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The two encounters depicted below are mostly true and from memory. However, I did take some literary license in recounting certain events.

Here it is once again, Super Bowl weekend. Every year during this time I relive great memories of an affair that started on a Super Bowl Sunday.

It was a office romance. She was in charge of inventory and stocking items in our warehouse located 300 miles south of the corporate office. I was assigned a special project to reduce inventory levels and move to a just in time inventory system, which meant meeting with all our suppliers. She and I met many times to discuss these changes and how the system would work once implemented.

Before I continue I should explain her looks, and situation. She was 35 years old, married and had three children. Long red hair, nice full lips, beautiful piercing eyes, white alabaster skin, she was not thin, but not overweight either, just pleasantly thick in places, and I must say all the right places. Thick thighs, plump ass and full breasts. She wore dresses or skirts as was the corporate policy except for casual Fridays when she wore mainly skin tight jeans. She was hard working, funny and a pleasure to have on the project.

As for me, I was 53 years of age. Yes, she was 18 years younger than me. I was married like her, only my children were grown and out of the house. My hair starting to grey. Not overweight, just two small love handles.

Along with her career, she was studying to obtain her BS college degree. Many evenings after the work day was complete and most people had left for the day, she would be in her cubical studying. She liked staying after work so she could concentrate entirely on her studies without the distractions of her family and home life. I worked late most evenings, and would stop by her cube to say hi and chat. We became friends and I looked forward to our evening visits and chats. Soon our conversations became more intimate talking about sex, relationships we both had past and present. I couldn’t resist this attractive woman and many times I made flirtatious remarks.

Now with the background information covered, I will continue with Super Bowl Sunday. A meeting was scheduled for Monday morning with one of her vendors at the warehouse 300 miles away. We decided to drive to the warehouse on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes a 4 to 5 hour drive, but flying takes as much time with security and trips to and from the airport. I was looking forward to the drive as we could chat the entire time and not worry about being over heard like when we were in the office. As our friendship blossomed, so did my fantasies about this beautiful red head.

Picking her up at her house would be out of the way and take considerably more time. So we agreed I would pick here up at a designated gas station, which was on the way out of town. Their van pulled in and I was introduced to her husband and children. I believe her husband felt more at ease by meeting me in person, plus being older then what he may have anticipated. I put her overnight bag in the trunk, as she said goodbye to her family. She got in my car and off we went.

It was February and winter, so it took a while for her to warm up and take off her winter coat. She had on a beautiful tight, stretchy, long sleeve, red pull over, which showed a considerable amount of cleavage, plus tight jeans. I mentioned how great she looked.

Silently thinking to myself about her tight pull over, and how it accented her abundant cleavage, did she wear that to impress me? I also thought, what did her husband think of her outfit? A lucky man all the same.

As we drove we talked about the project and expectations for Monday morning. We also chatted about regular subjects, her school, family, relationships and of course finally some sexual exchanges. Both of us becoming more comfortable discussing our sexual likes, dislikes and present sexual disappointments, laughing at many of our answers and tales.

I mentioned to her about an embarrassing moment I had, it related to her. She turned in the car seat to face me, was all ears, and anxious to know how she was part of my embarrassment.

I confessed my fondness for fishnet or patterned nylons and/or pantyhose. The incident happened at a meeting we had in the conference room a week or so back, related to this project. She was wearing a skirt with fishnet nylons and was seated next to me. I told her how my eyes continued to wander to get glimpses of her sexy fishnet covered legs and thighs. Also, troublesome was the intoxicating aroma of her perfume. I shyly confessed, that it got me a bit excited, both because of her choice of nylons, but also her close proximity to me. I revealed, it had gotten me aroused and somewhat stiff. This made her laugh and comment on how she had no idea.

I continued, you may not have noticed, but when the meeting finished, I remained seated at the conference table, not wanting to stand with a bulge in my pants. You escort ataşehir had no idea the effect you had on me.

She seemed pleased at causing me such discomfort. She began asking, rapid, clarifying questions, “You had a woody?” “A boner?”. “A hard on?”, “A bulge in your pants?”, “During a meeting?”. “I smelled good?”, “All because of me?” giggling and laughing, which made me flush and turn red. She informed me that from now on she will keep a close eye on my actions during meetings and will wear more fishnet or pattern nylons.

We were both silent for several minutes after my confession. I thought about her last statement, that in the future she would watch me closer and wear nylons or pantyhose I find so attractive. I believed we were building trust and openness.

Her quiet thoughts were about how open I was to share such an intimate, uncomfortable situation. The sexual reaction I had to her attire and proximity made her smile. It made her feel sexy and desirable.

We finally arrived, checked into the hotel and received our room keys. My position and frequent trips to the warehouse allowed me to book a suite. The suite had a king size bed, a small living room with a gas fireplace, mini bar and a Jacuzzi tub in the corner of the bedroom. We agreed to meet in about an hour in the lobby, then grab a bite to eat. We both needed to settle into our rooms, check in with our families to let them know we arrived safely.

An hour later we met in the lobby and headed out for something to eat. We found a nice beer and burger place and got a booth. The big game was on several televisions in the bar and restaurant. We ordered cocktails and dinner. Watched some of the game, talked, ate and had a few more cocktails. It felt somewhat like a date, at least to me.

After our plates were cleared and another cocktail ordered, I made my move. Nothing big, just reached over and put my hand on top of hers. She didn’t pull away and began twirling her fingers in mine. We held hands the rest of our time at the restaurant. The game ended with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. I helped put her coat on and we left.

We arrived back at the hotel and as we headed to the elevator I asked if she like another drink, as I had a mini bar in my room. She agreed and we got off on my floor and walked to my room.

Once inside the room she made comments about how nice my suite was compared to her room. We took our winter coats off and I started the gas fireplace to help take the chill off. I began opening a bottle of white wine as she made herself comfortable on the coach.

My expectations, as things were progressing well, was possibly some kissing and maybe exploring some body parts. I didn’t want to push her to do anything she was not fully willing to do.

I poured each of us a glass of wine and sat down next to her on the coach. We chatted and sipped our wine, but finally sat our glasses on the coffee table. I leaned in for a kiss which she accepted and returned without any reservation. It was amazing, she had such soft, full lips, and was a great kisser. Our kissing became passionate, very quickly, with our tongues exploring each others mouth. We laid down next to each other on the couch, continued to make out and French kiss.

Our hands wandered and explored the other person’s body. I began touching and squeezing her full breasts, rubbed my hand between her legs, groped her butt cheeks, but all through her clothes. She squeezed my butt, and rubbed my crotch and cock, through my pants. We both pushed and humped our hips against each other dry fucking, though our clothes. Finally, we took a break, came up for air, and sat up. We took a few sips of wine and even shared a mouthful between us during a deep kiss.

I thought to myself about her aggressive manner. Either she was really horny or her sexuality level was well beyond what I had imagined.

She got up to use the bathroom. Which gave me some time to think what our next actions might be. I was still pondering not to take this relationship to bed, to continue at a slower pace, and build our relationship towards full blown sex in the future. I decided to suggest a warm Jacuzzi bath, which would allow us to be naked and touch each other, without the barrier of clothes.

When she returned, I suggested the bath idea and to my surprise she agreed. She simply walked over to the tub, got the water temperature right and filled the tub. Once the water was above the jets, she started the Jacuzzi.

We both started to undress. She was as sexy as I had thought and fantasized about. When her bra came off she revealed her large, heavy breasts Her white alabaster skin really contrasted her pink rose colored areolas and nipples. Then she peeled off her jeans, turned her back to me, and slowly lowered her black lace panties. I got a wonderful view of her white, plump ass with her vulva peeking out at me. It was so sexy I was tempted to walk up behind her and stick kadıköy escort my stiff cock in her.

She stood up, turned around, and faced me. She ogled my naked body and my state of excitement. She made comment how she liked that I shaved and trimmed my private area. I observed her fiery, red bush and the fact she was in deed a true red head. I commented how gorgeous and sexy she was.

Before she got in the tub she shyly informed me, that she was having her period and needed to remove her tampon. Once again going into the bathroom.

On her return we jumped in the tub and settled down on opposite ends of the tub, both leaning back and enjoyed the warm bubbling water. We began playing, using our feet and toes, to explore each others body, all the while looking into each others eyes. Both her feet began rubbing up and down the length of my stiff shaft and at times used her toes to tickle my balls. My foot rubbed her pussy and at times raised my toes to play with her long pink nipples. I raised her foot to my lips and kissed each of her small toes. Following my lead, she lifted my foot to her mouth, but placed my big toe in her mouth, sucking it like it was a small cock, while looking me directly in the eyes. It was very erotic to say the least.

Then one of the most surprising, unexpected things happened. She moved towards me, stood in front of me, spread her legs and lowered herself down on my stiff cock. She positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy, quickly slide down on it, taking my entire length in one swift movement. She put her hands on the wall and began bouncing her ass and hips up and down, and just that quick, we were fucking. Her heavy tits flopping in my face. I tried my best to match her rhythm, but it was difficult for me, the tub surface was slippery and I would slip down into the water every so often.

I suggested we could fuck better in bed and she agreed. We uncoupled, towel dried our wet bodies, tuned the jets off on the Jacuzzi, pulled the comforter and sheets back, then climbed in the bed.

I laid on my back, she got on top of me and once again impaled herself on my cock. Her vagina was so wet and hot, it felt like hot molten lava, so different from my wife’s cunt. She put her hands on the bed headboard and once again began bouncing on my cock. She was relentless and so damn sexy.

Sex with her was so different, she was loud and vocal, nothing like what I had been exposed to before. At times she was so vocal I was waiting for a pound on the wall from the room next door.

The other surprise was her language. Beside our moaning and groaning, her lewd statements amazed me. All the “oh fucks”, “you feel so good in me”,” your cock is so thick and stretches me”, “I’m cumming on your cock”, all added to the incredible sex we were having. My love making with my wife had never been so vocal or open as was with this amazing woman.

She continued to bounce her ass and ride my cock. But now I could thrust up into her and drive my cock deeper in her fuck hole. Several times I felt my cock touch her cervix and the entrance to her womb. Each time this happened she would gasp and either say “yes” or “oh fuck”.

I could no longer ignore the pressure building in my balls and told her I was close. Her loud reply was, “Yes, baby I want to feel your baby making juice shoot deep into me”. I thrust hard one last time, buried my cock as deep as I could and released my hot, sticky load into her. I thought to myself where did that comment of baby making juice come from?

She laid on top of me, both of us breathing heavy, my softening cock still buried in her wet, warm pussy. We kissed and commented on how amazing our day and night had been She rolled off, we cuddled, kissed softly, and drifting off sleep.

I woke several hours later, with a beautiful naked red head laying next to me. The woman I had so many fantasies about, and just made love to. I rolled on my side and cuddled close to her naked body. My crotch and cock nestled tightly against her butt, my hand reached over and caressed one of her full breasts. I circled and played with her nipple, as I pushed my soft cock between her plump ass cheeks. I softly began kissing her neck. Soon she began to stir and I heard a muffled purr escape her sweet mouth.

I asked if she was awake and she responded, “apparently you are”, with a small giggle in her voice. I softly kissed her ear and nibbled on the lobe. Another soft purr and she pushed her butt back against my crotch and cock. I whispered in her ear, “I want, no… I need to fuck you again”. She rolled on her back, agreeing how much she would love that.

We kissed passionately, as we desperately kicked and struggled to tossed the sheets off our naked bodies. The pungent aroma of our previous fuck was no longer concealed by the sheet and released into the room. She reached for my cock and began playing with it, and had the anticipated result of hardening in her hand. maltepe escort bayan I started kissing, licking and sucking on her tits and nipples as my hand played softly between her thighs. I ran my fingers through her slit and gently over her engorged clit. Her muff still messy and sticky from out combined orgasms and her period flow.

I knelt between her legs, my cock stiff from her expert touch. Once again, she surprised me by her blunt, vocal languish, telling me to “stuff that hard, thick, beautiful cock in me”. Grabbing my cock I ran it up and down her gooey slit, found the entrance to her love canal and pushed myself into her. It slipped in easily, as she was still somewhat stretched and slippery because of all the body fluids I mentioned earlier. I asked if she would be ok putting her legs on my shoulders, allowing me to get deep penetration. With her legs on my shoulders, I began to pound her pussy with deep thrusts. Having just fucked this beautiful woman a few hours ago and unloading my balls, I knew I would have more stamina and could fuck her for a much longer time.

I enjoyed fucking her, and from the expressions on her face, which I could see even in the dark, she did also. Her comments and instructions on how she wanted to be fucked added to the experience and aroused state. Telling me, “how full she felt”, “how she love being fucked”, “pound my pussy”, “do it faster”, “deeper”, “harder”, “make me cum”, all added to this incredible joining of our bodies.

As we fucked, all my senses were on overdrive. I could feel her wet and hot pussy walls contracting and squeezing my cock when she had an orgasm. I listened to the groans of pleasure and the sound of our sweaty bodies slapping against each other. Watching the expressions her face, the biting of her lower lip, as I pounded into her Tasting the sweet flavor in mouth as we kissed. My nostrils flared at the heady, pungent aroma of both our infidelity fucks.

Once again, I felt the tightening and pressure build in my balls and was about to unload in her pussy for the second time that evening. She not only encouraged me, but begged me to “fuck that dick deep in to me”, “wash my womb with your hot baby making juice”. Her dirty talk put me over the edge and I shot my load deep into her hot pink twat. I had never had a woman use such language, and she used that baby making juice comment again. I thought we need to have a conversation about birth control.

Her legs slowly lowered off my shoulders, and rested on the bed. I laid my head on her chest, both of us exhausted. We shared a deep passionate kiss. We admitted to each other how incredible the sex had been. We fell asleep not waking until morning.

We had an early morning meeting and needed to get showed and dressed. As I jumped out of bed, I had to smile at the mess in the room. Our clothes on the floor, the Jacuzzi still full of water, a half full bottle of wine, wine glasses on the table, wet rose colored spots on the sheet from our combined orgasms and her period flow.

She was upset with the mess we left, but I explained “I’ll leave a big tip for the maid”. She dressed to go back to her room, she needed a shower, fresh cloths for the day and the need to get a tampon in, making me laugh.

We met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, holding hands while we ate. We checked out of the hotel and headed to our warehouse and the meeting. The meeting was done by 10 am and we began our drive home. We would arrive around 3 pm at the office and her husband would pick her up there.

As we drove back, we discussed the guilt we felt for our infidelity, and some of the reasons why we cheated on our spouses. However, the conversation always seemed to circle back to how incredible the sex had been.

I told her that having her period reduced the risk of pregnancy, but was she on any kind of birth control? She laughed and said, “yes I have an IUD implant”. OK, then why the references about, “baby making juice” you used several times? She laughed and told me, “Baby, didn’t you think it was hot when I asked for it”? “Didn’t it turn you on and make you squirt faster”? “Just think how obscene it would be for you to impregnate a married woman, 18 years younger then you, how would our spouses would respond”? She laughed.

She unbuckled her seat belt, leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Wouldn’t you just love to fuck me totally unprotected”? She reached down and rubbed my crotch feeling the blood race to my cock and stiffen. “Shooting your spunk into my womb and creating a baby bump in my belly, tell me you don’t find that scorching hot”? “Don’t deny how it turns you on, I feel your cock all hard and stiff” as she continued to rub it. “Think about sucking my big milky pregnant tits”? “If you take that gorgeous cock out I’ll suck the baby juice right out of your balls”.

I was squirming in my car seat. You need to stop touching and talking like that or I’m going to shoot in my jeans, I scolded her. You are a very naughty girl. She moved away from me, sat back in her seat and buckled up. She laughed at how turned on she had made me.

We kissed when we stopped for gas or at rest areas. Held hands most of the way. Finally arriving back in town and the corporate offices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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