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Author’s note: My girlfriend, Stacey, asked me to publish this account of a recent interlude that we shared together. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did the experience!


It was Friday night after dinner. I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper when you came into the room, fresh out of the shower, wearing a terry cloth robe. As you stood in front of me I asked you what you were wearing under the robe. You just smiled and quickly opened and closed one side of the robe, giving me a brief glimpse of your thin figure, sparse bush and one of your beautiful breasts.

Sitting down next to me, you asked, “Liam, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, I have a project for my art class that’s due in two weeks and need a male model and I was hoping that you would be him.”

Flattered but not thinking about all the possible consequences, I relied, “Sure, Stacey, I’d be glad to.”

Leaning over, kissing me on the cheek you said, “Oh, thanks, it’ll be fun. Now, what would you like to do tonight?”

Thinking for a minute I replied, “I’d like you to model some nightgowns for me.”

“I’d love to!”

Taking my hand, you lead me into the bedroom. I was dressed in a white tee shirt and plaid flannel camp pants that I had put on after my evening shower. Picking a clean towel from the cabinet I laid it on the seat of a chair that sat in the corner of the bedroom. It was a narrow, comfortable, pillowed chair with low wooden arms. I sat down and made myself comfortable.

You stood with your back to me in front of your dresser, letting your robe fall to the floor. Taking out a full length silk nightgown, you slipped over your head, turned and walked over to me, turning in a full circle allowing me a view from all angles.

Now, why do you still have clothes on? She said as she reached down and pulled off my tee shirt. As she was kneeling down to pull off my pants, the door bell rang.

“Who ataşehir escort could that be?” We both thought.

You quickly put on your robe and went to the front door, looking through peep hole. It was your friend, Jane. You opened the door and let her in.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,’ Jane said, almost certain that she had.

“I was wondering if I could borrow your Italian cook book.”

After getting her the book and saying goodbye, you returned to our bedroom.

In the meantime, I had taken off my pants, sitting there with my small but capable penis fully erect from just thinking about you.

“Your girlfriends can be a pain,” I said.

“You certainly weren’t saying that the last time we were together with them!”

“You’re right. You got me on that one. You know how hot I think they are. It was just bad timing on her part.”

“Just as long as I’m always the hottest one to you,” you replied.

“Why of course”, Stacey”.

“Sometimes it’ just best for a guy to say nothing,” I said to myself.

Then you walked over to me, kneeling down, you said, “Now what do we have here?” The precum in the deep slit of my hypospadias penis glistened in the flickering light of the candles. With one thumb and index finger you pinched the little foreskin that covers the top third of my glans and your other index finger pressed into the deep slit that runs the whole length of my glans. My penis got even harder as your finger worked its way on the underside of my glans from the tip, down the slit, to the point where the glans meets the shaft where my pee orifice is located. Then you continued moving your finger down my shaft to my scrotum, spreading the slippery gel along the way.

“Well, it looks like your lovely little hypo penis is ready to pleasure me,” Stacey said, smiling. I felt you playfully tug on my foreskin then I flinched as I felt your fingernails pinch into my sensitive foreskin then be quickly kadıköy escort released.

You returned to the dresser to select a short red nightie, slip it on and walk over to me. I lifted your skirt and admired you delicate mound, your sparse brownish blond curls, narrow slit and inner labia peeking out below.

I took you by the waist and pulled you down on my lap, straddling me. Your thighs rested on mine and extended over the arms of the chair, knees angled slightly upward. Our lips met. You attacked me with your tongue pushing it deep in my mouth. When you backed off I nibbled on your lips before pressing my tongue into you.

I pulled your nightgown off and dropped it to the floor. I pulled you up against me, feeling your full luscious breasts against my hairy chest, our flat stomachs together and my erect penis pressed between your mound and lower stomach and my stomach. You felt my precum against your smooth, fair skin.

Putting both hands under your bottom, I lifted you up moving you enough to allow me to slip my hand between our bodies. Immediately, I started flicking you clit, feeling it swell and protrude from its little hood. Soon you were breathing heavy and shaking a little. I moved down to your inner labia, pinching, pulling and rolling one at a time, feeling them thicken and harden. I loved the feel of their irregular outer edges and I could feel your sensitivity there.

Then I took my penis in my hand and pressed it against your clit, which disappeared into my slit glans. I massaged your clit from all angles with my index finger while continuing to rub my swollen glans on your swollen clit.

When I felt you about to cum, I slowed down the motion to a crawl. My left hand which had been squeezing and massaging your right buttock started to move slowly but steadily moving inward. You jumped a little when you felt the tip of my finger lightly brush your other opening. I didn’t know whether you would like being bostancı escort bayan touched there so I was very cautious. When your next reaction was to press down on my finger tip I knew it was safe to proceed. I pressed a little harder and again a welcoming response by you.

I took my hand from your bottom, brought it up to my mouth and thoroughly wetted my middle finger. This time when I pressed against your orifice, I slowly and gently worked in up to the first knuckle. You trembled. I pressed it in up to the second knuckle, and then stared a motion of pressing in, then pulling back.

I picked up the pace on your clit again. Soon, your whole body was trembling and stiffened up.

“OK, Liam, I’m too sensitive. I came, oh my, did I cum!”

I held you in my arms for several minutes, until I felt you relax and breathe slower.

I reached down taking the head of my penis and slowly pressing it into your vagina. You were tight at the opening, loose inside. It felt so good when your opening pushed back my foreskin as I entered your most private spot. I pushed my penis in slowly, feeling the bumpiness that surrounded your g-spot. When you quivered a little, only about two inches inside I knew I was in the right place. I started rubbing the flat top rim of my glans and the roll of foreskin on what I was sure was your most sensitive internal spot.

“Yes, Liam, yes,” you moaned confirming my thought.

Soon, you climaxed again. I pushed my penis into you up to the hilt. It only took me a few short strokes to climax. Then I was too sensitive to move, only feel the soft slippery wetness surround my penis and feeling my cum and your juices draining down my scrotum.

We just stayed in that position for probably 10 or 15 minutes, enjoying and caressing each other.

Finally, you eased off my lap and walked to the bathroom. You returned with a towel between your legs and a washcloth and towel in your hands.

Very slowly and methodically, taking my small, limp penis in your hands, you washed and dried me.

Then we were in bed, lying next to each other, my arm wrapped around you with my hand cupped on one breast. You lay there perfectly satisfied, the towel still between your legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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