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“I want you to spank me.”

“For what?” We’d just finished up at a restaurant and I was signing the credit card receipt.

“What?” Rachel raised her voice, the place was noisy.

“What am I thanking you for?”

“Not ‘thank me.’ Spank me. I want you to spank me!” She quickly looked around, nervous that someone had overheard. “Wait until we get out of here.” We both got up quickly shrugging on our coats. I was eager to understand what was going on.

Outside she said, “I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I think I want you to spank me sometime when we’re… you know, doing it.”

This request was certainly unexpected.

“OK, I guess we could do that, but what’s up? Is this a I’m-a-bad-girl-I-need-to-be-punished thing? Or a Catholic school girl thing?”

“I’m Jewish. And no, I haven’t been a bad girl. I just thought it could be hot.”

She’s always been game. “Is it a humiliation thing? Is that it?”

“No!” she exhaled loudly. “I’m so embarrassed by this.”

“No need, I’m just trying to figure out what you want me to do.”

“Just spank me. No humiliation, well, maybe a tiny bit. But ,I think the spanking itself could be … you know, so intense. Maybe it’s a new way… maybe it could make me come, the way my nipples do when you twist them.”

“That’s a possibility, I suppose. I never really thought about that.”

“I mean, I thought you’d love it. You’re such an ass man.”

Well, Rachel was right about that. I love a female posterior. Actually, almost any woman’s rear end. Round, skinny, bouncy, tight, covered, naked. There’s just something about an ass that not only catches my eye, but mostly, my imagination.

“Your ass is gorgeous…”

“It’s fat. It jiggles too much. ”

“Your ass is gorgeous, round, luscious. It’s not fat. It jiggles just enough. I love your ass.”

“Whatever you say. But that’s why I thought you might like to spank me. You always pay my big bum so much attention that lately you’ve even got me thinking more about it. Whenever you’re fondling it when I’m on top I’m wondering what it would be like if you just swatted it. With a really loud crack.”

Right then it seemed like her whole body shook a little.

“It’ll be like when you pinch my nipples hard enough that they hurt -just for that quick second- I really gush between my legs. Maybe it’ll be the same with a big slap. It could turn us both on when I let go. And it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Rachel’s ass is always on my mind when we’re having sex, but she’s pretty resistant to my anal entreaties. If I brush up against it with my hand she usually shoos it away, unless she’s had a martini. Then maybe I can get a finger in it a bit, but just a bit.

“You’re always pushing me away.”

“I don’t want you to fuck it Bobby, just spank it. And, by the way mister, don’t I always -always!- get you off by talking about my fucking ass?”

She’s got me there. When Rachel’s whispering dirty somethings during our sessions, all of a sudden she’s not at all shy about asking whether I want to lick her “dark hole” or about “sticking your nose up there.” It gets me every time even though I know it’s all just talk.

But I’ve got to say, when I started reading jerk off stories, the spanking ones completely eluded me. Why were they arousing? But I had a girlfriend once who got off on spanking and from then on I could get hard just thinking about an ass up in the air waiting for my hand. I never told Rachel and I wasn’t about to now.

“Look Rach, you know I’ll do whatever makes you sweat. If it gets you off, I’m there for you.”

The next time we were getting busy, as my hand was snaking up her shirt, Rachel pulled away.

“How do you want me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, to spank me. How do you want me? On my knees or bending over? I don’t want to lie across your lap like a little girl thing. That would be gross.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” I lied. “Besides, I’m not going to spank you tonight.” She looked disappointed, but I know my wife, you couldn’t give her what she wanted when she wanted it. There had to be a build up.

“We’ll get there, don’t worry.”

Sex was really on fire that night. I could tell Rachel was trying to imagine what her spankings would be like.

A few days later and she brought it up again.

“Look Bobby, I was serious. We’ve had a lot of sex this week, but no spanking action. I really really want it. Don’t you want to smack my big fat bun? Make my Jello really wiggle? I thought you’d jump at the chance.”

“I’ll smack you all right. And your ass is not fat.”

She stuck out her tongue.

“But gorgeous, I’m thinking, what do I get out of it?”

“You get to get me off. You’re always saying that what gets your dickie so hard.”

“It does. But this seems like extra.”

“So what do you want?”

“You know.”

“Besides that,” she snarled. “A spanking is *not* the same as anal.”



. . . . .

I güvenilir bahis know she was getting hot for the spanking. She was dressing in jeans that hugged her cheeks tighter which, of course, made mine feel tighter too. Maybe there was a little more swing in her hips. She certainly was moaning louder as I grabbed her cheeks in bed.

“Today?” she’d ask sometimes at breakfast.

“Not yet,” I’d answer.

“Please,” she’d plead.


. . . . .

It was clearly getting to her. We were at a party and as we walked around, my arm was around her waist.

“Lower, put your hand lower.”

That kind of public action request was not normal for Rachel.

“Really? You want my hand on your bum here?”

“I want your hand on my ass in private. But, if I can’t get that…”

Her dress was sheer, and when my hand went lower was clear she wasn’t wearing underpants.

“Hmmm, that’s interesting.” I massaged it a little, hoping no one caught us.

“You’re making me leak down my leg. That’s hot.” She leaned up to my ear, almost begging in an undertone. “Spank me! Please. Tonight.”

When we got home, we were getting down to it.

“Take me from behind. Do me doggy.”

This demand was coming more often than usual. Rachel kept her head on the mattress and stuck her butt up in the air.

“Does it look good?”

She knew I loved this view, so I asked her to spread it little.

“Why? So you can see my dark hole? My tight little asshole. What do I get out of it?” I was hearing an echo.

I licked my finger and touched her pucker gently, as I pushed into her pussy.

“Oooohhh Bobby. You can feel my asshole now, right?” She was opened wide. “How about I jiggle for you? You love seeing my ass bouncing. Don’t you just want to whack it? If you do I’ll come for you so good, I’ll be really loud, I promise. Your balls will be able to feel it, they’ll totally explode!”

“You always come good, you’re never not loud, you make me come hard every time.”

“It’ll be even better, you’ll see.”

But the more she talked about her ass, the hotter she got. Her tits were swaying harder and faster and the more she begged me to swat her the wetter she got.

“Come on, smack it. Make it really sting, make me…” It hit her just then. “Ooooohhhhh oohhhhhhhh, I’m coming I’m coming I’m… Oh God!! I’m…Ooooooohhhhhhhh!!”

And I couldn’t hold out either.

Afterwards, she looked me straight in the eye.

“That was a great fuck baby. I came so much, I could feel it up to my tits.” She paused a few beats and smiled. “But… but Bobby, maybe… maybe it would be OK -if you’re really gentle and use lots of lube- maybe it could be OK for you to take my ass after my spanking. Would that be a fair trade? A good spanking for your cock up my ass? If you’re gentle…”

I was getting hard all over again.

“Maybe. I’ll consider it. We’ll see.” Now she took a swing at me.

. . . . .

Later on, we were getting dinner together. Things got particularly messy and we both put on aprons. As I looked across the room, the way hers was tied tightly around her waist framed her rear just so.

“Rachel, would you do me a favor?”

She looked back at me.

“Could you take off your pants?”


“Now. Could you take off your pants and leave your apron on?”

“Just my pants? I’m wearing underwear. It’s see through, but…”

“Both. I want to see your naked behind sticking out of your apron.”

She shrugged agreement, and sort of reluctantly slid them down. As she bent slightly to get the fabric over her feet, her ass stuck out just the slightest, and I felt myself sticking out too.

“Well?” she said. “Don’t I get a show too? What’s good for the goose… Get ’em off mister.”

I obeyed her order and she saw what I was feeling.

“Oh my, your apron makes a nice tent.” She was smiling.

We went about our kitchen chores, but I had a hard time getting down with the meal because I was so hard. She was putting some stuff into the dishwasher when I realized she might be feeling the same way.

“Hey Bobby boy…” Rachel was doing a little twerk. “Maybe you plug me up to keep me from leaking onto the floor?”

I walked over while she was still bent over and touch her pussy. It was *very* wet. I reached around, Rachel was whimpering, and I couldn’t help myself. My apron moved out out of the way, almost by magic, and my cock was slipping in.

“Oh baby, you feel so… so… HEY!”

I smacked her butt.

“What are you…” SMACK! I pulled out.

“Oh my God, please put it back in!” Smack! Smack! “Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby!! Don’t stop! Spank me! Fuck me! Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t stop what? What do you want me to do?”

“You know, you know, oh God! Please. Spank me again, make my ass red. Spank me! Please!”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!!

“Oooohhh, I can’t believe you spanking me while your fucking me! Keep going keep going keeeeeepppppp oooooooooohhhhHHHHH!!”

Rachel was screaming, güvenilir bahis siteleri coming and screaming some more. Her orgasm was so intense that she was squirting all over my cock.

“Oh ohohoh! My pussy keep coming fuuuuuucccccckkkkk meeeeeee! Ooooh!!”

I couldn’t believe we were bent over the dishwasher having the sexiest fuck we’d ever had. I thought her pussy would be coming forever. Rachel finally collapsed over our kitchen counter and heaved a big sigh.

“Oh Bobby Bobby Bobby, you made my dream come true.” She continued her deep breaths. “You spanked my bare ass and fucked me at the same time. But you? How come you didn’t come too? Were you holding out for something more?” She exhaustedly tried to wiggle her bottom. “Are you waiting to get in here? We could do that now if you want.”

Of course, I wanted her ass. But now wasn’t the time.

“Come on baby girl, that can wait. Let’s go to bed and you’ll relieve me the way you know how.”

And she did.

. . . . . .

Later on, twisted up in the sheets, Rachel looked over at me.

“Why didn’t you take me in the ass? I know you want to.”

“One thing at a time baby. Wasn’t this intense enough for you?”

“Oh yeah, it was heavenly. I can’t wait for us to do it again.”

“We will,” I assured her. “We will. All good things come in time. And I will too.”

She smiled.

. . . . . .

For the next few weeks Rachel kept looking for new ways to get spanked. But I could tell, it was more than just spanking that was on her mind now.

“I want to you spank me, and keep spanking, until I come without your dick in me. Play with my tits while you’re hitting it until I scream.”

Hit it I did, but I stopped when I heard her sobbing.

“Keep going, keep it up, I’m loving it. I’m almost there… OOooooo!! Baby, that’s it, I’m coooommmmminnnnggg.”

That worked.

“Can you tie my hands to the bed posts while my clothes are still on? And just lift my skirts and pull my panties halfway down my ass before the spanking?”

Ah, the “little” humiliation. That worked too.

But the other signs kept showing up.

“Ah Bobby, next time, before you spank, could you… could you, maybe…”


“Could you maybe lick my asshole? Gently, just a little.”

It was a start.

We were in the shower when I knew things were getting more serious. I was soaping up Rachel’s back when she reached back. She grabbed my penis and stroked it up and down her crack.

She giggled. “What do you think? Is it too big to fit? My asshole is so very small. And tight.”

“Could be,” I said as my hand kneaded her clit.

“When are we going to try? Are you going to make me do it? I think that’s the only way, if you make me.” she moaned.

I slapped her ass. Hard.

“Let me in your pussy, that’s what we’re going to try now.”

My cock let loose in her and my load burst like it could fill the entire room. She loved it and forgot all about her ass.

. . . . .

A few weeks went by. One day after work we were going at it. Her eyes were twinkling as she stood up to undress for me, slowly removing her blouse, her work skirt. She surprised me because she had on her trashy lingerie, not at all usual for a work day.

“Like it? I wanted to feel super sexual today.”

It was all red, the bra plunging to deepen her cleavage, the see through panties showing her all her lovely thatch of dark hair, over a garter belt. A garter belt! During the week! The belt had more straps that normal, making almost a dom kind of thing with beautiful stockings.

I reached over to touch some part of her, but she pushed me away. “I’m trying to turn you on.”

It was working. She slowly… ‘stripped’ is the only way you could put it. If there was quiet music going she would have been in a movie.

“Rachel, you are so beautiful, sexy, I can’t stand it.”

She turned around while she lowered her panties, but I couldn’t quite see her asshole the way I wanted.

“Please spread yourself for me.”

“Later baby, right now I’m going to rinse off. I’ll be back soon.”

Rachel came out of the bathroom all red and rosy from the hot water, looking pretty warm herself. As she unwrapped her towel she looked over at me.

“You better get clean yourself mister, we need to get dirty all over again.”

My shower was rushed, as you might imagine. When I got out into the bedroom Rachel was just putting herself “in position” for a spanking. Her head was down, her ass was jutting out, all ready for a whack.

“Warm me up baby. Tan my hide before you stick that dick inside my pussy. Make my cunt gush for your cock.”

Rachel had gotten more assertive since her spankings started, but this… Wow. By the time I got to the bed my cock was already at attention. I maneuvered it over to her mouth.

“First, maybe your mouth could gush for it.”

She lapped it up, almost swallowing the whole thing, but then almost spit it out.

“There you go, nice and wet. iddaa siteleri Now please, spank me. Spank me good!”

I’m nothing if not obedient, and I complied immediately.

Smack! “Oooh.” Smack!! “Ooooh my!! Keep going!” Smack! Smack! Smack! “More spanking, more more more more, I’m…” SMACK! “…coming. Oooooooofffff. I came.”

Rachel gave a big sigh.

“That was an amazing start. I can’t wait for more.” She looked back at me. “Can you Bobby?”

My cock was more than ready. I started massaging her reddened cheeks. “Should I get some lotion to cool your ass down?”

“My ass is on fire, the way I like it. Even inside, here, take a look.”

She was spreading herself.

Whoa! “Uh Rachel, what’s that?” The light was picking up something.

She spread a little wider. “What’s what Bobby dear? This little ole butt plug? With the sparkling jewel at the end? Is that what you’re wondering about?”

“Uh huh. A butt plug?” Rachel very rarely surprised me, but if you count the spanks, her sex surprises were becoming almost shocking.

“Yes, a butt plug. As a matter of fact, this is my third plug and it’s the biggest one. I’ve been working on stretching myself for a while now. I needed to get used to accommodating something as big as your hard on, don’t I?”

“Umm, I guess.” I have to say, I was completely flummoxed.

“This one has been in since lunchtime. I figured that if you were intent on stuffing that sausage up my fanny I should get it good and ready. And darling, I am good and ready and good to go! If you’ll just pull it out slowly and grab the lube…”

My cock was even bigger, if that was possible. The head was throbbing and I almost couldn’t see straight.

“Please lick it first. But not too much.”

“You don’t want to waste all that sperm down my throat?”

“No M’am.” Not when that ass is willing and ready. I quickly lubed up my erection and tried to pull out the plug at the same time. My hand was too slippery at first, but I finally got a grip.

“Ooo honey, slow slow…” It popped out with a small sucking sound. “Kiss it baby. Make my tushy warm for you, I want it soft and warm before you give it to me.”

Always one to oblige, I did as I was told. A soft wail followed.

“Oh baby, that feels so nice. Nice, but dirty. But, oooh, really nice. And really really nasty. I’m so nasty now, how could I have pushed you away for so long?” She was breathing hard. “Stick your tongue in. Deeper, make me hot make me swoon.”

Her swoon soon followed.

“Now are you ready? Or are you too ready? You’re not going to sploosh all over my butt before we even get started, are you?”

She had a point, but I thought I could hold back. I stuck a lubed finger in.

“Oh yes, you’re getting my asshole ready baby. Your finger feels so good up there. Go in more, deeper. It’s a little small after that butt plug, but it’s so good. I can’t wait to feel your cock knocking at the door. Please, do it.”

I aimed right at the target, leaned in and pushed.

“Uh, push it in slow. Yesss. I can feel you cock opening my ass. Ooh.”

“You going to take my cock up your ass, aren’t you?” I was almost growling.

“Yes baby, your monster cock is going to slide right up my asshole, you’re going to fuck me with it. Oooh. Push it in. More.”

I pushed and with a little plop the head poked right in. “Oh God, I’m in your ass Rachel.”

“Hold it baby, let me get used to it.” She was drawing some deep breaths.

“Are you sure Rach, you sure you can take it?” I was getting worried.

“Bobby, it’s good, really good, I just need to get… Give me another inch… Good, another… Oh Bobby, shove it all the way in. That’s it, just stay there for a minute.”

I could believe it, I was deep inside Rachel’s ass.

“Start fucking me baby, give me your big fat dick, give it to my asshole, make me scream!” I was slowly moving back and forth. “I’m rubbing my cunt baby! My cunt juice is pouring out because you’re in my ass for the first time, fucking my tiny little asshole with your big monster!”

She was right, she was so tight. I could hear her cunt juices sloshing around and it was making me pump her harder.

“FUCK FUCK. You’re fucking my ass!! Spank it now. Fuck my ass and spank my ass, keep hitting it while your fucking it!!”


Rachel was really screaming now and louder she screaming the crazier I was getting. I was riding her hard and deep, I couldn’t keep myself from bucking.

“Rachel I’m coming, I’m…”

“You’re coming in my ass?! Oh my God, you’re shooting your dirty come up my dirty ass!! I can feel it, I can feel it shooting!! Oh Ohh Ohhh OoooohhhhHH, oh Bobby, I coming too. I cooommmming while you’re shooting in my ass. Fuck me more!! Spank me more!! Oooooohhhhhhhhh!!”

We both collapsed in a heap, my cock still embedded up there.

“Oh my God Bobby, I can’t believe it.”

I could only nod.

“I can’t believe that I finally let you fuck my ass. After all this time and all your blue balls. And you spanked me at the same time!”


“We both got what we wanted. We both got fucked but good!”

But good.

“Let me know when you’re ready to go again, I can’t wait to get my pooper fucked and spanked!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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