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It was Daddy’s birthday and I wanted to give him a special birthday present. I reserved a beachfront suite at the Parker hotel, spent more of Daddy’s money shopping for a special evening dress and lingerie, and left him a note telling him to meet at the hotel bar at 7 PM. The note was sealed with a lipstick kiss and the scent of his favorite perfume.

I had checked into the hotel early to prepare for the evening. I showered, shaved and dressed for dinner, carefully putting on my makeup. I looked in the mirror and surprised even myself. I had chosen an impossibly short, backless black dress held up by the barest spaghetti straps. I decided to go braless so that Daddy (and anyone else looking) could get an eyeful during dinner. I chose a skimpy black thong and a pair of black, open-toed 4″ sandals. I wore a little more makeup than usual, trying to get the sultry eyes I’d read how to get in Cosmo, and the red lips that drive men to distraction. I also made sure to match my fingers and toes to the lipstick. I also put my hair up, accenting my next and shoulders. I was more than pleased with myself. I’d been told I was “cute” or “pretty” before, but tonight I looked hot. Fuckably hot. I only wondered what Daddy’s eyes would see.

I headed down to the bar a little early to relax. If I had any doubts about my appearance, they were laid to rest by the looks I received from several men at the bar. Even the bartender — a very handsome gentlemen in his 30s who I might have pursued but for Daddy — eyed me appreciatively. As I approached the bar, the bartender whose name was Greg — asked if he could get me something. I asked for a glass of Chardonnay. Looking at me with a wistful smile, he returned with my glass and refused my money. He leaned in and whispered, “This drink’s on the house beautiful, but next time wait until you’re 21 so I don’t lose my job.” I blushed at his sweet smile and thanked him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze as he set down my wine. He shook his head playfully and went back to serving other customers.

I took my glass of wine and sat at the bar. I crossed my legs and sipped my wine, enjoying the attention my smooth, tanned bare 18-year old legs were receiving in the bar. It wasn’t long before a 40-ish businessman in a loosened tie and the scent of several vodka martinis approached me and offered to buy me a drink. I declined, showing him my nearly full glass.

“Well, then,” he asked, “what would it take to get you into my bed tonight?”

Although I hadn’t expected such a blunt come-on, I managed to retort “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you could afford it.” I giggled slightly as I sipped my wine. “Try me, bitch….”

Before he finished Greg came over and asked the man to back off and have a seat elsewhere, offering him a martini on the house. He begrudgingly accepted and went to the end of the bar.

“So why are you here, gorgeous?” Greg asked.

“I’m meeting someone for dinner, actually.”

“Whoever he his, he’s quite the lucky young man. Perhaps if he stands you up, I could substitute?” he joked.

“Perhaps!” I smiled back. Perhaps, if it weren’t for Daddy….Just then I felt a hand on the small of my bare back and saw my father standing beside me looking as handsome bahis firmaları as ever in his navy Armani suit.

“Hi Daddy!”

I stood up, through my arms around his neck and kissed him with all my soul, holding him tightly. After breaking our kiss, my father held my hands and stepped back, looking me up head-to-toe. I spun lightly under his inspection.

“You look ravishing, Ali!”

I blushed, “Thanks Daddy!”

“So what’s all this about?” he asked.

“‘This’ is called taking you out for your birthday, you silly old man! Our table should be ready.”

“Then let me go to the men’s room and then we’ll go to our table, ok Princess?” With that he kissed he softly and walked away. I sat back down on my stool and finished my wine while Greg gave me a smile and an approving nod as he toweled off some glasses.

Daddy came back a few moments later and we were seated for dinner. My father ordered for both of us as I sat in a cloud of admiration, contentment and lust. He was a beautiful man with whom I had been hopelessly in love since I was 8 and I wanted to give myself fully to him tonight.

As dinner progressed, our conversation moved from the mundane to the stimulating to the arousing, occasionally interrupted by a waiter or busboy lingering at the table, often trying to get a good look at my nearly exposed breasts. I could tell my father appreciated their efforts as much as I did by the amused look on his face. By dessert, we were feeding each other strawberries and cream. It was an erotic show that drew attention from several diners.

After paying the check (Daddy wouldn’t dream of letting me pay!), I took his hand and told him that I had a suite for us upstairs and that we were going to make love until dawn. He looked at me, smiled, and took me in his arms in the lobby, kissing me sweetly and lovingly as he caressed my face.

“Take me upstairs and make me your whore” I whispered as I looked into Daddy’s big brown eyes.

He whisked me away to the first open elevator, but an elderly couple joined us before the doors closed. We stood in the back of the elevator politely holding hands, prompting the matronly woman to ask my father, “is she your daughter? She’s lovely!”

I looked at Daddy who smiled and responded, “No, she’s my wife and we’re on our honeymoon!” My father squeezed my hand, as if to emphasize the joke.

The woman’s smile turned to a disapproving scowl while her husband looked at me appraisingly, smiled and gave Daddy a nod. They exited at the next floor and our suppressed laughter escaped just as the doors closed.

I closed in on my father, my fingers smoothing his tie, and asked “so are you going to take your wife to bed, honey?”

His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me to him, and said “are you my virgin bride, Princess?” he asked before kissing my neck.

“I’ll be anything you want” I moaned as the elevator door opened.

Taking Daddy by the hand, I led him to Suite 908. I handed him the key and he opened the door, holding it for me.

“Aren’t you going to carry your new bride over the threshold?” I mocking asked.

With that he picked me up, cradling me in my arms with my arms around his neck, and carried me into kaçak iddaa the room. Kicking the door closed with his foot, he carried me to the bed and gently laid me down.

He began to loosen his tie before I stopped him.

“No Daddy, this is your night and I want the pleasure of undressing you.”

Standing up I loosed my father’s tie, slipping it off his neck and tossing it to the bed. “We may need this later,” I smiled. He looked down at me with one eyebrow raised. I then slipped his jacket off and carefully placed on the valet, with daddy’s hand caressing my ass. Turning back to him I unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time, kissing his chest with each inch of exposed skin. I pulled his shirt out of pants, and after undoing the last few buttons, removed his shirt.

I then sat on the bed and pulled him to me by his belt. Kissing his belly, I unbuckled him, slid his pants down, and exposed his black briefs tented by his obvious erection. I cupped his balls through the briefs and began stroking him slowly as my lips kissed his cotton covered cockhead, my eyes looking into his.

My fingers reached the band of briefs ready to pull them down when Daddy stopped me.

“Be Daddy’s good little slut and strip for me, babygirl.”

His words were charged with a fresh electricity that made my pussy quiver.

“Yes Daddy,” was all I could say.

Daddy removed his pants, socks and shoes and lay on the bed in just his briefs. I stood and readied to remove my top when he again stopped me.

“No, Ali — I mean strip to music. Dance for me, remove everything except those slutty little shoes, and then get your sexy ass over here on the bed where you belong.”

His words made my pussy tingle more as I put on the music and began a little “booty dance” for Daddy. As my hips moved in sensual circles to the music, he eyed me appreciatively as he gently rubbed his cock through his briefs.

At fist I undid my hair, letting my long blonde tresses fall to my shoulders. Then I teasingly worked the hem of my dress up my bare thighs, giving him glimpses of my little black thong. I danced like this for a bit, working the dress up to just above my breasts, my hands covering them and squeezing them. Then I worked the dress over my head and tossed it aside, dancing in just my thong and heels.

Daddy lowered his briefs and exposed his full hard cock. Grasping it firmly, he began stroking it as he watched me.

Inspired, my dancing became sexier and I spent a great deal of time playing with my breasts and teasing Daddy with my thong — playing with the straps, slipping my hand into the front to touch my pussy and then licking my finger clean — until eventually removing it and tossing it at Daddy’s face. He picked it up, sniffed and moaned, then tossed it aside while motioning me to the bed.

“Come to bed and suck Daddy’s cock, Princess.”

Slipping onto the bed, I straddled his legs and slid his briefs all the way off. Kneeling on the bed between Daddy’s legs, I gently stroked his cock before leaning over and taking him into my mouth. Looking into his eyes, I slipped my red lips around the head and slid down the shaft before pulling back up. I held him firmly while swirling my tongue kaçak bahis around the head, before kissing and tonguing my way down to his big, lovely balls. I took each one into my mouth, before licking his ass.

“Oh yes, you nasty little slut — I love that!”

I circled his ass with my tongue a few more times while stroking his cock with my hand before moving my lips back to the head. Looking into his eyes, I took him back into my mouth and began sucking him in earnest.

He pulled my hair up so he could watch as I sucked him. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and said, “You want to be daddy’s whore? Then let Daddy fuck your dirty little whore mouth while you finger your pussy.”

With that he began to pump my mouth while my fingers began playing with my clit. I was so wet and aroused I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“That’s it babygirl, suck your Daddy’s cock. Be Daddy’s nasty little slut.”

His words set me off and I came hard, my moans barely muffled by the hard cock in my mouth.

He then pulled my mouth off his cock, and told me to get on my hands and knees.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, you sexy little bitch.”

Kneeling behind me he slipped into my pussy while grasping my hips. He began pumping me, continuing with his dirty talk.

“That’s it, Princess. I’m going to fuck your sweet little pussy good and hard. I saw you flirting with the men in the bar, letting them look at your hot little body. You liked all the attention, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I responded.

As he continued talking and fucking me, my hand went back to my clit and rubbed furiously.

“I knew it, babygirl. You liked being the sexy little bar slut, letting the men think your pretty little pussy was for sale, didn’t you?”

“Mmm hmm.”

His pumping became faster and faster and I came closer and closer to orgasm.

“I bet that bartender would have loved fucking your tight little pussy. I saw him looking at you all dressed up like a little whore. Seeing those men want you made me so horny. I could tell they all wanted your lips around their cocks, to fuck your tight young pussy. But you’re my slut, my sexy whore. God you look so fucking hot tonight!”

With those words, Daddy and I came simultaneously in powerful, soul draining orgasms.

His movements slowed as he his cum drained from his balls, filling me deep inside, and the waves of my orgasm subsided. Gently, we collapsed together onto the bed clutching each other, spooning with his arms wrapped around me tightly, our legs entwined.

“Did you like being my whore, Ali?”

I blushed “Yes. The dirty talk really turned me on.”

“I love you so much, Ali” he said as he kissed my neck.

“Me too Daddy. Happy Birthday.”

I turned around to face him, kissed his lips, and snuggled into Daddy’s chest. We lay there for awhile, enjoying each other’s closeness, until I got up to go to the bathroom.

“When you’re done peeing, take off those shoes, get comfortable and come back to bed. It’s still my birthday for a few more hours.”

“Yes Daddy!” I said in my best good girl voice.

The night was young and I hadn’t even given him my surprise yet, so I picked up the bottle of Maximus lubricant I had brought with me and put it on the nightstand as I got back into bed.

“What’s that for?” Daddy asked.

“You’ll see, old man!” I giggled as I slipped back into bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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