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(You would benefit greatly by reading the first two chapters. This chapter is a long one but well worth your reading. I hope you enjoy this installment! All feed back is encouraged and welcomed. Sit back and enjoy! )

I managed to make it from the pool to the house in one piece. My body was still tingling from the afternoon delight at the poolside. I still couldn’t believe what had transpired between Susie, my daughter, and Kim, her college roommate. These young, succulent babes had sucked and fucked me dry. They made this old man feel like I was twenty once again! I kidded with the girls about handling anything they brought my way, but I was beginning to wonder how long I could keep up with them and their sexual escapades!

As I entered the house the girls were quickly on my heels, giggling like they were up to plotting something. I made it to the fridge for a cold drink. I popped the top on a cold pop and allowed the coolness to slide down my throat. I didn’t hear Susie enter the house but she snuck up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I could feel her hard nipples poke my back as she hugged me. Her pussy mound ground in to my ass and I felt the heat of her groin rubbing against me. God she felt good! She was so much like her mother.

“Daddy, I think you might want to take a nap before the night gets to crazy around here.” She said. “Our guests will be here in an hour or so. I want you well rested up!” She said as she squeezed me once more.

“Well, do I know your guests?” I asked.

“I think you do Dad. Are you worried about what they might say or think?” she asked.

“Well, the thought had crossed my mind. It’s not everyday that you have sex with your daughter! I surely wouldn’t want to get any rumors started in town.” I replied.

“Relax Daddy; they won’t say anything about all of us having sex. Besides, they’ve all had sex with someone in they’re own houses at one time or another.” Susie answered.

“Anyway you look at it Daddy, you’ll have a great time, I promise you.” She said as she nibbled on the back of my neck.

When she released me and walked away I stood there with my rod growing by her touches. My mind continued to race thinking about my baby girl. She had become a very open and sensual young lady. She has taken on much of her mother’s traits. I figured I’d take a quick shower then slip into bed for a quick nap. I wasn’t in the shower but for a moment when I heard the bathroom door open and close. I had shampoo lather all over my head and on my face so I wasn’t able to open my eyes to see who it was. I heard the shower door open and felt the cool air hit me; the next sensation was the warmth of a hand touching my flaccid penis. I just leaned back against the cold tile! I let the steam and hot water surround me as someone was magically bringing my cock to life! My cock grew with each pump of the hand that had me in its grasp. Something soft draped over the head of my cock; I knew instantly that a mouth was now working where the hand had been. I groaned out with approval!

“Yes baby, suck me in. Your mouth feels so goooood!” I said as the mouth worked deeper down my hard dick.

I reached up and grabbed the showerhead and held on because whoever was sucking me was really going at it now. The head just bobbed up and down quicker and quicker. I felt a hand lightly squeeze my balls and then another grasp the base of my cock. Even though it wasn’t long ago that I’d shot my load by the pool I could feel the desire approaching. The hand on my cock worked in unison with the mouth and was quickly raising my inner temperature. It was only a matter of moments that I felt the tremble in my groin, and my body froze with anticipation.

“Suck me, suck me in deeperrrr. I’m gonna cummmmm. Ahhhhhhhh! Oh, yea let me fuuuuck your mouth!” I said as I exploded into the waiting mouth. Whoever it was just plunged their mouth deeper and deeper, burying their face in my groin. Cum made its way up the shaft of my cock with each wave and shot deep in to my harlot’s mouth and throat! I felt teeth nibble at the base, which only sent shudders throughout my whole body. With one final thrust I shot my last load, but the mouth still sucked and sucked. When I had gone almost limp I felt the mouth slide off. I steadied myself as I reached up to rinse my eyes. When I was able to open them I looked down. There wasn’t anyone there so I shot a glance towards the door; it was just closing and I missed seeing whoever it was that had just given me a quick blowjob! I really didn’t care who it was I just wanted to thank them!

I managed to dry off without any disruptions and headed for my bed. My body was completely spent and I really was in need of rest. I laid my head on my pillow and it must have been only seconds before I drifted off into complete bliss!

I rolled over and opened my eyes; they adjusted to the dark rather quickly. My mind started to bring back the events of the day. I laid there with a big smile on my face. “This truly was heaven!” I thought. bahis firmaları I glanced over at my clock and saw the time had slipped by. It was now nine o’clock. “Shit! I didn’t want to sleep this long.” I thought. I moved off the bed and headed for a clean pair of gym shorts and a shirt. It was strange but I didn’t hear anything. I opened my bedroom door and made it to the end of the hall when I heard soft laughter coming from the living room. There before me was Susie, Kim, Kenny, a long time friend of Susie’s, Julie another long time friend, and one more couple I didn’t recognize. They were all sitting on the floor in a large circle playing cards, and by the looks of it, it wasn’t for money; just clothes.

“Oh, hi Daddy!” Susie squealed with excitement. “I hope you got plenty of rest Daddy? You were so drained.”

“Yep, I’m fit as a fiddle now!” I chimed in. “What’s going on in here?” I asked.

“Just a friendly game of cards daddy! Care to join us?” Kim asked with this big smile on her face.

Everyone still had most of his or her clothes on. There wasn’t any shoes or socks on. Kenny had a t-shirt and his shorts, Julie had her blouse and shorts on, Susie and Kim both were down to their bras and shorts and the final couple had everything still on. I looked for a place to sit and the only opening was next to Kenny and the young couple whom I didn’t know. I sat down and looked about. The people in my living room were all great specimens of beauty.

“Daddy, do you remember Kenny?” Susie asked. I nodded yes and stuck out my hand. He had a firm shake and a great smile.

“On your other side are Mary and Derek. They’re Kenny’s friends.” she said.

“Hi, guys. Nice to meet you both.” I reached out and touched Mary’s hand and she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and giggled. Derek only smiled and shook my hand.

“Thanks for opening up your home to us, Mr. Smith.” Kenny said. He reached out and squeezed my leg. It was innocent squeeze but when I looked in to his eyes I saw something gleaming.

“How does this card game work?” I asked as I looked around at everyone.

“Well, the highest poker hand wins and that person keeps their clothes on while everyone else removes a piece.” Susie replied. “When we get down to the first person without clothes on then it will get really interesting! That’s when the winner will be able to request that a person do whatever they wish! Anything they want that is!” she said.

“I’m game. Let’s get the cards flowing.” I said.

The first few hands weren’t so eventful. Kenny won first, and then everyone removed a piece of clothing. I had a streak of luck and won the next two hands! I needed the wins because I only had on my shorts now. As I glanced around here’s what I saw and what a sight it was. Susie and Kim had just removed their last pieces of clothing, Kenny and Derek were down to underwear, Julie and Mary had only their panties on, and I with my shorts on. You could see that the boys had been getting a bit excited, because their cocks were straining to get out of their underwear. My cock was aching for some action as well! I dealt the next hand of cards and we played it out. Mary was the big winner! We all sat there with anticipation of what her request was going to be and wondered whom her victim was.

“Gee wiz, I’ve never won anything before.” She giggled. “Okay, who’s going to follow my commands?” she said as she glanced around at all of us. Mary’s gaze stopped at me. She smiled and with hesitation she spoke out.

“Mr. Smith, I would like you to remove everyone’s clothes. Starting with me!” She said and giggled once more.

“Are you sure about this young lady?” I asked and she nodded her approval.

I got up and looked around. Everyone started to cheer me on. I stepped in front of Mary and got down on my knees. I motioned for her to stand up and when she did I was eyeball to her crotch. She only had on panties but she looked so sexy. Mary was very petite, she probably wasn’t a hundred pounds soaking wet.

Her hair was jet black and it cascaded down past her shoulders, almost reaching her breasts. Mary had parted her legs slightly to help me ease her panties down. When my fingers slipped underneath the elastic of her panties she moaned out softly. I slipped them down over her slender hips and exposed a neatly trimmed pussy mound. I could even see drops of dew emanating from her pussy lips. My cock grew in my shorts as I dropped her panties to the floor. My heart beat faster as I took in the sight of her pussy. I moved on to the next person. I didn’t even have to ask Derek to stand up. He was on his feet once Mary’s panties hit the floor.

I scooted over in front of Derek and he was clad only in his underwear. He had the boxer type and his dick had made a tent in them. I had never touched another man this way so I was a little apprehensive at first. I looked up at him and he closed his eyes when my hands touched his waist. I stuck my fingers inside of his waistband and pulled down, exposing kaçak iddaa a very hard cock! Derek’s cock almost hit me in the face as it was being released and I jerked my head back. The girls all went crazy when his member was freed up. Derek had an athlete’s body. He didn’t have an ounce of fat nowhere but his cock was thick in diameter but average in length, about six inches. One thing that struck me was that he had shaved balls. There wasn’t a bit of hair nowhere in his groin area. This excited me even more!

I then made my way around to Susie. “Oh, yes Daddy! Take my panties off!” She exclaimed. She was on her feet in no time and her legs were spread open. Her hips wiggled as I moved my hands under her thong panties and tugged downwards. There wasn’t much material to hide her pussy mound and I could tell that she was getting excited. Susie’s pussy lips protruded out and they were wet from her juices. I let my fingers barely graze her lips and she automatically pushed forward.

“None of that now. Just clothing!” Mary said. I pouted as I moved on.

It was now time for Kim’s panties to be removed. I could smell her succulent aroma as I moved closer to her pussy. I reached up and slipped my hands in the front of her panties brushing past her pussy mound. Her body shook lightly from my touch. Kim parted her legs and I tugged her panties down. I couldn’t believe how wet the crotch had become from her juices. “Please touch me Ben!” she pleaded with me.

“Not yet, I said.” Mary barked out. Kim whined in protest!

Julie was next. Here stood a young lady who had a pair of gorgeous legs leading up to a full pussy mound. Julie had blonde hair and it was curly as hell and shoulder length. She was tall, standing about five feet ten inches, with a great set of tits and she had these big blue eyes that just pierced you as she gazed at you. Julie was flushed and she had her hands in front of her covering up her panties. I reached out and gently removed her hands and saw why she was covering herself up. Her panties were completely soaked! I could see the out line of her pussy perfectly; the material had worked its way in between her lips. Evidently she was excited as hell! I eased her panties over her hips and she opened her legs up. When I had her panties to her knees I could smell a sweet aroma coming from her pussy, which made me dizzy. I looked at her pussy and saw a small tuft of blonde hair running up from her clit. Everything else was bare. I gazed at the size of her clit, I had never seen one quite a large as hers. It was about the size of a large lima bean and glistened in the light. I dropped her panties downward.

I finally scooted over in front of Kenny. He had on a pair of small pair of underwear. They almost looked like a pair of swimming briefs. What really caught my attention was the massive bulge coming from them. I got a bit closer and could see that his cock head was peeking out over the top of his briefs. It was going to be hard not to touch his cock as I slipped his briefs off. I placed both hands in the front of his briefs, under the waistband. His cock rested between my hands now. I immediately felt the warmth and hardness of his throbbing cock. I could see that he had some pre-cum oozing out from his slit. Everyone watched with anticipation as I slipped off his briefs. Out popped a huge hard-on! His cock was enormous, thick as hell and about nine inches long. This was the biggest cock I’d ever seen up close! Kenny had one big smile on his face as his tool emerged from its safekeeping.

I was done and I could feel the flushness come on me. I moved over between Kenny and Mary and sat down. I was excited like no other time in my life and my cock sure showed it! I knew right then that this night was going to be great! I looked around the room and everyone was smiling and giggling about my performance.

“Oh Mr. Smith, you forgot yourself!” she exclaimed. “I can see you need some releasing!” she pointed at my crotch and giggled. Everyone agreed with her.

“Stand up Daddy, let everyone see you!” Susie replied.

I was rather embarrassed by all of the attention but I managed to stand without falling on my face. I eased my shorts slowly down, I let my cock stay in the shorts as long as I could and it popped out hitting my belly with a plop! Everyone hooted and cheered me on. I dropped my shorts to the floor with my pole now fully exposed. I quickly sat down.

“Oh Mr. Smith, its your turn to deal out the cards.” Mary said, and then giggled!

I came to my senses and reached for the cards, my hands quivered a bit as I dealt them out. When the hand played out, Julie was the big winner. She squealed with delight and looked around. I kinda hung my head a bit and her gaze passed me by. Her gaze stopped at Derek.

“Derek, let me see…I want you to stroke Kenny and Ben’s cock for a two minutes each!” Julie said.

“I’m going to time you and I want you to start with Kenny.”

Without any hesitation on his part, Derek slid over in front of Kenny. Kenny kaçak bahis just straightened his legs out and spread them slightly. My heart was beating like a freight train. Derek placed his hand on Kenny’s thigh and slowly made his way up to Kenny’s massive cock. Derek grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed, making the head bulge out even bigger, drops of pre-cum oozed out, sliding down the head and landing on Derek’s hand. It sure was getting hot!

“Your time starts now.” Julie replied.

Derek eased his hand up and down slowly; Kenny closed his eyes and moaned softly.

“Oh, Derek, yea stroke me man, stroke me!” Kenny muttered out.

I was transfixed at the sight of Derek’s hand working on Kenny’s cock. I could see by the look on Kenny’s face that he was thoroughly enjoying Derek’s work. I looked around quickly and I saw everyone else with his or her own hands rubbing themselves. Sex was definitely in the air!

“Time!” Julie hollered out. “Your next Ben.” She said as she glanced at my now throbbing cock.

All Derek had to do was scoot a little and he was in front of me. I stuck my legs out and he kind of leaned in between them. His body brushed my right leg, which sent shivers throughout my body. My cock was standing at full attention when his hand engulfed me. I was totally shocked at how it felt to have a man stroke me and I was really beginning to enjoy it. His fingertips ran over my cock head picking up pre-cum along the way. He used this to lubricate the entire length of my cock. His pace was beginning to pick up and…

“Okay Derek, you’re done.” Julie said with a big smile on her face. I looked at her with a “No!” look on my face, but she just laughed as Derek removed his hand.

“Derek it’s your deal.” Julie said.

The cards were dealt once again and it was really hard to concentrate on what I was doing. I looked at my cards and knew I wasn’t going to win. I looked around and saw a smile come over Susie’s face, I knew she must have had a good hand and sure enough she won.

She looked around and with this selfish grin on her face she said, “Well, I pick myself, and here is the task. Everyone has to lick or suck the person to their left.”

I glanced to my left and Mary was smiling at me. I then glanced to my right and noticed Kenny was licking his lips. There wasn’t anyone who was in disagreement.

“There is a slight twist everyone!” Susie spoke up. “When I feel that its appropriate we’ll all stop and then switch to the person on our right side. Everybody ready?” she questioned us.

Everyone moved himself or herself around accordingly, I was stretched out between Mary’s slender legs, and I felt Kenny moving between my own. When we each reached our positions Susie spoke up.

“Okay guys and gals, lets have some fun!” she said as she moved her mouth to Kim’s waiting pussy.

I leaned forward and ran my tongue up Mary’s inner thigh and I could hear her moan out with pleasure. When I felt Kenny’s hot breath above my hard cock I had to look down. I watched as he lowered his head and his lips. They came into contact with my throbbing cock, which sent shudders throughout my body. He sucked me in his mouth like he had done this before. I moved my mouth to Mary’s exposed clit, licking her lips as I went. I was getting the best of both worlds. I lapped from Mary’s clit down to her pussy lips, and then back upwards. Mary raised her butt off of the floor and ground her pussy onto my mouth; this made me lap harder at her clit. I felt her hand reach for my head; she ran her fingers quickly through my hair. When Kenny worked me in as far as I could go I knew if he kept it up for any length of time I would shoot into his mouth. Just when things got going good, Susie hollered out…

“It’s time to ahhh, ahhh, switch!” she managed to get out.

I stopped lapping at Mary’s pussy but not before I shoved my fingers into her hot little hole. She gently pushed my head off of her pussy mound. Her pussy was so wet and smelled so good I didn’t want to quit! I noticed rather quickly that Kenny had removed his mouth from my cock but squeezed one final time before he moved and placed his legs over and around my head. I was only inches from being a cocksucker for the first time in my life! I was so excited that I didn’t even wait for directions. I reached my hand up and felt his cock swell in my grip. It was amazing how soft yet hard he felt. I moved my mouth quickly and slipped his cock head into my mouth. My head started to spin. I worked my tongue around his slit and his pre-cum oozed out. I pushed myself down deeper onto his cock. I couldn’t get much in because of the good old gag reflex. Kenny’s cock completely filled my mouth up. There wasn’t room for anything else. Once I was comfortable with his cock in my mouth I went to work. I knew how I liked my cock sucked so I figured I’d do the same to Kenny. I was right on target! He pushed further into my mouth.

Little Mary’s mouth felt great when she bobbed down onto my cock. It was hard to concentrate on pleasing Ken while getting my own cock sucked on. I heard moans of passion throughout the room. Fantastic! “Oh, I’mm cummmming!” someone blurted out. Someone else hollered out, “Yes suck my pussy faster baby!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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