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College Sluts

Several weeks went by and things were as normal as could be at work again.

Then one Friday I got an email from Anastasia in the afternoon stating simply.

“Have problem.”

It was almost time to go home so I walked over to her building and asked her what was wrong.

“I need your help with something.” Anastasia said.

“OK.” I said.

“Eats my home com-puta-doorah.” (computer) Anastasia said.

“OH OK”, what’s wrong!” I asked.

“I think eats virused.” Anastasia said.

“OK,” I said as I grabbed a post-it note from her desk and jotted down a web site.

“Go to this WEB site…” I said, just as she stopped me.

“No! can you Juuest come ova un feex eat.” Anastasia said.

“UH! OK, Sure, when is a good time?” I continued.

“Now!!” She blurted.

“Now?” I said questioningly. “Uh… OK… sure I guess.” I said.

When it was time to go, I followed her home and we went inside her home.

“Fix yourself something to drink, while I change my cloths,” Anastasia said.

Flashback! I remembered the last time she changed her cloths and my mind raced as images came back to me of her brazen strip act. It was etched into my mind forever. Does she always strip while walking to her bedroom I thought remembering her flinging her dress across the room in and exotic sexy strip dance move. Then shaking her amazing tits at me and dropping her panties like she didn’t have a care in the world, and being naked in front of people was a natural thing to her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I blurted as I just shook my head back and forth.

“Oh No,” she laughed. “No… I’m not dropping my drawer’s right here like las time.” She smirked.

“No that’s fine you were in an altered state, I understand.” I said.

“Altered state. Eze that wha happeeened?” Anastasia said.

“I was trying to seduce you.” She said whispering to herself.

“Never mind.” I said.

She was in the other room now.

“Do you want a drink?” I said.

“Yes, vodka bottle eze in tha freeeeezer. Can Ju pour me some?” Anastasia said from the other room.

Flashback! of her drunk, was why I even got to fuck her if only for a minute last time.

I finished making the drinks then headed back toward the hall.

“So where is your computer?” I said.

“Whaaaa?” Anastasia said.

Rather than yell, I headed toward where she went. Drinks in hand, I was shuffling my feet as I learned a long time ago not to startle someone.

“Are you decent?” I asked as I walked slowly back toward where she went.

“Anastasia?” I whispered tentatively looking around.

As I got to her bedroom I slowly walked in.

“Anna…staaay…she…Ahhhhhh.” I whispered softly in a long tone.

Flashback! “Oh shit was she trying the pills again.” I thought.

I quickly put the drinks on the night stand and turned back toward the door hastily.

“Anastasia!” I said more deliberately and louder.

My mind was racing again as I headed toward the bedroom door to go out back to the bathroom. All of a sudden she came around the corner quickly and smacked into me head on. The force knocked me back and I put one foot back to catch myself. Then seeing her start to fall I reached for her forearms to catch and steady her.

“Aye!” Anastasia cried as we hit. Then as she was catching her breath and calming down, “Is this, decent, enough, for ju?” Anastasia snickered.

I gasped as I moved back further and I took in her profile and exquisite form. She was wearing a baby doll nighty. I felt my chests tighten, my mouth agape as I stared. Her ample round breasts pushed the material tight and it captured them perfectly and her nipples shown through the very sheer material. Her dark nipples were very hard the size of grapes, jutting out and her dollar sized areolas were a vertical oval shape and wrinkly from her nipples sucking them up so hard. I had never seen nipples so large and rock hard in person before. As I stared at them I notice her chest was heaving as she struggled to inhale enough air, partly from the stun of us bumping and partly from her new state of lust seeing my reaction. As my eyes moved down to the center of her cleavage then below her sternum I could see two muscle ridges and the valley between them forming on either side of her center line, evidence of a female who worked out. She was breathing harder as I stared at her web tasarım tilting my head to get a better view of her curves. Her stomach muscled would flex in tension and relax as she tried to catch her breath. Her breasts would expand and push the material even tighter as she inhaled deeply and quickly. Her olive colored tummy had just very light tiny hair only noticeable in the hall light. She had the tiniest budge at the very bottom of her belly above her silk panties and her belly button.

Her stomach and chest was moving a lot now as she breathed in deep and I could hear her ragged breath thru her nose as I was looking with awe at her form. Next I could see her black pubic patch in the panties and she started breathing harder through her mouth now since she knew exactly where I was looking and I leaned down a bit to get a closer look. Her olive skin contrasted by her dark patch was more amazing and my manhood stirred as I looked. She did a slight turn and she lifted one leg up slightly like she was tip toeing on the ball of her foot accentuating her calve muscle and thighs. I could see her well toned thigh muscles and butt shake as she did this. This she did to show me her curvy butt and thighs as I watched and opened my mouth to speak.

“Wow. Wow, Wow,” is all I could say over and over “WoooooooooW!”

She turned her head to me and we looked into each others eyes as she gently started biting a finger nail and had a slight smirk on her face. Her head was down slightly as she looked at me through the tops of her eyes in a shy way. Her bangs were partly in her eyes; her hair was messy and sexy looking. Her scent was intoxicating as I breathed it in.

“Aye think by… the… expre -SHUN on jour face… and being… speechless, you likkkkke?” she whispered softly as she was still breathing hard into my ear as I moved in close to her, slightly shifting myself in a slow dance move.

“Oh God Yesssssss!” I blurted out quickly as I stepped back and did a move of appreciation and reached to put my hands on her hips.

“Wow, I don theenk I have evha seeeen a man react quite… so… Strongly… as ju, seeing me, in… theees.” She said excitedly as she moved her hand gesturing to herself as if she was a prize on an old game show. There was silence for a bit as she moved. We were sort of dancing as I held her hips. I was almost afraid to touch her amazing body and brand new outfit as I could smell the newness of it.

“Do you really like?” Anastasia said.

“Yesssssssss!” I blurted. “Beyondddd anythingggg I have ever: seen or imagined, that outfit on youuuuu is more than stunning, It takes my breathe away!” I continued almost breathlessly.

She leaned back a bit looked at me shyly and snickering, shifting her large hips back and forth as she was moving her legs up and down in a slow exaggerated belly dance movement.

“E-mad gean and breaff awah.” Anastasia whispered slowly with her accent slightly out of breath.

“You ‘EE mad gean these?” Anastasia continued.

“Uhhhhhhh, Well Yes.” I said.

“You want to touch; some more?” Anastasia said.

“May I?” I said.

“Usted no va a romper a este amante del latino!” Anastasia snickered in Spanish.

(You are not going to break your hot latino lover!)

Then She said in English.

“Well Of course silly, I would not have let you see me in these, if Aye was not ready for another massage like last time.” Anastasia said.

“Oh Ok, I thought…” I said then stopped and I shook my head.

“You thought wha…” She said as grabbed my face and became more confident she looked deep into my eyes.

“Uhhhhhh…” I said as looked into her eyes trying to shake my head but her hand held it firm.

“Your computer?” I said.

“Oh yeah that,” Anastasia said as she let go of my face.

“Yeah that; you said your computer… had a… a virus… Right?” I said.

“Well naught exactly,” Anastasia said.

“Not Exactly, Well do you have a Problem or not?” I said in exasperation.

“Well I have a problem… but eze more… of… a need… than a… problem.” Anastasia said.

“Your computer, needs… something?” I said.

“No I need… or I want… something… you have.” Anastasia said as she put a finger on my chest.

“Uh Ok, Well…” I said.

“Yes come in here.” Anastasia said as she side stepped me and went into the bedroom. web tasarım ankara Her alluring walk had me so mesmerized, I was giddy as I watched her move her unbelievable stunning body shake and gyrate as she walked slowly and somewhat exaggerated. She was looking over her shoulder motioning me with her finger in a come here movement. As I followed her I got a whiff of the most intoxicating perfume.

Standing next to the night stand she took a big gulp of her drink as did I when I got next to her. We put our drinks on the night stand then looked into each others eyes for a long time. I wiped the wetness of the drink off my hands on the side of my pants. Her scent was provocative as I breathed in deep and it caressed my nostrils in ecstasy.

“You Smell So gooood!” I whispered. I was groaning more than talking as I breathed her amazing scent in deep with each inhale.

She was just cooing slightly as she was examining my face so intently. As we moved closer she put her hands on my waist she was feeling my pants waist and was searching for my belt loops. She found my belt loops and with her fingers pulled me hard toward her. I gasped as we banged into each other. Her scent was overtaking me now, filling my nose and altering my mind and I was feeling high as I inhaled deeply. I could feel her hot skin as I could not keep my hands from roaming her upper arms, shoulders and back feeling her chest expand back as she breathed in deep. She started to plant kisses on my cheek, neck and anywhere else whispering Spanish while reaching down to undo my belt.

“Oh mi amante le quiero tanto,” Anastasia said then continued.

(Oh my lover I want you so much…)

“llévenos a ese lugar mágico.”

(Take us to that magic place…)

Her full lips were so soft and felt amazing as she nibbled, sucked, kissed and licked me like nothing I have ever felt. She was becoming another person, a goddess full of wanton sex and exuding confidence.

She was breathing heavily and whispered in my ear between breaths. I only recognized a few words like phalas enormes and inmenso. (Large dick) She said and was intermingling English and Spanish (Spanglish) as she whispered in her lustful state.

“Si Si … take me there… take me, where… where we went… las time.” Anastasia said.

Now she was undoing my belt and opening my pants with her fingers which she did just by feel never looking down she continued her lustful speech as she looked ever so intently into my eyes.

“Your skills as a lover are immense… I want to experience your many years of eating pussy, your fucking and massaging. I need your phalus inmenso (huge dick) … I want you… take me, I am yours, hágame su amante (make me your lover) … deme el placer (give me pleasure) … de última vez.” (like last time.)

She spoke very softly and purposefully. I didn’t understand what she said but love needs no interpretation especially in the state we were in. I dropped my pants and my hard-on was raging in my underwear tenting the front beyond belief. 8 inches of raging rock hard boner the hardest since I was teen as it was being held down captive under immense pressure by the elastic at the top.

Then in straight English she said so I would understand perfectly. She knew me better than I knew myself as she spoke slowly one word or two at time and barely touching me with her index finger. It reminded me of a princess in a fairy tale movie.

“I’ve heard… Ju are a… patient… man, very patient… your skills as a lover come from your patience. Ju take your time to savor jour woman, I know these, from what ju told me last time and by the way Ju massaged me. As I played jour words over and over in my mind. I need ju… to give jour patience to me. I want ju… and I know ju want me. I can see it in jour eyes every time at work and now. Take me there, I want to experience the freedom of sex that Ju posses in jour heart and soul. Jour very being exudes sensual, patient, lustful, sex and I want ju.” She said then stopped talking and breathed very deep.

She was looking down slightly to catch her breathe. My eyes were glued to her face and lips waiting for her to continue. My passion had my chest tightening as I struggled to breathe while she spoke unbelievable knowledge about me and my being. Then she continued slowly and deliberately as we looked deep into each others eyes.

“I know it has been many years for ju and woman. Give it to me, give me jour pent up sexual energy, fill me with it, fill my pussy with jour hot seed. Make me cum, I am so close now.” She said as she put her hand to her crotch and jerked her shoulders back and forth in a slight orgasm.

As her last words settled in my mind, I started crying at what Anastasia said. I was so full of emotion. Losing everything does that to you. But now all the pain and suffering of no women in my life by choice or by fate was coming to an end.

She then took hold of my hands and placed them on her hips.

“No más rasga a mi amante que es su destrozo encima ahora nos toma allí.” (No more tears my lover, your blight is over now, take us there).

She turned around away from me still very close and she held her hands on top of mine on her hips. Her hips were almost hot to the touch. I surmised if her pussy was on fire from our passion it must have radiated to her hips. She pressed her hands on mine in an effort for me to keep them on her hips. She then twisted her torso in a belly dance move so her back was to me now and put her fingers in her mouth. She jutted out her butt to me as she was looking over her shoulder.

“Ahora tómeme con sus phalas enormes.” (take me now with your huge dick) Anastasia said pressing her butt to my dick and moving it slowly up and down.

She was in an extreme state of lust and her eyes were begging me, sensuous, wanting, yearning. As I was holding her gyrating hips her sexual lust was beyond anything I have ever seen, experienced or imagined. The most beautiful goddess I have ever seen or touched was begging me to fuck her.

Just as I was so close to pulling my dick out she turned back thinking I did not understand what she said a second ago then she started unbuttoning my shirt. I was trying to get out of my pants which were around my chins cause my shoes were still on. My hard-on was raging beyond anything ever imaginable since I was a teenager. Her panties were soaked from front to back as her pussy was leaking like a running faucet. Mine as well, I could see a clear spot almost the entire front of my underwear and felt juice under my balls and running down my leg as I moved. She had her hand on it and said “so goopy, le excitan mi amo del amor” (you are very excited my love master).

As she looked into my eyes Anastasia said. “My pussy is leaking for you so much, el coño las, piernas, los pies (down my thighs, legs and feet). I can feel it under my feet. We are ready for each other… tómenos allí mi amante.” (take us there my lover).

Her quickly spoken, soft effortless, Spanish words were like love music to my ears taking me higher and higher into ecstasy. I did not understand them but I knew it was what she felt in her heart and soul her provocative moves and her lustful eyes translated her speech for me as she uttered them, while she swayed and looked at me with such intensity.

I fell to the floor as I tried in vane to remove my shoes. The floor was really wet and sticky. She knelt down and she was helping me untie one shoe while I undid the other. I kicked off my shoes and yanked off my pants from my feet. My hard-on aching to be free from my underwear, so I grabbed my dick and pulled it free. I was hot to my touch and I was astonished at how red, large and veiny it was. She was removing her top and I could really feel the moisture on the floor now on my naked thighs as I watched her in awe. My god I have never experienced so much sexual tension. With her top off she helped me up and we stumbled toward the bed. She pulled off her panties and held them up.

“Vea lo que usted hace a mí” (See what you do me) Anastasia said lustfully twirling them around.

Then they flew off her finger and landed with a slosh as they stuck to the floor from their wetness. Next she crawled up on the bed and with her butt to me. She turned over and as she lay on her back she spread her legs wide. I could really see how wet her pussy was. In fact her entire lower torso was wet, from below her belly button to the inside of her thighs nearly to her knees. Her clit tented her hood high and was as thick as a pencil and longer than any clit I remember seeing. Her pussy lips were very puffy and she spread herself wide.

“Just fuck me… I need Ju inside me. I want all of JU, not like last time, all of Ju, take me, fuck me, fill me, and I know ju can make us both cum… mi amante! (my lover!) She said deliberately and quickly almost out of breath.

End chapter 2

to be continued…

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