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Forever looking for opportunities or creating them, Wong had subtly but constantly been dropping hints to his foreign maid that he wanted to get to know her better. In the morning especially during breakfast, he had often caressed her thighs and buttocks when she laid his food at the table. The woman had not pushed his hands away, but neither had she responded to his suggestive remarks, goading the man to continue trying his luck. Besides, at that time of the day no one else was around as his wife was on her daily chore of sending the children to school.

Finally one morning, a couple of weeks after his recovery from his impotency, the middle-aged father held the woman’s hand firmly as she put his toast on the plate. “Kristi,” he said gently. “You want to have a good time with me and make me a happy man?”

Her face showed slight shock as his hands crawled up under her skirt, caressing the thin material of her panty that was covering her buttocks. “Err… sir… please don’t do that…” she stammered nervously.

“Why not?” he asked her, feeling the firm muscles of her bottom. “You like it, don’t you? I know you want to experience how an older man like me can satisfy you!” He squeezed the flesh, coaxing her to give in to his desire.

The woman could not think of what to do. She was afraid that if she resisted his advances, he would get angry and possibly harm her. She could even lose her job here. Wong on the other hand had taken her silence as consent, and kept on running his fingers on her buttocks as she stood beside him, staring blankly at the food on the table.

Suddenly Kristi could feel her panty tugged down slowly but determinedly, and she looked at her employer, alarmed. The man was smiling as he continued undoing the undergarment. “Sir…!!” she begged him as a last resort, but the panty slipped to her thighs before he pulled it lower and let it fall to her ankles.

Like a naughty boy, Wong playfully lifted her skirt up to expose her lower half, much to her embarrassment. “You have a lovely bush,” he complemented her triangular growth when he sneaked a glance at it before caressing her bare buttocks, planting a kiss on the tan skin in delight. “It’s so smooth…” he said in a low voice, as he slowly got excited. She could clearly see a bulge forming on the crotch of his beige slacks and knew that it was almost impossible to turn back now. The man’s fingers slid in between her pussy lips and thrust gently, and he felt delighted that she was getting wet in the process despite her initial reluctance.

Wong finally got up from his chair and looked around him, especially at the long bay windows in front of the house. “Our neighbors won’t look at us, right? Would they peep at us having fun together, Kristi?” he asked her cheekily as he lifted her skirt higher. They could see vehicles passing the area slowly, but everyone seemed to be minding their own business, oblivious to what was about to transpire at the Wongs’ dining table. The trees and flowers in the lawn helped block the view a little bit. “Bend down,” he commanded her, as he loosened his belt and undid his pants quickly.

The woman obeyed without a word and rested her elbows on the table, staring at the windows just six meters in front of her, not looking as Wong pulled down his underwear to release his uncut cock that obscenely stood out among the long dark hairs. He jerked it slowly, pulling back the loose skin, fully exposing the glans as he approached her from the back. Caressing her buttocks again, Wong guided his organ and eagerly penetrated her pussy, letting out a passionate moan while sliding smoothly inside her. “Aahh…” he groaned again, enjoying the tightness of the vaginal passage of the young woman.

Still staring forward, Kristi stayed motionless as her Chinese employer held her waist firmly and confidently thrust into her. The steel utensils on the table moved in harmony with his tempo, making tinny sounds in the process. The man looked below and noticed that the shirttails of his white Arnold Palmer were getting crumpled, so he undid a few buttons at the bottom, his yellow silk tie now resting on the exposed paunch. He glanced at his watch and quickly became aware that he had about ten more minutes before he had to leave. He could not miss an important appointment he had made with a potential customer!!

Increasing his pace, he held her tighter and pushed with more force, entering her entirely. The woman could feel his thick organ filling her hole snugly, and secretly enjoyed the session as well, especially when Wong began to move much quicker. She held on as he began pounding steadily, his belly pressing onto her soft skin. The man looked at the windows once again, but no one was aware he was doggying his housemaid, having a morning quickie with her. Suddenly he withdrew and gasped, and Kristi felt warm spots on her buttocks and thighs. Without looking, she knew that he was spurting his cum all over her. As he shrunk, the man rubbed his cock along her buttock cleft, spreading his semen on her, while his index caressed her pucker before gently erotik film izle pushing into it, making her take a short deep breath.

Wong looked at his watch again with regret as he removed his finger, and pulled up his underwear which was left dangling on his thighs, before bending down to pick up his pants. “You are very tight, Kristi. I like it!” he said, tucking in his shirt before putting on his pants, ready to go to his office for the appointment. Before he left, he groped for his wallet in his pocket and took out a couple of red notes and put them on the table. Caressing her naked buttocks, he thanked her. “We can do this again, Kristi, later. We’ll do more, and we can take our time. Now, I have to rush!!”

With that, he walked out the front door after putting on his shoes, and as his car left the driveway, the woman straightened her body and removed her panty from her ankles. Walking to the bathroom, she clutched the money he had given her, finally smiling a little. As she washed the presence of his drying seminal liquid on her skin, she knew that she could be earning extra and consistent income if she agreed to cater to his sexual needs, and that was not a problem to her at all. Drying herself, Kristi put on her panty again, and got back to her housework.

“Wong, you free this Saturday night?” Teoh asked him one afternoon at a food stall as they sipped iced tea while waiting for their fried noodle.

“What’s the agenda?”

“The usual. We do a round of karaoke… I want to try out some new songs I’ve been practicing at the house. My fifteen year-old daughter has been closing her ears whenever I do that!”

“Well, if you’re distressing your surrounding, your neighbors should be alarmed as well,” Wong teased his good friend.

“If Lydia next door complains, I will personally attend to her. Perhaps I can get lucky and persuade her to let me suck her tits on her voluptuous breast…, which brings me to the other agenda for this weekend. I hear they’ve got a couple of new guest relations officers from the mainland.”

Wong looked up at him with interest as the other continued. “They just turned eighteen, and I’ve called the owner to book them. Unfortunately… one’s already got a date for that night.”

“You mean, we can only have one of the new girls? Then, who’s going to get the regular?”

Teoh smiled cheekily. “Listen. The guy told me that this girl is eager to ‘entertain’ the two of us at the same time!! What do you think of that – a threesome!! That is… only if you’re willing…”

“What do you mean, ‘only if I’m willing?’ Of course I am!” he retorted indignantly. “It’s been a very long time since we’ve done this together anyway. This girl… she’s confirmed to be available for us then?”

“Yes sir! I think it’s going to be quite exciting! I’m already getting aroused thinking about it. Good thing that our food has arrived. That can at least take my mind off this weekend for a bit. Come, let’s eat.”

As he drove his BMW to the pub cum lounge in the capital city, Wong felt a little guilty telling his wife that he was entertaining an important client with another colleague at a restaurant and would adjourn to some business joint-venture discussions after that. Well, it was partly true in a way, at least. He could sense that she had not bought his story by the look on her face, but she did not object to it and just told him not to work too hard. Penny was a little disappointed because she thought that they could make love a little later that night. She was really looking forward to giving him a good suck.

Teoh was already waiting with his beer in the private karaoke room, browsing through the song catalogue, looking for the ones he intended to sing. He smiled broadly when his friend entered through the door. “You made it, man! I thought at the last minute your wife wouldn’t give her permission for you to come tonight.”

“Huh!! She wouldn’t dare. Anyway, I have been regularly bonking her and keeping her sexually happy, so she cannot complain about being neglected and all that!”

“Still active with her, you lucky bastard! My wife doesn’t even bother about sex anymore even when I ask her directly. Naturally, I look for fun outside the house. At least, I keep myself fit that way!!” Teoh tried to rationalize. “Eh, come here and see what you want to sing.”

Sitting on the three-seater sofa beside his friend, Wong looked at the list, once in a while looking up and around him, expecting to see their guest relations officer. A few moments later, a very young woman came into the room and smiled at them. “Hello,” she offered her hand, and sat herself in between the two. “I’m Lin, and I will be your companion tonight.” The men grinned as they introduced themselves. Although her face was made up to look mature, they knew that she was in her late teens. Her body has not quite truly developed yet, and her skin was very smooth and pale, judging from her thighs and arms.

“Can you sing?” Teoh asked her, holding her hand.

“Oh, I’m not very good at all!” she told him shyly.

Wong squeezed film izle her thigh. “I’m sure you can sing a bit. Come on…! At least, sing together with me, okay?” She smiled and nodded while the man quickly selected a song and pressed the remote control as they watched the video screen.

The night progressed, Lin proving to possess quite a good voice, while the men drank their beer between songs, enjoying the session as well as their young company. The girl too responded unashamedly to their suggestive gestures and remarks, sitting comfortably on their laps. The men often stole kisses on her cheeks as their hands roamed her youthful figure freely.

His Tag Hauer showed just after midnight when Wong looked at his colleague, raising his eyebrow inquiringly, and the other nodded, comprehending. Patting the girl’s buttocks, he got up with her from the sofa, followed by the second man, and went out of the karaoke room together. Teoh met the owner at the pub counter, and after exchanging a few words, he re-joined the other two and they made their way up the dimly lit stairs.

Without hesitation, the girl went to one of the rooms and opened the door for her clients. Both the men had, on separate occasions visited and ‘used’ this particular part of the building before, so they more or less knew what to expect as far as the place was concerned.

Going to the mini refrigerator, Teoh took out three cans of beer and distributed them. “How old are you, my dear?” he asked the girl, kissing her mouth. “You look young enough to be my daughter, you know…” he commented, pinching her buttocks lightly.

“I just turned eighteen two weeks ago…” she told them before sipping her drink.

“Is that so?” Wong responded, his fingers going to her back to find her zipper, pulling it down slowly. “Men our age really prefer young girls like you. After all these years of looking at our wives, we need the change and excitement, right Teoh?”

The other man was helping to pull out the floral dress Lin was wearing, and immediately revealed a small-sized brassiere. “Of course…” he answered “And tonight all the three of us are going to have some fun together. Let’s see your nice titties now, my mainland girl.” Her breasts were small, but her nipples were large and crimson, and the man could not resist pinching them. The girl moaned and winced, either from pleasure or pain, or both, but she did not flinch nor protest. Wong meanwhile was already undoing the pink panty, and exclaimed in surprise a second later to find her pubic region smooth and clean shaven.

The men helped her lie down on the queen-sized bed, the girl now stark naked barely five minutes after entering the room. Between the two of them, they were kissing and biting her nipples, and inserting fingers into her young pussy. Lin moaned, her face showing that she was slightly nervous. Deep inside, she knew that she had to make enough money before she could plan for a better future, and presently, pleasing men with her body was the best means of earning a living…

Teoh then hurriedly began to undo his pants and underwear, and knelt beside her head. Smiling at him, the girl looked at the soft uncut cock as she caressed his thighs. Slowly her hands touched it, and the man immediately let out a sigh. She toyed with the organ for a while, waiting for some positive reactions that she gradually got. As she gently jerked it, the man pulled out his red collared tee-shirt and watched the progress below, putting his left hand on his paunch while the other caressed the girl’s shoulder-length hair.

Looking at his naked buddy, Wong managed to let out a smile as his fingers continued probing into the vaginal opening. He only knew too well that this was what some men, especially the middle aged and married ones, normally did when they wanted to have fun outside their homes. Well, as long as they were able to pay, there would always be willing women for them to fuck. Lin’s pussy was slowly getting wet, and he could see that her clitoris swollen. Gently, he kneaded the protrusion, immediately sending her into frenzy as her body writhed in ecstasy. The other man looked at him, nodding in approval at what he was doing to the girl. Wong kept on teasing her, and his patience eventually brought her to climax. “Mmm… Uuhh…..” she gasped, truly enjoying the sexual release she was experiencing. Most other men would usually be selfish and just satisfy themselves, and Lin knew that tonight was going to be different.

The cock in the girl’s mouth was finally hard, and she let it out, kissing the tip tenderly. Teoh looked at the hairless pussy that his friend was teasing as he jerked himself, indicating that he was ready to fuck her. Moving away, Wong watched as the girl parted her legs, waiting. The man approached her and lowered himself on the small frame, entering the wet orifice, both of them moaning in unison. He started a slow tempo, enjoying the tightness of the passage.

“God, you are tight, my dear!” he shouted as he moved his pudgy body on top of the girl who lay there smiling and cooperating, her seks filmi izle hands holding his waist. Wong sat on the pink sofa and sipped his beer, slowly unbuttoning his shirt while watching the fucking couple on the bed. The men had a few times before shared one woman, and they really did not hold back when having sex, shedding all their inhibitions. Not embarrassed by one another, they had become compatible partners whenever it came to a threesome, and with age, they had somehow improved the quality of their sexual collaboration. Their nudity, state of arousal and size of their cocks were not things to be ashamed about anymore, and they trusted their instincts and lust to guide them to do things naturally.

Wong put down the empty can and stood up, eventually shedding the last item of his clothing onto the floor, and walked to the bed. Upon seeing him approach, the couple disengaged and Lin turned around, kneeling on her hands and feet. Both of them could see that he was already half erect as he sat in front of the girl, spreading his legs. She gave him a welcoming smile, caressing his thighs and ample stomach teasingly, watching his cock respond and grow harder.

Lowering her head with her fingers holding the base firmly, the girl slowly licked the foreskin covering the tip of the organ, prompting the man to moan in pleasure. At the other end, Teoh, who winked at his colleague, held the girl’s waist and guided his own cock forward, entering her pussy again. Her body jolted gently in tempo as she played with the cock, eventually letting it into her mouth. Wong gently stroked her black hair, looking at the enthusiastic face.

Her fingers roamed the narrow and moist alley in between his buttocks, and she could see that he enjoyed it, especially when she touched his pucker. “Slide your finger in,” he whispered cheekily to her, and she looked at him in surprise, letting his cock go. He spread his cheeks apart, encouraging her.

“You mean, in your… your…” Lin was a little unsure of his request.

“Asshole? Yes, stick it in,” he confirmed, his eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

Lin obeyed and firmly pushed one finger in, making the man gasp. She continued sucking him while her finger thrust gently, doing this for the first time in her life. Wong was aware that she was not familiar with this technique, and smiled to himself, and then to Teoh.

With the cock finally rigid in her mouth, Lin took it out and held it firmly, indicating with her facial expression that she wanted to feel it in her now. Excitedly, Wong got up and crawled to his friend, who willingly pulled out, patting the other’s shoulder, passing the ‘baton’ to the next runner in the relay team. Immediately, the man pushed in and was inside her, continuing what his friend had been doing. Moving smoothly in the wet and close-fitting passage, Wong felt excited at the opportunity to fuck a ‘fresh’ one in the trade.

Teoh knelt in front of her, holding and presenting a semi-erect cock that had officiated the tight pussy tonight. Obediently, she opened her mouth and fellated him, both men enjoying the private acts they were each involved in. The owner of the lounge, who was also her pimp, had promised her a significant amount of pay if she succeeded in satisfying the collective needs of these two regular customers, and she was not going to let anyone down. Perhaps after this, if they liked her, she could be getting more or better offers, and that would certainly help a lot.

She felt a finger trying to push in through her anus that Lin moaned in discomfort. She dared not resist nor look behind because she knew that Wong was doing it to her. Eventually, it slipped in, giving her a strange sensation, and this man was now trying to put in yet another finger. With the cocks in her mouth and pussy, and the fingers in her rear, the girl tried to relax her body and let herself be part of the union. She had a feeling that the night was just beginning, and she had to be a professional and take in the experience for the benefit of her future.

Lin next let her body be guided to lie on her side, and Teoh squatted and straddled her lower thigh and pushed her free leg forward. Locating her pussy, he penetrated her, moving in a slow rhythm. “Aahh…” he moaned in ecstasy, as in that position the lips were clasped and made the opening tighter. Wong went to her chest and kneaded her tits, which were hard and protruding. The girl reached for his cock which was jutting out from underneath his round abdomen as he too squatted beside her, until he edged closer and let her suck him again. At any one time, Lin looked like she loved to have both cocks in her mouth and pussy, he noticed. Well, they were going to try other permutations as well, he told himself.

When the other man withdrew from the girl, Wong positioned himself perpendicularly behind her, lying on his side. Lifting her free leg up, he slipped his cock inside her pussy, and thrust unhurriedly, holding her shoulders and stroking them. Lin slowly curled herself, allowing the man to thrust deeper, his stubby cock finding more space to move. It was the girl’s turn to sigh in pleasure, enjoying the non-stop attention these older men were giving her. Her legs and arms were constantly caressed, the men ensuring that she was having a good time as well.

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