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Just wanted to say first of all that I’m rather new to writing erotic stories, so you’ll have to forgive me if my submission seems a little amature-ish. ALL characters involved in sexual activity in my story are 18+ years old, any references to younger years are purely for backgrounding reasons… just in case anyone decides to misunderstand.

I’ve edited it as best I can and other than that I hope you enjoy it fully.


Me and Annie were always close as siblings from a very young age. Being the only two children our parents created, only a year apart, and a fair drive away from any neighbours that was probably natural. We lived on a farm, a fairly large one and when we weren’t working the farm with our parents we had free rein to do as we pleased. Our entire social circle revolved around each other and we were both the huggy, physical and affectionate kind of people. We’d always be wrestling each other in the barn or tickling each other senseless at random ambush points throughout the farm, there were a great many ambush point as you’d expect.

Our parents hated it when we got into chucking hey at each other and stuffing it into one another’s clothing but we had so much fun doing it that we launched into full on attacks every chance we got and whenever we could get away with it. The mess afterwards took forever to clean up but was so completely worth it. When we weren’t launching all-out war and causing havoc up on the farm, we were cuddled up contentedly on the sofa or sleeping with each other (very literally sleeping) where ever we could make ourselves comfortable.

We never did though, we were home schooled from the age of eight since we got expelled from the local school for getting into fights with other students, being disruptive and generally just being inexplicably different from the rest of the town. After that we had little contact with other kids in the area, and had even less desire to do so. They were generally always mean and stuck in their ways, the same way their parents always seemed to be. Though to be fair, it might not have helped that both me and my sister were so unusually close to each other for siblings. Though mostly they were all just shite-bags looking to pick on something or someone they could single out. That must have been us I guess but on to the story…

The older we became the closer we got, even in our late teens we never missed an opportunity to be in close contact with the other. We never really thought much about it either, we had always been this close, and it was simply the norm for us by now.

One time when we were no older than ten years, we had a huge hey fight in the barn after finishing off our chores in the cows milking barn. Our parents always kept us busy doing jobs around the farm even from a very young age, we did everything from carry small buckets and watching our parents fix parts of the tractor to milking the cows and feeding all of the other animals in the farm. They never gave us more than we could handle though and were very careful to make sure we could handle the jobs safely. Anyways, when we had finished helping our parents pick up all of the hey we casually slumped into each other arms on the couch in front of the TV. We were completely comfortable with each other in every way and when I saw her pretty brunette head of hair move up and out of the way to reveal her beautiful Hazel eyes, and a tired but gorgeous smile that stretched tenderly towards her cheeks I felt like the happiest big brother in the world.

When she was looking me soft in my powerfully blue eyes she leaned in closer and whispered into my ear, “Tim, I’m the luckiest little sister in the world.” My heart melted like butter and if anything it felt like I was the truly lucky one, to be holding my precious sister in my arms.

We had no concept of romance back then so we just accepted this as how much two siblings were supposed to love each other. The one thing our parents had always neglected to teach us was about sex, and passion, and how touching the way we did could lead to much more intimate scenarios. In the regard of relationships and boundaries with other people, our parents had left it entirely up to us to figure out on our own.

We had no concept of romance back then so we just accepted this as how much two siblings were supposed to love each other. The one thing our parents had always neglected to teach us was about sex, and passion, and how touching the way we did could lead to much more intimate scenarios. In the regard of relationships and boundaries with other people, our parents had left it entirely up to us to figure out on our own. They never went as far as having ‘the talk’ with either of us so we were almost completely oblivious to the world of sex and passion.

It’s a true wonder nothing sexual ever happened before that point, but even as we both matured through puberty the thought that we were romantically in love never crossed our minds and there was always something else going on that left us little room for stray thoughts of each other. We always had our parents working with us and fake agents porno when we were alone, often too wrapped up in silly play or too wiped out from work. It probably helped that we were relatively well covered to, so even when we were close contact playing we never got to the point of turning each other on at all. Even if they had taught us nothing else, they taught us to at least look fairly modest.

That worked right up until three months after Annies eighteenth birthday when our parents headed into town to get some parts for fixing our tractor. We couldn’t afford to get it replaced so we had to get the replacement parts as soon as possible, especially as the September Harvests were cropping up. Me and my sister stayed behind to finish our tasks.

We had just finished mucking out the horses stable and laying down a full and fresh stock of hey for the horses to feed on, on this blisteringly hot day in late August. It must have been fourty degrees centigrade at midday and we were both sweating like absolute pigs when we were finished almost six hours later. Drops of sweat could be visibly seen trickling downwards on our fair but very tanned skin.

I hadn’t worn a lot that day, the heat was almost unbearable, so all I had on were a pair of worn out boxers that were just about enough to keep my family jewels covered and the rest of me was just pure skin. Usually, our parents would have insisted on wearing a little bit more, but even they only wore just about enough to look modest as they went into town.

I hadn’t worn a lot that day, the heat was almost unbearable, so all I had on were a pair of worn out boxers that were just about enough to keep my family jewels covered and the rest of me was just pure skin. Usually, our parents would have insisted on wearing a little bit more, but even they only wore just about enough to look modest as they went into town.

My sister wasn’t wearing much more either but being a girl, she had to understandably wear just a little bit more. A purple, cotton skirt which teal stripes running vertically from top to bottom on the sides that stretched down just past her knees, the deep purple and teal colour seemed to blur when she twirled the light piece of cloth with her body, keeping her relatively long slender thighs hidden. I at least, thought it looked great with her thin, green tank top which clung to her skin tightly as it became drenched in sweat. The straps over her shoulders holding it onto her, seeming rather obsolete right now, and the whole top revealed her figure exactly, wrapped tight around her breasts as it revealed the outline of her stomach and back almost to the exact millimetre. Thinking back now she looked absolutely stunning and sexy, but back then as I saw that slight twinkle in my sisters beautiful Hazel eyes the only think that sprung out on my mind was the hey war she was about to start.

Before I could bend down, grab the first bundle of hey and then rise back up to launch a counter attack I felt the warm skin of my sisters’ hand drive its way down the back of my boxers pushing a huge handful of hey down my crack. The general feel of hey irritated my butt something fierce and I danced around in those blue boxer shorts trying to get it out as my sister giggled so wonderfully cute.

That of course was the entire point of this game and in revenge, as she was off guard with uncontrollable giggles and laughter at my dancing, stuffed Hey down the back of her thin green tank top that was just about loose enough now with all of her movement from a second ago.

I shoved my hands half way down her back, thankfully uninhibited by a bra this time and pressed the hey into her sticky back and retreated my hand as she began to fidget in order to get the hey out. It wasn’t much use though as her now very sweaty and sticky frame kept it all glued to her skin and trapped under her top. She gave up trying to get it out, turned to me with an evil smirk torn across her face as those hazel eyes looked full of mischief. She left her hands prone and inched closer as I backed away in mock fear until finally she backed me up into the hey bundles we had just put down fresh in the stable. A stack of it right behind me, blocked my path long before the wall could get in the way and she pounced.

I had nowhere to go and she leaped up onto me and dragged me down to the floor. Somehow, she managed the claim the top spot and had me pinned underneath her. My arms held to the floor as she pressed her full weight onto, using gravity to keep them there and I struggled to get myself free. And oi don’t mock, even though she is a woman, she’s been doing all of the same farm work I had been doing and her relatively slender frame hid just as much raw strength as I had. Even with my thick, toned muscles, the abs that formed a pack of six and my muscle ridden long legs, I still had a real fight on my hands when she really wanted to put up a struggle, and this time she most certainly did. Her normally soft, supple muscles outlined and defined themselves as they strained against mine. Our sweaty bodies merged fully, with only the thin clothing fake angets porno we had on standing in between. If anyone had walked in at that moment they’d of probably thought we were having full blown, hot sweaty, steamy sex right there and then as our hips collided over and over again, but we weren’t, not just yet anyhow.

We were so oblivious to the world of desire and sexuality in even the smallest of degrees that we had no idea how our bodies were beginning to awaken just yet as we were wrapped up in play like we had done for what seemed an eternity. In my efforts to flip the scales, her dress rode up right to her hips, but still covering her as she sat over me.

Her top had one strap dangling down from her shoulder and her breast was exposed right up to her nipple which remained narrowly hidden behind the neck line of her tank top. We were both breathing hard during our struggles of play and just now were we beginning to realise just how exposed we had gotten together. A new feeling was washing over my body. Neither of us had been breathing hard through fatigue. We were turned on, fully and sexually. It was only then that I related the current feeling to anything in the ways of what I could do using my left hand when ever my off days allowed me the energy, and of course the occasional bit of privacy.

My dick was fully erect and hanging out of my boxers. I could feel my sister fully naked under that skirt. My dick and her bare pussy must have rubbed quite a lot together as the shaft of my dick could feel clearly how wet she was whilst my senses honed into her, not as a sister anymore, but as a woman. Her soft, tame moans rang in my ears, drawing out my breath stronger. Our simple child’s play seemingly abandoned as we awoke each other to our sexual senses, desires for each other for the first time.

The bucking motions of our hips turned just a little softer, her cheeks became flushed, probably coming to the same realisation that I had come to. My rapidly hardening shaft was caressing her bare virgin lips underneath that skirt and even though we knew well enough to know we should probably stop, neither of us did as the sensations of sexual touch from another bubbled right through our bodies. We were just a step away from making outright love now. My hands almost seem to have a mind of their own as her hips became trapped between the palms of both my hands. I tried to fight it but a soft groan escaped my lips and as it did, Annie’s moans became deeper, and her hips pushed just that lil bit harder and each stroke became a little bit longer on my penis.

We stared into each other eyes as we sensually humped each other, wanting, no… needing each other. I wanted more, needed more, we both had to have more of this most pronounced sensation of each other. We understood perfectly as we stared into the other eyes that we’d found a new way to pour our love into each other. Our lives had already been changed forever. My groans turned into grunts and the thrust of my hips became just that tiny bit bigger. It was just enough so that the head of my cock dragged all of the way down on her in between her legs. The underside of my dicks crown caressed her lips, sinking deeper as it went, teasing her clit as it passed by. Her breathing became stuttery at that one moment and finally, as she stared down at me intensely, seemingly to hold her breath I could feel the head of my cock brush against her slit. I think deep down we both knew what was coming, we didn’t intend it so and we knew we should have stopped, but already lost to the desires of passion, my hips reversed the down stroke and pushed back up. Her hips came down on me at the same time and in one swift movement my dick buried itself inside of her. As it went in I heard her cry out, she sounded as if she couldn’t decide on whether she was in pain or enjoying the feeling. I felt a slight pang of guilt as I could feel nothing but blissful pleasure as her pussy lips seemed to gobble me up whole. I slithered inside of her and she brought herself down on me until her pussies lips brushed right up against my dicks base. All of that feeling wrapped up inside a single moment, a single thrust.

“Annie! What’s wrong, are you ok?” I said almost frantic, scared that I had hurt my sister.

She moved her hands onto my ches, still staring at me directly as she began to sway her hips, slowly at first. “It’s ok John, your penis is just a wee bit big, so my insides are having to adjust a little bit.” She continued swaying, making my dick feel fantastic as she spoke. “You must be seven inches at least, don’t worry just a bit more and my body will adjust. Don’t stop.”

She was right, almost, six and three quarter inches to be exact. As she enveloped my seven inches (rounded up of course), I could feel her inner walls shape themselves around me. She felt a tight fit but that only added to my arousal as her hips swayed back and forth and my hips thrust gently into hers, in and out. I almost could not believe how good this felt and I loved who I was sharing the experience with.

Soon, her motions started getting bigger, and bolder. fake cop porno Her confidence seemed to grow as the slight pain in each of her moans faded out more and more until the pleasure took over completely. Instead of swaying, she bounced up and down, her strokes getting longer and harder every time as she dragged out groans and grunts from my lips. I felt pre cum escape my dick as my thrusts changed to match hers.

At the same time we spoke these words, exactly:

“I love you, John.”

“I love you, Annie.”

Now we were making hot love on the bed of scattered hey and each thrust of my cock burying itself deep inside of Annie, and each time her body slammed back down onto mine, each thrust drew out their own distinctively lewd grunt and groan. My hands moved themselves, up on her stomach, under her top keeping firmly pressed against her firm, soft young skin.

By this point her top was exposing her left breast fully and my hands only stopped trailing up on her sexy, compact body when both had cupped a breast each.

Her chest pushed out as my hands smothered her breasts, taking in the moans, the feel of her pussy as my cock caressed hard against the walls inside her and how tight they felt. Much, much better than the feel of wrapping my hand around it, we shared everything we have right now with each other. Our breath became heavier and heavier with every thrust, every moan, and groan and grunt. Soon my lips were uncontrollably locked onto hers, muffling our erotic, pleasurable sounds echoed in my ears. Greedy for more of her I let my hands stray and grabbed at her tops straps, pulling it down over her arms until it lay in a heap at her waist. The exposure only aroused us further. She leaned down and my hands swirved behind her and grabbed her on the ass over her skirt. I could feel her exposed boobs; those perfect handfuls of breast push into me every time as she breathed us in. The new closeness, the exposure and the added skin contact only seemed to add more depth. I wanted my sister, this woman I was being driven crazy for to feel immeasurable pleasure. I took it upon myself to flip the tables as I manoeuvred on top of her, not letting my dick leave her drenched and horny pussy lips. I looked at her for a brief second, admiring the woman I was and still am bewitched by. The brief pause ended and I swooped in to kiss her passionately on the lips and began moving my hips up and down, fucking her even harder than when she was on top of me. Her moans and mine intertwined between our lips.

Her legs spread wider and her fingers dug themselves into my sides as each stroke took me in deeper and our mouths opened to allow access for our tongues to dance and tease while her legs naturally wrapped around me.

We had no idea before now what it was like to feel another person like this, how deeply and intimately your soul mate could touch you inside and out. Ever make love to someone you truly loved? That was us in this moment, me and Annie.

Finally, as our pleasure got almost unbearable and my moans and groans turned to grunts and my body responded by pounding her pussy even harder, my dick pulsated at the sensation and her vagina walls seemed to suck me in on every single stroke. And there I felt it. I let out a large moan/groan as I orgasmed inside her. I felt surge after surge of hot white fluid pass from my dick in to her pussy, spurred on even stronger as she let out a very loud “Oh my god, Jooooohhnnnn”. She clutched at me tightly, digging her fingers even deeper into my back pushed me deeper inside her sing her legs as our heavy orgasms passed. Our hips still moved together and our breathing entwined and heavy giving each other a deep, loving look.

“hmm, Annie, it looks like I’m king of the hill this time” I smirked at her smugly as I looked down at her in the eyes, still leaned on my elbows with my fingers in her hair.

She slapped my arse hard and groped at it playfully before slipping in a few words in self defense. “You sir have soo cheated, how could I possibly fight back when you made me feel so darned good?”

I looked at her as she spoke, admiring her with all of my heart, our heart beats in synch perfectly as we kept intimate body contact. We had no idea how we were supposed to feel, and what exactly had just happened between us, but we both loved every second of it. We stayed there a while as sweat stained the straw under us, touching and kissing. We had just discovered each other sexually, and finally awakened to what our relationship was supposed to be all along. All thanks to our parents being gone and the incredibly hot day that is was.

As we sat there, our thoughts got interrupted by the sound of a truck pulling into the drive on the other side of the house. Somehow, although we didn’t fully realise why we felt the need to hide this latest event from our parents, on instinct we straightened each other up in appearance as best we could. I eyed her lustfully for the first time as she stood up all sweaty and breathless. She pulled her straps over her shoulders and tweaked her skirt. She was perfect and it was meant to be as she looked back at me, with her lower lip caught between her teeth, a grin on her face that I could have died for in a heartbeat washed across her face like a tide from cheek to cheek. I got in close again, my dick now safely flaccid, for now, and wrapped her in my arms as she turned to go into the house where our parents were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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