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My very first story. Please let me know what you think.

Ideas? Ways to improve?




/ PART 2

Chapter 5 continued.

She’s completely limp, unable to move, the intensity of her orgasm causing temporary paralysis. Her flood gates are open. Jay continues to eat and suck her pussy!

Swallowing her cum and juice as it pumps out or her body!

He’s never tasted a pussy so good and addicting.

She’s losing her mind, she’s never cum this much before. Her body is on fire with heat, lust and desire!

His face buried in her pussy, she can’t take much more. Her body begins to tremble as it recovers from her mind blowing orgasms.

Jay reluctantly pulls his face away from her pussy. His face covered in her juices. The flames from the candles making his face glisten! He wipes his face with his fingers then slowly slides his fingers across her upper lip and under her nose!

She can smell her pussy and cum! He holds a finger over her mouth and glides it across her lips. She licks her lips, tasting herself. He slides his fingers into her mouth one by one as she sucks herself off his fingers.

Jay leans in, his lips right above hers. He nibbles on her bottom lip with his teeth, his tongue wetting her lips. His mouth opens and their tongues meet, lips smashed together, tongues dancing with each other. Her lungs deflate as he inhales the air from her lungs, taking her breath away before he exhales pushing air back in, breathing for them both, his hands on the sides of her face, his thumbs on her neck. He stares into her eyes.

Him: Do you love me?

Her: yes!

Him: are you sure?

Her: YES!

Him: Do you trust me?

Her: with my life!

Him: Good girl!

Jay walks over to the candles, the only source of light in the room, he blows them out 1 at a time, 1 candle left, he looks at her. He picks the candle up and walks towards her, she’s still adiosbet yeni giriş tied up but no longer blindfolded, he places his hand over mouth, tips the candle sideways as the hot wax drips around her belly button, she moans, not in pain, but from the joy of being teased and tortured. He slowly moves up as the wax drops on her stomach, onto her tits, she moans louder, his hand muffling the screaming and moaning, she arches her back, the wax drips onto her nipple, hot at first but quickly cools encasing her nipple in a hard wax casing. Jay pushes his thumb into her mouth, she sucks on it, yearning for it to be his cock in her mouth, he moves the candle above the other breast and again encases her nipple in hot wax before it cools and hardens. She sucks on his thumb harder as the pain and pleasure rip through her, conflicting with each other.

He removes his hand from her mouth, she whimpers. He groans as he stares into her eyes. He brings the candle in front of his mouth, blowing out the flame and with it any remaining light that there was.

Chapter 6:

Now in total darkness, she can hear Jay moving around, he’s beside the opposite side of the bed, she feels his hands and fingers as they glide down her smooth bare skin to the shackle encasing her wrist.

He unbuckles it, rubbing her wrists where the shackle was.

He removes his hands but she knows better than to move her arm right now.

Next he grasps her upper thigh right below her still dripping wet pussy, slides his fingers down her silky legs to her ankle where he removes the next shackle, the sweet aroma of pussy and sweat in the air, Jay repeats the process on the next ankle shackle but again she dare not close her legs, and then to the other wrist. She’s now free but still spread eagle on the bed.

The room is so hot, and full of heavy breathing.

Jay grabs her by the ankles and pulls her towards the foot of the bed, her knees now bent over the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. He spreads her legs back open and moves to the side adiosbet giriş of the bed.

He whispers into her ear, open your mouth for me! Her mouth immediately opens in anticipation of what’s coming next.

Chapter 7:

Jay lays down on the bed beside her, his head where the pillows would be. Since she’s been pulled down and legs bent over the bed at the knees, she can’t see him but if she could, she’d be staring at his cock. His hard throbbing cock. Her mouth open, she feels Jay’s hand on her head, turning her head to the side, his cock brushes against her lips, she sticks out the tip of her tongue and gets her first taste of his dick. She wants more! She wants more now! Jay slowly pushes his pelvis towards her. His cock slides past her lips, over her tongue and into her mouth. He’s thick. She savors it. Jay pushes a little further in, not wanting to hurt her. What Jay doesn’t know is she wants all of it, she wants to feel his balls against her lips, his cock as far in as she can take it.

Jay’s moans increase her lust, she grabs onto his ass and pulls him into her mouth, all the way into her mouth as she chokes a little.

Jay swears and moans as she begins to circle his cock with her tongue, sucking it.

She rolls over as she gets on her knees, rolling Jay onto his back as she does so.

She’s now between his legs, he’s on his back. Now she’s in control of him!

She sucks as her head rises and lowers, her mouth sliding up and down on his cock. She wants his cum and she’s going to do whatever she needs to do to get it.

His cock wet, she wraps her hand around it, moving her hand up and down with the up and down movement of her mouth. He tastes good, he’s sooo hard!

Jay, on his back, staring up in the dark at the ceiling he can’t see, moaning breathing heavy, the words oh fuck, oh god and yes, coming out of his mouth, his body trembles, beads of sweat forming on his body.

She loves Jay and this is the first time they’ve ever been together and this is going to be a night neither adiosbet güvenilirmi one of them is ever going to forget!

She and Jay both love performing oral sex and it shows.

She’s sucking on his cock, up and down, faster and faster, Jay’s hands on the back of her head and fingers entwined in her hair. She moans on his cock, her hand on his cock, her other hand on his balls massaging them, rubbing them, fondling them.

Ohhh god yes, that’s it. Suck my cock!

Fuck fuck fuck yes yes yes!

Your mouth feels so good!

He’s never had a blowjob like this, this intense, this good.

She’s sucking up and down, up and down, his hands tighten in her hair, his pelvis now moving in rhythm with the up and downs of her head.

She knows he close to Cumming!

She sucks faster and harder, tongue swirling.

FUCK, oh god I’m gonna cum!

She sucks, she licks, she deep throats him and he stiffens.

He cums, holding her head in place, not that she was going to move it to begin with, his cum pumps from his cock and greedily, hungrily she swallows his cum.

God he tastes so good.

She wants it all! She want to please him and make him feel good no matter what it takes and he’s already shown her he’s willing to do the same!

She sucks him through his entire orgasm as he shakes from the sensitivity.

His hands fall from her hair and head, he uses his fingers to brush her hair back, she’s just as sweaty as him but neither one of them care!

It adds to the pleasure and experience as they explore each other’s bodies in their entirety for the first time.

Chapter 8:

His hand under her chin, he pulls her up

and kisses her, whispering to her how good that was. They kiss some more.

Her naked, sweaty body lying on top of his naked, sweaty body, the kissing intensifies, their hands roaming everywhere as they roll all over the bed. Fingers in pussy, fingers wrapped around cock, hands on tits and nipples, mouths licking and sucking on necks and ears when their tongues aren’t intertwined with each other.

Hands on asses, squeezing and groping. Finger nails raked up and down backs.

She sits up and straddles him, she grabs his cock and positions it at the entrance of her dripping wet pussy………

To be Continued! ??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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