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Note to readers: The stories that I write cover multiple genres. Mainly they include mother-son incest, voyeurism, exhibitionism, transformation fetish, femdom, etc.

It is not really possible to tag multiple genres for a single story.

So please check out the rest of my stories on my profile (especially the Mom to Lady Dimitrescu series) and don’t forget to leave your kind thoughts and comments.

Story begins:

Mrs. Alicia Sierra has always been a proud woman. Residing in the small town of Sunville, she currently held the post of police chief. Quite a remarkable feat she believed, considering that this was such a male-dominated field. She had to work really hard to reach where she is today. Needless to say, the road had been rough.

Even while being the chief of police, she knew people were always commenting behind her back. Though this small town had an incredibly low crime rate, still once in a while some small case would come their way and Alicia made sure that they got to the bottom of it. It was her indomitable will and determination that defined her.

She runs the police station with an iron whip. She feels if she goes soft, then people will start disobeying her. She can never go easy on them. She has some strict rules within the police station that she made sure were followed every time. She did not tolerate any of her officers being late by even 5 minutes to work. Refusing to listen to any explanation, she would resort to the harshest of words and would demand a written letter of apology.

Everyone in the station is really afraid of her. They respect her out of fear and not love. Every officer is always on their toes and alarmed at what might upset Chief Alicia, because they would have to face her wrath.

Needless to say, due to her arrogant and rude attitude, she has almost zero friends within the squad. Ever since her husband passed away 12 years ago, she has been alone. She did not even think about dating someone as she thought that might make her look weak.

The only source of dissatisfaction in her life was her son.

Richard, now 21, lost his father when he was only 9. Even since then, it has been just him and his mother.

But she never realized where the problem lies. The same controlling attitude which she displays at her workplace had spilled over in her household as well. She was determined to control every little aspect of her son’s life. She determined whether her son would go out with his friends or not, she controlled what he ate, when he ate, what he wore, what he studied.

Even a little slip on behalf of her son would result in him being abused with the harshest of words and the meanest of punishment, which included being indefinitely grounded in his room, forced to do all the work around the house by himself, and other physical tasks.

She wanted him to grow up to become a true man. Someone who would be physically well endowed and smart. Instead, she is stuck with a geeky nerd, who is a couch potato. He will rather sit at home and binge on web series than go outside and work out or play or participate in other ‘manly’ activities.

Richard is your very average college-going adult. Down on luck with girls due to his average looks, with love handles and acnes. He loves playing video games, reading books, and watching sci-fi movies.

But there is one more thing about Richard that Alicia was totally unaware of.

It was Richard’s incessant sexual obsession with his mother.

Alicia, now 44, was a very attractive woman despite her rude demeanor. Standing at 5’8″, she had a magnificently well-maintained figure, which complemented her long straight black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She ensured she hit the gym for an hour almost 5 days a week and did yoga on the rest of the days. She would stick to a very healthy diet and that resulted in her figure being incredibly toned.

Richard would get a hard-on every time he saw his mommy in her police outfit. The dress would hug her figure very tightly. Every delicious curve would be accentuated. He loved how her round big boobs stretched her police dress. Her butt looked amazing in that tight police trouser. They would sway from side to side as she walked. As if the tight trousers were having a hard time containing her juicy rounded ass.

As she would put on her uniform and confidently walk out of the house, wearing her shades and her hair tied back in a ponytail, he would ogle at his mother from the window of their house. As she would drive off in her police car, he would immediately rush to the dirty linens which were scheduled to be cleaned. He would pick up his mommy’s worn bra and panties and would rush to her bedroom.

There he would lie on her bed and wrap her 34D bra around his average-sized penis and would wrap the panties around his face. He would inhale deeply and start jerking off on his mom’s bed. He would imagine his mother nude and would climax soon enough. How badly he wished to see his mom naked. But with the strict rules prevailing in his house, he barely had the sincan escort courage to look at his mother. He would steal occasional glances at her when she is busy with her work, though.

He would at times peep while his mom did yoga. He liked watching his mother sweating and working out in the very tight yoga pants. He could never see her cleavage as her back would be facing him, but he did always manage to get a good show of her yummy ass. Her pink tight yoga pants were his absolute favorite. He had many a satisfying orgasm while smelling his mother’s extra sweaty and smelly yoga pants.

She would return late in the evening from work and would warrant a detailed hourly explanation from her son of what he did throughout the day. She would frown every now and then when he would say something not according to her liking. She would verbally reprimand him and make him swear he won’t be doing that again. Then she would make dinner and get busy with her work. She would ensure her son went to bed at 10 and then would get ready for bed herself.

She would often sigh imagining the disappointment his son was. All the thoughts and dreams that she had regarding her son had dissolved away day by day. She wanted him to be tough and to man up. But instead, she got an introvert and lazy nerd.

One such morning, on the 2nd day of October, Alicia was getting ready for work. She put on her police uniform, holstered her service gun, put on her sunglasses, and stood proudly in front of the mirror. She barely looked 44. She gave off the aura of a strong-willed and independent woman. Her beautiful jawline made her look so fierce.

Little did she know how the day was going to turn out to be.

Strictly telling her son to do the chores around the house, she left with a smirk on her face. Weak men like Richard deserved to be dominated from time to time. Or else they tend to forget who is in charge here.

As she got on her car, the walkie-talkie crackled into life, ‘Chief Sierra, do you copy? Over.’

She replied, ‘This is Chief Sierra, over.’

‘Ma’am, there has been a report of some disturbance outside the Miller’s farmhouse. Over.’

‘Copy that. I will be there in 10’

As she drove towards the Miller’s farmhouse, she kept cursing at all the small and insignificant cases that keep coming her way. Can something big not ever happen here? Even for once?

As she reached the boundary fence of the Millers, she parked her car on to one side. This house was situated at the very edge of the town. Right outside of the back of the house, the woods started.

Detective officer Cole approached her as she entered through the gate.

‘Ma’am, the Millers won’t shut up about an object that they say came hurtling down from the sky out of nowhere and landed into the woods. Incident took place yesterday night at 3 am.’

Alicia went to the front porch and found Mr. Miller pacing anxiously.

‘For God’s sake Chief, you got to believe me here.’

Alicia took a deep breath and said, ‘Calm down, please. Can you describe to me in detail what exactly happened?’

‘Yes Ma’am. It was around 3 am that we were woken up by a low rumbling noise. We gathered at the front porch and there it was. Racing across the sky, wrapped in green flames. It landed just behind, in the woods. Our dog and the cattle have been worked up ever since. The first thing we did was inform you guys in the morning.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Miller. Now I want you to be in the house with your family. We will handle it from here.’

With a deep breath, she ordered her officers, ‘Okay everyone, we are going to get this checked out. Bring the sample bag and follow me.’

As they ventured into the woods, the foliage got thicker. Few meters in, they stopped dead in their tracks. There, right in front of them, was a 5 ft deep punched-out crater. Surely, the result of some impact. Wisps of smoke still emanated from the crater. Alicia stooped down to inspect the crater.

She thought to herself, ‘What on Earth landed here?’

There was nothing visible inside the hole, except for some regular debris. She ordered her officers to excavate the site and she herself decided to do a perimeter check around the crater and look for any suspicious object.

As she went about, she found nothing of significance. It was almost noon by now and her team was nowhere near in figuring out what exactly had happened here. She stomped her foot in frustration. Grabbing a bottle of water, she rested her back against the nearby tree.

She never felt the small thing that dropped on her shoulder from the tree. The tiny creature was suspended from the leaves of the tree, keenly watching the happenings below. As soon as it sensed an organic life form very close to it, without wasting any time, it latched on to its host.

To crudely describe it, it resembled a tiny octopus. With 2 deep dark eyes resting on a blob-like head, it had 2 pairs of tentacles for locomotion. Each tentacle possessed a circular mouth-like sincan escort bayan structure with rows of tiny teeth, which acted like suckers. They perfectly clung to Alicia’s shoulders and it gradually slithered its way in the underside of the collar of her police costume. There it remained still, waiting for an opportunity.

Alicia, oblivious to the event, was fuming in rage by now. She had started shouting at her officers, calling them with the meanest of names. She hated failures and snags.

It was almost 4 pm when Alicia stormed into her office. Already aware of their Chief’s foul mood today, there was pin-drop silence in the office. Nobody dared to approach her. She sulked in her office for 2 more hours, totally unaware of the tiny alien creature nestling inside her collar.

Calling her squad members inside her office, she thrashed them like anything. She gave them the ultimatum to solve this mystery by tomorrow, even if it meant them working overtime in shifts.

She left office at 6 and when she came into the house, Richard smelled trouble.

Alicia bellowed, ‘Richard, get my bath ready now. And make some food for tonight for yourself. Neither am I in any mood to cook nor am I hungry. And don’t you dare make any noise or disturb me, if you don’t want any severe repercussions.’

Saying this, she stormed into her bedroom. She badly needed a hot water bath to relax.

A few minutes later, after Richard had done his duty to his mother of preparing her warm bath water, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror and slowly undressed. The bathroom was attached to her bedroom only.

She dropped her police outfit on the floor and stepped out of it. As she looked at herself in the mirror, in her black underwear, she could not help but appreciate her figure. While she unclasped her bra and pulled down her panties, she literally fell in love with herself.

The years had been indeed very kind to her. Years of healthy lifestyle regime had really paid off. She stared at her 34-28-32 curvaceous figure with pride.

Before unhooking her bra, she marveled at her deep cleavage. One can easily get lost in them just by staring at them. It was still wet with sweat from all the day’s hard work and it shined against the bright light of the bathroom.

As she let her bra fall off, she raised her arms to reveal her clean-shaven armpits. Her boobs looked so beautiful against the yellow hue of the bathroom. They were rounded and full. Her 34D tits were standing upright firmly in their position and thankfully did not sag down, despite her age. Her boobs had become curvier especially since her pregnancy. Her pink areola was large in proportion to her breasts and at the center stood a hard suckable nipple, which was now standing in full attention.

Her belly looked amazingly toned with a deep navel. There was a small star-shaped tattoo just beneath her belly button, a teenage stupid mistake that she still lamented.

Just below that was her most prized possession. Her pink pussy lips were very thick and fleshy. Both her labias went all the way up to meet together and form a hood-like clitoris. It was her most sensitive area. It was around 2-3 cms long and protruded out obscenely.

She turned around and licked her lips as she inspected her delicious ass. Her butt was perfectly well-rounded. As she jumped softly, her ass cheeks clapped against each other. Except for some occasional cellulite, her ass looked perfect. She spread her ass cheeks to reveal her asshole, which was a bit darker than the surrounding skin. She ran her fingers against her sweaty butt crack and proceeded to deeply smell them.

Her slim waist perfectly accompanied her broad hips. Her thighs looked strong and taut and went all the way down to her feet with long nails.

Big ass, rounded huge boobs, and a large clitoris- she possessed the trifecta indeed.

This figure was enough to drive any man crazy. If she wished to, she could have any man she wants. But she had foregone the idea of dating a very long time ago. It would make her look fragile and delicate. People would refuse to respect her and follow her if she revealed her vulnerable side publicly. No, she was above that. Besides, she respected no one to actually be in a relationship with them.

As she was thinking all these things by staring into the mirror, she was completely unaware of the tiny alien creature making its move. As she had removed her uniform, it had grasped onto the straps of the bra at the back of her body with one of its suckers. As she opened them, it dropped with almost perfect precision and hooked itself against her panties. As she pulled them down, it maneuvered itself by jumping inside her panties and then fastened itself firmly against her inner thigh. From there it wriggled inside her pussy and lodged itself deep inside her cervix.

This entire process took within only a matter of few seconds. Before Alicia even realized it, the creature was already inside her. All she felt was escort sincan a ticklish sensation against her inner thighs and the entrance of her vagina. The only proof that the creature was there was the small trail of slime it had left behind.

Alicia went down and touched her pussy. She mistook the slime to be coming from her pussy and thought she was wet. She caressed her sensitive clit and let out a small moan. Instinctively, her hands grabbed her boobs and she pinched her nipples.

Although Alicia had not been dating or been sexually active with anyone else, still she had devised ways to pleasure herself. She had explored her fetishes inside her bedroom and almost no one knew about the wide collection of sex toys and lubes she had locked up inside the cupboard in her room.

3 dildos of varying sizes, 2 Hitachi vibrators, and 1 bottle of lube. It also had a buttplug that she had procured recently. It has been a few days since she has acquired this new fetish.

She had also seen and realized that the more she dominated the people around her, the hornier she felt at the end of the day. She would close her eyes and try to recall all the humiliation she had dished out to the people around her throughout the day. And it made her pussy water up in ecstasy.

She had also noted that thinking about subduing and abusing her son, Richard turned her on the most. She had magnificent orgasms thinking about how she had shamed her son and the punishments she had doled out to him on that day.

After all, today had been one wonderful day. She had relentlessly scolded and vilified her fellow officers and thrashed them. She had also made her son do the maximum chores of her house.

She slowly rested her back on the bed and lubed up her asshole. She slowly guided the buttplug deep inside it. She whimpered as it entered. When she first started using it, initially it was a bit painful, but now she was accustomed to it. She felt nothing but pleasure now as the muscles around her asshole clamped down tightly on the buttplug.

Next, she grabbed her Hitachi and after making the optimum settings, she put it directly on her pussy. Her hips bucked as ripples of delight spread around her pussy. Putting the fingers of her other hand inside her mouth, she took them out and rubbed the saliva against her hard nipples. She tweaked her nipples very hard and all the tugging and pulling made them red.

She closed her eyes and imagined the shame and fear on her son’s face as she made him feel inadequate and insufficient. The sense of uneasiness that her squad felt every time she walked into her office. How they fidgeted nervously around her. All these thoughts made her feel extremely powerful. She loved being the dominant one in every scenario. If she had things her way, she would make everyone bow down before her on their knees and kiss her feet.

As the vibrator picked up the pace, the muscles of her lower abdomen tensed. Her feet and toes clutched the bed sheet, while her free hand now clasped her boobs in a vice-like grip.

With a loud moan, she climaxed.

She thought to herself, ‘Well, that was an intense one. Just like the day, it had been very exhilarating.’

She took a long bath after the profound orgasm. Then she started feeling extremely sleepy. She could barely keep her eyes open. As she lay on her bed, her eyelids grew heavy gradually and soon she was fast asleep.

She had the strangest of dreams that night.

Alicia squinted at the bright light overhanging her as she gradually woke up. It took her some time to get accustomed to her surroundings. She was strapped against a table, spread eagle style in what seemed like a laboratory of sorts. There was not even a single shard of clothes on her body. She was completely naked and her hands and feet were secured with tight metallic restraints. A metallic ball of sort gagged her mouth. It pressed so tightly against her mouth that she could barely swallow. Her saliva built up against the back of the gag and started to drip from the side of her mouth gag.

She became aware of the humanoid creatures moved about the laboratory in protective gear. She felt so powerless and violated at the same time.

She found various leads connected to her body which were in turn connected with various monitors which kept beeping from time to time. They were giving various readings but it was in a language she could not comprehend. Even the digits looked alien.

She frantically tried to free herself from the bondage but the clamps were too tight. She could feel someone or something probing her holes from down below, in a gentle manner, but she was unable to look down and see what was actually happening there.

But nothing could prepare her for what happened next.

Her face gag suddenly opened with a metallic clink. Before she could speak out and give her piece of mind, her eyes grew wide with shock as one of the laboratory workers approached her with a creature in his hand.

It was one the most unearthly things she had ever laid her eyes upon. It was like a cross-over between a crab and a scorpion. It had 3 pairs of legs, which resembled the claws of a scorpion, and a long tail that coiled backward around itself. The entire thing was covered in a yellowish-white exoskeleton and covered in a slimy substance that was dripping all over the floor from its body.

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