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After leaving Ray and Celeste’s house I was a little dejected. When I got home I walked into the house and planted my ass on the couch and turned on the TV. I was channel surfing when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I turned to see my sister’s friend, Hannah, sashaying her way down. I thought “God, she’s fucking gorgeous!”

I turned back to the TV and as she walked behind me she stopped and put her hand on my head and said “So, how’s my friend’s handsome little brother?”

“I’m good, just a little bored. . .”

She leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Well, if you weren’t my best friends little brother . . . umm, what’s that I smell? You smell like sex!”

“What do you mean?”

As she moved her head forward past me ear and towards my lips, she inhaled deeply and said “Oh yeah, you smell like pussy! Have you been playing around with someone else while all this time I’ve been waiting for you?”

“I never thought you were serious! I thought you were just teasing me . . .”

“Oh, I’m serious!” She pulled my head back and kissed me deeply. Her tongue started to fuck my mouth and was running her hands down my chest. She continued down to my waist and slipped into my pants and whispered “If I smell your cock, will it smell like pussy?”

I responded “Why don’t you see for yourself!”

She walked around the couch and kneeled between my legs and started to undue my pants. Then from upstairs we heard “Hannah, what’s taking so long? Get the drinks and let’s get back to work!” She looked up at me and said “We’ll have to finish this later . . . why don’t you walk me home later?”

“Sure.” As she stood up she lifted her skirt to flash her panties and blew me a kiss. I watched her as she walked to the kitchen and she came back carrying 2 sodas and walked back upstairs.

About 30 minutes later the girls came downstairs and Hannah said her goodbyes to my sister and said “can you walk me home?” I said “Sure, no problem.”

We walked out the door and as soon as it was closed Hannah pulled me close and started to tongue fuck my mouth! She was hugging me tightly and started to rub my crotch! “I want you so bad!” she said. “My parents are home so we can’t do it at my house. Where can we go?”

“Come with me, I have a place . . . “I took her hand and we headed towards Ray and Celeste’s house. We walked up the stairs and I rang the doorbell 3 times. After a minute I reached into the planter and took out the key. I unlocked the door and e went inside. I lead her to the stairway to the downstairs and when we were in front of the couch I said “Oh Hannah, you are so beautiful! I’ve always thought about how I would love to make out with you, to kiss you and see you out of your clothes!” We began to kiss again and as I held her I moved my hands to her ass and started to pull her skirt up. I broke the kiss and turned her around so that she was facing the mirrors and I was behind her. I was kissing the back of her neck and said “Watch us in the mirror.”

I reached around and began to unbutton her blouse while still nibbling and licking her neck and ears. When her blouse was unbuttoned I pulled it back and looked at her. Then I unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. I started to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples. She was watching as I came to izmit rus escort her front and said “Oh my god, I’ve dreamed of this so many times!” I started to suck on one breast, and then the other, taking my time paying attention to each one. Then I slowly kissed my way down her stomach as I dropped to me knees. I reached around to undo her skirt and slid it down her legs to join her other clothes on the floor. I slid my hands up her legs until I reached the sides of her panties.

I was thinking about Ray and Celeste, watching and filming us, and was very grateful to Celeste for making me understand how to please a woman. I moved a little to the side so as not to block the view as her started to slowly slid her panties down her legs. Her pussy was covered with a sparse patch of red hair and as she stepped out of her panties I brought my hands back to her hips and said “Spread you legs for me.” She widened her stance and I moved between her legs and started to kiss her thighs, and moved my tongue slowly upwards. When I reached her pussy her hands came to the back of my head and gently pulled me to her.

I used my tongue and started to lick her while moving my hands slowly up the outside her legs. She smelled wonderful, beginning to get wet, and as I licked her lips I thought I was in heaven. I pulled my head back a little and moved a hand to her and massaged her lips. They were huge! I looked up to see her intently watching me. “Hannah, you are so beautiful! I want to make you cum, do you want to cum?” “Oh yes!” was her reply.

I moved forward and used my tongue to seek out her clit. As I continued to lightly massage her lips I began to lick and suck her clit I was rewarded with her moaning and an erection. Her clit was growing in my mouth and she was now pulling me to her pussy more aggressively! She said “Oh yeah, that feels so good! Nice and slow, oh yeah, keep doing it just like that!” I remembered what Celeste had taught me and slowly started to insert my finger in order to stimulate her G spot. Oh she tasted so good and she was so wet! To think that just days ago I was fantasizing about sex and now I’m actually having sex.

And then my thoughts turned to being watched while we did this, thinking about Celeste, and thinking about Ray and how he would approach Hannah and what he would do to her. I thought about anal so I brought my other hand up to her rear and started to massage her anus. Not wanted to penetrate her, just wanted to tease her. That did the trick as she was now humping her hips into my face while she held my head even tighter to her. Then she began to moan loader and said “Oh my god, oh my god, oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m cumming!” As I pressed her g spot and her anus she rewarded me with a very juicy cum! She was so wet I thought she was peeing! She held my head tight as she worked through her spasms. She released her grip and pushed my head away and said “That was incredible! I’ve never cum like that before.” She dropped to her knees and kissed me, an aggressive kiss. And a hand went to my crotch and massaged my hard on through my pants. She started to undo my belt, unbutton my jeans and lower my zipper. “Stand up and let me return the favor!”

I stood up and turned sideways to the mirror to offer an unobstructed view to the voyeurs. Hannah slid my izmit escort pants down and I stepped out of them. As she pulled down my shorts she leaned forward and kissed my cock. “Oh you do smell like you’ve been naughty!” When my shorts were off she moved her hands to my dick she stroked it and took it into her mouth. She started to suck me aggressively and I looked at the mirror, not wanting to watch, but wondering how Ray and Celeste were being affected.

Then, unexpectedly, Ray and Celeste came in! Ray was holding a video camera and Celeste was naked! “Hey kids, having fun?” Ray was pointing the camera at us and Hannah was trying to cover up. Celeste said “Don’t be bashful honey. We’ve already seen all of you. Relax, things can only get better.” She walked over to me and while standing at my side she started to fondle my dick. “I made him a good lover, don’t you think?”

Hannah was taken by surprise and asked “What’s going on?”

Celeste said “Well, Ray and I seduced this poor young man and it looks like we’ve created a little seducer. He’s good, isn’t he?”

Hannah replied “I’d like to get dressed and leave. You guys can do want ever you want . . .”

Celeste replied “Well, you can if you want. But we have film of went on between you two and if you don’t want that to be, how should I say, distributed, then we need to come to an agreement.”

“What sort of agreement?”

“Well, it’s obvious that you like sex. Ray and I REALLY like sex, especially with younger people. So, all we want is to have some fun. It’s not like we are going to hurt you, or make you do something you don’t want to do, we just want to share.”

“So you want me to have sex with him?”

“Not just him . . . you are so beautiful . . . I want you too.” Celeste moved towards Hannah and took her head in her hands and looked into her eyes, and then pulled her close and kissed her. Not a platonic kiss, but a passionate and aggressive kiss. I watched a hand go to Hannah’s crotch and Celeste started to finger fuck her. Much to my surprise Hannah didn’t resist! She raised her hands to Celeste’s sides and moved them towards her breasts! Celeste broke the kiss and guided her head towards her breast! Hannah responded like I wouldn’t have expected by licked and then suckling like a new born!

I watched as Ray reached down and lowered his zipper and dropped his pants. He was sporting a raging hard on and moved towards the girls while he was filming. I’d never seen his dick before and was amazed at how big it was! Not real long, maybe 8 inches, but massively thick! As he approached the girls he stroked it and put next to Hannah’s face. Celeste took Hannah’s head in her hands and turned towards Ray. With a glazed look Hannah looked at his member and took it into her mouth! Celeste slid a hand down Hannah’s back and started to finger her. I could hear Hannah moan and saw her responding to Celeste’s touch and Ray’s dick. Hannah took his dick into her mouth and had trouble getting her mouth open wide enough to take it in. She stretched her lips and started to suck him. Celeste inserted a couple more fingers into Hannah and with her butt in the air, looked at me and said “Come fuck me!”

As I stroked my dick I walked behind her and inserted it in her pussy. I began stroking her as she fingered Hannah and she said kocaeli escort “Not there . . . try the other hole!” I slipped out of her pussy and moved up to her butt. I slowly pushed forward and slipped into her ass! She pulled her hands away from Hannah and with her arms on the floor she looked back at me and said “Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck my ass!” Oh my god, just hours ago I was dreaming about this and now I’m in her butt! But I didn’t get to fuck Hannah . . .

Ray was still filming Hannah sucking his cock and then he said “Here baby, let me suck you!” She backed off of his cock and he guided her onto her back. He set the camera on the floor and knelt between her legs. I knew he was in heaven when he said “Your pussy is so beautiful!” As he licked her lips and sucked on her clit I stroked slowly, savoring Celeste’s tight ass!

Ray said “Turn over baby.” Hannah reluctantly gave up his dick and turned around to present herself to him. He filmed himself as he slowly pressed his cock into her. “Oh my god, you’re so fucking big!” was Hannah’s reply.

“And you feel so fucking good!” I watched him stroked in and out, matching the pace that I was using on his wife. TYhen I saw him place his hand on her back and slide it down towards her ass. He moved his hand off of her and brought it to his mouth. He licked his thumb and then returned it to her ass. I watched as he inserted his thumb, slowly, into her ass! She responded with a gasp, and that made Ray start to speed up his rhythm. He matched the speed of his stokes with the thumb fucking of her ass! She was moaning and saying “Oh yeah, that’s so good! What are you doing to me . . .?”

His reply was “You like that little girl?” She replied “Oh god! It feels so good!”

Celeste said “Oh, are you getting bigger? You must like what you’re seeing, oh yeah, fuck me harder!”

I watched as Ray, still filming, pulled his thumb from her ass, and then his dick from her cunt, and he moved up to her ass. His raging hard on started to push into her butt and she said “No, it’s so big!” He paid no heed to her complaint and as he pressed on she collapsed onto the floor. He pressed forward and as he violated her ass she was screaming “NO! No! It hurts!” Oblivious to her pain he began to pound her ass!

Watching this made me so fucking excited that I picked up my pace and really got into fucking Celeste’s ass! I picked up the pace and was going as deep as I could, balls deep! “Oh yeah, fuck my ass!” was her reply.

I pounded as hard as I could and was torn because I heard Hannah begging for mercy as Ray filmed himself fucking her ass. He too had picked up the pace and I figured that just like me he wasn’t going to last much longer. As she started to protest more loudly he seemed to get more excited! He was grinning and it looked like he was trying to get as deep as he could possibly get. He pumped faster and faster, ignoring her protests.

That made me so fucking ready that I pulled out of Celeste and moved around in front of her and shoved my cock towards her mouth. She opened up and I started to shoot at her. Watching Ray and Hannah was such a turn on!

As I started to come down from my release I watched Ray go stiff as he released his cum into Hannah. He pushed and stopped, pushed and stopped. As he held himself inside of her ass he said to her “That was so fucking good! You are such a good little fuck! Now, if you don’t want me to share this video, think about who you can bring us for more fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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