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Big Dicks

I ended up in the lobby, wandering around, my head still spinning from what I just experienced. I was awoken from a nap by my mom getting an erotic massage that ended with me eating her out in front of the masseuse, all the while we had just completed a snowball capped blowjob- all while staying on this tropical paradise. What a turn of events in a relatively short period of time.

I saw the booth for the soda fountain and decided that sounded like a refreshing way to hydrate so ordered my favorite- chocolate Italian cream soda. The clerk handed me my ice cold beverage and I went and found a chair to sit and clear my head a little bit. I sat down in the oversized chair, took a sip and smiled thinking about the new experiences mom and i were having. I sat, there smiling and relaxing for a few minutes when I felt fingernails scrape the back of my neck lightly. I turned to look and Kate had walked by, touched me briefly and said nothing as she continued walking. I stared as her ass flexed and moved in her shorts as she walked through the lobby of the hotel. Just as that fine ass was out of view, with my neck still tingling and my dick starting to join it, Ray appeared.

“Mind if I sit and join you?” he asked.

“Sure man.” I replied. I remember telling mom I would be more discrete, but he knew already so no harm in saying hello.

“How’s your trip going?” Ray asked.

We chatted about benign crap from a few minutes- the standard stuff. Where are you from, what are you doing on vacation, blah blah blah. I found out that Ray is a few years older than me but also still lives with his mom. He confided in that he swipes her panties any chance he gets and takes full advantage of any opportunity to peak at her. They have a pool and he says summer is the best because she loves to swim and that means lots of chances to look at her. We generally chatted about our moms but nothing too specific. He was a bit larger than me, height wise, and was a bit more muscular than me. We had some of the same video game interests and both loved college football so we had some commonalities as well. We must have been chatting for awhile, long enough to finish my drink and then some, when I felt a hand on my shoulders again. I turned not sure who I might find- mom or Kate- and found my mom standing next to me.

“Heeyyy.” she said, unsure exactly what was going on. She looked amazing. Had a dress on, showing just enough cleavage to make you want to see more. She also wore a necklace with a pendant that hung just low enough to be smack dab in the middle of her cleavage. The dress wasn’t skin tight but tight enough that you could see the curve of her ass. It fell about knee length and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Casual sexy- her specialty.

“Hey.” I quickly said, also unsure if she would be upset I was talking to Ray.

“I’m Sarah. And you are?” she said, in a playful way.

“My name is Ray. Nice to meet you Ma’am.” Ray introduced himself politely.

“Whatcha guys talking about?” mom said as she sat down across from us, smiling.

“Regular stuff. Ray is a Golden Domer fan, but we won’t hold his love of Notre Dame against him.” I made a joke to break the tension I felt.

“Well, I won’t hold it against him. Anything else interesting come up?” mom said. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do here. Almost like she wanted to bring it up.

“Regular stuff Ma’am.” Ray replied.

“Call me Sarah. You buys planning to eat dinner? Ray as I recall you had some friends with you the other day. If you need to run to hang out with them that is fine, otherwise we could run to the cafe.” mom offered. She wants to have dinner with us! me, her and one of the guys that saw her naked blowing me on the beach.

“I’d like that. Those guys are off doing their own thing today. Dinner would be great.” Ray replied. He started to stand up to head to the cafe and mom and I both followed his lead we walked to the cafe. We got a different table this time as there were three of us but the food was enjoyable and the conversation was fun. Three people getting to know each other more. I thought this is a very normal event, until mom took a step to the wild side.

“So Ray, did you enjoy the ‘show’ from the beach the other day?” mom asked with a grin.

“Uhh, ummm, yes. Busted. I did enjoy it. Looks like you both had fun as well.” Ray said with more confidence than I was feeling at the moment.

“Hah. I think we enjoyed ourselves. And I am correct in assuming you know our secret?” mom asked him.

“I think I know a bit about you both. I think its awesome. I have a bit of a crush on my mom myself. I was telling Bobby about it earlier.” Ray opened up a bit.

“Listen, it’s new for us. We aren’t sure exactly what’s going on, why its going on and how long it will last- except we both know we are having fun.” mom said as she reached for my hand.

“Yea. I mean I get that. It seems like you’re having fun. And the situation is super hot. So güvenilir bahis are you by the way.’ Ray said. I was sitting in relative silence and it seemed like there was some chemistry building between them.

They continued chatting about all things, sexual and non-sexual as we winded down with our meal.

“Would you excuse me for a minute?” Ray said as he got up from the table and headed toward the mens room.

“Having fun?” mom asked me after he had left.

“Yea. Are you? You seem to like Ray huh?” I asked, trying to figure out where this was going.

“He is fun. Would it be bad of me to tell you I think he’s cute too?” my mom told me. She just admitted that she finds this guy attractive. What a wild time this was…

“You can find people cute mom. Where is this going? Want me to leave you guys alone a bit?” I offered, not sure if I wanted to watch them flirt more or not.

“NO! I want to hang out with you. If it makes you uncomfortable I will stop and we can back to just us for the trip.” she offered, clearly concerned about my well-being.

“It’s not it. I think maybe I’m liking seeing you flirt and be, you know, sexual.” I told her with extreme honesty.

“Let me be honest with you- I have been having a great time with you, and us. I also kinda like him. Maybe could invite him back to our room? You can stay, hang out, watch, play, or hang here, or tell me no and I will respect that completely.” Mom told me, with a smile.

“Ummm, yea I mean, he can come hang out. If it gets weird I can come down to the arcade or something. We only have a couple more days and we should enjoy them. Are you gonna… have…?” I trailed off.

“I don’t know love. Not sure what the night holds. Maybe we can play it all by ear and just…see how it turns out. Adult stuff right?” she finished, with a smile and bright eyes.

“Yea Mom, adult stuff.” I concluded as Ray was walking back to the table.

“Sorry about that. There was a line to hit the head- if you believe it.” Ray said sitting back down. He glanced my direction and then at Mom, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Did I miss something?” he asked.

“Nope- wouldn’t want you to miss anything at all.” Mom said, still smiling. “Are you interested in coming back up to our room, maybe a nightcap?” she asked him, boldly.

“That sounds fun.” he said, seemingly understanding where this was heading.

We got up and headed to the elevator. Mom reached out for my hand as the three of us chatted on the ride up to our room. We entered the room and the conversation continued for what seemed like hours. Ray and Mom really seemed to hit it off and he was admittedly a cool guy. We made a couple cocktails throughout our chat and there was a room full of laughter and budding friendship.

“So Ray, tell me more about this ‘mommy thing’ you got going on.” Mom coaxed him.

“Uhm yea well, I really enjoy mature women, and their worn panties. She is right there in the house and easy enough to borrow her stuff and then get it back in the laundry without getting busted, too many times.” Ray admitted with a laugh.

“Ahhh, mommy’s panties. The allure, the scent, the feel. Bobby can probably relate to that. Although he has certainly seen and experienced more than it seems you have of mommy.” she said, with that grin creeping over her face again.

“That seems true…” Ray said, trailing off.

Mom got up and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Ray and I continued chit chatting for the few minutes Mom was gone. The door slid open and she emerged, still fully dressed in the dress she wore to dinner, but definitely smiling big. She walked over to Ray and casually dropped a red thong that she must have been wearing on his lap.

“For my new panty friend.” she said as she sat back down on the couch, across from both of us. He was stunned and, so was I. She leaned back, and slowly spread her legs while her dress rode up and we could both see her pussy. “Unless you want to play with the real thing?” Mom asked him clearly as she was staring right at him.

“Here man, you want these?” he said to me as he tossed the very wet and strongly scented panties my way and sat down with my Mom. They began making out, slowly kissing at first and then devolving into a full make out. Their tongues swapping places and Ray’s hands certainly not wasting time finding Mom’s body over her dress. His hands scooped behind her neck and and his fingers ran through her hair. She let out soft moans and equally explored his arms and chest with her hands.

I was rock hard, feeling my moms wet panties as she made out with this guy we met on our trip, in a room her and I had done some very intimate things together in already. She pulled his shirt off, breaking their kiss briefly to pull it over his head and toss it to the floor. I heard the zipper unzip on the back of her dress and it fell off her shoulders to expose an equally sexy matching bra to the panties I was smelling and güvenilir bahis siteleri feeling. She got up, break-in gate kiss again and let her dress fall to the floor. Mom stood, clad only in her bra, in front of me, but also in front of him and seemingly ‘for him’ instead of me. She strolled over to me, kissed my cheek and whispered “You still ok?” in my ear.

I nodded to her and she kissed me again and asked “Want to take mommy’s bra off so Ray can play with my tits?” with a smile and wink at me. I reached up and unclipped the four clips holding it together and she slipped it off, handed it to me, and kissed me cheek. She was naked. Totally naked. And it seemed some other guy was going to be totally naked with her. MY MOM. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, but figured might as well go all in. Her bra was warn and smelled like her perfume- it was nice and comforting. She made it across the room to Ray and knelt down on her knees and started pulling his shorts off. He lifted his ass and she pulled everything off of him in one pull.

“Wow.” she said, with a deep breath. “Your mommy doesn’t know what she is missing. It’s so…big.” she said with a giggle.

I looked over and saw his larger, both in length and girth, member hanging in front of moms face as he stood up.

“Thanks. Your body is fantastic.” Ray said, with a bit of swagger in his voice.

I sat back and watched as my mom swallowed his cock, all in one swoop. There was the most erotic sucking noise I had ever heard, different than when she sucked my cock. She started really bobbing her head back and forth, stopping every so often to release his cock and then she would lick the head, lick the shaft and then get back to trying to ingest the thing. Again, he wasn’t HUGE, bigger than me, and from the looks of it quite enjoyable for Mom to get to play with. There were noises like slight gagging, moaning, groaning and that seemed to go on for at least 10 minutes. He tapped her shoulder and she released his cock as he sat back on the couch. Mom was still crouched down in front of him.

“You ok sweetie?” she said, looking over at me. I was sitting there staring, with her bra and panties still in each hand, and my own cock harder than it has been in days.

“Yea, Mom. I’m good.” I said, not sure what else to say.

“And you?” she said, looking at Ray who looked like he needed a break to cool off before he came in mom’s throat.

“Yea, you are a good time. I see how much fun you’ve been having.” he said as he looked at me. All I could do was nod. His big cock was sticking out still and glistening from being in my mom’s mouth 30 seconds ago.

“Why don’t you lay on the bed Sarah, I am dying to taste that pussy.” Ray said in a commanding, but not overbearing way. It must have been good for Mom cause she jumped right up and laid on the bed, face up, with her legs spread wide. Ray didn’t waste any time and jumped on the bed and began making out with Mom again. I had a decent view from where I was and it was so hot! They kissed and he explored her body with his hands, differently than before because she was naked this time. He stroked her neck, ran the backs of his hands down each side of her body, slowly around the outer curve of her breasts. Lightly massaging her hips, then moving up to squeeze each breast and tweak each nipple. With every move, and every stroke Mom seemed to respond with a moan, a gasp, a groan or some added tension in her body. She seemed to be in heaven. Ray moved his way down her body and started licking and nibbling on her inner thighs. She let out the sexiest moan when he moved from the thighs to her pussy. His face was buried in my Mom’s pussy and she was thrashing around on the bed, in a sea of guttural noises. He ate her pussy until she came with a roar and finally tapped his head to get a breather. Ray moved back up my moms body and kissed her a few more times, they whispered something and Ray stood up, and excused himself to the restroom. His cock bouncing in front of him as he walked across the room.

“Wow, you still ok sweets?” Mom asked me, looking over and patting the bed next to her, to indicate she wanted me to join her. I got up, left her bra and panties in my chair and walked over to her bed. I sat down next to her and looked at her still flushed cheeks, full breasts still heaving from her orgasm and her long shapely legs and thought how fucking cool this moment was.

“Yea Mom. That seemed fun huh?” I told her.

“It was fun. A lot. Would it be too much if I had sex with him? You can stay if you want, or if its better for you to take off you can. Or you can say no and the fun with him can stop here. It’s up to you sweets.” Mom said in a reassuring voice.

“I think I would like to stay, if you do have sex with him. Maybe watch it happen…” I trailed off.

“Or? Was there another option you failed to state? Watch or participate maybe?” Mom said. She could always tell when I left something out and wasn’t being truthful.

“Yea. iddaa siteleri Maybe participate.” I told her, looking away out of embarrassment.

“What do you want to do? This seems interesting. Tell your slutty momma what you want to do!” she said, referring to herself as slutty which was both hot and jarring at the same time.

“Maybe just be a little closer to the action…” I told her.

“Of course you can. Be as close as you want. Adult stuff remember. And no judgment from either of us on what happens. Sometimes I get a little loud when I get really fucked, and I think Ray is really going to fuck me.” Mom said honestly.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips, and felt her tongue pushing against my lips and entering my mouth. With one hand I grabbed her breast and played with the nipple and the other stroked her hair. We kissed until the door opened and Ray came out of the bathroom. He walked toward the bed and I stopped making out with my mom. All three of us looked at each other for a few seconds, almost like we didn’t know what to say or do.

Finally Mom broke the silence “Ray, do you wanna come over here and see if we can have some more fun, or are you spent?” she said in a teasing voice. It was clear from his hard on and his quick move to the bed that he was not spent. He jumped on the bed on the other side of Mom and she rolled to face him. She eventually rolled until she was on top and he was laying on his back. They kissed and she moved down his body and engulfed his cock again. She was positioned so that her butt was up the air and her face was moving up and down on his hard cock. I took the opportunity to get up and move around the backside of Mom to check out the view. I could see her asshole and her pussy looked like it was dripping wet. She spread her legs a little further apart and broke off from Ray’s cock briefly.

“You can touch me if you want baby.” she said quickly before resuming to suck Ray’s cock back into her mouth.

The bed moved and I looked to see Ray was looking down at her, and at me. “Lick her pussy bro. Lick your Mom’s wet pussy!” he cheered on.

It didn’t take much for me to dive in face first. I awkwardly started licking her pussy and she stopped sucking him again and suggested i lay under her to get a better angle. I laid on my back and she maneuvered her pussy to plop onto my face as Ray started bucking and moaning from the work she was doing on him. They were both soon howling and I felt Mom move a bit, sitting up.

“Ray I need some cock in me. Wanna fuck?” she said, seductively.

“Hell yea!” he said as he snaked his way from underneath and around her.

“Give it to me good! I fucking need it!” she said as she pushed her face into the mattress and lifted her ass up in the air. I started to move to get out of the way but Ray moved in quick.

“Stay there. That angle is so fucking hot from underneath.” he told me. I laid right where I was and soon saw his dick rubbing against my Mom’s pussy lips.

“Oooh. Oh my god. Put it in. Put that big cock in me!” Mom moaned. With a flex of his legs his cock was soon gone, all that was left was his balls and my mom’s body in my view.

He started pumping in and out of her, both moaning and groaning. I was also getting a first hand look at my Mom’s pussy getting beaten up with Ray’s rough fucking and big cock. The squishy sounds and the smells were incredible from 4 inches away from her being penetrated.

I decided to be bold and do something I had seen on porn sites before. I lifted my head up close to her and licked her clit.

“Oh my god! Jesus! Fucking! Christ!” Mom yelled. Ray didn’t seem bothered by it so I kept licking her clit as he kept pounding her pussy. We had a good rhythm going and Mom seemed to be enjoying it as well. She shifted and it made me shift as well, breaking that rhythm we had and as a result I got Ray’s balls slightly smacking my chin now. I didn’t care. I was in heaven. Tasting mom’s pussy as she was getting fucked was amazing to me. I was having so much fun I didn’t realize, and didn’t care that I was feeling something other than her clit on my tongue- I had shifted and could feel Ray’s bare cock on my tongue. It didn’t bother me at all- I just wanted to pleasure my mom and she was clearly having a great time. She had a few rolling orgasms, but I could tell she seemed like she had more and was definitely not telling us to top anytime soon.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Like your little SLUT!” she was saying over and over again.

Ray was going hard and I could feel his cock throb as it grazed my tongue.

“I’m gonna fucking cum soon!” Ray announced.

“Fucking cum in me!!” Mom was quick to tell him.

“Oh fuck yes!” as he continued to slam into her.

A few more pumps and I felt him go all the way in her pussy and felt his balls, which were resting on my chin, tensing and contracting. He stayed there, just little movements, until he pulled out. His cock slightly deflated and very wet and creamy looking as it came out of my mom. She rolled off the top of me and laid on her back, catching her breath.

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll get cleaned up.” Ray said as he went back into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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