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The Dominant Submissive

Chapter 1 Her First Teasing Treat

Months of sharing fantasies and watching each other pleasure themselves online had led the relationship to a new dynamic. Your upcoming birthday was the final motivator that convinced me it was time to take things to another level. The biggest issue was how to set it up right so that the power dynamics of our sexual growth was balanced on the proper side of the scale.

It was a week I knew that you would be home alone and off work. Monday morning I sent you a text at 7 am to see if you wanted to masturbate online together. When you responded enthusiastically I announced that I was at your back door and would like to come in. To say that I had caught you by surprise was an immense understatement. Your expression upon opening the door confirmed that your surprise was altogether genuine.

‘Hi’ was all that was said as I squeezed past you and headed toward your bedroom with my very large duffle bag. As you followed behind no doubt wondering where my sudden boldness had come from, I motioned for you to be silent which you uncharacteristically complied with. Embracing you firmly I wrapped my arms around you and explored your lips and mouth with my own. No words. The passion quickly erupted and you offered no resistance as I began to remove your bed clothes.

I had spent months fantasizing about this moment and where I intended it to lead. It was to begin with the sole focus being your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This was to set the stage for what was to come next. Face down and naked your body looked both vulnerable and delicious. The first sensation you experienced was the drizzle of warm massage oil on your shoulders and down to the soles of your feet. For the next 45 minutes I massaged every inch of your body while taking care to avoid your most erotic zones. My pressure and technique was very much guided by your response.

As you think of it now, I wonder if you can feel the touch of my hands. Close your eyes and remember the moment you summoned the courage to let me place the velvet mask over your eyes. Remember that feeling as my lips began first on your forehead, your cheeks and nose, kissing you all over and making you wait. Soft nibbles on your ear lobes as my hands finally begin to grasp your breasts. A firm hold of either breast just the way I have seen you do to yourself far too often to count.

I hear your breathing increase and watch your chest rise and fall as you blindly submit to whatever I choose to do to you next. You feel my weight shift on the bed and know without seeing that I am moving southward. Did I really just see your thighs begin to part on their own? I can now observe the glistening wetness between the swollen lips of your cunt. Your clitoris has had no contact whatsoever but has grown obviously rigid nonetheless. It is all that I can do to deny myself in favour of the pleasure it brings me to keep you waiting.

You hear the click of my iphone and suddenly realize that I am photographing you for my future viewing pleasure. You could say something but choose not to. You know that I would put the phone away if you asked but you also know that these pictures will have me jacking my cock for years to come. As my fingernails begin to graze the outer lips of your pussy, I watch your hips flex upward. You know that I am watching your body and its reactions while I touch you as much for my own pleasure as for yours.

Mimicking hours of watching you touch yourself I masterfully use my index and third finger to spread your lips just slightly at first while my middle finger manipulates your clitoris. After several back and forth and circular strokes, my middle finger dips down just to your opening. I’m not about to push in as you wouldn’t either at this point. Just deep enough to tease the opening and come back up with your copious natural lubrication. All the while, I watch as your ass cheeks begin to predictably flex. It is always at this point that I’ve observed your body begin to physically summon the orgasm from within.

Without warning, I spread your thighs and lift your left leg at the knee. I’m now close enough that you can feel my breathing against your cunt. With one hand, I stretch your lips apart further and you again hear the camera as I take pictures of you in your most vulnerable state. Without further stimulation, I hold you open and completely revealed while I admire the center of your sexual power.

Try to imagine in your blinded state as my tongue begins to lick your lips. Just the outsides to begin with. Up from the bottom and all the way to the top. My left thumb begins to toy at your opening. My thumb circles your opening with increasing pressure. My thumb threatens but does not fully enter. Your pelvis rises to invite me to enter but I draw it out. I can see the trickle of wetness emerging from your vagina and running between the cheeks of your ass. My right index finger begins to circle your asshole with the lightest touch I can manage despite the desperation of wanting to be fully inside you. Finally, my tongue gets to taste your juices and I probe it inside you as deeply bursa escort as possible. This has to be where the expression of ‘eating pussy’ was derived from as I am doing everything short of biting in my effort to taste you as completely as possible.

Once I’ve finally rewarded myself with the taste I have dreamt of for so very many years, I’ve completely lost all sense of patient teasing. My tongue begins to manipulate your clit and I try to emulate the motions I have studied over hours of watching you finger yourself. I vary the pressure and speed according to your body’s reactions. I reach up and place your left hand on your breast and your right hand on the back of my head. It is the beginning of encouraging you to start showing me just what you want and need. Though it is a moment of my dominance I have incorporated the demand that you manipulate my mouth against your cunt to teach me how to best pleasure your body.

The voyeuristic experiences you have provided me have led me to understand your body’s reactions and I am careful to not let you cum quickly from my fingers and tongue. I begin to probe your cunt and your ass with my fingers. The warm wetness of your vagina is a competing thrill to the tight ring of your ass as my finger slowly sinks deeply to the third knuckle. I feel your ass clench around my finger just as I’ve witnessed your own finger fucking your holes. My tongue continues to assault your clit and I have to wonder if you are certain that I’m going to fuck you or will I leave this as a line that must never be crossed?

You feel me straddle your hips. The cheeks of my ass rest on your thighs which I’ve left barely apart. Just the minimum amount of room I require for this moment’s chosen method of fucking. With my right hand I grab my cock and begin to rub the rigidly spongy head against your clit. The slickness of my precum adds to your own wetness and again, I feel your pelvis rise up physically begging for more. I slide my cock between your lips and always pressing against your clit. I’m careful not to enter just yet. It is all that I can do to hold off but I want you to keep wondering whether I will ever actually enter. As I continue to saw up and down, I feel your hands on my ass now begging even more but still I do not enter. The lessons are starting to be learned. Its like dry humping without underwear on and I imagine you remembering the thrills that came for all of us in these early experiences before we were sure that we were ready to commit to actual fucking.

Finally, I push down and line my cock up to your opening. I consider thrusting all of the way in at once but I am intent to mimic the action of the many objects I have watched you fuck. I angle downward and put pressure at the bottom of your opening. In and out but only just the tip. Your hips rise and you pull against my ass with both hands but we both fully realize that I am not going in until I decide. As though I have problems with my aim, I make sure that the rigid tip of my penis pokes and pressures each edge of your opening. Straddling your closed thighs as I am, leaves you with very little ability to move or manipulate the situation.

When I can stand it no longer, I begin to sink in slowly until the full length of my cock is inside you. We both feel the head of my cock fitting just perfectly against your cervix. We can feel each other’s heartbeat through our genitals. I remain motionless and enjoy the results of your kegel exercises. Reaching into my bag catches your attention, no doubt wondering what is coming next. I’ve selected a rubber dildo that is slightly smaller than the real cock inside you. I place it at your lips without instruction and am very pleased to see your mouth part and willingly start sucking the fake cock. I imagine you know what is coming and once properly lubricated, you next feel that small dildo pressing against the opening of your ass.

Given that this is the first time I am to explore your virgin ass I take it very slowly. Just enough pressure to let the head of the dildo squeeze between your cheeks. I pause to let the tight ring of your ass close around the shaft. I allow you a moment to become accustomed to the anal invasion before my cock and the cock in your ass begin to thrust in unison. I remove your right hand from my ass and place it between us so that I can have the direct pleasure of feeling you finger your clit as I fuck you. This first fucking will be far quicker that what you will experience in the future but for both of us, will be incredibly intense despite being of relatively short duration. Future fucks will be more of the marathon version but this first one will be fast and furious by design.

I whisper in your ear that I want to see you cum now! I’m thrusting as quickly and hard as I can while trying to match the same motion with the dildo I am thrusting into your ass. Predictably, I whisper into your ear and tell you to imagine being fucked by myself and another man at the same time. Double penetration! Yet another new experience in your ever expanding horizon of sexual discoveries. As soon as I see that telltale expression that confirms you are about görükle escort to cum, I lose all control and begin to coat your insides with as much sperm as I can ever remember blasting during any previous orgasm. It is the most vocal I’ve ever heard from you while cumming and it heightens the intensity of my orgasm to yet another level.

We share a moments pause as our heaving chests try to find a resting heartbeat. There has been almost no conversation throughout, leaving almost all communication to the physical expression. You feel my weight shift and finally I remove the velvet mask. Smiles are exchanged and no doubt, you past experiences would suggest that I would flop down beside you to enjoy the afterglow. But we are far from done especially given my knowledge of your ability to have multiple orgasms. I’ve removed the mask so that you can watch as I crawly between your legs and proceed to lick up our combined juices. When I feel that I have lapped up all that I can find, I roll onto my back. It is our first time actually fucking but our shared masturbatory fantasies leave no doubt of what is expected next.

To my pleasure, you straddle my head and mash the lips of your cunt firmly against my mouth. Back and forward, your hips flex. My tongue is extended into your opening, desperate to drink us both in. With my hands on your hips I encourage you to use my mouth and face to bring upon your next orgasm. You ride my face in the same way I have watched you humping dildos and many other objects. My lips, tongue and nose are used to pleasure your clit. With every forward thrust of your hips I tickle your asshole and on the backswing it pushes against your clit. When you cum for the second time my mouth is flooded with our combined juices and I’m amazed as just how much wetness you are able to produce.

Chapter 2 Willing Servitude

The next four hours had us fucking in various positions and I became amazed at your ability to please my cock with your surprisingly talented mouth. Our final go of the day had me cumming in your mouth for the very first time. As the day stretched on we discussed what we had finally done and all that had led to this monumental act that we had both fantasized of for years. We talked about the countless shared, virtual masturbation experiences and all that we had learned of each other’s sexual interests. It was at this point that I felt ready to reveal my latest plan of exploring more of our sexual kinks.

I had booked the week off work and conveniently had no other entanglements that would interfere with what I was to propose. I suggested we should spend an entire week together doing whatever sexual acts would bring us mutual pleasure. My intent for you was to see that you were completely in charge with the understanding that if we both enjoyed our time together, I would carve out one day per month in the future where we could carry on with our week’s sexual exploration. For my part, I desired to be sexually subservient to you in every sense of the word — except for the occasions when I really needed to drive.

Knowing you to not be naturally dominant I realized that at least at the beginning, I would control or suggest the various activities that would grow your experience of sexual confidence and dominance. It was not a short conversation and in fact, we had many conversations about how it might all work between us. Of course, the discussion was greatly aided by the consumption of more than a few beer. For obvious reasons, you had many questions which I certainly expected. I very much wanted you to enjoy the power of control without having to feel any discomfort with the notion of a transaction designed on power inequities.

To put it simply, I was going to be there for one full week with the understanding that my pleasure would derive from bringing you any possible pleasure you could imagine. Any fantasy I could fulfill or bring to life was to be available to you. It could turn out to be as simplistic as having me there to fuck as often as you like. My skill set is not limitless but of what I can offer, I very much wanted to provide it to you whether it was at your demand or at your whim. And the idea wasn’t just to be about fucking. Perhaps you would like to be licked while watching a movie. Help with bathing or shaving — I’m your guy. Having the male resource to answer any inquiry you might have of the opposite sex’s perspective — I’m an open book.

As the conversations progressed, I denoted an equal measure of hesitation and excitement. I tried as best as possible to make you understand that for me, the idea of serving you and your sexual needs would bring me at least as much pleasure as you would hopefully receive from my efforts to please you. Despite my assurances I sensed a deep sense of hesitation — which I had also anticipated and long ago designed a balancing proposal that might help you warm to the idea of one person controlling another. In short, I proposed that before letting you drive the boat for the balance of the week, I would have the first day of being in control of you. As much as I thought this might make the idea escort bayan all the more palatable, I sensed an equal measure of hesitation of you giving up control although likely slightly less than you having to take full control.

Chapter 3 Tuesday

After fucking, licking and sucking each other more times than either of us could count, our final conversation Monday night concluded with my suggestion that you would get up first thing in the morning and get us a takeout breakfast of eggs benedict. Not only would this be a great way to start the day, it would give me time with you out of the house so I could prepare for my day of dominance.

While you were gone I prepared your bedroom according to the plans that I had fantasized of since our very first experience of mutual masturbation. After enjoying a delicious breakfast together I announced that I would like you to suck my cock. We had agreed the night before that neither of us would object to the request of the dominant partner unless it was something that was way outside our interest or comfort zone. Given all of our past discussions we both had a sense of the other’s boundaries. Actually, the truer statement was that you knew quite explicitly that I had very few boundaries and I hoped the week would expand and reveal your boundaries.

And so the dominance of the day began with me seated at your kitchen table and reading the online news as I would usually start my day. But on this day, you were kneeling under the kitchen table with my soft but hardening penis in your mouth. I wanted to be careful not to come off too strong while making it clear that you were there to service me in whatever way would bring me pleasure at any given moment. With a tone that was more akin to employer/employee I would ‘offer’ suggestions. Just to see if you would follow my demands I would tell you how I wanted my balls cradled or caressed as you sucked my cock.

When I had had enough of the blow job for the moment I simply got up and extended my hand for you to follow. I was mindful that it could all go badly if I was too domineering but balanced that with the notion that I had to exert control and had to see if you would willing except it. Otherwise, I knew that it would not work when the tables were to be turned. I know that you assumed I was leading you to the bedroom but instead I stopped first at the bathroom. I could sense the tension in your grip on my hand but hoped that you had faith that nothing too crazy would be proposed while I was expanding the boundaries.

I walked up to the toilet and lifted the lid while instructing you to stand close behind me. I announced that I had to pee while reaching behind to grab your right hand. There was nothing too crazy in my mind but I knew intuitively that I likely had you nervous. Without explanation you seemed to get the idea that all I intended was to have you aim which you did. I did have to offer some instruction on the shaking it off at the end but otherwise you did very well for a first time of experiencing what it is like for a man to stand and relieve himself.

Next, I directed you to your bedroom and noted the surprise of your expression. Laid out on your bed was every pair of bra and panties I found in your room as well as several new pair I had bought just for this occasion. I explained that we were about to play an imaginary photo shoot. For the next hour, I had you dress and undress in the sexy and regular garments of my choice. I literally took hundreds of pictures of you dressing and undressing and posing in whatever positions I instructed. I had you pull your panties up to display extreme camel toe or bend over to show your lips peeking out around the thin material of a thong. I posed you in any way that would turn me on that day and in the future. I made you masturbate for my camera. I watched as you smelled and licked the gusset of your panties as I have done many times before.

When the photo shoot was complete we took a break and went for an hour’s walk. For our walk, I had you dressed only in a light summer dress with no bra or panties. To anyone walking behind us of which there were several, the outline of your asscheeks was impossible to ignore. And your nipples seemed to remain fully erect and clearly on display to anyone who approached us from in front. Of course, during the entire walk I constantly reminded you just how publicly exposed you really were.

Upon our return to your bedroom it was time to open up my large duffle bag. I had you strip naked and lay on your bed. I made very clear that you were not to cum without my permission and to assert my growing dominance, invoked a rule that I would not give permission without you first asking permission to cum. I started out small as is one of my kinks. You knew this and knew quite well that small would definitely lead to large. With phone in hand, I offered the first small object and there was no misunderstanding of my expectation. Over the next two hours I provided you with one object after another and watched as you fucked yourself with them at my direction. I watched and photographed food, tools and store bought sex toys as you pumped them in and out of your pussy and your ass. With each item you were instructed to lick and suck them clean before moving onto the next. It seemed like great fun for you and I can confirm that it was extremely erotic for me.

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