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Curtis walked into the room and saw Maggie like he had never see her before. Her fingers were buried in her pussy, her big round breasts heaving up and down. He felt his cock harden instantly. He was in shock.

Maggie knew Curtis had never seen her masturbate, not like this. She had masturbated for him during foreplay before, but nothing like this. Quickly she thought to herself. How could she cover this up? “I’m so fucking horny, Curtis. My fingers aren’t doing anything for me, please fuck me”, she said.

Instantly, Curtis was swimming out of his clothes. Maggie opened her legs as she felt the weight of her husband land her. His cock found it’s place in her and he began pounding into her. She felt so dirty. It wasn’t Curtis that was making her horny, it was Randal. Yet it was her husband buried deep her pussy, not her lover. She could still feel his hot cum in there.

Curtis kissed Maggie deeply, like a man possessed as he fondled her breasts. He hadn’t kissed her like that since they were in college, fucking for the first time in his college dorm before his roommate came back. Both were so turned on, it didn’t take long before they exploded in matching orgasms. Maggie came first, her breathing too much for her body to take. Moments later, she felt Curtis’ cum exploding deep inside her. He slowly rolled off her, panting for air.

“What got into you tonight?”, he asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve just been really horny lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into my lately”, she smirked. She knew what had been getting into her lately, Randal’s hard cock. She felt so dirty, two men cumming in her pussy only an hour apart.

“Well, there is something I want to talk to you about. This is kind of serious, Maggie”. Curtis looked her deep in the eyes.

“What is it dear?”.

“Listen, you know I love you. And I think it’s time we start…. a family”. Maggie’s jaw dropped. Never in a million years did she expect that from Curtis. “I want you to have my baby”.

The words echoed bahis siteleri in her ears until the next day. Of course she said she would. Despite everything that was happening with Randal, she loved her husband. And she always wanted a child for them. Maggie knew that if she were going to start a family, she would need to stop the affair with Randal. She never wanted to wonder who the father of her baby was. She waited for Randal to come into work, he had a later shift then she did. They had managed to be professionals at work. The only time they had acted out was the first time in the car. She pulled him a side and broke the news.

“Curtis and I have decided we want a family. And, that means that, as much as I don’t want to…”. Randal looked in her the eyes.

“Say no more, Maggie. I understand”, he took a deep breath. She was the best fuck he ever had, and the last the thing in the world he wanted to do was end it with her. But he did understand.

“I’m sorry. He just surprised me with it when he got home last night. I had no idea how he felt”. She tried to explain it to Randal. He just shook his head.

“Trust me, Maggie. There is no need to explain. I wouldn’t want to come between a family. It was good while it lasted”, he said.

“Yeah, it was good. Real good”, she smiled at him. She could feel her pussy starting to get moist as she thought about it. She knew she shouldn’t, but she started to think about it again.

Randal didn’t know how to end it. Should he hug her before he leaves? Shake her hand? He shrugged as he walked out of the room.

A loud knocking sound woke Randal up. He looked at the clock, it was 1:30 in the morning. First he tried to ignore it, figuring it was probably the next door neighbors. But the knocking continued and then the doorbell. Randal rose from his bed and walked to the door. He looked in the peep hole. He couldn’t believe it. It was Maggie. He glanced down, realizing he was only wearing a pair of boxers. Slowly he opened the door.

“Maggie? canlı bahis siteleri What’s going on? It’s 1:30? Is everything all….”, he started to say before Maggie jumped into his arms, kissing him aggressively. He pulled her into the room and pushed the door closed with his foot. She could feel his cock getting hard through his white striped boxers. She pulled at her clothes as they made their way to the bedroom, first taking off her shirt. Her round breasts flopped out, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I know it’s wrong, Randal. But I had to feel you inside me one last time.”, she whispered as she pulled down her jeans. She climbed up on his bed, kneeling on all fours. “I want you to fuck me in my asshole. Don’t make me beg for it. I can’t have you fuck my pussy, but you can fuck me in the ass.”, she whispered. Randal peeled off his boxers. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to”, she said, unable to see him. Randal responded by grabbing her panties and tearing them off her body. He threw the shedding clothing down as he climbed on the bed, groping her tits from behind. Maggie started breathing heavier as she felt his hands on her body. She had never been fucked in the ass. It was a fitting end to the affair.

Randal rubbed his hard cock against the crack of her ass. She leaned back, pressing her body against his. He started to kiss her neck as he felt her body press against him. He positioned his cock against her ass, pushing slowly. She was so tight, he could only fit the first two inches in. Maggie screamed out in pain at first, but she kept thrusting her hips against him. He knew she was enjoying it. He pushed a little farther.

Randal pushed her head down against the bed, exposing more of her ass to him. He entered her some more. Maggie bit down on the pillow as she felt his hard cock enter her from behind. She reached back and cupped his balls, playing with them. Her head was buried in the pillow in front of her. She could feel his hands on her tits, pinching her nipples canlı bahis against her chest.

Maggie started panting as she felt his cock inside her ass. She never thought it could be so good. With one of his hands still on her tits, the other slipped to her pussy, fingering her hard. She wanted to keep fucking him, even after tonight. But she knew it was for the best that they didn’t.

“You’re pussy is so wet for me, Maggie. I love it”, he whispered in her ear. She felt so dirty when he talked like that. It made the fuck that much hotter. She started rubbing her ass against his hard cock even faster.

“It’s wet for you, Randal” she moaned back. He continued to rub her body all over as he fucked her hard from behind. She moaned incoherently as she felt him deep inside the most private of areas. She knew Curtis would never fuck her there, so it was okay to give herself to Randal there just one more time.

“I’m going to cum, baby”, he moaned as he grabbed her hair, pulling her neck back. She loved he was being rough with her.

“Do it. Fill my asshole with your cum.”, she screamed back. Before she could even finish, she felt the rush of cum in her bowels. He slid out of her and crawled under her legs.

He began to lick her wet pussy, sucking her clit into his mouth. Maggie sat back and stared down as his tongue disappear into her. She started playing with her nipples as she felt her pussy get tongued. Maggie began humping his face as he ate her out.

It didn’t take long before an orgasm racked Maggie’s body. She moaned, talking about the feeling of his tongue deep inside her, where his cock once was. Her pussy leaked onto Randal’s face. He quickly lapped it all up. She slid off his face and looked at him.

“I wish it didn’t have to end like this”, she said.

“I told you, Maggie. It’s fine. We both know we shouldn’t have started this. It had to end sometime. We both admit it was good while it lasted, but Curtis wants you to start a family. And I can’t say I blame him. It was great while it lasted”, he whispered as he gave her one soft kiss. Maggie gathered her clothes and kissed him again, one last time before leaving the room.

Seven weeks later, Maggie announced she was pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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