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Double Penetration

We talked for a long time before finally giving in to our physical desires. About 2 years if I had to guess and during that time, we discussed boundaries, likes, dislikes, interests, etc. When we finally met, we didn’t have to talk about things. It all just seemed to happen naturally. I’m amazed that anything happened at all much less that I get to meet with you like this regularly. I still can’t believe all the fantasies we’ve been able to experience and there’s still many more ahead.

We don’t have a romantic relationship. I’d call us fuck buddies, but we’re friends more than anything. So, I guess we’re essentially friends with lots of benefits. We share a deep trust that has allowed both of us to voice hidden desires and live a few of them out.

You’re a walking contradiction. You’re intelligent, stubborn, headstrong, you’re always trying to do the right thing, and have a wicked sense of humor. Everyone who meets you thinks your fun and outgoing. You read people and are always analyzing and overthinking everything. You care. But then when it comes to revealing your inner desires, you’re shy and easily embarrassed. You censure yourself and with every phrase you say, there are hundreds that go unsaid. I love being the one to know the thoughts and desires you keep hidden from everyone else. You’re like the studious librarian with the kinky side in porn movies. You’re just waiting for someone to force you to let your hair down and relax. I’m happy to be that person.

I’ve been looking forward to spending time with you all week. I’ve got something special planned and I’m excited to fulfill one of my fantasies.

I always get here a little early. I like to ensure everything is set up for quick access before you get here. When everything is in its place, I take off my shoes and shirt, stand against the wall near the door, and wait for you to arrive.

It’s not long before you walk in the room. You kick off your shoes by the door and stretch out your toes. You’re wearing gray dress pants and a sleeveless red shirt. That’s my favorite shirt on you. It’s professional for work but still shows off your large tits. You’ve got big blue eyes and brown hair, a beautiful smile, and a body with curves that don’t know how to quit.

You look at me in appreciation and lust. I’m just an average guy, but your desire for me is intoxicating. I gaze at you and quirk my eyebrow up, waiting for you to strip. When you see my expression, you know what I want.

You grab the bottom hem of your shirt, pull it up, and toss it aside. You unhook your pants and let them drop to the floor. You’re wearing a dark red lace bra with a matching thong. The color contrasts and shows off the beauty of your pale skin. Sometimes I like to leave you in your underwear and tease you for a while. Not today though. You unclasp your bra and drop it to the floor followed quickly by your thong, leaving you bare for me.

You glance up at me and our eyes lock. I stare at you, telling bahis siteleri you with my gaze how gorgeous you are. I don’t know how you can read me so well, but I know you get the message when you break eye contact and your skin turns rosy. We’ve been together a few times now and yet you still blush. My god, you’re so sexy and you don’t even know it. You’re so timid and unsure of yourself in these moments, it makes me feel privileged and proud to be the one you reveal them to.

You stand, staring at the floor with occasional glances at me, awaiting my instruction. I walk up to you and gently graze my fingertips over your shoulders causing goosebumps to rise. I smirk, taking joy in your reaction.

I kiss the back of your neck and massage your neck and shoulders, working out some knots. I feel your body melt into my touch. I lean forward and whisper in your ear “I’m taking your ass tonight”. You shudder at my words and lean back into me. I know your nervous about it, but I’ll make it good. I’ve always wanted to try it and, before you, I had never found anyone willing to let me.

Your body aligns with mine. My jean clad dick nestles perfectly at the crack of your ass. I kiss and nibble at your neck, reaching around to palm your breasts. They’re large, just the way I like. They’re an over-flowing handful. I tweak your nipples causing you to moan. I roll the stiff peaks through my fingers and hear your breath catching. I love how sensitive you are.

As I play with your tits, you turn your head over your shoulder towards me and I kiss you. It starts off soft, just a taste, then quickly turns intense. Our tongues move together, mimicking what our bodies will be doing shortly. Our chemistry is explosive. Between our intertwined tongues, the heaviness of your tits, your reactions, and the thought of what’s coming next, I’m so hard I feel like I could come in my pants like a horny teenager.

I’ve got to get these jeans off. My dick is too restrained and it’s becoming painful. I let go of you, placing a hand on your back to keep you in place, and step back. I quickly shuck my jeans and boxers. My dick bobs free of its denim prison, the relief is instantaneous.

I grab your right shoulder pulling back towards me causing you to spin around, facing me. You look up and down my body, enjoying the view. When your gaze finally makes its way back to mine, you smile knowing I caught you looking. I lean down and kiss you again. Your arms go around my neck, holding onto my shoulders. I grab your ass and pull you against me. You wrap your legs around my waist and grind your slit against my cock.

It’s not long in my assault until your moaning and writhing against me, chasing an orgasm. I think about it and decide to go ahead and let you come. It might help you relax. Your grinding is erotic as hell and I’m dying to shove into you and relieve my tension too, but I restrain. I’d rather come in your ass. I yank on you harder, putting more pressure on canlı bahis siteleri your clit. I feel your body tense up and you’re yelling out in pleasure. Your orgasm is soaking my dick and dripping between your legs. Fuck, that’s hot!

I carry you over to the bed and set you down, letting you catch your breath. Your body is now pliable and languid. I grab a few pillows and shove them under your hips as I turn you over. I take a moment to enjoy the view. You’ve got a fine ass and I can barely contain my excitement at taking it for the first time. You’ve never done anal, so I’ll be as gentle as possible.

I run my hands all over your ass and squeeze it, getting you used to my touch. I slide my finger over the bud of your entrance and press down just enough so you feel it but not enough to go in. You’re holding your breath, but your body remains pliant, so I continue my slow assault. Once I’ve touched the opening a few times, you’ve stopped having any reactions.

Then, I grab the bottle of lube I had stashed earlier and put some on my fingers. I run them up and down your crack, paying extra attention to the bud. I grab a little more lube and gently push one finger into you. I move my finger around and push it in and out a few times before adding another.

When I push in my second finger, I feel you clench down at the invasion. I scissor my two fingers together to help stretch you out and reach around with my other hand and circle your clit. You moan at the added stimulation and start to move against my fingers.

I continue in this way for a few minutes before adding a third finger. You suck in a quick breath at the change. I decide to take your pleasure further. Instead of just playing with your clit, I glide two fingers inside you and rub against your g-spot while stretching your asshole out a little more. “Oh God!” you yell. I can feel your body start to pulse. I know you’re getting close and I stop my ministrations. “No!” you plead. You move around trying to get extra stimulation, but I provide none.

I think you’re ready for me. I pour lube all over my aching dick and more on your ass. I line my cock up to your hole and start to push in. The tip goes in just a little and you tense up. I don’t want to hurt you, so I pull out.

I grab a small butterfly vibrator and place it against your clit. I think the added stimulation distracts you from what I’m doing because you immediately start to push your ass towards me. I try again. I gently push my cock into you and this time I get my head in. Damn! This is tighter than I could’ve imagined! I push more in and feel you start to tense. I pull back tiny bit and push in more. The back and forth movements seem to help.

I continue slowly thrusting in and out, going in deeper every time until I’m fully seated. “Fuck!” I can’t help but yell. I freeze, balls deep in your ass. It’s SO tight. I feel sparks run down my spine. I’m gritting my teeth, trying not to come yet. My god this is canlı bahis intense!

It takes a minute, but I get myself under control. I begin thrusting in and out smoothly. Now that you’re getting used to me, you seem to be enjoying yourself too. You’re moving with me, reveling in the sensations. I can’t hold back anymore. I thrust a little more forcefully, your body accepting it. Watching my dick disappear into your ass is erotic as fuck! This time I can’t stop the orgasm running through my body. Liquid fire shoots down my spine and through my balls. I erupt, screaming in ecstasy. I’m pulsing and shooting into you uncontrollably. The orgasm is so intense my legs start to give out. I barely catch myself, pull out, and collapse next to you.

“Are you alright?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m kind of sore, but it wasn’t painful,” you reply.

“Did you enjoy it at all?” I ask.

You respond with a smirk, “Yes, it was very erotic and fun… in a dirty way.”

“Good, but I know you didn’t come. I need to fix that,” I say while rolling you onto your back and sliding your legs towards me.

You start to protest that it’s not necessary, but one long lick from your apex up to your clit silences you. I use my tongue to alternate between circling and tapping on your clit. You grab my head and your nails gently scrape my scalp. I lick and suck down to your cleft, devouring your essence and some of the lube. You taste so good.

I add two fingers, flicking them across your g-spot. Soon, I have you begging for more. You’re moaning and thrusting against my mouth. I continue to torture you and gently nibble your clit. That slight scrape of my teeth sets you off. Your body pulses as your pussy clenches down on my fingers, sending you into the abyss.

I glance up at your face to watch you come. You’re so expressive, I can see the ecstasy your experiencing. I continue my assault, drinking up the evidence of your orgasm and prolonging your enjoyment. I finally let up when the last vestiges of your orgasm are gone. I crawl up your body, kissing you softly as I go. When I get to your mouth, I sweep my tongue inside, allowing both of us to taste you on me. You’re delicious.

After a few minutes, I get up, pulling you with me. I lead you into the bathroom and start the shower. Once the water is the perfect temperature, I pull you in with me. I lather up a wash rag and gently clean your whole body. I take my time and make sure to care for your ass and remove all the lube, leaving you clean and relaxed.

Then you grab a rag and do the same for me. You explore my body and wash everything. Even though my balls are empty, I still start to harden and arise. You grab onto my dick and swipe your hands up it. It feels good but I grab your wrists, stopping you.

“It looks like it wants my attention,” you say with a smile.

I chuckle and say, “Not now, he’s confused and tired. He’ll calm back down in a minute.”

I turn off the water and wrap you in a towel to dry off before grabbing my own. We both dry off and get dressed, exchanging caresses and kisses until it’s time to go. I leave you with one last deep kiss, grateful for everything you let me experience, and we part ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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