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A few days after Karen and Teri returned to school, John began planning the latest and greatest family party at their home. He already had the pool scheduled to be prepped and open. He also scheduled the cleaning of the hot tub, sauna and steam room before the party.

Patti was driving him nuts about who he planned to have at this party. Finally one quiet week-end, after making sure Jimmy was out of the house, John climbed into the hot tub, naked of course and he had his favorite girl, also naked, on one arm and a nice cold beer in his other hand.

“Come on John, I think you owe it to me to let me in on your plans for our next sex romp. I have to admit, dragging my mother in was quite a feat. I never knew she was so sexual, thank you for that.”

He planted a soft, but sexy kiss on her lips. He ran my tongue around her soft pliant lips and nibbled lightly on her lower lip. John released her when he heard her let out a tiny moan. He kissed her playfully on her nose and sitting back, let out a long breath of air; “Alright, first of all let me tell you there isn’t any guarantee this will come about, but here is my plan. Here me out and please don’t get upset, I think in the end, once you here the whole plan, you’ll be more than happy with whom I have just for you.”

She reached down and finding his stiff cock, she squeezed it and releasing it, she stroked it slowly up and down; “Mmmm it seems this plan has gotten you all worked up too, hasn’t it?” John chuckled; “Oh no Patti, that’s all your doing. How could any man be sitting in a hot tub with someone equally naked and looking like you and not get a hard-on?”

She let out a whine; “Oh give me a break, I don’t believe that one second, but nice save. Okay, alright, out with it.”

He took a deep breath; “What do you think about your brother-in-law Charles and his son Markus?” John leaned back to gauge her reaction.

A tiny smiled crossed her lips and she began to nod slowly; “Mmmm, I guess I could manage to stomach them, why do you ask?”

He knew she really wanted him to spill his entire idea, but he took it slow. “I know in the past, I’ve seen you checking them both out and seeing you with a black man, especially one who is built like they are, well I think it would be something special.”

“Uh ha and what do you get out of this deal, huh?”

He rubbed his chin with one hand and placing his beer in the cup holder, he slid his cold hand under the water to stroke her hot thigh. John broke out onto a huge smile when she pushed it away; “Okay John, out with it, tell me more, or better yet, the whole plan.”

“Mmmm, are you sure you want to hear it or have it a surprise?”

“Oh no you don’t, my mother was a surprise. I don’t like surprises like that; out with it and I’m not going to ask you again!”

“Okay, okay, I was planning this party for the Memorial Day week-end. We could have it begin on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I know for a fact that your niece’s eighteenth birthday is that exact Friday, what better way to bring her into adulthood than a party with her horny and sexy Aunt Patti?”

She chuckled; “Oh you are evil John. There is no way my sister will allow that to happen.” She stopped and sat up and started to chuckled; “Oh no, no way, are you planning to have my sister join us just like you had my mother? She’s a complete iceberg; I heard Charles bitching about she never wants to suck his cock or fuck in any position but missionary.” She shook her head from side to side; “Just forget it John, she’ll never go for it.”

He took a big swig of his beer and put it back down again; “Don’t you worry about it, I have it all planned out. Before the night is over, I will be fucking Jamie and she’ll be eating your cunt, Mandy’s cunt and will be sucking Charles and Markus’ cock. Have you ever seen in all the porn that we watch, Brittney Love?”

She smiled at him; “Yeah, yeah I know you’ve told me several times that Karen and I look like her, I see some resemblance, but not as much as you do, but thank you, I really think she’s hot. Why do you ask?”

“Well your sister and niece remind me of two other porn stars, can you guess who they look like?”

“Mmmm let think, oh I know exactly who Mandy reminds me of, that little teen, she sucks and fucks guys and girls like a champ, ah yeah, isn’t she Dakota Skye?”

He smiled and gave her thigh a good squeeze; “Exactly Patti, boy I thought it was only me. Whenever I see her, I imagine Mandy in place of her. How about Jamie, don’t think about your sister, just imagine her naked with those huge tits and her long flowing blonde hair.”

All of a sudden a huge smile crossed her lips; Yeah, yeah, what’s her name, don’t tell me. She’s in all those MILF movies and mother-son movies, yeah oh shit, is it Julia Ann?”

He pulled her to his body and gave her a big kiss; “My god I love you, you knew it and I always wanted to show her one of those and see side by side how they compare.”

“Lots of luck John, I still have no idea how you’re going to pull that off, but if you do, hell bostancı escort bayan I’ll be in line to bed her along with Karen and Jimmy too. Who else are you planning on being here for this so called incest orgy?”

“Well there will be Charles, Markus, Jamie, Mandy, Jimmy, Karen, you and me of course. I also know I won’t have to twist Nancy’s arm and hopefully we’ll have Gwen here too. You’ll love her, she’s Karen’s other roommate. She’s graduating next month and I’m trying to get her an intern job at my firm. She’s a gorgeous redhead and boy, can she suck. Karen told me, she taught her everything she knows about blowjobs.”

She sat back and crossed her arms; “And how do you know she can really suck?”

“Aw well, when I went there a couple weeks ago to pick-up Karen, well I slept in her bed. When I woke-up, she was in bed with me. It seems she tried to get home that night and got caught in the storm. She had to return to the dorm and well one thing led to another and…”

She couldn’t hold a straight face; “I know, Karen told me, it’s okay, especially after all that happened with Jimmy, I guess I owe you more than one or two. Okay, anyone else?”

He shook my head; “I think that’s enough, don’t want too many, I want to have fun, but don’t want the police knocking down our door. Being a lawyer, the last thing I need is a scandal and being disbarred.”

“Okay stud, I want more info later, but right now I need a good fucking; know anyone available?”

He reached out and pulled her across his body. He loved how her fat tits squashed against his chest. John grabbed hold of her gorgeous ass cheeks and giving them a nice squeeze, he positioned her above his cock. He lowered her gently and she slowly slid down on his stiff pole.

Patti wrapped her arms around his neck and began raining kisses all over his face and beck. She let out a gasp when she felt him bottom out in her pussy. She began working up and down on his cock and soon she was splashing waves out of the tub. She planted her lips on his and let out a long sigh. Pulling back she smiled at him; “You know John, you really get me. I’m so glad we worked things out concerning Jimmy, I would have hated to end up in a divorce because I was so fucking stupid.”

He smiled back at her; “Yeah you were stupid!” Before she could react, he stood up and dropped her on her back into the hot bubbling water.

She came up sputtering and her arms and legs were flailing about as she tried to stand up; ‘You son-of-a-bitch, you’re going to pay for that!”

He laughed out loud; “I know I am, I knew I was going to pay for just saying what I did. This way I can get out and have a head start before you try and catch me.” He jumped out of the hot tub and grabbing a robe, slipped into it and ran into the house and up the stairs.

Patti was close on his heels and when she threw open the bedroom door, he was standing there, once again nude and gathering her up in his arms, he tossed her onto the bed and pinned her there. She tried to struggle free, but he held firm.

John held her on place and swept her wet hair from her face. He began peppering her face, neck, shoulders and tits with hot kisses and tiny nips. He swayed his body from side to side and his stiff cock found its mark. He slid in easily, she was still rather wet and slowly her struggles ceased.

Patti wrapped her legs around his waist and began meeting him with thrusts of her own. She caught his mouth with her own and their tongues fought back and forth. Her giggles turned to moans and she was suddenly groaning out to him; “Oh yes John, fuck me, fuck me like you own me! I want to feel possessed!”

Hearing this spurred him on and he began fucking her harder and faster. Her damp body slapped against his as he drove into her receptive body. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long and when he released her arms; her hand went down and began firmly rubbing her clit. He smiled down at her. He knew she realized he was going to cum soon and wanted to finish with him.

Patti dropped her legs from his body and planting her feet flat on the bed, she thrust upward, meeting him as she felt her own orgasm coming on strong. She clutched at his head and kissed him with the intensity they both loved. She let out a long groan and started cumming.

John lost it and started cumming along with her. He filled her to the brim and when he was finished, he flattened her body with his. He knew she always loved his hard body pressing against her, especially after they both finished cumming.

Over the next several weeks John kept everyone, except Patti, wondering what was going to occur at the next party. He talked several times to Charles to test the waters and he found out he was very much interested in having the chance to bed his sister-in-law Patti, his niece Karen and his mother-in-law Nancy. He just didn’t see how John could persuade his puritanical wife to let loose and join in the fun. During his last phone conversation he made sure Jamie wasn’t within hearing distance; “You know John, I spoke with Markus ümraniye escort and he is so pumped, he always had a thing for Karen and just the thought of bedding his step-sister, fuck he told me he’s jacked-off daily just thinking about slipping into that sweet pussy of hers.”

He laughed; “Please Charles, make sure Markus doesn’t let on to either of them, I’d hate the whole plan fall apart and see Jamie refuse to even come over for the Memorial Day weekend.”

“Don’t you worry; I told him if either of them gets wind of it, he’s dead meat. If I can ask, how do you plan on converting Jamie to even try this?”

John let out a chuckle; “That Charles, is a secret. I don’t want you trying it before the party and have her refuse to come. If you would, pack some of her tinier swimsuits. A couple sexy regular outfits wouldn’t hurt either. I know with her bust size, most things Patti has that would fit her, may be a little too tight around the chest.”

“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing to see John. I know l love seeing Patti in her business outfits; damn she always looks hot in those. I could just imagine Jamie wearing any of those. Listen, I can hear Jamie looking around for me, I better get off the phone before she starts asking questions.”

“Okay, just remember we’re expecting the four of you here on Friday before Memorial Day. I know its Mandy’s birthday, but just let her know we’re planning an extra special day here just for her. I’ll let you go, keep the faith Charles, I’m testing my secret weapon this week and I’ll let you know if it’s a success.”

“Good luck John, talk to you soon!”

John talked with his H.R. department and after seeing Gwen’s transcripts, they were eager to have her for the summer. With all of the vacations planned at the firm, she would be a perfect fit to fill-in for all of our associates and clerks. I called her at school and Karen answered. I wanted to give her the news myself; ‘Hi Karen, dad here, is Gwen around?”

“Yeah dad, she’s in the room next door cramming for finals, hold on I’ll get her.”

He could hear her walking away and soon he heard a commotion just before she picked up the phone; “Hi, Mr. Phelps, how are you? I was just cramming for my last final.”

“Well I think I have some good news for you. I talked with the named partners and H.R. and they wanted me to see if you could swing into the city sometime in the next few days. I think it’s just a formality, but they want to interview you. They are really excited to hire you, but want to see you in person before making the final decision.”

She let out a shriek; “Oh hell yeah John, I mean Mr. Phelps. I have my final tomorrow and can be down there on Thursday afternoon. I’ll have to find a place to stay. Can you set up the meeting for Friday morning? Also can you recommend an inexpensive motel in the area for me to stay for a night or two?”

John smiled to himself; it was all falling into place. “Friday morning would be perfect. You can ride in with me to the office.”

There was silence for a second; “Um I don’t understand Mr. Phelps.”

“You’re not staying in any cheap motel. Like I told you last time I was out there. You can stay here with us, save money. I know how it is getting set for law school, especially U. of M. You can check with Karen, I know she’d love to have you as a roommate for the summer. We’re not too far from Ann Arbor, so you can swing by there and check out the campus too. One other thing, unless we’re at the office, cut the Mr. Phelps crap, call me John, okay?”

She giggled; “Sorry John, I’ll try and remember that. Is Mrs. Phelps okay with me staying there? I wouldn’t want to put you out.”

I spoke with Patti and she’s love to have you stay with us, more the merrier. Just an FYI, we’re planning a big bash here for the Memorial Day weekend. I know Western will be done for the summer by then and we’d love to have you here for it too.”

“Oh Mr…I mean John, you and your family are just too good to me. If I get the position, I swear, I won’t disappoint you.”

“I know you won’t Gwen. You can get the directions to our house from Karen. We’ll see you sometime Thursday afternoon. If I’m not here, Patti should be here. I know for sure my son Jimmy will be here; I’ll fill him in on the situation. Can I talk to Karen please?”

“Sure hold on John and thank you again!”

Karen came on the phone and she was laughing; “What did you say to her? I never saw her so excited dad.”

“I just told her she may have the job at my firm. As for seeing her more excited, I hope your mother and I can top that this weekend.”

She let out a groan; “Oh my god dad, you are so fucking bad. I guess that’s why I love you so much. What did you need?”

“If you would give her directions, but hold off about getting intimate with your mother or me. I want to try out something on her and she’ll be my guinea pig.”

“Oh I just know you’re planning something wicked, but okay, I’ll wait to find out from her how it went. Listen dad, I have two finals tomorrow, I have to hit the books, talk escort kartal to you later, okay?”

“Sure Sweetie, remember not a word to her about my surprise. Talk to you later, bye.”

“Love ya dad, bye!”

He hung up and hurried to Patti; “It’s all set for Thursday with Gwen coming over to stay before her interview at my office. I’ll let you know about my secret weapon for Jamie Friday when we get back. I’m going to test it out on her and if it works like I think it will, we should be halfway home.”

She shook her head; “You are evil John, I guess that’s why I married you.”

John rushed home on Thursday and found Gwen was already there. She was sitting on the sofa with Jimmy; both were drinking beers and seemed to be rather engaged in small talk and laughing. When they saw me, they waved to me and continued talking. I hung up my coat and entered the living room.

Gwen stood up; she was dressed in slacks and a professional starched white blouse. She came over to me and gave me a hug; “I can’t thank you enough John for this opportunity and I promise not to let you down. Do you know what time my appointment is?”

“Yes, I made for first thing in the morning. If all goes well, you should be able to start work a week from Monday, does that work for you?”

A huge smile crossed her lips; “That would be fantastic, it gives me a week to get my stuff packed up at school, take what I don’t need back home and get back here and settle in. Do you think I could get a couple days off later in the month for graduation ceremonies?”

“Not a problem Gwen, you’ll see the firm is very family oriented and will work with you on that. Even if you would like to push the starting date off another week, I think that could be arranged. We’d just like to have you up to speed before all of the summer vacations kick in.”

“Oh no John, a week is perfect. Starting sooner is better, more funds for when I do start at U. of M. Do you suggest any special type of clothing to wear for the interview?”

He smiled at her looking her up and down; “No, not really Gwen, what you have on is perfect. Maybe a jacket, but what you’re wearing now is very acceptable, a skirt maybe, but not necessary and remember, not to short, it is a very conservative firm.”

She nodded; “Understood Mr. Phelps. I know you wanted me to call you John, but just trying it out for effect.”

“Excellent Gwen, now if you’ll excuse me, I want to get out of this monkey suit and hop in the hot tub. You’re welcome to join me, Patti should be coming through the door shortly, she’ll probably have take-out with her, we can eat in the sunroom seeing the weather had finally turned a little warmer.”

She put her hand out to John; “Thank you again John, I don’t know how to repay you for your generosity. Karen told me to pack a swim suit. I think I’d love to try out the hot tub, I need to release some of this nervous energy building up in me.” She turned to Jimmy; “Are you going to join us Jimmy?”

He glanced at John and John nodded; “Sure, why not, I’ll meet you guys in there. I have to make a call first.”

John led Gwen upstairs and showed her to Karen’s room, directly across from John and Patti’s room. “Take your time Gwen. I think Patti made space in Karen’s dresser and closet if you’d like to unpack. I’ll meet you downstairs in the sunroom. You can’t miss it, towards the back of the house.”

She nodded and let out a nervous gush of air; “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met you, I can’t thank you enough. How can I ever repay you?”

John just smiled and closed the door. As he walked into his bedroom, under his breath he mumbled; “Oh I know exactly how you can repay me, and I totally intend on collecting. Just wait till tomorrow evening.” He changed and put on a sensible boxer brief suit, not his tiny one that would be for tomorrow. He headed downstairs and slipped into the hot bubbling water. All of his aches and cares seemed to float away.

A few minutes later Patti came in, she was carrying several bags of Chinese take-out and planted it on the wrought iron glass table top and flopped down on the chair; “What a day, I see you’re already soothing your sexy body. Give me a few and I’ll be in there to join you.”

“Hold on, Gwen is already upstairs, she’s changing into her suit and she’ll be joining us.”

“Yeah I remember, I got enough food for the four of us. Oh shit, that means I have to wear a bathing suit, right?”

He chuckled; “Yeah, I think it would help. We don’t want to chase to poor girl away. Hurry up and bring in some plates, I’m starving.”

She shook her head; “You know, you were home first, you could get the settings for dinner out.”

“Okay, okay I will, just hurry back.”

Gwen came into the room just as he was setting the table. Luckily the sunroom has indoor, outdoor carpeting so all the water that was dripping of his suit wouldn’t be a problem. John stopped when she walked in and he took in her luscious lily white body. He knew she’s a true redhead, but seeing her in a skimpy two piece, all he could think of was those gorgeous pink and bright red nipples and aeroules. Her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail and swept up into a tight bun. He licked his lips; “Come on Gwen, take a seat and jump in. Help yourself, Patti always orders too much, so eat to your heart’s content.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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