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Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her desire to be used by strangers and treated like a slut is something that her husband Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well.

While sex with multiple guys (and the occasional woman) is almost always a primary feature of these stories, they also contain explicit aspects of bondage, S&M, and other general kink.

It is suggested that you first read at least her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get a general idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free! The money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary. For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

The Tawny Chronicles so far:

– Tawny and the Value Given

– Tawny and the Five Guys

– Tawny and the Fraternity Reunion

– Tawny and the Charity Food Drive

– Tawny and the Farmhands

– Tawny and the RPG

– Tawny and the Customer Appreciation Party

#8 – Tawny and the Charity Gala

Copyright © 2021 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Charity Gala

Employee of the Month

As I drove to the Maru Oceanfront hotel, I was excited not only about the no-doubt interesting things that would happen to me there, but about seeing Miki and Perry again. Eric had been right, I was wondering how sex with Perry would be. I love that my relationship with Eric is so solid that I can tell him that I’m physically attracted to a guy, and not have him do the whole insecure jealousy thing! During our foray into the swinger world, we did see plenty of couples who had been together and having sex with other people for a very long time. It really helped support what I had learned about the lifestyle, that having sex with other people isn’t to “help” a boring marriage, but that it’s possible because our marriage is so solid.

This time, as I parked behind the hotel, it was Perry who came out to greet me at my car. “Hi Tawny, it’s so nice that you are joining us again,” he said with a smile.

“It’s nice to be joined,” I responded, and gave him two quick double-eyebrow raises. He played along and shook his head in mock exasperation. At least I hoped it was mock exasperation!

I followed him into the building, and he led me to a familiar storage-slash-dressing room, and stepped inside with me. I dropped my bag and sat down.

He remained standing, and said, “Miki is dealing with a kitchen issue, but she said to tell you she will be here to greet you as soon as she can.” His expression turned serious, and he closed the door, then turned back to me.

“I wanted to apologize for breaking your trust by telling Miki what you had said to me the last time you were here,” he said quietly. Last time I was here, I had sort of slipped out of character and hinted to Perry that I was not necessarily in this for the money, a fact he’d reported to Miki.

“Oh, no, Perry, I understand. I know your loyalty is to Miki. I hadn’t asked you to keep any of our conversation private, so I’m not upset at all.” Okay, I was a little upset in the moment, when Miki had told me he’d related that conversation to her, but I had quickly realized how silly that was.

I smiled at him, and he looked relieved. “Thank you Tawny. I hope you know I wouldn’t have even told her if she hadn’t first told me her suspicions, and asked if I had anything relevant to add.”

I said, “So you know this isn’t about the money then. You know it’s something I just… enjoy.” I felt myself blushing.

Perry’s skin was too dark for me to see if he blushed also, but he did avert his eyes as he answered, “Yes, I do.”

He continued, “I won’t pretend to totally understand it, but I don’t have to.” He smiled again to show me that wasn’t any sort of passive-aggressive disapproval.

“That’s okay”, I said. “I don’t bahis şirketleri understand it one-hundred percent myself. But seriously, thanks for not judging me. Most people would.”

“Umm, yeah, sure,” he said, looking awkward. I was fascinated – up until that moment I hadn’t seen him look anything other than cool and collected.

He tilted his head as he listened to his ever-present earpiece. “Duty calls. I hope tonight goes well for you.” I thanked him, and he quickly slipped out the door.

You know I took advantage of the free time to play a video game. I wasn’t exactly nervous but I’m always excited at what’s to come at these parties, so gaming helps me deal with my impatience. I’d just made it through another level, when there was a knock on the door, and I heard Miki say that it was her. I crossed to the door and opened it. She stepped in, and carefully closed the door behind her before giving me a hug.

“I’m so glad you’ll be part of tonight’s event,” she said.

“Me too! And thank you for bringing me back. Last time was a lot of fun.” It was nice to be able to say something like that to a client, and not worry that I was breaking my charade of being a purely mercantile prostitute. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just wasn’t what I happened to actually be doing.

“I hope tonight’s events will be fun also,” she said. We sat down and she continued. “How have you been? I’m sure you have had other adventures since you were here last.”

She seemed genuinely interested, and thought about what I could tell her. I could mention the customer appreciation party, but obviously leave out the part where my husband attended incognito!

“I had a really interesting time on a produce farm,” I said. “They weren’t as creative as my previous party here was, but they showed me a good time. A nice rough gangbang.”

“So that sounds like something you like. Not just pain and humiliation, but rough sexual use, correct?”

I had to shake a brief feeling that I was in a therapy session. Her calm, interested tone sounds like every therapist I’d ever seen portrayed on television.

“Yes,” I admitted. “I really liked the creative things you did to me last time, but sometimes…” I tapered off, feeling like she might be disdainful of such base desires.

“…it’s great to just have an almost endless line of guys waiting to use you roughly with their hard cocks?” She finished my sentence for me, smiling knowingly.

She took me by surprise, and all I could do was nod. I tried to picture elegant Miki offering herself to those farmhands, and could not.

Almost as though she was reading my thoughts, she inclined her head, saying, “Not exactly my cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand it. We all have our unrealized fantasies. Sometimes due to lack of opportunity, and sometimes because we feel they are better enjoyed if they remain in the realm of the fantastic. I would never judge you my dear.”

Again, her knowing understanding warmed me. I loved having someone who knew what I liked, and wasn’t critical of my choices. Other than you of course!

“Thank you Miki, that means a lot to me.”

She said, “I will admit I was initially a little surprised by the ‘customer appreciation’ party you threw. I decided you were hoping to have some follow-up experiences with some of your favorite ‘clients’. Was I correct?”

I couldn’t tell her that it was my husband’s idea, so he could get to see me being used, but what she’d said wasn’t actually wrong. “Yes, that was the plan.”

“I thought so. It occurred to me that you might have thought I’d send Perry. I hope you weren’t too disappointed that he couldn’t attend.”

“What… I mean why…” I stammered. “Why would you think that?” I tried to sound innocent.

“I’ve seen how most of the women at these parties look at Perry. You also did not seem displeased with the interactions you had with him. He’s quite strong, as I’m sure you noticed.” She smiled at me, and for the first time I noticed she had dimples.

I decided the best defense was a good offense. “If you thought the goal was for me to have fun, why did you send Harry of all people?” I think I managed to express surprised rather than annoyance.

This time her smile was more like that of the Cheshire-cat. “I thought you’d enjoy his rather Cro-Magnon approach to sex. Was I wrong?”

Damnit, she wasn’t! Sheepishly, I admitted, “No, you were correct. Harry is kind of an asshole, but he used me the way I loved being used.”

Of course, she had the grace to respond with a small self-deprecating smile rather than an I-told-you-so grin.

At one point in our conversation she had typed something into her phone, which had sort of surprised me. She was almost old-fashioned when it came to conversational etiquette. The reason became clear to me when there was a knock on the door, followed by Perry opening it and stepping inside. His eyes swept the room, bahis firmaları then focused on Miki.

“Is everything okay?” he asked her. “You said to come here ASAP.”

“Yes, yes, quite okay. I apologize if my message concerned you,” she said.

“Perry, you know what a valuable a member of my team you are. And I wanted to show you just how much I appreciate the excellent way you’ve handled some of the recent challenges our organization has faced.”

He looked at her somewhat quizzically, and she continued. “Since I have purchased Tawny for the evening, I think she’d make a lovely reward for your efforts. Please feel free to use her as you see fit until our show begins tonight.”

I’m not sure who’s expression was more shocked, his or mine. We stared at each other. Then, as if on cue, we turned to stare at Miki. She calmly met our gazes, and said to him, “Yes, I’m sure,” as she anticipated the question he was going to ask.

To me, she said, “Tonight, I decide who gets to enjoy you, and how. Giving you to a valued employee falls well within our contract.” She winked.

Without another word, she left the room, closing the door firmly behind her.


Perry and I stood there looking at each other awkwardly. I wasn’t quite sure why he felt awkward, he certainly didn’t strike me as hesitant around women. I, on the other hand, knew exactly why I felt awkward. Some of it was the abrupt way Miki had sort of thrown us at each other. Beyond that, of course, was the fact that he was Eric’s former co-worker, and somewhat-friend. He may not have known I was Eric’s wife, but I sure did!

He spoke first, “Uhhh, Tawny, I know she said it’s not up to you, but all three of us know that it is. I’m pretty sure Miki just felt that pronouncement would play into your fantasy.”

She wasn’t wrong. It had, and it had made me hot. So this was the new thing that Eric said would be “a little beyond what I usually did”! He knew I found Perry attractive, so had arranged (or at least allowed) this hall-pass for me to act on that attraction!

Giving him my best come-hither look, I said, “You heard the lady.”

I unbuttoned my blouse, and shrugged it off my shoulders, exposing my bare breasts. Although he’d certainly seen me naked before, he stared at my breasts with a satisfying amount of lustful interest. I felt my nipples harden.

“I guess we’re doing this,” he said, as he stepped forward. He reached down and cupped my breasts in his hands, and I gave a low moan. His hands felt warm, and surprisingly soft.

“You can tie me up if you want,” I said. I had no idea what he was into personally, but I felt it was only polite to offer.

Gently rubbing my nipples, he said, “Not tonight,” and kissed me.

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. Kissing had never come up, which was weird now that I think about it. It wasn’t something Eric and I had even considered when making up The Rules. I guess both of us had assumed the kind of parties I was hired for wouldn’t involve that kind of intimacy, and so far, that had been true. My mouth was for their cocks, or to have a gag shoved in it, and that was all.

I had a split-second to decide before it became weird. Going with my instincts, I returned Perry’s kiss. His kiss was soft and tentative, as though he wasn’t certain I’d respond, and wanted to make it clear he was asking, not demanding. Our lips met as Perry’s hands tightened on my tits, and I felt a wave of heat flush through me. I opened my mouth, and kissed him hungrily. After a second, he did the same, our tongues meeting. I reached around and pulled myself against him. Even through his suit pants, I felt his hard erection on my thigh.

He broke our kiss, and nuzzled his face into my neck, as he said quietly, “I have to admit, I’ve been hoping I’d get a chance to do this at some point.”

I answered that the best way I knew how. Reaching down, I unbuckled his belt and then worked on unbuttoning his pants. I got that done about the point he moved his lips up to my ear and began gently nibbling on my earlobe. Yes, I know you might be asking yourself “what doesn’t?” when it comes to things that turn me on, but that definitely did!

I said, “And I’ve been hoping I’d a chance to do this.” I dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled down his boxers. His hard cock sprung free, and it was as impressive as I’d thought it would be. At least seven inches long and proportionally thick! Long thin cocks feel good too, but I do love the sensation of having my pussy full.

Starting at his balls, I licked my way up his shaft, then took the tip into my mouth. He moaned. I kept my tongue swirling around his cock as I took him deeper into my mouth. When I got to the point where the head of his cock just started to make me gag, I pulled my head back to where he was barely in my mouth and repeated the process.

“Can I go deeper?” he asked.

Removing his cock from kaçak bahis siteleri my mouth for a second, I smiled at him and said, “I think Miki would tell you that’s what she’s paying for.”

I put my lips back around his cock, and he placed his strong hands on the back of my head. When a guy does that it always make me really hot, knowing that they are taking control. Going from giving them a blowjob to having my mouth fucked makes me feel deliciously slutty!

“Won’t disappoint her then,” he said as he began to pull my head towards him, his cock sliding deeper into my mouth. It reached the depth where I previously been stopping, and he just kept pulling as I gagged on the head of his cock. With it all the way in, he held me there for a couple seconds, then pulled back, letting me take a breath.

“God, that feels good,” he said. I started to reply, but he repeated the process. Guys do love the feel of a girl gagging on their cocks! With most guys, even when they have their hands on my head like that, I still feel like I have the ability to stop them, should I want to really resist. With Perry, it felt like that wouldn’t matter. If he wanted his cock in my throat, those strong hands would see that it was. But since I trusted him, that feeling of helplessness did nothing but excite me, and make me wetter.

He did that a few more times, slowly pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I kept my tongue busy, licking his cock as much as I could as it traveled in and out. He let go, and checked his watch, saying, “As much as I’d like to take this slow…”

I finished it for him. “…there’s not much time before the show starts.”

He nodded, and helped me to my feet. I undid my skirt, dropping it to the floor. I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes closed slightly as he stared at my naked pussy, and he ran his tongue across his upper lip in anticipation. Reaching down, he grabbed my ass, and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he shifted his grip, spread my legs, and lifted me up off the ground. Holding me effortlessly, I felt the tip of his hard cock rub against my pussy lips.

“Ready?” he growled softly. I answered by pulling myself forward, kissing him hungrily. He lowered me onto his cock, impaling me with it. I moaned in pleasure at the sudden fullness. His cock was a great size, nice and thick. and going satisfyingly deep into my body.

“Mmmmmm, Tawny, it feels so good to be in you.” He began to fuck me, slowly and firmly. He held me effortlessly, flexing his hips to drive his cock up and down into my pussy. His strokes were sensual – slow and firm.

Between my ever-louder moans, I managed to say, “Oooooh, yeah, it feels really good to me too.” I felt my excitement grow with each of his deliberate thrusts. My reaction seemed to have a positive effect on him, and he increased the pace of those long, smooth thrusts, his breathing getting heavier.

“Oh, keep it up, I’m getting so close,” I begged. By this point I’d stopped kissing him, my eyes were closed, and my head was thrown back as the heat in my pussy intensified.

“That’s good,” he murmured, “are you going to come for me?” He began to thrust even faster. He was now using his arms to lift me up and down a little as he fucked me. It had to be a strain, but he seemed more interested in my impending orgasm than he was in getting to his own. A very unusual thing for me to experience while at one of the parties. Normally, when I came it was a by-product of whatever the guy was doing for his pleasure, and far from their goal.

“Oh, oh, oh,” I said, “Yes… so… close… so close… oh.” I was right at the edge.

He said, “Me too. Your pussy feels incredible, but I don’t want to come so soon. You’re so smooth and tight, you’re going to make me come whether I want to or not.” He made an “Uhhmmnnn” noise and I could tell he was losing his battle to hold off his own orgasm.

Hearing him say how much he was enjoying me gave me the last bit of stimulation I needed, and I screamed “Yes” as a strong orgasm welled up and engulfed my body. He kept thrusting as I rode his cock, and surfed the waves of my orgasm. It finally subsided, and his cock still moving in and out of my sensitive post-orgasm pussy sent shivers of almost too-intense sensation through me.

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned, as he thrust up into me and held himself there, his hands gripping my legs tightly as he strove for even deeper penetration. I loved feeling his cock pulse over and over as he came in me.

I held him even tighter, my face buried against his chest as he came down from his orgasm. After a minute, he lifted me off of his still-hard cock, and I felt his cum dripping out of me and onto the (fortunately) tile floor, making a small puddle. He set me down on my semi-steady legs, and I grabbed a handful of tissues to wipe off a little before I collapsed onto the sofa. Perry sat down next to me and we quietly enjoyed the afterglow, something that was also unheard of at these parties!

After a time, I said quietly, “Well, that was nice.”

“Yeah, it really was. You are one sexy woman, Tawny.”

I said, “Right back ‘atcha. Well, the sexy part, not the ‘woman’ part of course.” I smiled.

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