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“Note to Readers this is the fourth chapter of an ongoing story. If you haven’t already read the other chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story.

All characters are 18 years and older.


Another cousin joins them

Tammy heard slurping sounds coming from the living room as she reached the top of the stairs.

“It’s a good thing he is young, he should be out of cum from how much action he has recently received,” Tammy thought as she walked into the bedroom. She grabbed the phone, and then lay down onto the bed.

Heather was intensely sucking Brendan’s cock; he watched his cock disappear in and out of his cousin’s mouth.

He loved how her mouth felt on his cock; it was almost as good as his Mother’s. She bobbed rapidly up and down on him causing him to moan loudly.

“Let’s fuck,” Brendan said. Heather quickly agreed by removing her mouth from him. He laid her onto the floor, spreading her legs wide apart, he positioned himself between them and slowly slid his cock into her pussy.

“I love how you feel inside me, your cock is so fucking big,” Heather whispered in his ear as his cock fully impaled her cunt.

Brendan raised up so that he could watch his cock slide in and out of Heather’s pussy. He loved how it glistened from her pussy juices; he pulled it all out leaving just the head inside her. He only fucked her with his head really teasing her.

“Quit teasing me and give me all of that cock,” Heather purred.

“I wish I was that young again,” I laughed after to Tammy’s explanation of the events that had transpired with her and Brendan. “He better drink a lot of liquids or he will run out of cum,”

“No doubt, I am happy that Heather showed up, my pussy isn’t used to all that action. Plus he is bigger than you so I am a little sore,” Tammy informed me.

“Enjoy the bigger cock honey, but I know you still will want mine, it’s not tiny and I know how to use it pretty well.” I replied.

“Yes you do dear and I can’t wait to feel it inside my pussy again,” Tammy said.

“I wish it were in there right now, instead of me having to stroke it,” I said.

“Who knows, if you’re good and have fucked me a few times; you can try out Heather’s and see how that feels,” Tammy seductively whispered.

“Aaaaaah,” I moaned as I shot my load across my stomach.

“You liked that idea didn’t you? I could tell that you just came,” Tammy teased.

“Yes it is covering my stomach; yes I would like to fuck both you and her when I get home. Definitely you first though.” I said.

“Owwwwwww,” we both heard Heather scream from the living room; as Brendan had instantaneously rammed his cock into her pussy. “That fucking hurt!” Heather yelled.

Brendan pumping his cock into her pussy stated “You said to quit teasing and give you my cock, so you got my cock, don’t you like it?”

“Yes I love your big fucking cock, give it to reality kings porno me hard,” she screamed as Brendan continued his assault on her pussy. Deep and hard he pumped his cock into her as she moaned and groaned with each thrust.

“They’re fucking again, I am so glad she is here. My pussy is worn out from all the fucking he has given me,” Tammy informed.

“Your pussy has seen a lot more cock today than it has seen in the past week, it should be worn out,” I replied laughing.

“Tell me about it, I am exhausted and need to go to sleep soon, I know that he will want more of my pussy tomorrow. I think I may have created a nymphomaniac here.” Tammy said.

“I doubt that, he is just a typical teenager, and knowing that he is able to fuck his Mother makes him even hornier,” I replied.

“Your right dear, good night I am going to sleep now, I love you,” Tammy said.

“I love you too babe, get your rest sounds like you will need it, just promise to give me all the details, I love you too,” I replied.

“I will good night,” Tammy said as she hung up the phone.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it fill me with your cum,” was the last thing Tammy heard before falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

She awoke the next morning and was fixing her first cup of coffee when she felt two hands grasp her tits and a hard dick pressing against her ass.

“Not now honey, give me a chance to wake up first,” Tammy snapped.

“You’re just so sexy, I want you right now,” Brendan pleaded.

“Sorry sweetie, but you should know by now I am not a morning person. If you need some pussy that bad, you’re going to have to wake Heather up,” Tammy grumbled.

“I will wait until later then, I want your pussy first today,” Brendan sighed.

Giving him a quick kiss, Tammy said, “Don’t worry baby, after I wake up you can have this pussy anyway you want it.”

“Good I am going to hold you to that, I can’t wait to bury my cock in there again,” Brendan said swatting his Mother’s ass as he headed to his bedroom.

Tammy was sitting at her computer drinking her coffee when she heard someone walk into the living room.

“Aunt Tammy, I was just checking again with you to make sure I can stay with you,” Heather asked as she approached Tammy.

“Of course you can baby girl, I would love for you to stay here it gives Brendan another pussy to abuse beside mine,” Tammy laughed.

Heather giggled, “Yes he sure can put a hurting on a pussy. Speaking of pussy I can’t wait to taste yours again later,” leaning down kissing her Aunt’s cheek.

“You definitely can eat my pussy later, I love how you made me cum yesterday when you ate me,” Tammy replied.

“You eat pussy very well too Aunt Tammy. That was the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time,” Heather said. “Off to get my stuff, I will be back later,” she said as she walked out of the living room.

Tammy finished her second cup of coffee, finished the laundry sexmex porno except for the load that was in the dryer, straightened the house up a little and was finished showering by 10:30.

“No need to wear much, he’ll just take it off me anyways,” she thought as she looked through the closet.

She settled for her yellow sundress and slid it over her head, deciding to not bother wearing a bra or panties. Her nipples showed prominently against the material. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought, “Not a bad choice,” turning to view her ass which the dress barely covered.

Tammy finished with her make-up, folded the final load of laundry and began putting it away.

Arriving at Brendan’s room she observed him sleeping naked, her pussy tingled when she stared at his hard cock.

She thought briefly about waking him with a blow job, finally deciding to let him sleep. She quietly put his clothes away, left his room and went outside to the pool area.

Unless you were standing at the gate to the pool, no one could see into the pool area. “Might as well work on my tan,” Tammy thought as she took the sundress off, laying it on the table beside her chair. She lay face down on the lounge chair, drifting on and off from sleep as she tanned.

She woke when she felt a pair of hands pulling her legs apart. “Brendan must have woken up,” she thought as she raised her ass into the air.

She felt the head of a cock probing into her pussy as he thrust his hips quickly driving the remainder in.

The cock slid in and out a few times, when Tammy realized that this wasn’t Brendon’s cock because it was not big enough. Turning her head over her shoulder she saw Brendan standing next to her chair jacking off and her 18 year old nephew Ken behind her fucking her pussy.

“Hi Aunt Tammy, Brendan told me that you might let me fuck your pussy too,” Ken said as he continued thrusting inside her. Tammy glared at Brendan, who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Tammy thought, “Boy I feel like such a slut, but this does feel good,” as she took the head of Brendan’s cock into her mouth.

Brendan began fucking her mouth with the same rhythm as Ken. Tammy moaned on the cock in her mouth as her pussy was being pounded by her nephew. The feeling of having two cocks at the same time was both erotic and exciting to Tammy causing her to cum all over Ken’s cock.

How warm and wet Tammy’s pussy felt on his cock, really turned Ken on, he began thrusting harder and faster into her. He grabbed his Aunt’s ass spreading her cheeks apart to have a better view of his cock going in and out of her cunt. He loved how his cock looked all wet and glistening as it slid in and out of his Aunt.

“Let’s switch, I want some of that pussy too,” Brendan told Ken.

“Wait I am so close, this feels so fucking good,” Ken whined.

“You can have some more later, now get out it’s my turn,” Brendan commanded.

“Fuck,” Ken yelled as he pulled his cock out of Tammy.

Tammy’s sindrive porno wet used pussy easily accepted Brendan’s cock as it pierced her entrance. “Ummph,” she moaned as it bottomed out inside her.

Suddenly she could taste her own pussy as Ken slid his cock into her mouth. Tammy had her second orgasm as she enjoyed the feeling of her son’s cock inside of her.

Ken fucked her face rapidly driving his cock into her throat causing Tammy to gag. Tammy pulled her mouth off of his cock and instructed him, “Slow down honey, I know it feels good but let your Aunt control the pace, so you’re not gagging me.”

“I am sorry Aunt Tammy, please do it some more,” Ken pleaded.

“I thought you’d see things my way,” Tammy replied as she took his cock back into her mouth.

Brendan’s hands latched on to his Mother’s hips as he began fucking her faster.

Tammy was stroking Ken’s cock as she continued sucking him. “MMMM” she moaned onto his cock as both holes were being filled.

Brendan using the same technique that he used earlier on Heather, took all but the head of his cock out of his Mom then vigorously slammed the entire length into her.

“Oooooh” she moaned upon Ken’s cock. The painful but pleasurable feeling made her suck Ken’s cock faster. “Mmmmm”, she moaned on his cock as she got fucked.

Ken began breathing heavier as his Aunt attacked his cock; Brendan rammed his cock hard into her causing shear pleasure. Tammy pulled her mouth off Ken’s cock to scream as she did, Ken moaned “AAAAAH” as his cum started spurting all over her chest.

Ken stood stroking and aiming his cock to hit his Aunt’s nose, lips and chin. Another shot landed into her hair as Tammy grabbed his cock taking it back into her mouth allowing him to finish. She stroked and swallowed the remaining cum from Ken’s cock.

The sight of his cousin cumming on his Mom was more than Brendan could take, as he suddenly thought of a scene that he watched on his computer. He pulled his cock out of his Mother’s pussy and yelled, “Roll over,”

Tammy quickly complied as she felt a stream of cum cover her tits, then another one hit the same spot. Another hit her neck with the next that mixed with Ken’s cum on her chin and lips. Brendan rammed his cock into her mouth finishing.

Tammy collapsed onto the lounge chair, with cum covering her entire upper body. Once she regained her senses she looked a Brendan and Ken smiling. “You boys are bad, look at the mess that you made of me,” she said.

“Well Mom it sure seemed like you enjoyed it,” Brendan replied.

“I never said that I didn’t but still you boys are bad,” she laughed, “Now go get the cooler out of the garage and fill it with ice and beer,” she instructed the boys. Tammy collapsed onto the chair, closing her eyes as the boys left to get the cooler.

Having been thoroughly fucked and satisfied she drifted off to sleep. She was dreaming about the boys fucking her over and over again.

She was startled awake by the feeling of a tongue licking her tit. Opening her eyes, she saw Heather naked on her knees at the side of the chair, licking the cum off her tits.

“Hi Aunt Tammy, you looked a little messy there so I thought I would clean you up,” Heather said as she sucked her Aunt’s nipple into her mouth.

More to follow………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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