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Double Penetration

I first met Jack and Susan when I signed up for a yoga class. I’d done a bit of Hatha yoga in my teens and now — twenty years later — I decided to take it up again. I’m quite fit and active — I play squash two or three times a week but I thought I could do with being a bit more flexible and thought some relaxation wouldn’t go amiss either.

After class on a Tuesday night some of us would go down the local for a couple of guilty beers. I’d often find myself sharing a table with Jack and Susan. They didn’t keep up the classes for long but we’d become good friends and started to meet up for other outings with my then girlfriend Karen.

My house was on Jack’s way home from work and occasionally he’d drop in after work to prise me out of the office and down to the village for a quick pint. That’s where we were one Friday evening when he said “Let’s grab a table.” and sauntered off towards the back of the pub. We usually just sat at the bar and chatted with the other locals so I knew he had something he wanted to discuss.

We settled down at a small table in the back corner. “What’s on your mind Jack?”

“Well now. Sue and me have a favour to ask. Well — it’s Sue really. But me too really.” I waited while he sipped at his pint. “It’s a bit awkward actually. I don’t really know if you’d be interested — it’s a bit of an odd thing to ask.”

“Jack. You’re rambling! You know I’ll help in any way I can. What’s the problem.”

“Well. Ahm. Not really a problem as such. It’s just that Sue. Well, both of us really. We’re thinking of — umm — trying a threesome.”

I inhaled a mouthful of beer and coughed for a bit while he went beet-red and stared at the table-top.

“Wow! And is Susan OK with this?”

“Actually it was her idea. She’s been talking about it for a while.”

“Really — wow! So she’s feeling a bit bi-curious. Does she have anyone in mind? What does she think about you getting naked with another girl?”

“No no! We have talked about that and she might be interested in having a go at that later. She — err — wants to try it with two guys first.”

“Wow! And are you cool with that?”

“We’ve been talking about it for a long time. The idea gets her really hot. She really wants it. I’m afraid if I say no she’ll do it anyway. Without me.”

“So why are you telling me? You want some tips?”

“Well I know you’ve been involved in the past but aside from that you’re Sue’s first choice.”

“Really! – I haven’t had a full blown threesome as such. I got caught up in a weird party at uni once. Everybody was fucking everybody. Afterwards we all sort of pretended it hadn’t happened.”

“I told her you were bisexual. I hope that’s OK.”

“Well not totally bi so to speak but I certainly don’t object to a bit of cock now and then. Didn’t that put her off?”

“Oh no! It made her cum like a train. She wants to meet up with you. Talk it through. She was hoping you could take a long lunch and drive over to ours one day soon.”

“Lunch time? Can you get the time off?”

“To start with she just want to meet you on her own — is that OK.”

“Well I don’t know — would you be OK with it.”

“Yes — completely OK. It’s really important to her. I think if I block this any longer I might lose her altogether.”

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t do too much harm to just chat about it. Do you want me to turn her off the idea?”

“I doubt you could so I don’t think you should try. Just go along with her if you can. Whatever she wants is OK with me.”

“You do know that, whatever happens, our friendship will never be the same after today.”

“Will you meet her? Please?”

“I could give her a call and we can have a chat about it if you like.”

“I’d prefer it if you could just go and see her. I’ve got her diary with me so we can arrange a date now if you like.”

“Jack, is it really what you want? ‘Cause if you’re not absolutely sure then you shouldn’t do it. And even if you do, you’d be better off finding a trustworthy stranger. I’m really flattered of course and I can’t deny that Sue is one foxy lady but I think you should find another guy. I really want to keep both of you as friends.”

“Alan, I really want it to be you. I’ve never had any sort of sexual contact with a guy before but I can imagine doing stuff with you. I don’t think I could admit that to anyone else.”

We arranged for me to call on her at noon the following Friday when their daughter would be away on a school trip.


I found a parking space quite close to their cottage and strolled along in the late winter sun. I could hear the gulls and smell the sea. I was careful to be exactly on time. I was feeling a bit nervous as I knocked the door.

Susan opened the door wide and gave me a big smile. She was wearing Jack’s CERN T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. She pulled me inside quickly and closed the door she threw her arms round me and pulled my head down for a kiss. Susan is a small woman. 5′ 2″, size 10 with a narrow waist. She opened her mouth and our friendly kiss morphed into a full-blown snog.

I ankara evi olan escortlar could feel her generous breasts through the thin cotton. As we kissed I ran my hands over her shoulder blades and down her back. No bra strap. I moved my hands lower — no panties either.

I gently broke the kiss. She was looking a bit flushed. “I’ll make you some tea.” she said and walked towards the kitchen.

I went and sat in Jack’s easy chair in the living room and tried to put my thoughts in order.

She handed me a mug of tea and sat cross-legged on the sofa facing me.

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“You know what I want — Jack told you.”

“I’ll like to hear it from you.”

“I want you to join me and Jack for sex. I want you to fuck me.”

“Hmmm. That’s what Jack said. Tell me what you have in mind.”

“We could sit here and talk about what goes where but I’d much prefer to do it in bed after I’ve fucked you.”

“That’s not what I talked about with Jack!”

“Don’t worry about Jack — he’s looking forward to it too. He’ll be fine.” She uncrossed her legs and put the soles of her feet together. Her T-shirt rode up leaving her bush fully visible. “I’d feel much less awkward talking about this if you fucked me first… Please…”

I sat in silence feeling and no doubt looking a bit uncomfortable. She stood up, stripped off her shirt and kicked off her shoes. She stood looking down at me. Hands on hips and feet apart. I gazed at her slightly open cunt.

She closed the distance and lifted her right foot onto the arm of my chair. Her neat little cunt glistened.

“I’d much rather discuss this with your cum leaking out of me.” She took hold of my head and pulled my nose into her cunt. She rubbed her clit over my nose then pulled her cunt to my lips.

The heady scent of ripe pussy was just too much. I poked my tongue into her and licked up her slit. The taste of her cunt was wonderful. I sucked more juice out of her and gently sucked her clit into my mouth.

“That’s the way! Eat it all baby!”

I drew back “I can’t do it Sue — Jack’s a friend!”

She sighed and sat down in my lap with her legs straddling the chair-back. Her hand snaked into my pocket and stole my ‘phone. With her left elbow round my neck she pulled my head into her tit and held it there while she held my phone out of reach and started dialling. She tapped the speaker icon and I could hear it dialling. I groaned into her breast as I head Jack’s cheery voice: “Aren’t you supposed to be inside Susan by now?”

Sue answered “He’s here lover. His sitting in your chair with my tit in his face — he won’t fuck me until you say it’s OK.” I was struggling to free myself without tipping Sue onto her arse on the floor.

I heard Jack’s familiar chuckle “For god’s sake Alan just give her what she wants! She won’t give me any peace until she’s drained you dry. Besides, I want to get our threesome lined up as soon as possible.”

She released her death-grip on my neck so I could breath again.

“Are you sure this is what you want Jack.”

“Oh yes — I’ve wanted this for a long time. We both have.”

Sue cut the connection.

“Hear that lover? You have to do it for me. He’ll check my cunt when he gets home and he’ll be so disappointed if there’s no cum in it.” She climbed off me and held out her hands. “Come and fuck me in Jack’s bed and shoot me full of lovely spunk.”

She stood up and dragged me to my feet. She held on to my neck and snogged me hard. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

“Come on Alan. I’m so horny.”

Her wet cunt was at eye-level as I followed her naked arse up the narrow stairs. She smelled very sweet. In the bedroom she turned and watched me. “Get ’em off! I want to see your cock!”

I stripped off. My cock was half hard as I dropped my pants. Sue dropped to her knees and lifted my cock to her lips.

She really was a gifted cock-sucker. After two or three minutes she stood up and shoved me backwards on to the bed. She had her lips around my cock before I stopped bouncing. Another five minutes and she climbed up my body and snogged me again.

“What do you fancy Alan? I want you to fuck me hard but I want to taste your cum as well. And I want you to eat me out as well. I don’t know where to start!”

“How about a bit of sixty-nine?”

“Mmmmm — good idea! You go on top.”

She climbed off me and lay beside me on the bed with her feet on the pillow. I climbed off the bed and walked round to the foot. I got hold of her under the armpits and pulled her gently down until her head was half-way off the edge of the bed. I fed my cock gently into her mouth.

She suckled happily on my knob while I leaned over her and sucked her clit gently. Good as she was I was still able to keep control. She was getting really worked up though. She was very squirmy but I managed to keep her clit between my lips as I sucked and licked.

I could tell she was getting close. Then she pulled her mouth off my cock and dropped her head back.

“Ahhhhhh! Make me cum!”

I elvankent olgun escortlar had my arms under her thighs with her knees behind my head. So I was able to pick her off the bed and stand up. She hung upside-down and hugged onto my hips as she came hard.

After she finished cumming I laid her gently back down on the bed. She was completely limp. I picked her up in my arms and put her under the quilt then crawled in and spooned up behind her as she fell asleep.

I must have fallen asleep too. When I woke the light was fading behind the bedroom curtains and I was still spooning with Sue. Her left beast lay comfortably in my right hand and my cock was snuggled up in the crack of the arse. I realised what woke me when I heard a tread on the stairs. Jack was home.

I gave Sue’s tit a bit of a squeeze and a shake to wake her. She was just stirring when the bedroom door opened.

“Wow. You two look like you’ve had a good time!” Jack started to undress. I have to admit I was feeling a bit nervous.

Sue snuggled back against me as Jack climbed into bed on the other side. I kept holding her tit as she gave Jack a long deep kiss.

“Did you have a good time love? Are you all filled up?”

“Nope — Alan hasn’t even got his cock into me yet but you won’t believe what he did do! It wiped me out!”

She lifted her knee and felt between her legs; feeling for my cock. I retrieved my hand from her tit and reached down to push my cock down where she could reach it. She began to squeeze my cock.

“Give me your cock Jack. I’ll suck you off while he fucks me. Then I’ll tell you what he did to me.”

Jack threw the quilt on to the floor and switched the light on. He looked me in the eye and smiled a huge smile. He knelt up by Sue’s head. His knees wide and his cock bobbing about in front of her lips. He’d a good seven inches — about the same as me.

I was hardening up rapidly as Sue rubbed the head of my cock against her wet snatch.

“Watch this love. I’m going to put him inside me.”

I pulled back and angled my hips so she could line me up. She pushed the head into the right place and I felt her entrance slide over the tip.

“Beautiful!” said Jack as I slowly slid my fat cock into his wife. “That’s so beautiful.” Then he gasped as she sucked him in.

I fucked her slowly with long deep strokes as she sucked him. He watched intently as I slid in and out of Sue. She started to get squirmy again so I slowed down, keeping her close to the edge. I could tell Jack was close and I suppose so did Sue. She started to hum as she sucked him deep. It sent him right over the edge and he groaned loudly as he unloaded in her mouth.

As soon as he’d finished cumming he hopped off the bed to get a close up view of the action. My cock was gummy with Sue’s pussy juice as I picked up the pace slightly.

I guess it just got too much for him. Suddenly he dived right in and started to lick and suck Sue’s clit. I could feel his tongue running up and down my prick as it went in and out.

That was enough for Sue though. She trembled like an aspen-leaf as she came. I could feel the spasms in her cunt rippling along my cock. I drove in hard and shot my wad up her cunt as Jack licked my balls.

I pulled out and flopped on my back. My cummy cock waving about in the air. Sue rolled onto her back beside me as Jack dived back in and started to eat her again. She smiled at me and craned her neck for a snog. Her mouth was still full of Jack’s load.

I ate his while he ate mine.

Jack rescued the quilt and we snuggled up for a while with Sue between us. She turned to Jack.

“Thank you so much for this love. You know how long I’ve wanted to try two cocks at once. I love you so much.”

“Was it everything you wanted?”Jack asked.

“Oh yes! It was just lovely! But I’m not done yet — you know how much I love spunk and I haven’t had any of Alan’s yet.”

“Well — you’ll have to ask him if he wants any more of you.”

She turned to me… “Can you stay a while Alan? I’d really like you and Jack to both cum in my mouth. I just love spunk! I love the smell of it, the taste of it, the feel of it on my skin.”

“Well you’re a bit of a greedy girl aren’t you?” I said. She snuggled into me and reached for my cock again.

Jack looked at me over her shoulder… “You’d better believe it bro. What she really wants is a full blown biker-style gang-bang. She wants a dozen men to fuck her in all holes and cover her with spunk.”

“Really?!” Jack was nodding with some enthusiasm. I was wondering how they’d feel if their daughter felt the same.

She started to wank me hard again. “Yes please! All those cocks and just little me.” She turned onto her back again. The quilt began to move on her left as well. She was getting us both ready for another round.

“Do you think you could get both your cocks into my cunt? I’d really like to try that.”

“Wow! You ever done that Alan?”

“Nope — I really haven’t done that much actually.”

“Well you’ve done more that we have.” Said etimesgut sarışın escortlar Sue. “Let’s give it go!”

“OK — How’s it going to work?” Said Jack.

“One of us from the front and the other from the back I suppose. Jack why don’t you scoot down near the foot of the bed and Sue can ride you. Then I’ll see if I can work my way in.”

Sue’s eyes were sparkling and she had a huge grin on her face. She got Jack where she wanted him and the straddled him. Reverse cowgirl. She opened her knees wide.

“Open your legs Jack. Give Alan some room. You can hold my legs open with your knees so he can get to me.”

She settled herself down. Jack had his legs over the end of the bed with his feet on the floor. He spread his knees wide and opened Sue up. I stood in front of them and put my hands on her shoulders. She bent forward to suck my cock but I stopped her.

“Just fuck your husband for a bit. I want to watch.”

I knelt on the floor between their open thighs and watched her bob up and down slowly. I bent forward and put my lips around her clit. She ground down hard. Jack’s cock was deep inside her. I gently licked and sucked her clit and my friends balls.

“Are you licking Jack’s nuts? God that’s so hot! Don’t make him cum yet — I want you to fuck me too!”

She kept fucking him and I went back to working on her clit.

“Arrrrr – I going to cum again!”

She started to buck so hard I couldn’t keep up. So I straightened up, took my cock in hand and shuffled forward on my knees until my cock was bumping against her clit when she hit bottom. She stopped bouncing on Jack’s cock and leaned back.

“Get it in me! Shove it in!”

It was a very tight fit but I started to work my prick between Jack’s cock and Sue’s clit. The head popped in and she screamed.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“NO! Get it in! Fuck me now.”

I pushed hard and slowly worked my way deeper in.

“YES! YES! Fuck meeee!”

I pulled out half way and pushed hard again. Most of my cock was now in Sue and I could feel my balls banging against Jack’s. I started to fuck with short stabbing thrusts.

Suddenly Sue’s cunt started to clamp down on our cocks. I slowed my thrusts as Sue started to cum. It was all too much and I groaned as I rammed my cock all the way in and held it there as I shot my load all over Jack’s cock.

Sue started to bounce up and down again on our two cock as her orgasm went on and Jack heaved him self deeper in and started to hump as he added his load to Sue’s very well fucked cunt.

Jack finished cumming and just lay there on his back totally spent. Sue slumped forward over my shoulder. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and all our juices ran out over Jack’s cock and balls. I took her in my arms and stood up, lifting her off Jack’s cock. She was limp as a rag doll as I laid her on the bed beside Jack.

My legs were shaking as I looked down at the mess all over Jack’s cock. Sue’s cunt was red and puffy. I pulled on Jack’s dressing gown and staggered downstairs to make a pot of tea.

I carried the tea tray back to the bedroom. I could hear signs of activity so I knew they’d woken up. I opened the door and they were eating each other again. Sue was on the bottom and Jack was fucking her mouth. He was sucking and licking furiously at her cunt.

I set down the tray on Sue’s dressing table and whacked Jack’s left buttock. He stopped thrusting and looked round. “Hey Sue! Alan’s brought us some tea!”

They disengaged and sat up on the bed while I served them tea and biscuits.

“You know.” said Sue “One day you’ll make someone a wonderful husband!”

“Nah — don’t see anyone queuing up!”

“Could you stay over?” said Jack.

“Well… I don’t think that’s a good idea really. You and Sue need to talk through what’s happened today. You’ll need time to think. Then maybe you won’t want to see me again.”

“I’d really like you to sleep with us tonight and so would Sue.” She nodded enthusiastically.

We cleaned up and went out for some pasta and plonk at the Italian down on the seafront then went home to bed.

I expected Sue to sleep between us but Jack said since I was the guest I should sleep in the middle. I went to sleep spooned up with Sue. Jack’s cock was wedged in my arse crack.

I woke up on my back feeling relaxed and happy. Sue was curled up on my left. Her damp pussy pressed against my thigh, her head on my shoulder. Jack was curled up on my left with his cock tucked up against my other thigh, his head on my other shoulder.

I stroked my hand up and down Sue’s back. She stirred and opened her eyes. She looked up at me the stretched her neck and gently kissed the corner of my mouth.

She whispered. “Mmmmmm — I just knew you were going to be good for us.”

“Are you sure about that? What time’s Annie going to be home?”

“After lunch. Don’t worry about her — she’ll love having her uncle Alan to stay.”

“Whoa — what are you saying?”

She kissed me again.

“Let me wake Jack up. Then I’ll cook some breakfast.”

She slithered under the quilt and moved between my legs. I felt Jack stir as she pushed his hip. He moved his leg off my thigh and rolled onto his back. She took hold of my cock as the quilt started to rise and fall over Jack’s cock. I lifted the quilt and look underneath. She’d a cock in each hand and was sucking Jack’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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