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Chastity Cage

How do you deal with it Max? Day in and day out, living with such a sexy angel of a woman in your home, crazy smoking hot body, walking around the house day and night, in all manner of undress, bikini’s, panties, skimpy “T” shirts, bath robes and oh my god, the hot skippy outfits she wears sometimes drive me insane! I’d be walking around with a boner and a set of blue balls all the time! Man, what I wouldn’t give to get my hands on that sexy ass of hers! Well Jack, it’s easy, she’s my sister and I don’t think about her that way and I would appreciate it if you would cool it. It’s not polite to talk about her that way, nor is it appropriate.

If you keep on disrespecting her like that, Ill beat your eyes shut and throw you out on your sorry ass!! Wow Dude! Slow your roll Buddy! I was only kidding! No, you weren’t Jack! I catch you ogling her all the time, whenever the poor girl is unlucky enough to be around when you stop over, and you never stop with the off handed, pervy comments.! You’re always thinking with that boy brain between your legs Jack, instead of the man brain that should be on your shoulders! But unfortunately, you haven’t developed one of those yet! Take a hike Jack, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Don’t bother coming back until you grow the hell up!

Fuck you! Max! I thought we were friends dude? Jack fumed! I did too man, Max admitted. But that’s before you started talking shit and perving on my sister all the time! She is a sweetheart, Jack! A real Lady! Not some whore! She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known, and besides being my sister, she is also one of my closet friends! Yea, we may have been friends back when we were kids Jack, but not anymore! If I ever hear you’ve been talking trash, or hear even the slightest rumor you’ve been running your mouth about my sister, at school or anywhere else for that matter. I will hunt you down like a dog and tote you a beating Jack! One you will remember for the rest of your life! That’s a promise Jack! A promise you damn well know I am capable of backing up! Now get the hell out of my house before you say something else that will get your ass whooped right here and now!! Go On!! Beat it ass hole! Don’t bother coming back, EVER!

Jack flipped Max the bird as he stormed out, slamming the back door as he left, nearly tearing the screen door off its hinges! Max Stood and walked over to the back door to watch him leave, making sure he headed back to his house two streets over. “Man, that dude is a full-blown dick with ears” he said out loud, as he turned to head back upstairs to his room. “You can say that again!” a soft voce said, with a tone of distain. The words came from a stunningly beautiful girl who had walked in without Max hearing her! Standing quite defiantly in the center of the kitchen with her hands on her hips was his sister Tammy!! Her presence startled him! He thought she was out with her friends! Tammy stood there looking lovely as ever, her long blond hair draped over one shoulder, her steel blue eyes focused and bright. Eyes so intense they could burn your soul and a smile to die for.

She was dressed in a flattering set of pink yoga pants that left nothing to the imagination and a matching halter top that barely contained the bounty the good lord had blessed her with. His baby sister was absolutely amazing! Max quickly realizing by her outfit, she had gone to the gym and not out with friends. If he would have known that, he would never have let Jack come over. He had started limiting Jacks visits a long time ago, to ensure Tammy was never home when he came by. Oh! Hi Tam…Max said, hoping she had not heard all that crap Jack was spewing, He loved his sister deeply and would not want her hurt or insulted in any way…Hi Max she said, giving him the sweetest smile as she walked up, got on her tippy toes and gave him a hug and quick peck on the lips. This gave max a shock! She had never done that before, oh yes, she was always hugging and kissing him, but never on the lips! Hey! I’m not complaining Tam, but what was that for?

I heard the whole thing, Max; I came in and heard you guys in the kitchen, I was going to come in and say high. That’s until I overheard, I was the hot topic of the day and quickly realized where the conversation was heading. I decided to hang back and eavesdrop. I was about to let that little asshole have a piece of my mind! When that fucking perv started talking shit about what I wear, my ass and what he wanted to do with it, I about lost it! But you took care of the situation like a pro! What you said about me was so sweet Max! The way you stuck up for me was amazing! You were showing him how a real man is supposed to act!

Hope you’re not mad at me for spying on you? No way Tam, sorry you had to hear all that crap, Max said, with obvious disgust. Oh no! That sort of shit doesn’t bother me! I just consider the source and laugh. I was so proud of the way you handled that! I almost cheered when you threw him out of the house! I know he was your friend kaynarca escort Max, I’m sorry I caused the two of you to have a fight. Oh, hell no! Sis, he caused that one, not you!!! He’s just a stupid perv, and he was what I call a fake friend. A real friend would never disrespect a member of my family that way, no matter what! It doesn’t matter how beautiful or sexy someone is, you don’t make comments like that!

Oh! So, you think I’m Beautiful and sexy? Tammy asked, as she slid her arms around her brother and pressed her lithe body up against him, making him blush. But he knew her flirtation was just playful banter, a very effective tactic to try and knock him off balance. So, he decided a bit of truth might shock her for a change. No Tam, I truly don’t, he said with a straight face not smiling. Tammy was a bit put out. Acting almost hurt! Really Max? You Don’t? Nope, I don’t! WHY?? She pleaded. Max thought she was getting truly upset, but couldn’t really tell. You’re way more than just beautiful and sexy Tam! He smiled. You’re that and so much more! You’re kind, you’re incredibly loving, always thoughtful, ferociously loyal and absolutely Stunning! You blew past Sexy like it was standing still! I adore you Tam, beautiful and sexy don’t even come close in describing what you are all about baby sister! You’re going to Rock some lucky guy’s world someday Tam, I just hope he’s worthy.

Tammy’s eyes got all misty as she reached up and kissed him far more tenderly and with much more meaning than she ever had before, then looked him in the eye, I love you too Max, thank you for being so good to me. She wiped a tear away and smiled a sweet smile, turned and walked away. Max felt a stir, a slow burn of desire, A feeling of desire that was an undeniable fact! He knew this was physically natural, but very inappropriate, especially towards his lovely sister. They were both of legal age now, Tam was soon to be 19 and Max had just turned 20. Still living at home to help out with his collage expenses. He knew that desires of the flesh were normal, even between siblings at times, but usually ignored or avoided. Social stigma aside, Max was human after all and realizing this, he would have to be diligent not to succumb to any temptation that could ruin such a lovely sibling relationship. An ill placed hand or an inappropriate glace at her more alluring anatomy, could cause a problem. So, he figured he best be on his toes.

Tam hadn’t dated much yet, a fact he knew, and she was probably just as horny and curios as anyone else her age. She did say most guys her age seemed to be way too immature to behave on a date and the older boys who have showed an interest were out for one thing and never planned to behave in the first place. So, her dating options were limited. Tam was very mature, but her physical beauty at times was a curse, no doubt about it. She was very intelligent as well, and could see through most guy’s bull shit, so Max didn’t worry too much about her making poor choices. He just hoped a real nice guy would come along some day and treat her with love and respect, but deep down he knew when that day came, it would also break his heart.


As Max relaxed in his room later that evening, stretched out on his bed, watching an old John Wayne movie on his iPad. He heard a light wrap on his bed room door. Then he saw Tam peek her head around the door, you got a sec? she asked. Sure, come in, have a seat he said, as he patted the bed. This was not unusual; Tam would come and cuddle and watch movies with him all the time or just come in and sit at the foot of his bed and shoot the shit as it were. Depending on their mood or what was up on any particular day, the conversations could cover many topics. They were very close and told each other everything. It has to be mentioned that Max was also very handsome. Well over six feet tall, athletic, football star and Val Victorian, national honors society to name a few things to go along with his wavy blond surfer dude hair style, sky blue eyes and his chiseled abbs. So, he had brains and brawn to go along with his chiseled good looks. This fact had not gone unnoticed by his lovely sister Tammy, she knew all too well her loving Brother was also an incredible hottie!

What you watching? Hondo. Cool! That’s one of my favorites. Want some company? Sure Tam, Ill scooch over. Max did not miss the fact that over the last several months Tammy’s evening attire had evolved somewhat and tonight’s ensemble was no different. Gone now were the little boy shorts and T shirts, they had been replaced by light blue silk panties and spaghetti strapped silk tops, ones that showed her exquisite figure and a diamond belly button ring, a gift from Max the Christmas after she got it pierced. He also noticed she was braless; her nipples were as hard as the diamond in her belly button. She was freshly showered and he detected a light sent of female arousal in the air once she got a little closer, it was very light, musky and sweet, a sent that added to his orhanlı escort already overloaded senses.

She tiptoed over to the bed as not to disturb her parents in the room below and pulled the sheets back and climbed in. Max was painfully aware her left breast must have slipped out of her top as she got into his bed, because as she scrunched up against him, he could feel the undeniable sensation of a bare nipple pressed against his chest. Not to mention the moist warmth of her silk covered mound as she raised a leg over his and pressed her lower body as close to him as posable. Tam sort of spooned him in a way as he was on his back and she was on her left side with her leg over his. Due to their Hight difference and the way they were laying. Tam’s warm and very moist mound was resting on his knee with her leg draped around his and one arm under his neck, the other arm was laid across his belly. Her hand resting over his bellybutton and her delicate fingers played with the hair just below. During the movie, she actually had her fingers just under the waist band of his boxers to reach the thicker curls that were there. Max figured she didn’t even realize what she was doing while engrossed in the movie.

Max was used to his sister’s constant affections and her less than modest attire while at home. The fact that she had zero awareness of his personal space was at times a challenge. Considering she invaded it constantly. It was welcomed and loving, but it was also something he always had to deal with. So, he was long practiced in controlling his urges and avoiding the annoying problem of an accidentally growing Fallis. Something most young men had to deal with on occasion. A problem he usually had no trouble avoiding. But this evening was starting to become a challenge for Max in a big way. First of all, there was the faint sent of her arousal wafting thru his senses, he also had a beautiful bare nipple pressed against his chest that felt divine! Then there was the moist heat of her lovely silk incased pussy that was rubbing his knee! Not to mention there were gentle fingers playing with the hairs on his belly only inches away from his Johnson!!! So, poor Max was having a bit of a control problem!

As he shifted to give his Cock more room to breathe, hoping he could control it from stiffening any further, but to his dismay it had become a lost cause! Unknown to him at the time, while he was adjusting his position, he had inadvertently moved his knee in such a way that it was now in contact with the more sensitive part of Tammy’s Lady parts, causing her little bean to wake up a bit, having a profound effect on her. Causing her to get even wetter than she already was. She loved her brother and had crushed on the wonderful guy since childhood. While in the shower, after their kiss in the kitchen got her thinking, she had more than just merely washed that little bean down there! She had given it the full treatment for several minutes, to state the point more clearly. Consequently, she had worked herself up into a frenzy! To her dismay, and despite her best efforts, she had been unable to get herself off! She realized just then that if she was careful, she could rub her little bean on Max’s knee to get some much-needed attention where she needed it most!

As the stimulation of the contact hit her, it made her shutter with pleasure, sending chills all the way to her spine! You cold Tam? Max asked, after he had felt her shiver. “Maybe a little”, She lied. Max Reached over and covered them both with a light blanket, grateful for the opportunity to cover himself and covertly adjust himself before they both settled back down to watch the movie again. The blanket now covering his growing manhood. A sigh of relief came over him, crisis adverted for now. But his troubles were only beginning as he realized his sisters’ perky breast had fully escaped her silk top and was pressed against his chest!! He could see it in all its glory in the reflection of the iPad as the movie played. Not only that, his cock wasn’t listening to his commands anymore and it was now growing and reaching for the waist band of his boxers!!! Mere inches from where the delicate fingers belonging to his lovely sister were still at play in the thick curls of hair just below his bellybutton. If he pushed her away, it would hurt her feelings! If his cock got to full potential, there was more than a good chance Tam could have an accidental encounter with his now very hard cock! This could also be disastrous and embarrassing for both of them, so he was now stuck! He thought about rolling away but he was the one holding the iPad, so he had to stay where he was.

Then he thought he felt Tam press her mound a little harder into his knee, a very faint intake of air and then a very controlled shudder as she moved her pussy back and forth across the top of his knee. Max finally realizing he was not the only one in a bit of stimulated state and both were trying to relieve the issue in the best way posable and not alarm the other. Max tepeören escort realized if he readjusted his leg a bit, it could help his sister gain a better angle and have better stimulation. Helping her resolve her predicament.

As he moved his leg, Tammy moaned ever so quietly, barely detectable to Max, but he heard it. He could see Tammy’s reflection in the screen of the iPad, as she cut her eyes over at him, looking for any sign he may be aware of what was really going on. Max had his stone face down to perfection, presenting the “I’m watching a movie face”, as if he were totally oblivious to his sister’s actions. He tried desperately to watch the movie, trying to will his cock to soften, but he was lost, picturing that lithe, beautiful, sweet and very wet pussy rubbing his leg, hot, full of pent-up desire, fresh an unspoiled. A pearl of great price, still pure and un defiled. Lovely in every respect!!

He gave up on trying to control his cock, it was a lost cause. All he could do is hold the iPad with one hand and the other was around his sister since she had grabbed it and wrapped it around her when she laid down. His hand now resting half on the silk top with her right breast resting on top, the other half of his hand touching the soft skin of her firm and very flat tummy. He had made sure not to move his arm this whole time, but now he thought a bit of light pressure to the underside of her breast and some light movement of his fingers may help her on her way to her goal of release.

Max did notice that her pace had quickened, and the pressure of her pussy on his knee was increasing, He decided that if she did lose control, he would just deal with it and help her get off, explain it away afterword’s to stave off any embarrassment she may impose on herself. She was beginning to lose herself, as her movements increased passed what anyone would consider unnoticeable and he could also feel that her excitement had reached a point where her pussy was so wet, it had soaked her panties and it was now running down his knee. She had also begun to dig her nails into his flesh and her hand was pushing deeper under the waist band of his boxers, she would make contact with his dick at any moment. He decided to assist her by adding pressure, pushing back into her with his leg in rhythm with her movements. As he did just that, her eyes flashed at him! She just realized what he was doing!

Its ok Tam, I totally understand. Let me help. As he said that, he added more pressure with his leg and pressed his hand down on her belly to add to the sensation. She closed her eyes and quickened her pace. No longer trying to hide her intentions and digging into him with her sex as hard as she could. Rubbing faster and faster, harder! OH Max! I’M SO Close!!! She whispered. Her one free arm that was around his shoulders now grabbing him for more leverage to press her sex closer! Her other reaching into his boxers deeper, finding his engorged cock!

Her eyes flew open wide! OH MY GOD MAX!!!! Her head flew back as she violently came. Squirting her cum all over his leg. She came long and hard! Squeezing his cock so hard he thought she would pull it out by the root! As wave after wave hit her, she shook uncontrollably. Her hand now covered in precum from the hard milking she had just given him. She swung over on top of him and straddled his leg. she began to stroke him, faster and faster! Max tossed the iPad aside, as well as the covers so she could see him. His cock fully on display for her as she quickened her strokes. Max also realized she was still riding him as well, timing her own movements to match each stroke she gave his lovely cock. Cum for me Max, she hissed as she leaned over him. Now looking down on him, her hair wild and flowing around her! Working her now soaked pussy along his leg. She had freed her arm now from under him, so she was able to pull her panties completely to the side and get the full skin on skin contact she had been craving all along!

Max now had an incredible view of his lovely sister, her breasts, both now free of the silk top swaying in rhythm to her movements. Her lovely pussy sliding up and down his leg, her cum running everywhere as she slid her pussy up and down. She stiffened and shuddered, cuming again and again as her pace quickened. Oh Please, PLEASE Cum for me max she pleaded! I want to see you cum big brother! I want to see it! I want to feel it! I want to taste it! Max thought she had totally lost her mind in the moment and wanted to protect her from doing more than she was ready to deal with after the deed was done, but to stop her now was probably not posable, so he just let her go and went with it.

She began to shiver; her body was in total overload and she stared at his cock waiting for her prize. Willing him to cum! OH MAX! IM CLOSE AGAIN! PLEASE! PLEASE HELP ME! Max knew from past encounters with the few lovers he had in the past, the quickest way to make a woman cum when they’re in this state, is to stimulate their rose. As she kept up with her thrusts on his leg, he reached under her and lubricated his hand and fingers with her juices. Sliding his fingers back to her perfect little bum and finding her puckered little rose bud, he began to rub around the rim in time with her thrusts.

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