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Meredith took a deep breath before obliging the naked beauty underneath her. The slim girl was thrusting her turgid futa cock into her lover with unparalleled gusto. The woman on her back cried out madly as she drowned in her lust.

Despite their many liaisons, Meredith still found Andrea extremely arousing. Her tanned skin, long legs, and large breasts were impossible to not love. Her beautiful face was drenched in sweat and her long, ebony hair was extremely tousled. It was hard to believe that she was the manager of a successful office supply company. What’s more is that she was Meredith’s superior.

A few months ago, out of sexual frustration and extreme stress, Meredith had forced herself onto Andrea. Though she expected to be fired, she instead had gained an impressed and willing sexual partner. Both women were enjoying another night of passionate and raucous intercourse.

“Ahhhhhh!” Andrea squealed as she slid off the side of the bed.

Thankfully, her reflexes caused her to hold out her hands so that her head didn’t impact the floor. It wasn’t until Meredith had deftly caught her ankles that she realized that the fall was not an accident. While caught in a handstand, she could only watch as Meredith stood over her and began to jackhammer her penis into Andrea’s rectum.

“Oh, you bitch! You put your cock in my ASS?!”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Meredith snarled. “God, you’re so tight!”

The slim, milky-skinned girl winced as she kept driving her 10-inch dick into her lover’s puckered hole. Andrea’s mind went blank as pleasure and pain surged throughout her entire body.


“Jeez, shut the fuck up!” Meredith hissed.

Andrea would not obey, continuing to cry out vulgarities as Meredith continued the anal sex. She looked down in glee at the pained expression on Andrea’s face, along with those beautiful bouncing tits of hers. Meredith’s toes curled, digging into the bedroom carpet as she did her best to stave off the orgasm that was drawing ever nearer.

“Ohhhh, fuck, Andrea! I…I’m gonna cum! GONNA CUM!”

Andrea opened her mouth to protest, but instead issued a scream as her ass was blasted full of hot futa semen. When her sweaty ankles slipped out of Meredith’s grip, she did an involuntary somersault away from her, causing Meredith’s dick to fall out of her. As a parting gift, the wilting dick issued a pair of weak spurts that landed on her tired body.

“Jeez,” Meredith gasped, leaning on the bed for support. “I think I’m done.”

“Fine with me,” Andrea said wearily.

“Want me to go run the shower?”

“Yes, please.”

Meredith panted as she stumbled towards the bathroom. Once inside, she turned on the water and waited for it to heat up. She didn’t even bother to wait for Andrea to arrive. The hot water felt so good against her skin as she put her body under the strong cascade. She closed her eyes and relished the feel of sweat and seed being washed from her body.

Andrea definitely had a better apartment, a thought that popped into her head as she grabbed a bottle of her expensive cucumber melon body wash and began lathering her skin. Raking a hand through her dark-brown hair, she briefly considered washing it, but decided to wait until she returned to her own residence. Her eyes opened as she heard Andrea open the shower door and enter.

“God, I reek,” Andrea said, grabbing the bottle of body wash from Meredith and letting the shower water pelt her skin.

Meredith didn’t respond, staring at the banging body of her hostess. As Andrea lathered her body, Meredith’s hands made for her breasts. She’d had lots of women, but none of them had a rack like Andrea’s. The wobbling globes felt so good within her soapy grasp. She smiled as she felt the hard nipples poking at her palms.

Andrea didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. She reciprocated by fondling Meredith’s spent sausage and aching balls. Below them were her female parts, which had gotten some much-appreciated attention as well.

About 10 minutes later, the two women exited the shower and dried their bodies. As Meredith dried her hair, Andrea reached out from behind her and fondled her meager breasts. The futanari giggled as she wrapped her hair in the towel and then rounded on her host, her hands making for her chest.

“Now you know what it feels like!” Andrea giggled, staying away Meredith’s hands.

“God, I wish I could get it up again,” Meredith said with a grin. “I’d love to fuck those tits one more time.”

“Maybe tomorrow morning. I’m sure that will give you a great wake-up.”

The following Monday morning, Meredith again had to go through the arduous task of playing it cool. If Andrea had any difficulty in hiding their relationship from their co-workers, she didn’t let it show in the slightest. Andrea seemed to have mastered the cold, bitchy gaze that seemed to come to her naturally, the same expression that had made her feared and respected throughout the office. She didn’t break her elvankent escort stride in treating Meredith the same as she had before they had started their affair. It was business as usual for the both of them.

When the mail arrived, Meredith received a few order requests, some junk mail, and an envelope lacking a return address. Meredith fought to keep herself from blushing; even before opening the unmarked letter she knew who it was from and what kind of words were inside. She took a deep breath before ripping open the envelope. She could feel her nipples and cock stiffen as she read the contents.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You come into my place, fuck my tits, and then rape my ass? I swear, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I have half a mind to bite those balls of yours. If you have the stones to come back to my bed, I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t leave without a limp.

It has become quite apparent that I’ve been too indulgent with you in our time together. You had better get yourself in shape because I’m going to put you through your paces. I’m going to make your body ache. I’m going to break you like the wild, big-dicked stallion that you are…and you’re going to beg me for more.”

As much as Meredith wanted to store the letter for future viewing, but she knew that the less evidence of her affair the better. She gave it another glance before putting it into her shredder. She felt a twinge of regret for not waiting until after work to read it; it would be difficult to focus on another 5 hours of work while picturing all of the wonderful and debauched things that she wanted to do to Andrea.

A few weeks later, Sandy in Quality Control came over to tell Meredith that Andrea wanted to see her in the office. Meredith took care that she was completely soft before she got up from her seat and walked over to Andrea’s office. It was amusing to think that in the past, the walk to her office gave her the dread associated with a death row inmate walking towards their lethal injection. Now, Meredith had to do her best to conceal her joy at being able to see her smoking hot fuck buddy. She heaved a sigh before knocking on the door and entered when she heard a familiar voice bidding her to do so.

She closed the door behind her and took a seat. Andrea was looking great, sporting a violet blouse that showed off her ample bosom and these nice taupe-colored wide-leg dress pants. Meredith thought to herself what a shame that Andrea was seated, since the pants probably accentuated that goddess booty of hers. After doing some typing, she looked Meredith in the eye and folded her hands.

“This isn’t easy to say, “Andrea started.

“Oh, god,” Meredith said. “Shit! At least tell me that I’m getting 2 weeks of notice. Oh, man…”

Andrea held up her hand to halt Meredith’s meltdown. “Relax, you’re not getting fired.”

Meredith adopted a look of confusion. “So…what’s this about?”

“It’s about those shredded letters,” Andrea said. “I just wanted you to know that the special projects that are related to those letters are no longer going to take place. I’m very sorry.”

It took a Meredith a little bit of time to process what Andrea had said. While she was relieved to still have a job, she was sad that she was going to lose her steady supply of passionate sex. She sat up straight and looked her superior in the eye.

“I’m sure you have your reasons,” she began. “I gotta admit that I’m going to miss the special projects and the letters.”

“It’s nothing personal,” Andrea said. “As much as I’d like to keep the special projects going on, I don’t want to jeopardize either of our jobs.”

“Well, thanks for the notice, and thank you for not firing me.”

Andrea gave thin smile, rose from her seat, and extended her right hand. Meredith responded in kind, shaking her hand, and exiting the office. The disappointed look on her face seemed typical to the coworkers who saw her walking back from Andrea’s office. Usually, a trip to her office meant some kind of workplace criticism, a reduction in work hours, or being burdened with some extra workplace duties. Perhaps it was best that things had ended the way it had.

Though the breakup wasn’t one that would bring her to tears, Meredith was still feeling down. Usually, one might drown their sorrows with alcohol, but on that Tuesday, she stopped at the store on the way home and purchased a pint of Moose Tracks ice cream and a DiGiorno frozen pizza. After putting on her pajamas, she indulged in a mini marathon of “Full House” reruns until it was time for bed.

The next few weeks were a learning process for Meredith. Though Andrea didn’t give her any weird signals or looks at work, there was still this undercurrent of sexual tension between them. Try as she might, Meredith couldn’t help but fantasize about dragging Andrea back into the conference room where they’d had their first liaison and raping her all over again. She hated to admit it, but there were times that she would wish Andrea would let her emek escort know that she changed her mind about ending things. She yearned to have another mystery envelope grace her desk again.

On Friday, July 15th, a bunch of the people from the office went to TGI Fridays to celebrate the going-away of Rocco D’Ambrosio, one of the logistics guys at the office. Rocco was moving with his wife to Tampa, Florida; his brother had a successful chartered boat business and had offered Rocco a less-stressful job. Rocco regaled his coworkers with his excitement at the prospect of spending the rest of his years swimming, sailing and golfing.

“And the best part of all,” Rocco said, holding up his pint of beer. “I get to move away from the Ice Queen that’s been riding my ass at my old job.”

Everyone laughed aloud, fully empathizing with Rocco’s sentiment. That sentence was enough to prompt everyone to start sharing stories that proved their communal dislike of Andrea. Though Meredith had privately become friends with Andrea, it was still fun to hear everyone else complain about how strict and callous she was.

“Still, that lady is a stone-cold ten in the looks department,” Rocco admitted. “If I weren’t happily married…yow!”

“I seriously think that she should go into modeling,” said Jerry, another coworker. “She’s better suited to walking down a runway.”

“I wish she’d walk down an airplane runway,” chortled Dawn. “And get sucked into a jet engine.”

“At least the jet engine could teach her to suck,” Meredith said.

The entire table erupted with laughter at Meredith’s joke. She blushed, fighting a smile as she sipped her rum and coke. In all honesty, the joke had popped into her head and somehow escaped her mouth. Maybe the drinking was starting to get to her. She waited a few more minutes and then politely excused herself to the restroom.

After weaving through the maze of tables, she reached the outside of the restroom. As she put her hand out to push open the door, it swung forward. Standing on the other side were two women.

“Sorry, but would you mind giving me a hand? I just need to get her outside so that her boyfriend can drive her home.”

The one that spoke to Meredith was a beautiful woman with the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. She was trying to support another woman with a green face and slack-jawed expression. Meredith quickly got on the other side of the sickly-looking woman and helped her to her feet.

The trio successfully made it to the parking lot, where Meredith and the beautiful woman helped get Green Face into the front passenger seat of a running car and buckled her in. After closing the door, the two other women stood beside each other and caught their breath. The man in the driver’s seat waved goodbye and drove off.

“I appreciate the help,” the woman told Meredith.

“No problem at all,” Meredith assured her.

“A bunch of us were in there and I said that drinks were on me. Apparently, she took that as a challenge. There were originally five of us, but the other three knew when to call it quits and left over an hour ago.”

“Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson when that hangover hits in the morning.”

“Yeah, well, I figured someone should stay with her until she was done, and that turned out to be me, which is only fair, seeing as how I supplied her with liquor.” She gave Meredith a rueful look. “Sorry to drag you into this. Oh, I hope that I didn’t ruin your night.”

“Oh, you’re fine,” Meredith assured her. “I was just hanging out with some folks from the office, but I was ready to leave anyways.”

“That’s too bad,” the woman said. “I was going to see if I could maybe repay your kindness with a free drink.”

Meredith smiled. “Unlike your friend, I know when I’ve had enough. How about a plate of boneless wings instead?”

“Deal. I’m Bethany, by the way.”


The two women shook hands and went back into the restaurant. The two of them sat at the bar, Meredith ordering a glass of lemonade while Bethany ordered a Diet Dr. Pepper. Meredith started the conversation, both as a show of gratitude for the drink and in order to keep herself from checking out Bethany too much.

“So, what was the cause of the free drinks for your friend back there?” Meredith asked.

“Oh, you know, just a few of us wanting to blow off some steam from a long week at work,” Bethany shrugged.

“What do you do?”

“I’m a marketing representative for a construction company. We have projects all over the city. You?”

“I work customer service at an office supply company. A few of us were here celebrating because one of our coworkers was retiring.”

“I hope he can afford to stay retired,” Bethany said. “My uncle just went back to work at 70 years of age because he had to spend most of his savings bailing out my piece-of-shit cousin from multiple legal troubles. I’m living very modestly so that I can dump most of my paychecks into a retirement fund.”

“Yeah, I get 401K through my job,” Meredith said. “I’ve eryaman escort had to scale back because my roommate moved out a while ago.”

“Paying for drinks was just a way to treat myself,” Bethany said. “I only really eat out maybe twice a week. Ugh, my ex-girlfriend used to hate it, but only because neither of us could cook.”

Meredith tried her best to hide her delight at hearing Bethany’s sexual orientation. The rest of the conversation seemed to flow after that little tidbit slipped out. It might have been the liquor, but Meredith tried her best to subtly let Bethany know that she was interested. She’d smile and look at her while she sipped her drink, she’d give the occasional 2-second glance where the bar stool met that perfect tush, and she’d throw in a few tame-yet-saucy stories about her exes. They had talked for hours, even when the plate of boneless wings was long gone.

“I should get going,” Bethany said after getting her receipt from the bartender. “I can’t believe we’ve been talking for almost two hours!”

“I know!” Meredith giggled. “We should meet up for lunch! I have tons of rewards points at Firehouse Subs, so we could go Dutch and I could treat you.”

“I can’t pass up an offer like that!”

Bethany gave Meredith both her phone number and a hug and the two parted ways. Even though Meredith had hoped that Bethany would invite her back to her place, she still felt joyful at having met someone new. Bethany had sent her a text message the following Monday, offering to meet for lunch on Wednesday. Meredith replied to say that Wednesday was fine and made sure to remind her that the lunch was on her. She felt really giddy when she came into work that Wednesday.

Unfortunately, a few hours before lunch, something happened to put a bit of a damper on the day. Steve Shaw, one of her co-workers, exited the building with a somber look on his face and a box in his hands. He was being followed out by two security guards carrying more boxes. Everyone watched the entire spectacle silently. It wasn’t until Meredith went into the ladies’ bathroom that she was able to hear the whole story, which she intimated to Bethany when she met her at Firehouse Subs.

“So, he just up and quit?” Bethany asked before taking a bite of her dill pickle spear.

“Yep,” Meredith said. “Apparently, Andrea had been riding him pretty hard for the last few months.”

“Not in the way that Steve wanted her to ride him, I take it?”

Meredith shook her head and laughed at Bethany’s joke. “No. Steve’s a great worker, but Andrea’s super critical and very detail oriented. Some of the guys said that he’d been trying to hold out for a few more weeks until he landed a job that he’d been interviewing for, but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“Does he have some kind of anger issues? Is that why Andrea had to have security escort him out?”

“See, that’s the crazy thing,” Meredith continued. “We don’t even have security! Steve used to play pro football in Canada, so he’s built like a tank. Apparently, Andrea hired them especially for him.”

Bethany started laughing. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t find this funny, but I do.”

Meredith laughed as well. “It’s no big deal. Jeez, after a nice lunch like this, I really don’t want to back to work.”

“We could always play hooky and go see a movie,” Bethany said with honey-sweet naughtiness.

“Tempting, but I have to get back to work, or I’ll get fired next.”

“Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.”

The pair got up from their table, discarded their refuse and walked out to the parking lot. Being outside on a beautiful day like this really lifted Meredith’s spirits, especially when she got to have lunch with Bethany. After the two of them gave each other a parting hug, Bethany gave Meredith a small peck on the mouth, and skipped away. Meredith stared after her, her own heart leaping with joy. She definitely didn’t want to go back to work now.

Thankfully, she made it back to the office with 5 minutes to spare. From then on, it was hard for her to focus on work, but she did her best. Unfortunately, Steve’s firing had left many other people in a bad mood. Around 3 PM, Jerry ducked into her workstation with a worried look on his face. He crouched low and spoke in the same manner.

“Meredith, as a friend, I am URGING you to walk the tight rope right now,” he whispered. “Andrea is on a war path. She just had Terri in her office and tore her a new one; she’s out in the parking lot crying right now.”

“Aw, shit,” Meredith grumbled.

“I shit you not. Make sure you work super hard and stay off of her list. I heard a rumor that she might start doing performance reviews. Seriously, a few of us are ready to call her uncle and beg him to come back; we can’t work like this!”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”

Meredith took Jerry’s advice to heart. On Thursday, she came into work on time, took shorter lunch breaks in order to get more work done, and proofread everything she did at least three times. But, while she was able to fly under Andrea’s radar, many in the office were not so lucky. In that same day, she saw three women leaving her office in tears, another person quit, and one guy smash his keyboard. Part of her wanted to go in and advocate for the rest of the office, but she had no idea what to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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