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Big Tits

Janet felt the warmth press against her nude body, the fingers reaching around, caressing her body in the way that moved her the most, and gentle kisses against the side of her neck. She opened her eyes, turned her head, and saw Luanne’s face, full of lust.

“Good morning my loving step mommy, thought I’d wake you up for some fun and games!”

Luanne smiled, her stepmom had really taken to letting her lesbian side out. It was 2 days since their hot fucking with Colt, that morning after, they’d had him up 3 times before they’d gotten out of bed. Last night, with just themselves, they’d made love over and over, both of them couldn’t get enough of each other’s heat. Now that morning was here, Luanne’s hunger was back, and so for that matter was Janet’s.

“Oh yeah baby, take my body and use it as you’d like. “

Luanne hovered over her, tits rubbing against Janet’s as their lips came together, Janet’s cunt was already getting very juicy in anticipation of what was to come.

Luanne had her arms wrapped around Janet, their hot bodies pressing urgently against each other, stiff nipples rubbing sensuously against each other, they melded together as their tongues dueled lovingly together.

Janet was getting hotter and hotter, she let Luanne have her way with her, spreading her thighs wide for Luanne when she felt her soft hand cupping her sex. When she touched her pussy, Janet’s body shook, she was now hers to do with as Luanne pleased. Janet wanted her to fuck her so much she was shaking as Luanne slid her finger into Janet’s blazing hot cunt. Luanne broke the kiss.

Luanne cooed, “Oh step mommy, you’re so fucking hot and I’m going to make you so fucking happy, you do want me to fuck you don’t you Mom?”

Janet was panting as she moaned, “Yes, oh yes, fuck me, baby.”

Luanne moved up and pushed her tit into Janet’s mouth. Luanne purred as she felt Janet’s mouth wrap around her stiff nipples, licking, sucking, and nibbling gently, just like she was nursing. Janet was nursing contentedly, Luanne felt the heat filling her cunt, as her hands reached over, playing with Janet’s tits with one hand while finger fucking her with two fingers of her other hand.

Janet’s pink fuck-hole was on fire as Luanne manipulated her hot cunt, stroking it up and down, sliding her fingers into her cunt hole for a few seconds, playing with her clit, and then starting the process all over again. Luanne’s dad never took the time to work on her cunt like Luanne was doing and having her tits to suck on while she also was pulling izmit escort on her nipples, put Janet right into fuck heaven.

Janet was reaching a crescendo, she felt three fingers slammed into her pussy, her other hand coming down and tweaking her clit, and that did it. Janet felt her body stiffen, her loins felt a rush of heat as the honey of her juices poured, her ass pumped up off the bed and her loud shriek filled the bedroom as she exploded, her body in the grip of orgasm, she felt hard spasms pulsing through her, Luanne’s experience at lesbian loving making the most of her climax.

Luanne grinned as she kept right at it with Janet’s pussy, finger fucking it and stroking it and it didn’t take long before Janet felt another rush, her juices gushing like a fountain as she came again. Luanne took her fingers out of Janet’s pussy, looking her in the eyes as she put her cum covered fingers into her mouth and sucked, licking her fingers clean of every drop of Janet’s juices.

“Spread your legs Step-mommy, I need to eat you up before breakfast.”

Janet quickly did so, lifting her legs in the air, spreading her slick labial lips wide for Luanne, she loved the way her stepdaughter could lick her cunt. Janet felt Luanne getting between her legs, watching her face moving in, and when her mouth touched her blazing hot cunt, Janet’s head lolled back, she knew she was going to be licked to heaven and back.

Luanne did what she did best, Janet’s moans were continuous as Luanne kissed her cunt all over, then nibbled on her pussy lips. Janet moaned louder as her tongue went back further, her tongue tracing a hot trail across her taint, oh fuck, the press of her tongue against her asshole was amazing. Janet felt Luanne licking her from asshole to clit, clit to asshole, back and forth, Janet was almost insane with lust.

“God your fucking mouth feels great on my cunt and my ass baby, I love having you eat my cunt and lick my tight pucker, I’m getting hotter and hotter.”

Janet felt Luanne’s finger rubbing the tight rim, then penetrate her asshole, oh fuck, all restraint left her. Janet wanted to be Luanne’s personal whore, and have her use her however she wanted and she let it go.

“Fuck, fuck, make me your lezzie whore Luanne, I want to be your lezzie whore.”

“Is my step-mommy my lezzie cunt whore now?” Luanne growled.

“Oh yes, I’m your lezzie whore cunt, I’m your fucking lezzie whore Step Mom and I need you to fuck me, God, eat my pussy, finger my asshole and I’ll do anything for you, anything.”

With izmit anal yapan escort that, Janet felt two fingers stuffed up her cunt while a finger was jammed up her asshole, and Luanne started to finger bang her roughly, making her body tremble, and when Luanne sucked her clit into her mouth, Janet’s body felt the crazy rush, and Janet’s scream of sexual pleasure filled the bedroom as she came, then another, and another, her pussy spasming hard, asshole and cunt squeezing the fingers fucking her, and Luanne didn’t let up until she had brought Janet to five body shaking orgasms.

Janet’s body went limp, and she felt her daughter turning her over onto her belly. Luanne put a pillow underneath her, propping her hips up.

Luanne cooed, “You have such a sweet-tasting pussy step mommy, and I love spending time between your legs feasting on your delicious cunt and licking your sexy asshole. Now let me show you how my lezzie girlfriend likes to let me use her.”

Janet felt Luanne’s hands grab her ass cheeks and pull them apart. The hot wet licking at the rim, oh fuck, that felt beyond fantastic. Janet’s moans, gasps, and cries of pleasure rose up as Luanne licked at her asshole, probing with her tongue and bringing a finger into play.

Luanne lifted her face away, smiling as she reached for the stainless steel jewel butt plug. The jewel was a purple-colored heart, she used it on her lezzie girlfriend, now her lezzie step mommy was going to get it. She nudged it against her asshole and started to slowly push.

“Let it in step mommy, open your ass to the plug.”

Janet relaxed as much as she was able, the filling of her asshole stretching wider, she felt the maximum stretch, then one last push, and she let out a loud gasp as the plug was buried to the base. She felt stretched out, stuffed but also felt incredibly turned on. Her pussy was already getting juicy and wet again.

“Now that you are stuffed, time for the rubdown.”

Janet felt Luanne’s hands grasp her hips, then she straddled her, placing a knee on each side of her legs, as she lowered herself down until her hips were pressing down against Janet, Janet could distinctly feel the warmth of her stepdaughter’s sex against her ass. When Luanne pressed down a bit more, Janet could clearly feel the outline of her stepdaughter’s snatch against her ass cheeks. Just like Luanne, Janet was free of pubic hair, with Luanne’s help, she was shaved smooth the day after their first experience.

When they had stepped out izmit yabancı escort of the shower, and Janet had wantonly displayed her freshly shaven pussy for Luanne’s approval, they were quickly in a 69 on the bathroom floor, bringing each other to noisy, gushing orgasms, their cries of orgasmic pleasure filling the bathroom.

Now, with no hair to block the heat of Luanne’s tight cunt pressed against Janet’s naked ass, Janet could feel the hot, wet excitement of her stepdaughter’s cunt, her lust powering back up as she shivered with excitement. Janet felt Luanne stretch out over her, the bare breasts, the stiff nipples digging into her back, as Luanne kept gripping her hips, molding her body tight against her step mom’s back.

“Now, step-mommy, play with your sweet cunt, make yourself cum while I rub my body all over your back!”

Janet could feel Luanne start to move, rubbing her body all over Janet’s naked backside. Luanne’s hot nude body pressed against Janet over and over, her soft, delicious cries of passion were like music to Janet’s ears. Janet’s hand was buried in her sex, her fingers probing the wet heat, rubbing her juices all over her clit, trying her best to drag it out. Luanne was imitating the undulations that Janet had been making as she pushed up against the thrust of Luanne’s naked body to meet the thrusts with the arching of her back.

Janet could feel the juices of Luanne’s pussy dripping onto her ass, starting to flow like a river downwards. Janet could feel her breathing get choppy, she could hear Luanne’s ah-ah-ah-ah sounds as her orgasm closed in. The rubbing of Luanne’s naked flesh against her, the dripping of her juices, they started to run down around her butt plug, her pussy lips, she was balanced on the edge, and when Luanne’s juices flowed over her throbbing clit, that took her.

Janet raised her head and let out a loud howl of orgasm as her body started to shake wildly, she could feel her asshole pulsing around the jewel butt plug, she could feel Luanne writhing against her, pressing down hard, she knew her stepdaughter was ready to tumble.

Luanne let out a long, loud moan, squeezing the entire length of her back against Janet as she exploded, a fresh gush of her juices poured out over Janet’s ass, running down the channel to flood all over Janet’s clit, making her cum again, fuck that felt so amazing.

Their bodies pressed lovingly together in the afterglow, Janet cooed, “Do you think Paula would like a three-way?”

At the lust-filled grin from Luanne, that answered the question.

“Oh, I am sure she would. And she has a few fantasies, that I am sure she’d like to make into reality.”

As Luanne talked about what Paula was interested in, they shared matching grins. Paula was going to get her most cherished fantasies made into reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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