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To say the least, things had been interesting since that night. Kerri and I have spent many hours making love and even had another threesome with my friend Tony. After high school graduation, my life was changing. During the summer, my relationships with my close high school friends were fading away as most were going to out of state colleges and Tony was leaving for Texas to work construction with his older brother. I was enrolling in a local college and would have to make a new set of friends.

During this time, my mother and I grew very close. Not only having a sexual relationship but we were close and sharing companionship. Kerri enjoyed the attention I gave her and I noticed that she had lost some weight and was exercising more. In fact, she looked her best in about five years. I enjoyed her company as it was lonely as my friends left, not to mention the sex was wonderful and very exciting.

It was early October and the college was holding no classes on a particular Thursday. It was nice to have the day off but it was a special day off. It was like having the town to myself because no one else was off for a government holiday or for general school day off. The weather report for that day predicted clear skies and temperatures in the 70’s. I planned to go hiking and shoot some nature photography. I asked my mother if she would

want to come with me and maybe do a picnic lunch. Kerri was excited about getting out

in the woods and spending time with me. She eagerly said yes.

That Thursday morning, I had a quick breakfast and got ready. I dressed in flannel shirt, jeans, hiking boots and strapped a fanny pack to my belt to hold my camera and film.

I met my mom upstairs who was already to go. She had already packed lunch in a small

sports duffle. Kerri looked beautiful that morning, dressed in tube top, jeans, and a light jacket, Kerri went into the bedroom to kiss my sleeping father goodbye and then

we left for Grand Rocks park. Grand Rocks is a great local park with about 500 acres

of woods, glades, trails, and streams.

Kerri drove and after about 20 minutes, we arrived. We pulled into the parking area

and our car was the only vehicle there. We had the whole park to ourselves. I decided that we should hike this one trail, do some photos, and then go back to the car to pick up our lunch. I knew a great spot on another trail for a lunch. We started to walk this trail and we were holding hands or had our arms around each other’s waist. It was very nice to be able to touch affectionately outside our house. Since no one was around, we could be more open in a public area.

It was a glorious Midwest morning with clear blue skies, cool crisp air, and a multicolor view of tree leaves turning yellow, browns, and reds. We had reached an overlook and I snapped some shots of the surrounding hillsides. That was the last nature pictures I shot as the rest of the shots were of Kerri. I shot the rest of the roll of my mother, either posing or head shots with nature as the background. Kerri was very photogenic and enjoyed posing for me. We took a connecting trail and headed back to the car.

It had gotten warmer since we had started that morning. I stripped off my flannel shirt and left it in the car. I was more comfortable in my t shirt and jeans anyway. Mom left her light jacket in the car also. I paused to change rolls of film and then picked up the sports duffel with our lunch. Kerri and I headed for a trail that wormed it’s way through an area with three streams. We went about a mile then we headed onto another trail which took us through an area heavily wooded with sycamores. After a quarter mile,

the trail ended in a small circular glade clearing.

I opened the czech taxi porno duffel, pulled out a blanket, and floated the blanket onto the ground. Kerri sat on the blanket and proceeded to make our lunch. I stood and looked around. It was

just mom and I, in a small clearing with a few wild flowers, surrounded by multicolor leaved sycamores, and no sounds except for bird calls. I sat down next to Kerri who was opening a bottle of wine. She poured the white wine into two goblets and handed me one.

I took a sip and leaned over to kiss my mother. It was soft and long, wet with the sweet taste of the wine. We both smiled and took a bite of our sandwiches. Kerri looked so beautiful that day in her jeans and tube top with the bright sun reflecting off her platinum hair and white skin. After a few bites, I stood up to snap some shots of Kerri holding her wine glass.

I thought to myself, how cool it would be to lay around naked on this warm sunny day.

I wanted to be nude for the rest of the picnic but unsure if mom would be willing or not.

I started to strip off my t shirt and said to Kerri, “Let’s have some fun and get naked”

Kerri looked surprised and asked, “Here? In public?”

“We are the only ones in the park and no one ever comes to this spot” I said, taking off my boots and socks.

“I have never done this but it sounds wicked and marvelous” she grinned, “you

sure no one will catch us?”

“I’m sure” I reassured as I pulled down my jeans and briefs.

Kerri looked at me admiringly and said “you look so handsome especially in the outdoors. I am so blessed to have you as my son”

I started to untie mom’s shoes as she peeled off her tube top. Her nipples harden in the fresh air. Kerri unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans while I remove her shoes and socks.

She slid her jeans and panties past her hips and I pulled them the rest of the way off.

I stood back up and with my camera, snapped a shot of my mom, lying nude on the blanket, beaming a big smile. I sat next to my mother, put my arm around her naked waist, and we continued to empty our wine glasses.

I could see that Kerri was enjoying the feeling of the outdoors against her skin and was getting very turned being nude in the outdoors. She gently pushed me on by back and partially laid on top of me, lightly kissing my neck. Our lips met and soon our tongues were sliding in each other’s mouth. I caressed her back with my hands as I felt the comfortable touch of her breasts pressed against my chest. I could feel her long slender fingers fondle my hard cock. Kerri broke

our kiss and ran her tongue down the length of my chest. Soon, her lips and hands were

making love to my cock. I leaned up and grabbed my camera. I snapped a wonderful shot of my mom with my cock in her mouth as her eyes looked up towards me.

She stopped for a second and smilingly said, “I hope you don’t show those to anyone else!”

I looked her lovingly and reassured, “Just our private pics between me and you”

Kerri resumed sliding her mouth up and down on my cock with an occasional hand twist

on my shaft or massaging of my balls. Kerri shifted her body where her legs and hip were

against the side of my chest and her feet rested past my head. I began to caress her legs as she opened her legs apart. My hands massaged the inside of her thighs down to her pussy.

Mom’s pussy was wet and open where my finger easily slid in. It was tight at first but as I stoked my finger in and out, soon I had two fingers working in her.

Soon the rhythm of me stroking of my fingers in her pussy matched the sliding of mom’s lips on my cock. Both of our motions were getting faster until defloration porno mom’s hips pushed hard into my hand and her mouth left my cock, moaning to a nice orgasm. She was still for a few moments and then resumed sucking my cock. I felt my cum building in my cock and then could not hold back any longer. I groaned as I shot sweet shot after shot of hot white cum into my mother’s mouth. I could hear her making swallowing sounds and could see her throat moving as she swallowed my load. She lifted her head and smiled at me and I could see some white cum was still on her lips.

I picked up my camera and shot a facial close up. After the shot, we hugged and held each other for awhile. I was still hard and mom wanted to get some shots of me. I posed as she directed while she snapped off a few shots. I refilled the wine glasses and we shared another drink. We laid down on the blanket, snuggling and exchanging kisses. I picked up my wine glass and poured the remaining drops across her breasts. I licked the sweet drops off her breasts and sucked on my mother’s small hard nipples. My hand wondered between her legs and her pussy was still wet and open.

I was playing with her clit when Kerri whispered, “Just stick it in and fuck me!”

I rolled between her legs and guided my hard cock into her pussy. It easily slid in and then held it tight. I paused for a moment and then began to pump mom slowly. As we began to rock in unison, I lifted her legs over my shoulders. Kerri had very long legs and at times the backs of her knees would be on my shoulders as her feet would bounce across my back. I was pumping gently but fast and looked down to see my mother in a state of bliss. The sun was shining brightly on her face with eyes closed and a wicked


She opened her green eyes and stared into mine and said, “I love you”. She closed them briefly as an orgasm surged through her body, shaking her legs on my shoulders. I reached down and began to massage her clit as I stroked my cock into her.

I could feel the warm sun on my back and sweat starting to drip down my sides. I felt so good being in my mom’s soft wet pussy. At that moment, I felt that I could fuck her forever without cumming and I continued pumping her for what seemed to be an hour. My mother had this greatest look of wanton pleasure and abandonment on her face and would have loved to get a picture of it but I was too busy.

Kerri whispered, “Let me on top”. With that I lowered her legs and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. In an almost somersault move, I rolled on to my back and pulled my mother on top of me without my cock leaving her pussy. I rested a bit as Kerri bounced up and down on my cock. I hadn’t noticed how tired my legs had gotten. I was an arm’s reach of the camera and snapped off a few shots of my mother straddling my cock. I put the camera down and used one hand to massage her clit while the other was caressing her nipples.

Kerri arched her back and looked upward as a major orgasm quaked through her. She

then looked down and said, “Man, are you going to cum soon? I don’t know how much more of this good fucking I can handle.” Mom’s face was beaming and I loved the wicked satisfied smile on her face. I wanted to keep doing this forever but I was feeling that wonderful build up in my cock. Soon we were both “ohhing and owwing and oh babying” as I shot my hot cum into my mom’s pussy. Kerri moved to my side while my cock finally shrank back to normal. We lay next to each other, relaxing, listening to the breeze and bird calls, and smiled at each other. I played with my mother’s platinum hair while the warm sun and warm breeze caressed our tired bodies.

Mom looked at me and said, “It’s getting doktor ofisi porno late and we better be going. I won’t want your father to leave for work and be worrying if something happened to us.”

I nodded and we started to dress. It was very hard to get moving and walk back to the car after such wonderful love. Mom was not her peppy self either but was very happy. We walked back holding hands and finally got to the car. We threw the duffle in the back seat and drove back to our home. We walked in the door and saw that my dad was about ready to leave for work.

“Where were you two? I was getting worried.”, asked my father.

“We got lost on one of the trails and it took us awhile to find our way back” I replied.

“Good to see you two made it back safely” he said and gave my mother a quick kiss,

“Sorry I can’t hear more about your hiking but I’m going to be late for work”

We followed my father to the car and removed our jackets and duffle from the car.

We waved goodbye as my father got into the car and left for work.

Mom and I sat around watching TV and snacked on some pizza. As the evening wore on, we were feeling our muscles getting sore from all the exercise today. Kerri got up from the couch and left the living room. I could hear the water starting to run in the bath tub.

Mom came back into the room and taking me by the hand, led me into the bathroom.

“A nice hot bath will do us both good” she smiled

The bathroom air was getting warm and moist from the running water. My mother faced me and slid my t shirt over my head. Running her hands down the sides of my chest to my waist, she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She slid my jeans and briefs to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She motioned me to step into the tub. I slid into the hot soothing water as my mom turned off the running water. The water felt so good on my tired muscles.

I watched my mom as she stripped off her clothing, first her tube top, then her jeans, and then her panties. It was almost hard to imagine that I had been fucking that beautiful lady, my mother, all afternoon. She slid into the tub behind me. I could feel her wonderful breasts press against my back while her arms wrapped across my chest. We sat there for the longest time, relaxing, and feeling the warmth of the water against our bodies. Kerri picked up a bottle of vanilla scented body lotion and poured some on my back. She worked the lotion into a lather and then rinsed my back with handfuls of warm water. The air soon smelled of vanilla and my mother’s perfume.

She applied lotion to my chest and arms. She gently rubbed the body lotion into a white bubbly froth. With equal gentleness, Kerri rinsed the soap from my body. Her hands eased into the water and found a hard cock waiting. The bath was very sensual and stimulating. Kerri played with her son’s cock for awhile, caressing her fingers on it, flopping it in the water to make some noise, and giggling. Then taking a firm hold of it, she started to stroke it. I was relaxed in the soothing water with my mom stroking my cock while she hummed a tune. I thought it was “Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago but it didn’t matter, it sounded nice. My cock started to feel thick as her hands stroked faster. Before I knew it, I shot my load. Most of my cum fell back into the water

while some stayed on mom’s hands. She massaged my cum over my cock and felt good and slick.

She looked over my shoulders and commented, “Looks like white ribbons in the water”

We both laughed and then she used the body lotion to wash my cock. The water temperature was cooling down and we got out of the tub. We very slowly and sensually dried each other off. She led me to my bedroom and tucked me into bed.

I looked into my mother’s eyes and said, “This was the best day I have ever had”

“Me too” whispered my mom as she smiled and left to clean up the bathroom.

The next thing I knew the alarm clock was ringing. It was Friday and time to go to class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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