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Public Sex

Loosely based on actual events. All participants are over 18.


For those of you who haven’t read any of my other stories I have been married to Ruth for the last 10 years and I have a step daughter called Joanne. Ruth is a very hot 5ft 6″ brunette who regularly goes to the gym to keep fit. Her boobs are just about the perfect size and her ass is to die for. Joanne takes after her mum. She’s about the same height with a stunning figure and has slightly bigger boobs and long light brown hair. I’m 6ft with short fair hair and keep in pretty decent shape myself, but its more from walking and hiking than the gym.


Joanne had recently turned 27 and had her own place. She was with a loser of a guy for a number of years and the only good thing to come from it was a grandchild called Thomas.

Joanne lived in a 2 bed first floor apartment and didn’t really have any outside space to speak of so whenever it was Thomas’s birthday party she normally had it at our house as we had a large garden and plenty of room.

Joanne did all the prep, invites, decorations etc. and we looked after the food and the inevitable tidying up. Ruth was probably more involved that I was. I generally just helped get things going and then went and hid in the den watching TV until the mayhem had ended. Then I helped clear up.

Thomas was turning six this coming Saturday and was very much into superheroes, so it was a batman themed birthday party this year. There was a bouncy castle booked, lots of party games organised and Joanne had found someone to dress up as Batman to surprise the kids.

The night before the party Joanne came over to the house around tea time to drop some stuff off. She had batman plates and cups as well as joker lollies and party bags for the kids with stickers, sweets and some miniature action figures. I was running late from work so wasn’t going to be home until around 8.00pm.

When she arrived she was pretty quiet and Ruth asked was everything ok.

“Batman has cancelled on me.” she said bursting into tears. “That was supposed to be the big attraction for the party. Thomas is going to be so disappointed.”

“Can you not get someone else to do it?” asked Ruth.

“I’ve asked a few people but nobody else is available.” she replied between tears. “I have the costume, I just need someone to wear it and pretend to be Batman…”

Ruth rattled off a few names, none of whom were suitable. The costume was made from rubber and was pretty tight fitting so it needed to be worn by someone who was in decent shape and pretty tall otherwise the kids would know it wasn’t the real Batman.

“What about Pete?” suggested Ruth. “He’s tall and in good shape. Did you ask him?”

“I never thought…” replied Joanne. “I know he’s pretty fit and he’s tall enough. Do you think he would do it?”

“I don’t know.” replied Ruth “He’ll be home in a couple of hours so you can ask him and see.”

“I can’t really wait that long. I need to go and pick Thomas up.”

“Just bring the costume over tomorrow when you’re coming and he won’t be able to say no.” suggested Ruth. “He won’t want to let Thomas down.”

“Are you sure?” asked Joanne.

“I’m sure. You’ll be able to persuade him somehow.”

Joanne left shortly after to go and pick Thomas up from her friend Samantha’s house.

“Hi Joanne, the boys are just playing on the xbox.” said Sam as she answered the door to her. “Do you want to come in for a coffee?”

“Sure, why not.” replied Joanne, I’ve nearly got everything sorted for the party.”

“Did you manage to get a replacement Batman sorted?” asked Sam.

“I hope so.” replied Joanne. “Mum suggested I asked Pete to do it.”

“Nice…” smiled Sam. “I think he would fill out that costumer very well. Especially in the trouser department..”

“Calm yourself.” laughed Joanne, “That’s my step dad you’re talking about there.”

“You did tell me that he’s well hung so you can’t blame a girl for wondering. I wonder what he’s like in the sack?”

“You really need to get yourself laid.” laughed Joanne, “How long has it been since you and Robert broke up?”

“Too long.” sighed Sam. “My pussy’s getting all dried up. Even my rabbit is losing the will to live. What costume are you going to wear tomorrow?”

According to the invitations, everyone attending the party had to dress up as a superhero and that included any parents that were there for the duration. Ruth was dressing up as Batwoman because Batman was Thomas’s favourite so it was the next best thing. Because I wasn’t really attending the whole party I had argued that I didn’t need a costume…

“I got a Wonder Woman costume.” replied Joanne with a wink. “Do you want to see a picture?”

Joanne got out her phone and scrolled through her pics to find a selfie she had taken wearing the outfit.

“You bitch.” smiled Sam, “You look amazing. With tits like yours that costume is perfect. I hope you’ve shaved your legs too eryaman anal yapan escort with that short skirt?”

“Of course.” smiled Joanne, “You never know, I might get lucky. What did you decide on?”

“I’m going as Batwoman.” replied Sam. “The fancy dress shop in town said they had only sold one other Batwoman costume in the last month so the chances of someone else wearing it are slim.”

Joanne burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” asked Sam.

“What’s so funny is that my mum is the one who bought the other Batwoman costume. She got it ages ok, as soon as she knew about the party.”

“Oh fuck.” moaned Sam. “What am I going to do now. I won’t have time to get another costume?”

“Don’t worry.” smiled Joanne. “I’m sure there will be loads of other duplicate costumes. Just on the kids though.”

“Ha ha, very funny.” replied Sam, smiling.

“Just think,” said Joanne, “You and mum will be like twin sisters. You’re both the same height and build. Pete will think he’s died and gone to heaven.”

After finishing her coffee Joanne got Thomas and headed home telling Sam to come to the party nice and early tomorrow.

Saturday morning, the day of the party and Ruth insisted we get up early to get things organised.

Being a Saturday we normally spent an extra hour in bed fucking but apparently we didn’t have time today.

It was going to be a glorious summers day so I put on baggy shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the garden after breakfast to get it ready for the superhero themed bouncy castle that was due to arrive around 10.30am.

I cut the grass, power washed the patio and put out the tables and chairs for the food later.

The bouncy castle arrived and I helped the guys get it all set up and in position. By the time I was finished it was 11.30 and the party was due to start in an hour.

I went back into the house where Ruth was finishing prepping the party food.

“Will you keep an eye on the stuff in the oven. It needs to come out in 10 minutes.” she asked. “I need to go and get a shower and get changed.”

“Well I was hoping to get showered myself.” I replied.

“Please,” pleaded Ruth, “Joanne is going to be here soon and I need to get changed into my costume. I’ll make it up to you later though.”

“Well in that case, off you go.” I laughed, slapping her ass as she went past.

Ruth went off to get ready while I kept an eye on the food.

Twenty minutes later she came back downstairs and my mouth fell open.

She was wearing a skin tight catwoman costume. It showed off every beautiful curve of her body. The finishing touch was a face mask with cat like ears, which covered her whole head just leaving her eyes and mouth visible. She wasn’t wearing any make up but she didn’t really need it.

“You look incredible.” I told her.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “It’s not too much for a kids birthday party is it? It doesn’t really leave much to the imagination.”

“Well there’s not much you can do about it now.” I replied, “But I think you look amazing.”

With that I kissed her hard on the lips and had a good feel of her ass before heading upstairs to get showered in our ensuite.

With the image of Ruth in her catwoman outfit fresh in my mind I had a quick tug on my cock as I showered. Not wanting to ruin what I hoped would be a good night later on I held off from cumming. That cum was destined for Ruth’s tight pussy.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off a bit before going into the bedroom to get dressed, my cock erect and bouncing in front of me as I walked.

I was standing in front of my wardrobe deciding what to put on when the door to the bedroom opened.

I turned to see who it was expecting it to be Ruth wondering what was keeping me.

It wasn’t Ruth…

It was Joanne and what a sight it was.

She was wearing a stunning Wonder Woman outfit complete with a tight red bodice emphasising her large boobs, a blue mini skirt showing off her tanned thighs and knee high boots.

I couldn’t stop staring… Her large boobs and long legs were both on show, I’m not sure which was turning me on more.

My cock which had been hard before she arrived in my bedroom was now painfully so and pointing straight out in front of me.

“Sorry,” said Joanne, who couldn’t stop staring at my cock, “Mum said to come on up.”

“ehhhh… no problem.” I stuttered. “What is it you need?”

“I need… a… a… favour.” she replied, still staring at my cock, her large breast heaving as she spoke.

Suddenly I seemed to come out of my trance remembering I was naked and moved my hands to try and cover my cock without much success.

“It’s ok,” said Joanne, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, it’s just been a while.”

“What’s been a while?” I asked.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen your cock,” she replied, “In fact it’s been a while since I’ve seen any cock. It’s been months since I’ve been fucked.”

That really wasn’t helping the situation. cebeci escort My cock had no intention of going down any time soon, especially with Joanne talking about having a cock inside her.

“Sorry about that.” I replied hesitantly, “I’m sure it can’t be easy.”

Trying to change the subject and worried about Ruth catching me I asked her what was the favour she was after.

“The guy that was supposed to dress up as Batman has let me down.” she replied, “Mum suggested I might be able to persuade you to do it.”

“No chance.” I replied quickly. “I don’t want to run round in a rubber suit on a day like today. I’d rather be wearing shorts and a t-shirt.”

“Please…” she pleaded, “There’s nobody else, Thomas will be really disappointed.”

She moved over closer to me and looked down at my cock before saying “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I don’t know Joanne.” I stuttered, “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Do you really think not?” she replied, before getting down on her knees in front of me, moving my hand out of the way and taking my cock in her mouth.

What the hell was I supposed to do now…

Her mouth felt so good on my cock. I wasn’t going to be able to refuse now.

Her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock as her head bobbed up and down. The piercing in her tongue making it all the more sexy. Every few seconds she would stop sucking and lick up each side of my cock before swallowing it again. Her hand moved up to cup my balls as she looked me in the eyes. I wasn’t sure just how much longer I could hold out before cumming.

I looked down at this beauty giving me one hell of a blowjob and I could see down the top of her red Wonder Woman bustier.

As if realising what I was trying to get a look at Joanne put her hand down her top and pulled out her boobs, one at a time so they were resting on top of her costume.

Fuck, those were the most beautiful boobs. Her nipples were hard as nails.

Joanne must have been getting pretty turned on herself as she lifted her blue mini skirt up a bit, pulled her thong to one side and started rubbing at her pussy.

Just as I was thinking of filling her mouth with my cum Ruth shouted up to us. “Joanne, Sam’s just arrived.”

She stopped sucking my cock and shouted down “Coming now.”

Well at least someone was. I wasn’t going to be cumming any time soon…

“Sorry.” she said as she made herself a bit more presentable. “Your cock tastes so good. Pity I didn’t get to taste your cum. Was that enough to persuade you to dress up for the party?”

“Well I can’t really say no now, can I.” I replied, “Where’s the costume?”

Joanne went out onto the landing and came back in with a tight rubber batman suit, complete with mask, cape and utility belts. It really looked the part.

“Give me a shout if you need help getting into it.” she said, as she went downstairs to greet Sam.

I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts before starting to put on the costume. I knew it was meant to be tight but it was tough getting it all on, especially with my cock in the state it was in.

I managed to get the trousers, boots, top and mask all on but couldn’t quite do the utility belts. There was one round my waist and one round each thigh. They were hard to get into place and the mask had darked lenses for the eyes which meant I couldn’t really see the best either.

I called down to Joanne to come up and give me a hand.

Joanne came up a couple of minutes later.

“Wow,” she gasped, “You look so good in that. Well apart from the obvious bulge in your trousers. You can’t really go and entertain kids looking like that.”

“Just put the utility belts on for me and we’ll see. Maybe it will go down after a bit.” I replied.

Joanne kneeled down in front of me once again and pulled the main utility belt around my waist. Her head was just level with my cock and thoughts of earlier weren’t helping my situation.

She fastened the first belt in place and started on one of the ones on my thigh.

With her hands on my thigh, inches away from my cock it seemed to grow even more which I didn’t think possible. She had to reach between my legs to fasten the strap to the main belt and her hand brushed my cock as she did.

“Is this turning you on?” she smiled up at me.

“Can you tell?” I laughed.

She squeezed my cock through the trousers before getting the second belt for my other thigh.

Same procedure again and again another brush of my cock as she fastened it in place.

Joanne then stood up and gave me a once over. “You look great but we really need to do something about that cock.”

She moved in closer and pulled the zip down on the front of the trousers before putting her hand in to try and get access to my cock.

“Joanne,” shouted Ruth from downstairs, “There’s more guests arriving.”

“Sorry,” she smiled, giving my cock one last squeeze before putting my cock away and zipping me up again. “I’ll have to send mum up to sort you pursaklar escort out.”

Joanne, left me standing in the bedroom while she went to greet her new arrivals.

A few minutes later, Ruth came up and her red lipstick covered mouth dropped open when she saw me all dressed up.

Her eyes moved over the costume and seemed to rest on my crotch.

Without a word she closed the bedroom door, came over and unzipped my trousers.

She took pulled my boxer shorts down slightly and took hold of my cock before pulling it out.

She wasted no time at all in taking it in her mouth, her hand wanking me slowly as she sucked on it.

After a few minutes, she used her other hand to free my balls so she could play with them too.

I could hear kids all screaming outside and running round having fun but here I was getting the mother of all blowjobs from my wife.

I was just about to tell her that I was going to cum when she stopped sucking.

She stood up, turned round so her back was to me and started pulling down the tight black leggings of her costume.

She was wearing a black g-string which I hadn’t seen before. Before I had a chance to ask her about it she bent over the end of our bed pulling the g-string to one side.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation and lined my cock up behind her.

With the dark lenses it took I couldn’t see too well so I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy finding the sweet spot, before sinking it deep inside.

It felt so so good. She was soaking wet and felt extra tight as I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could from behind.

I knew we couldn’t have much time and was worried about either Joanne or some random kids coming up and disturbing us so I reached round to play with her pussy as I fucked her. I was determined that she would cum as well.

I ran my fingers over her pussy lips, playing with her clit as my cock slid in between her folds. I could tell it was working as she thrust back at me quicker and quicker.

Ruth then reached underneath and squeezed my balls which is something she knows I love. I couldn’t hold out any longer and my cock exploded in her pussy causing her to have her own orgasm as my cum flooded her insides.

After a minute or two for us to both catch our breath, I let my cock fall from her pussy, finally shrinking enough to fit inside my costume.

My cum started to drip out of Ruth’s pussy but she caught it with her fingers before licking them clean and going back in for more.

“Batman,” Joanne shouted from downstairs, “Are you ready?”

“Coming now.” I called back.

“Ok,” I said to Ruth, before kissing her hard on her bright red lips. “I better go. Thanks for that.”

As I went downstairs I wondered when Ruth had started using cherry flavoured lipstick?

I followed the sounds of the screaming children as I made my way outside to the bouncy castle, playing my role as Batman.

The rest of the party flew by. The kids all had a great time while the parents stayed out of the way chatting in the kitchen and catching up with each other.

I couldn’t believe how many parents came dressed up. There was a Superwoman, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and an Iron Man. Along with Joanne as Wonder Woman and Ruth as Batwoman.

Ruth seemed to be everywhere. One minute she was in the kitchen, next minute she was on the bouncy castle playing with Thomas and then suddenly she was chatting to one of the other parents.

She was going to be exhausted later with all the running around she was doing.

At 3.00pm it was time for everyone to go home. The kids all got packed up and got their goodie bags. The only ones left were Ruth, Joanne and I. We were standing in the kitchen with our masks now off just chatting about how the party went when the backdoor opened and in came Batwoman and Thomas’s best friend, Robert.

My mouth just fell open…

“Thanks so much Joanne,” said Batwoman, “Robert had a great time.”

“No problem Sam,” replied Joanne, “It all went really well. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.”

“I think they certainly did,” said Batwoman, looking over at me, a smile on her bright red lips. “Some more than others. Certainly worth repeating some day.”

What the fuck had I done?

Well I know what I had done. I had fucked one of Joannes best friends while my wife was downstairs.

How was I supposed to know it wasn’t Ruth? I could hardly see out of the darkened lenses and Sam obviously knew it was me so why didn’t she say anything?

It explains the g-string I hadn’t seen before and the cherry flavoured lipstick.

As I was figuring it all out in my head Joanne and Sam said their goodbyes and left with the boys talking about how great the party was.

That left just Ruth and I.

“Thanks for dressing up Pete.” said Ruth as she came over to me and put her arms around me. “I love the costume. I’m glad Joanne said we could hang on to it for the night. Would you like to take Catwoman out onto the bouncy castle and play?”

Ruth pulled me out into the garden and onto the bouncy castle, shedding her outfit as she went.

She got me to lie down on the bouncy castle and tried unsuccessfully to take off my batman costume. She was bouncing all over the place and couldn’t get a grip on it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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