep inside my mom’s wanting pussy.

“OOOHHH” mom groaned, as he stuffed the entire length of his cock inside her, stretching the walls of her filthy pussy.

She had been taken many times before, but nobody felt this dominant. Adheesh already seemed to own my mom.

His thrusts were fast, and though my mom repeatedly said he was hurting her, he just turned her around and rammed her even harder from the back.

“MMM MMM MMM” my mom whimpered, having multiple orgasms in a matter of few seconds.

Adheesh too had already climaxed, but even as his cum leaked out of my mom’s mature pussy, he hadn’t completely stopped fucking her. He had only slowed down.

When he finally pulled his 11 inched cunt-stabber, out of my mom’s pussy, he was still semi-erect. He just wasn’t finished yet.

Getting himself onto the top of the kitchen table, and laying down, he asked my mom to sit on his cock and ride him.

Like an obedient slut, my mom climbed on to the top of the table. She stroked his cock for a minute, and sat on his rock hard fuck-pole.

“FUCKKK!!!” she gasped, as she started riding him.

Mom still had her pink camisole on her, and Adheesh finally pulled the straps down. For the first time, that night, he cared to love her gorgeous melons. Mom’s boobs were pretty big, and she needed E Cup Bras.

“They have grown bigger!!” he said in a hoarse voice, groping my mom’s milky tits.

“Huhh, what??” mom asked, still jumping on his cock, but visibly shaken. taboo heat porno Mom had never been fucked so hard, and she was starting to feel worned out. But it was what Adheesh had to say that was going to really hit her.

“Your boobs were not this big, the last time I saw them.” Adheesh said with a smirk on his face, looking straight into my mom’s eyes. My mom was sure Adheesh would never forget seeing her naked, but she never expected he would talk about it.

For some strange reason, even as mom was having sex with Adheesh, she seemed greatly disturbed when he started talking about the day he saw her in the nude.

“I have spent so many nights wanking for you, Roopa Aunty. It was the best sight I ever saw. I always wanted to fuck you since that day, but never thought it would be so easy.” Adheesh continued, as mom listened.

She did try covering her boobs with one hand, and her pussy with the other. But that was not enough to prevent Adheesh from having the most enticing view of his hot aunt.

“There are a lot of guys I know, who wish they could have some fun with you. They are just too scared how you would react. After all, you have an image of a wronged woman, who had her life destroyed by her husband.” Adheesh had more to say.

“But here you are, riding my dick like a dirty whore. Maybe I should let them all know how badly you desire for sexual pleasure.” Adheesh was really messing with my mom now.

Mom slowed down her movements on his cock, trying to pay attention to everything he had to say. Everybody she had sex with talked very little or almost nothing during the act. And whatever they said did not matter because they knew nothing about her.

But with Adheesh, everything was different. He was her very own brother’s son. They knew a lot about each-other, and anybody in the family too could know what happened between them.

Even if everything he said was his way of talking dirty, Adheesh had made mom think of the consequences. For the first time mom felt a strange sense of fear fill in her.

Mom could have very well avoided this, if she had stopped Adheesh the very second he made his move on her. She knew she could have, but she didn’t. She was addicted to sex, and to the touch of a man. Adheesh was too good for her to resist.

She was a slut, and she knew it too. But she still was a woman, a mother. There was no way she could allow the family & society call her a wamp.

Even now, though stunned, she just cannot ask him to stop, and leave. Instead she tried convincing herself this was going to stay between Adheesh and her. She still felt she needed to have her lusty cravings fulfilled.

My mom was lost in thoughts, and sat still on top of him. But Adheesh had kept guiding his rod in and out of her pussy, all along. He could feel he was nearing an orgasm.

Adheesh was quick to realize mom was distressed. He wanted to have some dominance on her, and he was winning. The fact that he had control over my mom’s body & mind further excited him.

Adheesh groped her boobs harder, and pinched her nipples bringing her back to her senses. He increased his pace, arousing my mom, again.

Mom moaned louder now, and was jumping vigorously on his cock. Adheesh held mom by her hips, helping her glide up and down his stick, as raised his pelvis higher, and pushed his cock further inside mom’s twat.

“You are such a slut, Roopa Aunty!!” Adheesh groaned as he shot his load, one more time inside my mom’s pussy.

Mom had cum too, and she fell on him, completely exhausted. It was physically and mentally exerting for her.

Adheesh kissed my mom on her lips,and she responded by slowly licking his lips with her tongue.

They smooched, and fell asleep on the kitchen table, with Adheesh’s cock still inside my mom’s cunt.

To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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