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I shouldn’t have wanted him. I’m a married woman. Happily married, and I should’ve finished my drink, left with my girlfriends, and gone home to my husband. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ves rang in my head as I got out of the stranger’s car and wobbled back to my own. My legs were shaking and my breathing was labored. I’d just been fucked out of my mind, and I could barely register where I was.

It all began with a girl’s night out. We went to the bars, knocked back some shots, danced in a circle with each other, and laughed harder than we had in a long time. My friend Chelsea eventually said she had enough, and we called her a cab so she could head home to her newborn daughter, which she had left alone with her husband. It was still early, only 10pm, and Denise and Marcia wanted to keep dancing. I was a little tipsy, and plenty horny, so I was thinking of calling it a night and heading home to Daniel, who would be finishing up poker night with the guys. My pussy tingled as I thought of what mood he’d be in. If he made money, he’d be ecstatic and want to make love for hours, but if he’d lost money he’d be pissed and horny, and he’d give me the good fuck I wanted. I silently hoped he’d lost a lot.

I was getting ready to lean over to the girls and let them know I was going to call a cab and head home, when a guy at the bar caught my eye. He was sipping a beer slowly, and his eyes were focused directly on me. I looked away because his stare made me uncomfortable, but when I glanced back I saw he had never taken his eyes off me. He lifted the beer once again to his lips, never looking away, and then lowered it to the bar. I couldn’t stop staring back at him. He mesmerized me. His hair was ruffled on top of his head – it was dark, and his eyes were dark. I couldn’t see well in the dimly lit bar, but all I could make out were two black marbles looking back at me. If my pussy had been tingling before, it was on fire now. He wasn’t my type at all. He was wearing a black tank top, and he was covered in tattoos. I couldn’t see any piercings, which I said my silent thanks for. At least I wasn’t going totally crazy, getting hot for a guy I would never normally give the time of day to. Just then he brought out a pack of Marlboros and lit one, taking a long drag. His eyes still hadn’t moved from mine. God, I thought, mentally shaking my head. A smoker. I hated the smell of cigarettes and was ready to look away for the final time, but my head was frozen in his direction.

My legs wouldn’t move either.

Marcia and Denise were still dancing and laughing and hadn’t noticed that I’d stopped moving completely. I finally shook my head and tore my eyes away from this stranger who made my nipples hard, but who I should never have looked twice at. I yelled to the girls “Bathroom break” and they nodded. I slipped away from them and headed to the back of the bar where the bathrooms were. After I had relieved myself I looked at my reflection in the mirror and gave a small nod of approval. The dancing and sweating hadn’t made my makeup run too badly, and I smiled as I thought of finding Daniel at home, drunk and horny.

I left the bathroom and started to head back to the bar when something caught my eye. In the small dimly lit hallway where the bathrooms were, someone escort ataşehir was in the far corner. I saw the glow of a cigarette, and that was when he stepped out of the shadows. He was actually gorgeous up close. The tattoos were distracting at first but when I saw him up close, they made him incredibly sexy.

My brain wasn’t what was thinking as I walked toward him. I was fairly drunk by that time, and I was running on pure hormones at that point. He finished his cigarette and threw it on the concrete floor. I walked closer, slowly and he just stared at me again. I couldn’t read his expression. He just sort of stared at me, and I wondered what in the hell I was doing at that moment in time. I was just getting ready to go home to my husband, but this stranger was too exciting, and I had to get closer. I came to a stop directly in front of him, and he reached out, slowly it seemed but it was actually very fast, and grabbed at my breast, kneading it in his hand. I looked down in surprise, and that was when it happened. He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, pressing me tightly against the wall of the dark hallway. He pushed all his weight against me and reached around with both hands to grab my ass through my miniskirt. I raised my arms up and wrapped them around his neck, pushing my pelvis into his.

He lifted my skirt and pulled away to look me in the eyes when he realized I had nothing on under it. I stared back at him, but he wasted no time. His hands were all over my ass, cupping and squeezing my ass cheeks. My arms wrapped tighter around his neck and I kissed him full on the mouth. He quickly slipped his tongue in my mouth and I hungered for it. I pushed my chest hard into his, and stuck out my ass, pushing it further into his hands. We made out for what seemed like hours when he pulled away and grabbed my shoulders, shoving me hard against the wall. He looked me directly in the eyes as his right hand left my shoulder and traveled down my body, under my shirt.

He massaged my cunt with his hand, and I was sopping wet already. He slipped one, and then two fingers in, pumping them furiously in and out of my wet pussy. I gasped as I rode up and down on his fingers. I brought my hands behind him and grabbed his ass, squeezing it. His mouth found mine again, and I tasted beer and cigarettes, which would normally be appalling to me, but tonight it made me even hornier, and my pussy leaked juices all around his hand. His left hand came down and grabbed my tit roughly in his fingers. He pulled and pinched it through my shirt as his other hand pumped my wet cunt.

I thought I could come any second when he abruptly stopped. I was breathing so hard and I had closed my eyes to focus on my orgasm that when he stopped my eyes popped open in surprise. He grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me to his right, down to the end of the hallway where the door was marked “Emergency Exit: Alarm Will Sound.” I tried to pull my arm back, but he had shoved the door open with his hip and was pulling me out in the cool night air. He must drag girls out this door a lot if he knew there wasn’t a real alarm I thought. I figured just thinking that would make me panic and start kicking and screaming, but I was so turned on that I wanted to see where he’d take kadıköy escort bayan me.

He lead me out behind the bar where there were just a few cars parked. I wasn’t even aware there was parking behind the bar. We had parked with everyone else in the front, and I began to wonder how often he frequented this place. I didn’t have much time to think before he was grabbing his keys out of his pocket and popping open the rear passenger side door of his SUV. It was an older model Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I was surprised at how clean it was when he pushed me onto the back seat. He slammed the door and came around the other side where he climbed in beside me. The rush of the cool night air had made me shiver slightly. I had been so hot and sweaty that I was immediately chilled. He practically lunged at me. He moved his body over mine and covered my mouth, filling me with the intoxicating smell of beer and cigarettes that had made me so wet before. I suddenly remembered neither of us had said a word since we met in the hallway, and I pushed him away.

“Wait,” I said.

He sat up and looked at me. “What?”

“What are we doing?” I asked breathlessly.

He grinned. “Fucking.”

And that was that.

His mouth found mine once again. He was an amazing kisser. Or was it the booze? I would never know, but I was in heaven as his mouth moved down my neck and in between my low cut shirt. I don’t know how long we had been in the car but soon I was completely naked, laying down on the long car seat with him on top of me. I could feel how hard he was as his erection pushed into my stomach. I looked down to see his clothes were gone as well. He reached down two fingers and pushed them up into me, bringing his mouth down to suck my nipple. He alternated between breasts while his fingers pushed up into my pussy, and his finger swirled my clit. I was moaning and pushing the back of his head into my breasts harder. He lifted his head from my breast and leaned back on his knees in between my legs.

“Up,” he commanded. I pulled myself up into a sitting position. “On your hands and knees,” he said, and I turned around, pointing my ass at him. He didn’t waste any time before I felt him at my opening. He pushed himself into me, and I was so wet that he slid in easily. I gasped. I hadn’t actually gotten a look at his cock, but from the feel, it was enormous. He pumped in and out of me, slowly at first to cover his dick with my juices, then he pushed in as far has he could go and started furiously pumping away. I moaned and grabbed the door handle to hold myself, and I rocked back on his dick. It was amazing. I couldn’t remember the last time it felt so good to get fucked from behind. He was so big that he filled me completely. I wouldn’t be left desiring anything tonight. I took my left leg off the seat and pulled it down to the floor, leveraging myself so he could fuck me fast. I grabbed my tits with my right hand and massaged them and pulled on my nipples. My eyes were closed and I cried out “God yes. God yes, fuck me! Fuck me!” My moaning and my screaming for him to fuck me must have worked because suddenly he grabbed both of wrists and yanked them backwards, holding onto them as he fucked me into oblivion. I could hardly see straight, as he pounded escort bostancı me from behind. My tits were hanging freely below me and I was still so wet that he slid in and out gracefully.

“Jesus Christ,” I heard him mutter and I could tell that he was going to come soon. I slowed down bucking back on his dick, and when I felt him pull out I tried to pull my hands away so I could turn around and swallow him in my mouth, but he simply held on tighter and I could fill his dick sliding up my crack until it was at the entrance of my asshole. Suddenly I panicked. This was a complete stranger! How could I have let him lure me into a dark corner, and then into the back of his car? How could I have let my hormones run so wildly that I let my inhibitions down? I tried yanking away my wrists harder, but he grabbed them both with his right hand and pushed them down onto my back. He was surprisingly strong for not being that large of a man, and I couldn’t fight back. He reached down with his left hand and guided his still throbbing cock into the entrance of my asshole. I was no stranger to anal, but this man was taking things too far. I wanted out, and I wanted him to stop. I tried to move my ass away from him, but misjudged his movements, and my ass slid back on his dick. It was so covered in my juices that it pushed into my entrance without much resistance. I gasped, and my head shot back. My pussy gushed juices as I felt him push through all the way in my ass.

He settled there for what seemed like an eternity, not moving. Then he moved his cock out slowly until it almost came all the way out of my ass, and then he rocked it back into me with such a force that I cried out, and tears sprang to my eyes. He slammed his rock hard dick in and out of my ass, back and forth, back and forth, till I felt like I might die. The pain was intense, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that there were pussy juices running down my leg like no tomorrow. The beer and cigarettes smell filled my nose once again and I could feel my cunt contracting. I thought I might come just from him pumping in and out of my ass, but I wasn’t quite there yet. He, on the other hand, was RIGHT there. I heard him moan and cry out as he pumped his load into my ass, and then I felt him pull himself out. His come spilled out of my ass and ran down to my pussy. I felt exhausted after the brutal fucking, and I was beginning to sober up.

I grabbed my clothes and slipped them on, releasing the door handle and stepping out of the car, slightly unsteady. I stumbled back to the front of the bar where I spotted my car. I pulled my key out of the small pocket in the front of my denim miniskirt and opened the driver’s side door. I looked up just in time to see his Jeep speed around the bar and off into the night. I closed my eyes and laid my head back. I could still feel his come running down my leg. My pussy was still throbbing after the fucking I’d received, and I was still so goddamn horny that I knew I had to take care of the problem, and soon. I reached between my legs and pet my clit, which was standing out straight. A few strokes and my tits stood out straight again. I massaged them through my shirt with my left hand as my right went to work on my pussy. It didn’t take long at all before I felt my body shake and I came all over my fingers, his come mixing in with my juices so my fingers could barely stay on my clit.

I drove home slowly, wondering what I had just done.

But I couldn’t get his smell off my mind. I finger fucked myself the whole way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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