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After the night I had spent with Patsy, I couldn’t think of anything else but finding a way to do it again, and hopefully soon. Wasn’t one who had so many women I could pick and choose one, but I had been with a few, and Patsy was by far the sexiest, hottest fuck I ever had. I spent many an hour daydreaming about her after that night. Thinking of her pink tipped breast’s, wet with my spit, and my dick wet with hers.

It had been a week since that night, and a restless one at that, I had thought about going over or calling but just never did. That following Friday I had a date with a nice girl, it was an enjoyable evening, a nice meal, good movie, but when I went to try something that ended it. I guess I wasn’t her type or whatever, so I took her to her house and dropped her off. I got home and Mom and Dad were sleeping, so I got my favorite porn tape and stuck it in the VCR.

It was my favorite because the girl in it was a firm bodied red head, not shaved like most women seem to do these days. I liked to watch when she sucked the guy off and pretend it was Patsy sucking me. I jacked off, got my rocks off, and fell asleep with a smile on my face as I remembered the night Patsy and I had.

Saturday morning came, I got up took a shower and got ready to cut the yard, my weekly routine. I got it done and went in to get a drink of water when the phone rang. It was Patsy, she was crying and asked if Mom was there. “No, they left earlier, I’m not sure when they will be back either Patsy.” I told her. “What’s wrong? Are you OK?”

“No Rick, I’m not, Will stayed to work another shift at work, which he has been doing a lot of, so he says. I drove by the shop and his car wasn’t there. So I drove to the Tavern he always goes to and he was there. I went in and he was all over some whore.” She was sobbing as she told me this. ” I’ve known he wasn’t faithful for years, but seeing it was too much. I kicked him out this morning. Do you think you can come over? I really don’t want to be alone right now Rick.”

“Well sure I can Patsy, just give me time to take a shower and I’ll be right over.” I hung up and rushed to the shower, took a quick one and got over to Patsy’s as fast as I could.

I knocked on her door, a few minutes later she opened it, her eyes red and puffy from her crying and she fell on me, giving me a death grip hug, her warm body pressed against me, her nipples poking me in the chest through my thin shirt. I stood there patting her on the back as we hugged. I broke the hug and walked her inside to the table and we sat down, her head buried in her hands as she sobbed.

“Patsy, I’ve been wondering about this since you told me, but, if you knew he was fucking around, and I don’t know if you’ve done it with anyone else other than me, why are you so upset?

“I don’t know Rick, I really don’t, Just seeing that son of a bitch with her on is lap just made it all real. I do love him, but not nearly like I did years ago.

I listened as I went and got me something to drink from her refrigerator, she was still hanging her head down, so I came up behind her, sat my drink down and started massaging her shoulders. Her shoulder muscles were in knots from the tension, so I kneaded them out lightly with a firm grip, It wasn’t long before she was a bit more relaxed. I worked on her neck with my fingers, I could smell her perfume as it wafted up, my senses numbed as I continued massaging her.

“You are so good to me Rick.” She said softly. “Sometimes, I really feel badly about how I teased you all these years.”

“Yeah Patsy, I understand, But at least you weren’t cruel to me. We both knew what was happening, and I wasn’t complaining.” I grinned behind her back.

“Still, you have always been there when I needed someone Rick, and I want to thank you for it. She stood up turned and kissed me, her warm tongue slid into my mouth and tickled my tongue as she worked it around my teeth and the cleft of my mouth. No one had ever kissed me like that, and I would remember that trick, it could be useful and only make me a better kisser in the long run. I out my arms around her and held her close to me, our chests pressing against one another’s as the passion rose in us.

I felt her fingers as they ran circles on the back of my head, twirling my hair with them, it amazed me at how good that little motion felt. She broke the kiss and took me by my hand, leading me to her bedroom before I said I should go lock the door. She agreed and went into her room, I locked the door and followed her. When I got there she turned me, my back towards her bed, and then she started taking off my shirt. I wasn’t sure of what to do, no one had undressed me since I was a little boy.

She knew what to do, she lifted my shirt off my shoulders, kissing them as she did, her warm breath on my neck gave me goose bumps. Once she had my shirt off she reached for my belt buckle and slowly unhooked it then undid my pants, she moved deliberately slow as her bahis firmaları hands unzipped them, her fingers lightly dragging along my underwear as she did. Once she had them open , she pulled them down and over my hips her eyes looking at the bulge in my underwear as my jeans past it.

I stood there, my pants around my knees as Patsy stuck her fingertips inside the band of my underwear and pulled them off also. She dropped to her knees and kissed my belly, dragging her hot tongue lower as she kissed the hairline going to my cock. I felt her breath on my dick a second before I felt her kiss the head, then her tongue ran under the head of it and stopping at the pee hole as she tongued it. Her hands on my butt, squeezing my buns as she opened her mouth and inhaled half of my hard on, her mouth hot wet and eager, as she began working it in and out.

I watched as the highlights of her red hair glistened in the light of the room, and I loved the way her hair swayed with each forward motion of her head as she sucked me deeper into her, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on it when she pulled away, her lips pursed around my cock creating a vacuum that felt like it would take my insides out. Patsy was moaning while she sucked me, I put my hands in her thick red hair, it is so soft, I thought to myself as I grabbed a handful in each hand and pulled her face to my crotch. I must have got carried away because I pulled it a little to hard, I heard her make a noise and quickly let go.

“No, don’t let go. I like that, pull it harder, fuck my face.” She told me as she looked up into my eyes with a almost pleading look in them.

I grabbed handfuls of hair again and pulled her to my spit slick cock and forced it in her mouth. She must have really liked that because she started moaning louder as I pushed my cock deeper in her mouth, I was shocked, one that she liked having her hair pulled and two that she had over two thirds of my 8″s in her mouth. She sucked me in earnest now as I face fucked her roughly, the sounds of slurping and her moans brought me to orgasm much sooner than I had wanted, in fact I was trying to warn her I was cumming as the first spurt shot out of my cock, it hit the back of her mouth and I pulled her face as deep as I could without gagging her.

Patsy never slowed down as I pulsed in her mouth, each shot of spunk filling her hot sucking mouth, before swallowing and sucking the next one out. My legs almost buckled as I came so hard I got lightheaded. I sat one the edge of the bed, Patsy never lost contact with my dick as I did. One of her hands went to my balls and the other grasped the base of my dick, and she squeezed it lightly as she milked every drop of my cum out. She never missed a drop, I raised my head to watch as her lips worked me over, her green eyes looked at me as she stopped sucking and let it fall out of her mouth.

I lay there with a huge grin on my face as she slid up my body and lay prone on me, her body, soft and warm as she pressed her body on mine. My hands instinctively went to her soft ass and I pulled her hips to me, she ground her hips on my crotch as we kissed deeply. I tasted myself on her tongue as they fought a wet fierce battle.

We broke our kiss after some nibbling on each others necks and small kisses on her face. “Damn Patsy, That was fucking amazing, your such a slut!” I laughed. Her teeth showed as she grinned at me.

“If you only knew Rick!”

“Well, I hope to find out Patsy, and the sooner the better.” I told her.

She rose up, sitting on my crotch, her pussy was wet I could feel it on me, the moistness was directly on my dick, I reached up and unbuttoned the top of her summer dress, my eyes waiting for her breasts to come into view. I didn’t wait long as the pink tipped nipples broke out, Patsy helped me slide the top off her shoulders and I ran my hands over her firm tits. The nipples hard and waiting for manipulation, oral or manual, I choose oral as she fell forward giving me access to them easily.

I loved everything about her breasts, the texture as they rolled over my tongue, the firmness as they hung just a bit in such a way as only to make them more desirable, I even loved every tan colored freckle on each one, I could spend all day loving on them. As I suckled on one my hand went to her soft buttocks, just something else to love about her, they way her hips flared out from her small waist, the belly with a small amount of midriff bulge, the way her red hair made a small line up almost to her belly button.

I was trying to work her dress off while not letting her get off of me, it wasn’t going to work, so Patsy stood up on the bed and dropped the dress on me, before kicking it off with her foot. She then stood over me and my eyes went up her body, from her legs to her face, only after stopping at her thick red bush, the dark tipped pussy lips slightly open, exposing her wetness, as the hairs, matted from her juices as she had ground it kaçak iddaa on my crotch.

As she lowered herself back on me I pulled her lower legs, forcing her pussy over my face, I had to taste her. I was not disappointed in her taste as it flowed over my face, my arms came around from under her ass to be able to grab her pussy lips, opening them for my tongue to have easier access to Patsy’s honey pot. I had no trouble sliding my tongue over her pussy as it was so slick. It was hard to comprehend that a lady would get so excited from sucking a mans dick, but obviously Patsy did. It only took a second before she was grinding her beautiful pussy on my face, her hands behind my head, pulling me deeper in to her slit.

“Oh Shit, Lick it, Fuck yes. Ahhhhh! Yes, lick me good baby. Make me cum, Oh fuck, I love it.” She said as she ground her pussy on me harder.

I licked her slit, then hit her clit, when I did that Patsy shivered, almost as if she had been outside in the cold and not dry from a shower. I felt the goose bumps rise on the insides of her legs as she came, her fluids running out of her like a faucet as she froze, not moving an inch while she came.

She stayed like that for almost a minute as she shook and I kept nibbling on her clit, then licking back down the slick slit and back to her throbbing clit. I felt her come once more before her grip loosened on my head and her legs relaxed, she relaxed so much that she forgot I was under her I guess, because I felt all of her weight fall on my face, covering my nose to a point I could not breath. I had to push on her before she realized what was happening to me.

Patsy rolled off me and lay on her back, apologizing to me as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Her chest heaving as she did, My eyes on her breasts as the rose and fell with each breath. I was wore out and turned on my side to look at her, soaking up every inch of her, wanting to remember her like this, sweat soaked with a satisfied glow on her face. She turned and gazed at me, her beautiful smile lighting the room. “Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she asked.

“You taught me just now Patsy!” I told her with a shit eating grin on my face.

“Well I guess I taught you right then Rick, No one has even made me come like that from eating me out.”

I beamed with pride at hearing that, never having been told anything more than “Hurry up before we get caught!” from the girls I had sex with in my car.

Patsy moved her hand to my stomach and lazily made circles on it, tickling me as I squirmed from the feeling. I moved closer to her and lay my head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her perfume/sweat, my eyes closed as I rested on her and she put an arm around me and held me tight. The next thing I knew I was waking up, Patsy sleeping beside me, her arm still around me and mine across her belly. I couldn’t help but give her cheek a small kiss, her eyes opened lazily and she smiled at me. Looking at the clock I saw it was nearly 3 in the afternoon. Shit, it was only Noon when we had fallen asleep, we both must’ve needed the nap badly, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to wake up, than looking at her face.

I had to pee, so I went to her bedrooms restroom and was peeing when she walked in, I pinched it off out of instinct of being caught peeing when someone came in unexpected. “No, don’t stop, I like to watch that.” Patsy said with her eyes glued to my dick in my hand.

“For real Patsy? Whatever rings your bell I guess.” And I let it begin to flow again, she moved around more to my front and watched as my piss hit the toilet. When I had finished and started to shake it, her hand reached over and took it lightly from me and shook it for me. I have to admit it felt good, but damn it was embarrassing to have her do that for me. I grinned as she made the stream go in circles looking amazed at the way it flowed, aimed by her warm soft hand.

After I had finished peeing, she shook it off, it sure felt strange as she did. Then she sat on the toilet and peed herself, uh, I didn’t ask to aim it for her. I listened to it as it splashed below her legs into the bowl. Patsy then climbed into the shower, I followed her. We bathed each other, giggling like kids as we played, it was such a sight to watch as she washed her red hair, the soapy water running down her body and then helping her wash her strong back. I couldn’t help but snicker when she washed me, not being use to having someone bath me, but it was such a wonderful feeling having it done.

We climbed out of the tub and Patsy passed me a towel then grabed her one, I went behind her and dried her off, then turned her around to get her front. My eyes wide open as I stared at her sensuous body, still not fully understanding why Will would go outside his marriage for sex, not when Patsy was as hot and loved fucking so much. His loss was my gain I guess, I was sure not going to bitch about the way it had turned out for me.

Going kaçak bahis back to her bedroom I was reaching for my clothes, when we heard the front door open. Fuck, it was Will, and I was naked as I ever had been, so was Patsy. We tried to dress, but the small size of the apartment didn’t give us enough time to finish. I had just puilled my pants up and she barley had her panties on when he came into the room. We could tell he had been drinking and when he saw us trying to get dressed, he went ballistic. Calling her horrible names then turning his wrath towards me.

I was terrified, Will out weighed me by at least 40 pounds and stood a head taller than me, if there was a fight, I would surely come out worse for wear. His eyes glared at her then me, screaming what sorry motherfucker’s we were, not once considering he had been out with another woman himself just the night before., I was still trying to dress, knowing we could never explain away our being undressed, I didn’t even try. He walked over to Patsy as she bent over and reached for her dress, when she rose up he slapped her.

She spun around, landing on the bed on her side, grabbing her face where he had struck her. I couldn’t stand there and let him do that, so I jumped on his back and threw my arm around his neck, choking him as tightly as I could. He backed up, smashing me against the bedroom wall, his body crushing mine causing me to lose my grip around him. The next thing I saw was stars as he began beating the shit out of me. I got in one or two licks, but they were not effective at all. Patsy was screaming at him to stop before he killed me, I could only hope he listened to her. He pounded on me a few more time, and she had tried to grab his arms, he shoved her off him like a gnat, she fell backwards as he did. She let him know in no uncertain terms, he was to leave before she called the cops, and if her ever came back she would have him put in jail, if he lived long enough to get there. Knowing Patsy, I knew she meant it, I had been hunting with her, she didn’t miss her shots often.

He stopped hitting me and looked in his closet, grabbed a suitcase, threw a few clothes in it, and turned to leave. He looked at me with hate filled eyes, then kicked me in my ribs before leaving. I lay on the floor gasping for breath, each intake of air, burning like a raging fire as it seared through my upper body. We heard the door slam as he left, Patsy rushed over to me, leaning over, her eye swelling from where he had slapped her, my own eye almost closed now from my own swelling. Her arm went under mine as she helped me to my feet, the pain almost caused me to blackout, we stood there, swaying as my head cleared and we eased over to the bed.

Patsy ran in and got some ice in a plastic bag, then wrapped it in a wet cloth, placed it on my face as I lay on my side that had not been nearly kicked in. I have never hurt like I did right now, and then the thought came to me, How in the fuck was I ever going to explain this to my parents. The fight, perhaps I could, but I know Will good enough to know he isn’t going to be quiet about this. In fact it would surprise me if he wouldn’t stop at a corner store and call them, letting them know what Patsy and I had been doing. Leaving out what he had done, but that would not matter to them, hearing we had been fucking would be enough.

I explained my thoughts to Patsy, she listened intently as I went through the whole scenario, then she told me what she thought about it all. “We are both adults, we are not blood relation, so they can just get over it!” I had to admire her for that, and besides, she was right. People may not like the fact that we had sex together, but there is no law against it, yeah I thought, Fuck Em!

She decided to call them before Will could, I just waited for the damn to burst when she did, and fell asleep, cringing every time I moved. The next thing I heard woke me up, it was my step mom gasping at the sight of me, beaten, bruised and swollen. I couldn’t open my eye from the swelling, and it hurt like hell to breathe, Dad helped me dress and took me to the Hospital. I was expecting a severe ass chewing and more, but it never came. He seemed more concerned about my well being, a good talking to could wait I guess. I was checked into a room for overnight observation, We were told there could possibly be internal bleeding, bla, bla, bla….

When I woke up Monday morning, Patsy was sleeping in the chair next to my bed, her red hair flowed out on the pillow she had, her legs curled up under her. She was sure pretty laying there like that, forgetting I was injured, I started to roll over and get up to pee. Bad move, I almost dried out from the pain, I did let out a big groan that woke her up.

“Hey there, how are you feeling?” She asked me.

“Everywhere I can feel hurts like hell Patsy, But I will live I think. Worse for wear, but I’ll heal.” I tried to grin, but even that hurt. She got up and helped me to the bathroom, I thought she was going to ask to hold it while I peed again, but she didn’t thankfully. The Drs. Gave me the OK to leave around 11 A.M. and Dad was there to take me home, we all rode in relative silence, Patsy followed us in her car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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