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I can feel the muscles in my pussy, flushed with blood, throbbing in time with my clit. I have been wet for hours, thinking about what is to come at the end of the bus ride. The constant hum of the engine, vibrating up between my legs teasing me, the leather of the seat warm and supple and quite capable of transferring the vibrations directly to my freshly shaven cunt, I spread my legs a little further, the dress riding higher up my thighs as I feel the sensations wash over me. So very close to cumming. I take your letter from my pocket, worn from being unfolded and refolded.

I will be waiting. Not a word.

Your instructions to me.

I feel a nervous flutter in my stomach as I reread your note, my lips moving as I read over them, forming the words in my mouth but making no sound. I haven’t said a word since I got on the bus. The many accents of tourists float around me with the soft sounds of sleep. I don’t look like them.

I am freshly washed for one. My hair, a mess of curls, is clean, the curls shining and bouncing a little as I move. My dress is different. Instead of cargo pants, torn t-shirts and dirty hiking boots I opted for the summer dress I packed away. It stops a little higher than mid-way up my thigh, the white leather straps of my sandals wind their way up my calves. The dress is chocolate brown and cream swirls, matching my hair and my tanned skin.

No, I don’t look like a tourist. And I don’t look like the school girls in the front of the bus either. Too old, too many freckles… not that you could see them behind my blush. I imagine my face is as red as it feels. Whenever someone looks my way, my face burns like they can see my thoughts, the reason for my trip.

And then all of a sudden I am here.

The bus is pulling into the station. People bustle for the door, as if being the first to get off is a meritable accomplishment. I wait. Watching each disembark. And as I wait I look out of the window searching for you, but I don’t see your face in the crowd. The nerves paralyse me but I make myself move. My bag clutched in my hand as I walk down the aisle, down the stairs and through the doors.

Right into your arms.

I am blushing again as I look up ready to apologise when I recognise you, your finger pressed to your lips, indicating silence. I smile up at you and nod in understanding.

“My dear, it is a pleasure…” You grin down at me, your hand stroking my face, holding my chin, tilting my face up towards your own.


I am blushing again.

“Come this way.”

Picking up my bag you take my hand and guide me through the crowd. The nerves in my stomach worse now I have actually found you, nervous anticipation for what is to come. For what your devilish imagination has planned. I can’t believe I have agreed to this. Must have been a moment of insanity. But even as I think I might have made a mistake I feel your hand warm in mine and my pussy trembles. I feel the juices of my cunt on my thighs as we walk. You are watching me. Perhaps thinking the same thing I am. Is she going to pull out? Watching for any sign of my discomfort.

I smile bravely back at you, winking.

You smile back, reassured.

We walk through the station and out into the packing garage. Your car is parked all the way back in the furthest point of the garage to the door. Yours is the only car in that section. Parked in a darkened corner. Stopping you look down at me, your eyes serious.

“You sure?”

I nod, my smile more daring than I feel.

You lead on.

Beside the car you place my bag in the back and then guide me to the door against the wall. You open it and take something from the seat. Your hands moving me in front of you, your fingertips heavy, running up my hip. Your mouth close to my ear. Your voice has an altogether different tone.

“Bend over and spread those delicious legs of yours, your hands on the seat.”

I tremble, my cunt tightening, I push back against you slightly before complying. I feel your cock, hard against me. I spread my legs and bend over, leaning my hands on the leather upholstery of the seat. I hear your breath and then feel cool air on my skin as you pull the hem of my dress up over my thighs, over my arse. Your fingers bahis şirketleri drifting lightly over my skin before hooking underneath my white g’string, pulling it down my thighs.

Despite the public place you take your time. I hear a lid open and then the cool feel of gel lubricant between my arse cheeks. Your fingers becoming more insistent as one pushes against my arse, spreading the lube around my opening before pushing all the way inside me. I almost cum right there, bent over in the dark car garage, your finger thrusting in and out of my arse. It is all I can do to stop from calling out. You add a second finger stretching my wider, getting me ready for what I don’t know. I am moaning softly, my cunt dripping juices.

I want you. You filling me with your hard throbbing cock all I can think about. Then your fingers leave me. Open, slippery. My sound of dismay causing you to chuckle.

“My dirty girl, don’t fret, you will be full of me soon enough.”

I hear you reaching for something else in front of me and then the cold hard tip of a butt plug is sliding through the lube, finding its way into my arse. I gasp, delighted as you thrust in and out of me before easing the whole plug inside me. My arse closing around it, holding it tight. You press on its end, pressing it inside me before pulling my g’string up over the toy and flipping down my dress.


I move experimentally feeling delightfully full and slippery, my clit is throbbing almost continuously, my lips of my pussy wet, my panties useless against my arousal.

“Such a good girl.” You smile down at me, kissing me as a reward, pressing on the plug as your hands travel over me.

“In the front!”

Breathless I climb into the front seat, sitting lightly before gently relaxing against the plug, pushing it deeper inside me. The plug inadvertently nudging my g-spot. It is then that I cum, my legs clamped tight together, a cry bitten behind my clenched teeth. Everything so sensitive I can feel the soft material of my bra brush against my hard nipples. And suddenly your hand is between my thighs, moving them apart, your fingers inside my panties, brutally fondling my clit, rubbing, twisting my flesh, so slick with my juices.

“Ohhhh…” My moans louder then I wanted, in this, so public a place.

You massage harder and faster as you lean into me, your mouth close to my ear.

“That will cost you my dear, but punishments later, now I want to watch you cum again, cum for me…”

I can’t help but obey. My thighs falling open. Your fingers rough as they fondle my clit. My swollen labia. The power of your assault pressing me back against the seat, pushing the plug deeper inside me, until I am squirming, and gasping, and bucking into your hand. The pressure already building to climax and as you stroke the length of my clit I am cumming. I bury my face in your neck to muffle my cry.

My head is buzzing, my body humming. I can feel every inch of my skin, tingling. The vibrations of the engine pass through the leather into the butt plug. I wiggle, pressing the toy inside me as you drive. The pressure sending new sparks of arousal through my body. I am so wet. So slippery. The juices of my orgasm mixing with the gel between my cheeks until I am practically sitting in a puddle of arousal. I am breathing a little too quickly as your hand caresses the inside of my thigh.

“Are you always like this?” You ask, almost as breathless as I am.

The smell of my sex heavy in the confines of the car. The windows wound up against the evening chill. I am watching the throbbing shaft in your lap, hidden behind the tight black fabric of your trousers. You have been hard since the car park.

I look at you in askance, moving against your hand, causing your fingers to brush inadvertently against my swollen clit. I moan at the brief contact before you move your hand away.


I laugh at your choice of words and then gasp as you slow for a speed bump, the body of the car bouncing lightly over the cement. I am panting, the want to be taken, the hunger almost reducing me to tears. I feel so empty.

I hear the indicator, the nose of the car being pulled into an anonymous garage. I take a deep breath against the bahis firmaları sudden flight of butterflies at the sound of the electric door thumping closed behind us. Darkness and the silence as the engine dies. The soft sound of the keys as they continue to sway in the ignition.

We are here.

You get out before I do. I wait as you circle the car, first retrieving my bags before you retrieve me from the front seat. I feel myself dripping as I climb from the car. The plug still nestled tightly in my arse. Your hand is once again pressing against the base of the toy as you lead me to the door hidden in the dark.

“After you,” You offer, standing back from the open door. I try to smile as I look past you into the half lit hallway. My nerves for the time being chasing away the throb between my legs.


I step left. The tiles under my feet quickly becoming thick plush pile. Behind me I hear my bags being placed on the floor.

“Would you mind taking your shoes off, I just had it cleaned.”

I nod and bend to untie my laces, my dress drifting up to just below my arse. I tug on the material to smooth it lower down my legs when I feel your hands and your body move right behind me.

“You’re very wet.”

I feel your fingers trail up the inside of my thigh. I balance, bent over, forgetting my laces as your hand moves beneath my g’string. Tugging at it, pulling it down my thighs until the flimsy material lay around my ankles. Your hands gripping my arse cheeks, spreading them wide.

“Hold your arse open for me, let me see how wet you are.”

My hands replace yours on my flesh, tugging me open for you. The butt plug moving as well, my muscles seeking to expel it in this new position. I feel the palm of your hand run over my open pussy and up my arse, the heel of your hand pressing the toy back inside me.

“Wider, spread your legs wider for me.”

I move carefully, kicking the g’string free, my calves straining as I maintain my balance, my thighs spread wide and my hands holding my arse cheeks open for your view. Your fingers grabbing the end of the plug and this time pulling it gently,

“Squeeze, let me have it.”

I flex, trying to expel the toy, my muscles aching around its girth until suddenly it slips outside my body, the tip remaining, holding me open. You push it back inside me and pull again until I release it from my body. Again and again until you remove it completely.

Your fingers warm as they circle my stretched arsehole. It seems forever before you speak and when you do I tremble with suppressed want.

“I am going to fuck your arse.”

Your fingers dipping inside me.

“My cock is bigger than the plug, it will stretch you open. You are going to take all of me… It will hurt but you will.”

I am shivering as your fingers twist inside me.

“Do you understand?”

I swallow, my mouth dry. I nod.

“Good. Get on your knees.”

The soft plush threads of carpet tickle my forearms and my calves as I fold into the floor. You hands guiding my hips; pulling me backwards, keeping my arse high in the air as my face comes to rest on my hands. I feel your fingers run between my cheeks, slippery from the lube, teasing inside my arse as I settle, drawing a low moan from my throat; my clit swollen and hard and throbbing. As your fingers twist inside me I feel the muscles of my pussy ripple, drawing me open, my juices dripping down my open thighs.

Deeper, your fingers dip inside me. Your free hand plays with the ties wrapping around my calf; untangling the ties before finally pulling the thin leather straps from the base of my shoe.

“Give me your hands.” Your voice, low and dark.

I tremble as I guess at your intent. The butterflies erupting again. I breath deeply. I don’t know if I am ready for this; for your talent with restraint; for giving you that part of me. Your fingers stop playing as I hesitate, the palm of your hand now massaging lightly along my spine.

I feel your hips press against me as you move forward, you arm around my waist. Your cock naked and proud. I can feel your solid heat between my arse cheeks; the head of your cock swollen and wet, slipping against my arse, your hips rocking lightly. The promise of that kaçak bahis siteleri thick flesh whispered into my own as you move.

The hot hard tip of your cock enters my arse before you speak again, pressing forward, letting the pressure of your size build inside me, my muscles already stretching to accommodate your entrance. I want you inside me. The need overwhelming.

“Give me your hands.”

It is a request for surrender as your press your flesh deeper, my muscles burning, leaving me breathless with ache… with need. All encompassing. I swallow as I reach behind me, my hand smoothing over my arse, pulling me open, feeling you push further inside. The leather tie subtle as it encircles my wrist, the knot tight. I shift my weight to my shoulders, my free hand pressing into the carpet momentarily before it too drops to my hips.

You hold your body still as the ties cross at my wrists, the straps tight as you knot them at the small of my back. You are holding the straps like reins, your free hand hard on my hip. I feel the tip of your cock withdraw, my muscles relaxing before my pussy is being stretched open by your cock, your entire length buried inside me and then just as quickly withdrawn.

You don’t wait, the juices of my cunt adding to the lube already coating your length, the tip of your cock pressing against my arse once again. The muscles warm now, giving easily until the true girth of your cock is felt for the first time. You don’t press forward, still, you wait patiently until it is me who is moving back. Taking you slowly, panting lightly through the pain. Everything between my legs is full of blood and heat and wetness, all I feel is the want to have you deeper and the thick throbbing flesh inching slowly into my arse.

I am breathless, gasping. My muscles singing, stretching, warm. The burn fanning the fires in my cunt. Empty and yet feeling the echoes of your cock as you press deeper into my arse. The soft threads of carpet tickle my nose as I breathe. I feel the pull of your strength; my arms held tight behind me. You tug on the leather, drawing my shoulder blades back and together as you push into my flesh. The hot tip of your cock, the tip of your spear as you thrust, pushing deeper until you reach my core.

I shudder as you press against the wall inside me, pressing, pressing, pressing, letting the pressure build until my insides relent just a little and then pressing again. You hold yourself inside me, your entire length heavy and twitching up inside me. You were right about the pain, my muscles spasm around your girth; there is no more to surrender. I groan softly, breathing through it, wanting to cum and at the same time terrified that I would; the pre-orgasmic pleasure the only thing holding back the pain.

“Good girl.”

You whisper, your hand massaging across my lower back.

“Now from the beginning.”

The weight of your cock retreating from my body, slowly. The sensation of your cock drawing me inside out sending tingles in my lower stomach until you leave my arse completely, my muscles hot and empty. You thrust inside me all at once, forcing the air from my lungs as your hips slap against my arse, before withdrawing completely and thrusting again and again and again. Each time deeper, harder; forcing your thickness into my arse into my core.

Until at last I am empty.

I hear the cap of the lube and the sound of its slippery wetness as you stroke your length. I can feel the excess of lube as you pull my arse cheeks apart to see my arsehole, still open from your cock.

“Hold yourself open for me, just like this.”

I am slow to react, still breathing hard from your treatment. I feel the hot kiss of the end of the leather ties as I take too long. I jerk, more in surprise than pain. Chastised I twist carefully until my hands are flat against my hips, my hands inching slowly to capture my flesh, pulling myself open. I can feel how swollen I am, how hot, how wet. I wonder what I look like from that angle.

“Arch your back… that’s it.” You hand pressing heavily on the small of my back, wanting my arse higher, open, inviting.


Your voice is distant behind me and then suddenly you are very near, I feel the heat of your breath on my ear as you lean over me.

“I am going to fuck you. Keep your arse open, I want to see my cock inside you. Do you understand?”

My moved to speak before I remembered I wasn’t meant to. Instead I nodded, closing my eyes, my knuckles already white.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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